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Chickens have wings and wings have bones. Chickens don’t have nuggets.


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  1. just got back from the Amish farm…Miller’s Organic…you might have seen Tucker’s story on how the FDA is trying to drive them out of business. Gen Beck covered it also. So did Dell Bigtree.

    been shopping there six years. Today, whole chickens, chicken wings, necks and backs (for broth), water buffalo steaks and roasts, weather buffalo cream, and butter. All organic…all locally raised. These people are amazing in their stalwart, defiance of the FDA’s insistance that they use GMO preservatives on their organic meats and that they do not slaughter locally even though Millers has NEVER had an issue with anything they sell. The FDA…
    protecting us from local, organic farmers.

    Oh,yeah….Miller’s is a private buying club…you must join and sign a contract. Call them if you want to join

    • Awesome to hear from a fellow Beck fan, I listen to him every day. Been following the Miller v FDA story, and am very glad they’re standing their ground. The FDA, and the rest of those petty tyrants, can take their abuse of the interstate commerce clause and shove it. Best wishes to you and yours

  2. Just what part of the chicken is the nuggets? I know the bits and pieces used are misc. chicken parts, but nothing I have ever come across while cutting up chickens for restaurant service looks like that. Just a good way to get rid of scraps, chicken version of tater tots.

  3. We should all acknowledge the urban athlete depicted with this article. He represents that 6% demographic responsible for over 50% of the violent crime in this country and 98% of the interracial crime.

      • Early Samuel L. Jackson had a look similar to that guy.

        In ‘Goodfellas’, he played ‘Stacks’ Edwards, one of the gang that organized the knocked-off Lufthansa shipment at LaGuardia Airport, and got whacked himself…

        • Ha! No Sir. I’ll say this regarding differences between the good ol US of A and up here: our meth heads don’t smear shit all over the walls of every public restroom in the country. I’ve spent easily a year n a half riding through your excellent country and wtf is with that? I mean good lord, wth is the matter with those animals? I have never, not once, seen that up here. That’s some truly messed up shit man, both figuratively and literally.

        • I studied environmental science in college. During my senior year, I had a 10 week class on park design, and half of it was studying methods of hardening sites against vandalism like this. Humans are pretty much the only critters that willingly soil/degrade their own space. Damn shame.

  4. I have always wondered what went wrong in the life of someone who pays any attention at all to what other people are doing and eating when it doesn’t affect the first person at all. I mean, just let people eat the way they want; it literally costs you nothing! This is the kind of weird attention to things that are none of their business that the media and social justice warriors thrive on.

  5. “Chickens don’t have nuggets.”

    Au contraire. Young laying hens usually have smaller eggs at first, ping-pong ball size or even smaller. A few won’t even have yolks. I had three little nuggets of golden yumminess for breakfast this morning.


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