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That’s some big brain energy right there.


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      • Creedmoor warps the time space continuum. It’s the answer to intergalactic travel.

        • Gov, I heard it actually adds to or negates the coriolis effect or makes the poles swap, depending on the direction of fire.

        • Other long range shooters have to take into consideration the effect of the spinning earth has on their trajectories, but Creedmoor shooters don’t worry about that because when shooting a Creedmoor the earth stops spinning out of respect.

        • It’s not the answer, but you can use it to shoot space vehicles while they’re using their warp drive as shooter stands on the moon.

    • Gunny, you speak absolute truth. Archeologists just proved that in 270 AD the ancient city and library of Alexandia was destroyed by a single 12 gauge Brenneke slug. A not so well known fact is that the name “Brenneke” is from an ancient Mesopotamian expression that means “Destroyer of All Worlds”. Incidentally, inside one of the Great Pyramids of Giza is an inscription that describes the Alexandrian event, although it tells the story with a bit of flourish and exaggeration. The Egyptians, however, were dead accurate in their prediction of the Universe disrupting qualities of the Celestial comet we now refer to as the 6.5 Creedmoor.

      • A leaked memo from within Marvel Studios seems to confirm that the next Saga (beginning with Phase VII in 2026) will lead to the much-anticipated arrival of Galactus, who will threaten to destroy Earth with annihilation.

        When most of the universe’s defenders are wiped out and all appears lost, Groot will pick up Rocket’s gunn, insert a Brenneke slug, and blow a hole in Galactus’ thoracic the size of a small moon. Rocket will then use a slingshot to send an unspent 6.5 CM cartridge into the gap, which sparks a singularity and sucks Galactus and all his minions into oblivion.

  1. I have seen .22 LR bounce around a bit. ricochet is ricochet. Inside or out. The lungs were still there. Though damaged. 5.56 creates foot wide exit wounds. Where do I buy that ammo? OK. .50 cal will get your attention. .45 ACP will kill your soul. Everyone has known that since 1911.

    • 25 acp is worse than 22 when it comes to internal bone ricochets. Those Saturday night specials used to hold the record for deadliest round until glocks 19s became the cool gun to be had during the Obama years. source: personal witness working in an ER. The good news is that most criminals are too cheap to purchase defensive ammo, and 9mm ball passes through soft tissue with minimal damage if it doesn’t hit bone. However, where your are hit counts regardless. more source: gangbanging body dumps overnight on the ambulance ramp. may they rest in peace.

      • Yeah, I suspect the kill to wound ratio is as low as it is in Chicago because of 9mm FMJ likely being the primary ammo selection for the gang thugs. I have no way to verify my suspicions though.

  2. Just taken from the FOX News story regarding a Cali sheriff deputy that murdered his secret lover and her husband:
    “ Deputies found .9 mm shell casings at the home, the same kind used by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and witnesses heard six shots and six casings were found at the scene, according to court documents.”

    First off, condolences to the family & children of the murdered couple.

    Second, are the six casings similar to unicorn turds?!
    I mean possession of those casings PROVE how deadly the .9mm round is.

    • California? You sure it wasn’t his secret lover and his husband? And for the record: unicorns don’t drop turds, they poop candy floss flavored Skittles and fart rainbows. Everybody knows this.

      • Shooter,

        Rainbows that can power the world, without “carbon emissions”, donchaknow.

        Senile Joe is going to power the US with rainbow unicorn farts.

        • Shotgun Joe has no idea at all where he even is most days. They might as well prop up one those straw stuffed, burlap sack, overalls n straw hat wearing dummies behind the podium. Instead they gave us/you the child sniffing assclown dummy.

      • I once read a novel where the heroine wielded a 4.55 caliber Webley automatic revolver. The Webley automatic revolver was okay but she must have had the grip of a world class arm rasseler to handle a 4.55 caliber anything. It wasn’t a mere typo, the author kept referring to the 4.55 caliber howitzer throughout the book. I don’t think he appreciated my comments about his gun knowledge.

        • I’ve related before about nearly getting banned for life from an LGS when the counter dude called a G22 a 40mm. I said I wanted to see the magazine (or would that be a ‘clip’?) for that critter. He was NOT amused.

  3. Watch out for the .022biden. It shoots out of a left handed progressive twist barrel and can remove the entire brain without leaving an entry or exit wound.

    • LOL
      I kinda feel sorry for the poor old man in away, kinda, but not too much. I mean its gotta suck to be told your the president of the United States of America when you were sure as vice president you and your buddy destroyed that country. Now he’s all confused a d it isnt getting any better.

  4. David used a rock and a sling.

    The next day, Philistine leadership began calling for rock control. High capacity slings were outlawed and rock sizes were strictly regulated. Folk began wearing clothing that could be used as a sling: early concealed carry. That is how the scarf was invented. Later, the bra was invented to thwart the high- capacity sling regulation. The Philistine government tried to ban the bra but with all those robes the ban was impossible to enforce. So men began wearing bras. That is what led to the gender-dysphoria we have today. Government is never the solution.

    • That’s cause it comes in like a warhead on a forehead, from almost directly above. Actually it’s by far my favorite caliber.

        • First part is in ref to 45-70gov (only government you can trust) second part is reference to the rainbow shaped trajectory of a 45-70 at most distances past 100m and a play on the taste the rainbow skittles commercials. Humor got a bit obscure sorry about that.

    • The Duke had a SAA like that. A few of them, actually. And it was like he ‘threw’ the boolits at the baddies. Skill sets long lost…

    • moto – they just sold one of them for a whole boatload of big bucks – way more than I could afford in several lifetimes.

  5. Wonder what Biden and the rest of the mental midgets would say my 75mm will do?
    or my 12 pounder cannon?
    Going out west to look at a 45-70 Gatlin gun next week. If the price isn’t too ridiculous, I will purchase it. It’s on a carriage, but I will need to build a limber. Too bad the Ma Deuce doesn’t come under the C&R license. Would love to mount 1 on my Deuce and a half.

    • Mr. AL
      All I can say is jealous of the deuce and a half.
      Not even going to talk about the arty.
      (as he dries the tears from his eyes)

    • 😉 – I will neither confirm nor deny that I have a ‘few’ of them ‘Super Dangerous’ critters stashed away. You do know that they still exist in a different format from a different manufacturer but I cannot divulge the name due to the official secrets act.

      • I had a few dozen boxes stashed away since the late ’80s. Still had the Edelmans (Long Island, NY) price stickers on the boxes.
        Sold them for a nice profit around five years ago.

        Winchester Ranger Ts are the SXT.
        Same Xact Thing. 😄

        So many great choices for ammo exist now.

  6. Where’s my Pu-238 Explosive Space Modulator. I need it to destroy the Earth, it locks my view of Venus.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on anatomy ammo lesson. Need to focus on the areas of destruction needed. Sounds like joe lobotomy interpretation of ammo!

  8. 12ga – scares the life right out of anyone whether fired in the air from the balcony or thru the front door.

  9. It took some time, but I liked the article and all of the comments. It was very helpful to me, and I’m sure it will be to everyone who comments here. It’s always nice when you can learn something and have fun at the same time

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