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Social media pro tip: sometimes you just gotta keep things private.



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    • yep. there’s a time to shout from the rooftops, and there’s a time to just be quiet and let some think you’re a coward.

      the left has learned how to be quiet. the left is screaming all the time – that’s how they be quiet. they scream about this and that – “you just hate (fill in the blank)!” “you’re racist!” “you’re transphobe!” – allowing them to say what they mean without you understanding what they’re really driving at.

    • It’s a learning process, I am about 85% sure my supervisor posts here but I would never ask him about it. I would also recommend being slightly vague about details in general especially for stupid stuff you wouldn’t think matters. Someone super invested in figuring out who I am could probably get it down to 2 dozen possibilities without finding an email. Others who post here you could find their address and know what their yearly pension payments were for the last decade or so (you know who you are don’t respond please). In the end of the fed gets involved they will know who you are what you posted from and what you were looking at in separate windows as you posted it. So no hiding there unless you know what you are doing (and already on their list as an asset/threat potential)

  1. Like a certain YouTube dude Matt Hoover(CRS Firearms)who thought he had carte blanche to do & say anything that popped into his head you really can’t. I imagine the alkyhol,tobaccy n gats goons monitor TTAG…

      • Matt Hoover got arrested and charged. >

        “On January 28th, 2022, Matt Hoover of the CRS Firearms YouTube channel was taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls after the ATF sought and obtained an indictment against him. He is charged with helping to sell and distribute machine guns illegally by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. This case is little-known outside of the Second Amendment community, but its result will have big repercussions. Let’s get into the weeds and explore just what is happening.

        Prior to being arrested, Matt Hoover entered into a business deal with Kristopher Ervin, the owner of a business called ‘Auto Key Card.’ Auto Key Card produced credit card-sized stamped pieces of aluminum with the shapes of an Auto Sear etched into them. They were not machined, they were not completed, nor did they come with instructions on how to use them. When cut out, assembled, and added to specific AR-15s, these devices allowed for fully automatic fire with the firearms.”

        (more at the link)

    • “I imagine the alkyhol,tobaccy n gats goons monitor TTAG…”

      Yep, they do. Our local ATF goons have told us local gun people they do sometimes and I’ve seen them when they use one of our local ranges on their phones reading TTAG sometimes and I know of at least one posting in the comments here.

      (I say they are local, they really aren’t. They are in a leased office space about 25 miles away. They lease one of our local ranges for their qualifications and firing seized firearms because the surrounding police departments will not let them use their ranges and they don’t have one of their own and the nearest ‘federal’ range is farther away.)

  2. I learned my lesson years ago about what not to say or put on line.

    I had a boat to sell. I took some pictures of it on the trailer from different angles, and posted those pics on an internet forum. In one of those pictures sitting next to the boat on trailer was my pick up truck showing just enough to show the license plate. I had advertised it for only those I personally knew, it was a tight nit community and I personally knew the people responding in the multiple responses for the first come first served deal so had no problem with accepting the first one to respond and arranged to complete the sale by contacting him on his personal email that I also happen to have known. The guy was due at 3 PM the next day.

    However, the forum was also viewable by the general public who were not forum members.

    At around 10 AM the next day at my front door is a person I do not know saying he is there to buy the boat. He didn’t know that I knew the guy who was going to buy the boat. I told him I had already arranged to sell the boat to someone else and asked him where he got my address. He said he saw the license plate on my pickup in one of the pics I posted and had a friend cop use it to look up my address.

    From then on out I have never posted a picture of anything of ours or disclosed where we live or given out any personally identifying information or where I work in any general public access internet thing or provided links to things that have my name or my wife’s name involved with them (research, news stories etc…). Don’t even use my real email on line in such if I do ‘register’, don’t do twitter or facebook or other such platforms.

    There are just too many freaks and creeps and dangerous people in the world, and all the internet has really succeeded in doing is letting them have a wider range of prey selection.

  3. My wife ain’t gonna let me go round drilling no hoes. Sides you could catch sumrhin an have yer tool fall off!


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