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Hahaha this one got an actual LOL out of me. It’s from @therealgila on Instagram.


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  1. Cute, but according to stories about CIA with 22 pistols using heavy bullets into skull they penetrate the first wall and ricochet inside for an instant kill.
    I forget now what pistol model, High Standard something. So don’t mess with old CIA guys.

    • Using a .22 to shoot someone in the back of the head is one thing. To use a .22 as a defensive cartridge is quite another.

      • Agreed. You would need to be a trick shot expert to stop an attacker.
        I saw a western movie once where the Lady drew a tiny pistol. The bad man said to her that the pistol wouldn’t stop him. She said, “I’ll gut shoot you and you will die for days”.

      • Learn that during yer six years as a cop, beverly? Or was it ten years? I’ve read both versions, mere days apart. Odd that…

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. Liars like you should be seen and not heard.

      • That’s right wally, I’m just persistently accusing you of a Really Bad Thing completely out of the blue, for sh!ts n giggles. Are you really that stupid, beverly, or just not what you claim to be and covering up in the worst way possible; childish denial and false accusations? I’m thinking it’s both… wally.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck am so glad you agree that liars should be seen and not heard. Don’t you think it is time to shut up? You have for some reason been unable to prove your allegation. Fact is that you are lying now as you were then. Time for you to “shit of get off the pot”.

          For your edification, Wally is nick for Wallace, not Walter. The name to you is either Mr Beverly or Sergeant. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.

    • I kinda doubt the “ricochet” around the skull bit that I’ve heard about .22lr. From my experience, when lead hits an object it can’t break past, it tends to use its energy to deform and expand. Maybe the CIA has some fancy hard rubber bullets that bounce, it’s just not a characteristic of lead though.

      • I’ve always imagined it as the soft, longish bullet arriving at modest velocity at curved inner skull then turning, not really ricochet. Brain seems very wet and dense so must slow the bullet greatly. I bet the CIA has many after action reports.

        • I can buy deflection, or maybe spalding. I doubt a .22lr has much power once it breaks past the skull. If it has enough to reach all the way through brain matter to reach the back of the skull, I’d be surprised. If it has enough to deform, break, spald, or deflect…. I’d be really really surprised.

          Garand Thumb has a video on this. The .22lr only has enough power to break past the skull at either point blank range from a pistol or when fired out of a rifle up to about 25 yards. Thumb doesn’t cross section the skull unfortunately.

        • Anybody want to ask CIA public relations if they have any medical scientific reports post assassination?
          Never know, they might answer.

      • This calls for an experiment. Where’s the nearest liberal?

        Oh wait, we need a head WITH brains.

  2. Yes Albert Hall ,Americans see life as expendable, we have too. Americans shed blood protecting other countries that wont spend the money or the lives to do it themselves.
    Our Life is cheap because it has to be if We are going to fight your wars for you.

    • “*muffled laughter* thanks to Gemtech Pillbottle”

      I’ve got one on the way to mount on my Beretta 21A ‘Covert’ with the threaded barrel.

      It will be my ‘Velo Dog’ while out riding.

      Treated myself thanks to a pleasantly surprisingly effective lawyer… 🙂

      • Oh, and go ahead and laugh all you want… 🙂

  3. 22LR is quite effective if you put 2 in the pump and 1 in the skull. Just need to be a good shot.
    In a defensive situation, you use what you have at hand. If all you have is a 22 pistol, then that is what you use.

    • Some here may recall me saying this before, but one of my very good friends died from a single .22LR to the head. Jeremy likes to make fun of .22, but never underestimate any cartridge.

      • Haz, in 1988 one of my cousins was at a party (high schoolers) where a .22lr was pulled out and brandished. He shielded his head with his arm during this altercation and was shot. It went thru his upper arm and into his head. He was immediately incapacitated and died later that night. Shot placement is everything.

    • oldmaninAL,

      Statistically speaking, .22LR is just as lethal as any other handgun caliber. The only significant potential (likely?) difference is time to incapacitate–where larger calibers would tend to incapacitate faster.

      As you stated, you use whatever you have on hand in self-defense.

      Pro-tip: a semi-auto rifle chambered in .22 LR is not a bad choice at all for self-defense. Given that platform’s virtually non-existent recoil, a defender could put a LOT of bullets into an attacker in very short order and deliver the rough equivalent of a shotgun blast of #4 buckshot.

      • While not in the first few options for home defense the 10/22 does come before knives/swords/hatchet/misc melee improv. With that said 9, 12, and other numbers are more likely.

        • a Ruger 10/22 is not a terrible home defense weapon. 25 round mags give lots of capacity, Garand Thumb proved that 22 will puncture a skull out of a rifle out to about 25 yards, the round doesn’t have a lot of over penetration, follow up shots are immediate, aiming is easy, your ears won’t suffer much…. I can think of far worse home defense weapons.

  4. Point of fact, Sirhan Sirhan is alive and well and living in suburban San Diego.

    Of course, maybe he’s the exception to the rule…

    • This is good :

      “Right now: Barricades are up around the Supreme Court building, just minutes after reports from Politico were leaked indicating SCOTUS has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

      Leftist Scum ™ tears are ever-so *sweet*.

      Just wait for when they hear guns will be *everywhere*!

      *Snicker* 😉

      • They must be worried about those white supremacist terrorists I keep hearing about.

    • Unfortunately, Newsom has vowed to push for an amendment to our state constitution that would permanently enshrine the ability to kill unborn babies here into our legal fabric. With a Democrat supermajority at his disposal in Sacramento, that would be a certainty. May God help us…

        • The feds are not prohibiting abortion: they are only saying that there is no federal right to abortion but the states can do as they will.

    • 🤔. And did you not mean .44Magnumn? (Opsec possum, opsec. They have eyes everywhere. Like spiders.)

    • .44 + .44 = .88 Magnum

      Danny Vermin had it made special. It shoots through schools.

  5. Here’s a neat breakdown showing just how badly the Spanish-speaking vote are abandoning the Leftist Scum ™ in astounding numbers, especially right near the border in Texas. A nearly 50-point shift toward Conservatives.

    The Leftist Scum ™ has been counting on them to beat the Right, and it looks like they have lost them for good.

    I recall reading not long ago that someone was complaining to a Democrat operative that if they insist on staying on the course they are taking, the working middle class in the heartland would abandon them. The operative said they didn’t care if they lost the middle class, since the Spanish-speaking and Black vote would make up for it.

    Wrong, suckers!

    Here’s the video laying it all out in stark terms :

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