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  1. There are a lot of people who seem to have this fetish against bayonets. The 1968 gun control act actually banned the importation of guns with a bayonet lug on them. And the Obama Administration went out of their way to target bayonets and eliminate them from military use.

    Bayonets have always been an effective intimidation weapon. And I think that’s why the left wants to eliminate them.

    • “….effective intimidation weapon..”

      “What is the spirit of the Bayonet?” Much more than intimidation.

      • The answer is “to kill”!!!
        I was some of the few who went through bayonet training in the early 1980s. When the army brought it back to boot camp. It was great!! I loved it.

        I got one for my mossberg 590. And I EDC a glock bayonet. It’s smaller and lighter than the M9 bayonet.

        • I sweated my butt off under the hot Georgia sun at Harmony Church, Ft. Benning during Bayonet training (82′). Actually, we pretty much sweated all the time. lol.

          I have a reproduction bayonet for my 1903 Springfield. Got it off Amazon lol. It might be useful one time and break after that, but that one time is gonna leave a big hole/cut.

    • A bayonet on a 14.5″ M4 is not so scary.

      At least not compared to a bayonet on a Mosin. The Mosin is about 2 feet longer and the bayonet is about a foot longer.

      The Mosin makes a great spear. The M4, not so much

    • Like Manse I did my training at Harmony Church, E 10-2, Vanguards of Victory. Bayonet training was included.

      I still practice with the bayonet, taught my kids and granddaughter bayonet techniques. It can be fun when properly conducted and leads to confidence and competence in self defense.

      • I was in Echo 9-2 4th Platoon Misfits IIRC. It was a fun, exciting time to be young and healthy. WWII barracks. We would lay our TA-50 out on the secondary roof (half roof between the floors) to dry. Big garage fans blowing air since, of course, no A/C. Weird built shower room that you might get 5 min in. Screen doors that always slammed. Good memories…. Training to fight the Soviets. For sure different than today.

        • What an awful place it was, I wouldn’t trade being trained there for anywhere else. It made us a little harder, less dependent on a/c or the nice amenities of other training areas.

    • Heheheheh! Ditto… I keep one loaded and a bandolier of 200 stripper-clipped rounds in the trunk of each of our vehicles…

  2. Ah Springfield Armory. Thanks so much for slapping your crummy branding all over the HS2000 and jacking the price up.

  3. My nephew was a talented knife smith. He learned and inherited the trade from his grandfather, including orders from around the country. He once showed me a bayonet he was crafting for a special order. Just under 2 foot long. I was impressed. But it was not the career he wanted. He used it to pay his way through graduate school; that and some serious scholarship money. Now, he is a consultant to Pharma, making boku dollars. Glad for him and his family, but he did make some quality steel blades.

    • There is a chainsaw bayonet that you can mount via picatinny rail. Looks cool and all but after the battery runs out it’s just a heavy thing on the end of your barrel.

      • I looked them up. I’m now waiting for them to go back into production. They got shut down by the “plan-demic” in 2020.

        Racking a shotgun scares no one and it ejects useful ammunition. On the other hand revving a chainsaw bayonet, I would imagine will impress some people.

        Leather Face anyone???

  4. I wonder WHY my comments never appear on here anymore??? I’ve never been “warned” or blahblahblah about anything Ive posted nor heard of any complaints about my postings… yet they FAIL TO APPEAR… This probably won’t post either but maybe TPTB at TTAG will answer or fix the issue whatever it is! Always “Awaiting Moderation”……

  5. Interesting choice in meme pic. Looks more like a racing bike uniform to me. I see that and all I can think is ‘Attack any part of me except my head. Don’t touch the head!’

    Bayonets are ok. They are one of those things I can take or leave. If it has one great, if not that’s fine too.

  6. Actually, the spike bayonet that came on the SKS makes a pretty decent monopod for shooting with – just stick it into the dirt, a 5 gallon bucket bottom, etc. to discover your rifles true potential… most will shoot a little under 3 minute groups with halfway decent ammo.

  7. Cleaning the cosmoline from my first SKS (brand new $99 Norinco) back in 1990 or 91.

    Neighbor (drunk) wandered over.

    Snickered at spike bayonet.
    “whatcha gonna do, bayonet Bambi?”

    I casually stabbed it in the ground right between his feet and said “Nope. It’s great for keeping it from falling over when I take a piss.”

    He looked down at it and left.

    Never exchanged a word with him after that.

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