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Don’t get on the ATF train.


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    • If anyone noticed the exchange between Jacob (Harrison Ford) and the Sheriff during the latest episode of 1923, followed by his explanation to his wife (Helen Mirren) why he’s going to “go after them” (the men who ambushed their family caravan earlier in the season), you heard the mention of “Wyoming”, “Montana”, and “not enough people in the area to warrant a quick response from law enforcement”.

      I think we’re going to see the beginnings of the Duttons’ use of the canyon that will come to be known as the “Train Station”.

  1. So, tested new antitracking software by logging on to ttag for about ten seconds. 15 trackers blocked in that short amount of time.

    • Been using that stuff for years. One is uBlock Origin and Ghostery then a Cookie handling program on top of that. God, it would be a mess without it.

  2. “Don’t get on the ATF train.”

    You did, Jeremy (who may, or may not have, spoken in class today).

    A number of times, if I’m not mistaken…

  3. Why are they European trains instead of American trains? US trains usually do not have those round bumpers.

    • Good catch, Harry. Ain’t much cattle country in Europe, so they don’t need cowcatchers. Maybe a sheepsweeper in Britain, but likely not given how much they abhor a good defense. Jeremy uses whatever pics he can get.

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