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Where did you say that was happening? Asking for a friend.


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  1. Anybody know where I can get a recoil spring for a Oerlikon 20mm? I lost my other one in the shag carpet and can’t find it.

    • I think you missed a word. You lost your Oerlikon recoil spring in the shag carpet FACTORY.

      I have on good authority (and by that I mean Syrian rebel youtube uploads) that they can just be replaced with welded together strut springs.

    • If you do get an O’20 together, send it to the BB Iowa, they ain’t got a one on that boat and they’d like to have something to show the kids.

      A Bofors 40mm would be appreciated as well

    • Is this about Glock switches? Because that doesn’t sound that far off.

      I want to meet the moron that thinks a full-auto Glock is a GOOD thing…

        • So, if you have a REAL G18, you must know that they are illegal in the US unless you have one of the few copies registered before May 19, 1986, and that it is priceless. IF you own a G18 (not the Umarex airsoft clone) you are indeed a lucky soul, not because it’s a great gun (and I don’t believe it’s that much fun to blow through a mag at 20 rounds per second) or it’s that accurate, but because of its rarity. Probably not something you drag to the range regularly. Having one in your possession does not change my conclusion that a full-auto Glock 9mm is a moronic idea.

        • Maxx, you think you know more about guns than you do. With my licenses anything non-fissile is legal.
          The 18C itself isn’t nearly as rare as the original wire stock that attaches to it. Still looking for one of those.
          As it is, the pistol is extremely control able and a ton of fun. Everybody that shoots it loves it.

        • My Class III dealer has one in his collection – no wire stock. I’ve been fortunate in having shot it couple of times…what a hoot!

          He is still on the lookout for a Glock 7 if you happen to know where one might be available… 🙂

      • I enjoyed shooting an 18c. I would own a switch if they opened up the registry. I don’t see any harm to normal (mostly) law abiding people owning one. And the criminals and every gen z with a 3d printer already appear to have them so it’s a little late to try to shut the barn door now.

        • Years back, I had a full auto Delta Gold Cup (firing pin aperture not correctly reamed from factory)… ever hold a ( surprise) full auto 10mm for eight round burst? I learned to try out new guns with two in the mag initially.

        • Oh I have no doubt that a comp/brake and a few tungsten inserts for inertias sake would be the starting point but fun to dream of what a lack of restrictions could allow.

  2. I sold off my full auto firearms several years ago. Still keep my license. Just in case I run across a real good price for something I could use. Sure, being able to flip the giggle switch and do a mag dump is fun. Anyone who has had the chance to do so will agree it is fun turning money into smoke is fun. Problem is it does take away some of the enjoyment when you are footing the bill and Uncle Sugar.

  3. Define ‘Everywhere’
    Is this like trying to define an ‘assault weapon’ or worse, what a woman is?
    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is?”

  4. I don’t want a full auto plastic weapon. If a steel barrel can melt, I’m sure a plastic frame can melt in your hand. I would much prefer a bar. Browning Automatic Rifle for you young snowflakes.

    • tsbhoa.p.jr:
      Mine is a Umarex BB gun clone of the Beretta 92A1 which has a full auto selector. It does mag dumps one hell of a lot faster than I can reload it. That’s the fun part. Trying to hold back the magazine follower while I insert more BBs, not so much.

  5. Your 3d printer can make a switch that depresses the cruciform and prevents the gun from resetting; basically turning your Glock into a fun dispenser.

    You can also 3d print a drop-in auto sear for your AR15.

    Files are readily available online.

    You cannot stop the signal.


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