Joe Biden gun violence vigil
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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The definition of chutzpah is murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. Today, President Joe Biden may have just established a new standard definition for ‘hypocrisy.’

Biden attended something called the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence last night at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. It’s an annual event put on by Newtown Action Alliance Fund, a gun control advocacy operation. Whatever its ostensible purpose, the vigil is designed to put pressure on lawmakers to further limit Americans’ Second Amendment rights through the passage of more restrictive gun control laws.

Biden became the first President to attend the vigil and, naturally, used the opportunity to, once again, call for another “assault weapons” ban and a limit on magazine capacity using all of the rhetorical skills, precision, and command of the facts for which he’s become so well known.

Even as our work continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge, the type of weapon that can be purchased and sold, the attempt to ban assault weapons — a whole range of things that are just common sense. Just simple common sense.

But, you know, we did it before. You may remember. In the ‘90s we did it with the help of the very people in here, led by Speaker Pelosi in the House and many others.  And we did it.  And guess what? It worked. The number of violent mass murders reduced were significant. A lot of people’s lives were saved.

You know — and we can do it again. 

Biden’s attendance brought praise from all of the usual suspects.

Another thing that’s truly amazing is the amazing coincidence of The Washington Post publishing a tongue bath hagiography of Michael Bloomberg’s favorite sock puppet, Shannon Watts this morning. What are the odds?

But let’s get back to out story. Today the White House made headline news, announcing another Big Win™ for the administration. They’d reached an agreement with the gangsters who run Russia to release WNBA player Brittney Griner. Griner, if you haven’t been paying attention, was sentenced to nine years in jail for drug possession after she “inadvertently” brought cannabis vaping cartridges with her on a trip to Moscow in February.

The Biden administration promised to “work tirelessly” to get her out. What that meant in practice was they enlisted the help of Saudi Arabia to broker a deal to spring the basketball star.

This, of course, is the same Saudi Arabia that Biden vowed to make an international pariah during his 2020 campaign.

From The Daily Mail . . .

The deal was brokered with Vladimir Putin, responsible for the genocide in Ukraine – and with the help of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, just 48 hours after the U.S. dropped a lawsuit holding him responsible for the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Again, just another amazing coincidence.

What did Biden give up to spring Griner? He agreed to release someone named Viktor Bout, one of the worst humans in the world. Bout is (was) a Russian arms dealer nicknamed the “merchant of death,” who sold guns to bad actors all over the world, primarily in Africa as well as to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

According to the AP . . .

Bout was serving a 25-year sentence on charges that he conspired to sell tens of millions of dollars in weapons that U.S officials said were to be used against Americans. Biden issued an executive grant of clemency to free the arms dealer from a federal prison in Illinois to effect the prisoner swap.

Meanwhile, another American, Paul Whalen, an ex-Marine, is still rotting in a Russian penal colony on charges of espionage. His case apparently wasn’t as much of a priority for the Biden White House as freeing a prominent basketball player.

President Joe Biden hugs Sandy Hook survivor Jackie Hegarty before he speaks during an event in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022, with survivors and families impacted by gun violence for the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

So let’s sum up, shall we? The President made a show of his attendance at a “gun violence” vigil last night that was drenched in politics. He ostentatiously displayed the sympathy, care, and concern he feels for the survivors of gun violence, while using the event to call, yet again, for a ban on some of the most popular civilian-owned firearms in the country. He dearly wants to outlaw once again a class of guns that are used in a tiny fraction of crimes committed in this country, despite the fact that the same ban thirty years ago was an utter failure.

Yet as Biden was delivering his comments last night, demonizing legally-owned guns and quoting scripture about the light not being overcome by darkness, he was — at that very moment — releasing an international arms dealer whose activities helped to kill hundreds of thousands of people…Americans included.

Given the weapons that Bout sold to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, it’s quite reasonable to guess the arms he trafficked to our enemies killed more Americans than all of the lawfully-owned AR-15s and AKs in America ever have.

Let’s also remember that Biden moved heaven and earth to free a woman convicted of cannabis possession while his own Drug Enforcement Agency continues to list it as a Schedule I prohibited substance, one that can and has been used to take away Americans’ gun rights if they run afoul of the law here.

Soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator “Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal at the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

The business of politics and politicians — whatever their party — is kissing babies, lying on the campaign stump, and pissing on the public’s leg while claiming it’s raining and then promising to do something about the weather through legislation. There are probably more nakedly cynical and hypocritical instances of elected officials doing what they do, but it’s difficult to think of one that comes close to Biden’s gag-inducing example.


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    • That is clear… Fast and Furious sales to Mexico, giving the Taliban our Afghanistan stash, giving tons of weapons to Ukraine which will be hard to control whatever the aftermath of that adventure turns out to be. Perhaps we should award Biden with the title of “Merchant of Death”, he may have transferred more weapons than Mr. Bout can ever dream of.

      • Well it is already happening, LEO in European countries have seized guns that were delivered to Ukraine…

        They blame the biker gangs, cause every Ukrainian city has biker chapters!!!

        Anti-tank weapons have been seized by the Venezualian border troops, backtracked to stockpiles delivered to Ukraine!!!

        • Biden sees the writing on the wall (but he doesn’t understand it). Fast and furious is disappearing, Afganistan (Al Quida)donation has been completed,transfer of major weapons to Ukraine is done. Now he can release his biggest competitor in the international arms race since we have little to deal with anymore. We want all of the drug users we can get back, being a sports figure is a bonus.

    • …apparently if you’re a homosexual that trumps everything….even that others were more deserving of consideration and have been there longer…..

  1. Honestly, at this point, let’s fucking go. Pass your ban. See what happens. It’ll get shot down faster than Blackhawk on a bad mission in Somali. And it will be very public. It will be our Midway, the turn of the tide.

  2. Is that a photo of Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe sniffing hair again? Trades the merchant of death for a traveling dumbbell bubblehead spoiled brat basketball player while another much more deserving American stays put. No Art of The Deal whatsoever.

  3. Hmmmmmm. Brittney Griner is POC while Paul Whalen is a white Male. That may have influenced the decision at some point.

    Griner is an idiot but stoners aren’t known for intelligence.

    As for Victor Bout, he needs to take flying, super high diving, and swimming lessons on his return flight.

  4. Word is ATF has sent the Pistol Brace rule to the White House today. Given the way Biden tries to demonize so-called “assault weapons,” I expect we will see this being pushed out tomorrow, likely in the late afternoon. As soon as this drops, I will be sending off another donation to GOA, and I recommend you do the same. This needs to be fought hard on every front we need to get this in front of SCOTUS since that is likely what it will take and that is a fight that takes money.

      • I expect New York (and some other states) will eventually end up having to live under a consent decree with all gun related legislation, much like the South did when they repeatedly kept violating the rights of black citizens, apparently because even back then Democrats just couldn’t restrain themselves.

      • Scared enough to double down on stupid and keep the courts going. Desperate is probably the better word as it’s a question of what gets removed before court composition can be changed. Or they say fuck it and go full authoritarian.

  5. Why would Slow Joe give a rat’s butt if they let a Russian arms dealer go free? Dumbazz GAVE the Taliban $87000000000 in arms,munitions & fun toy’s. How about Republicans who vote with dims pay a price? Hmmm???

      • And the fact the WEST MSM, is leaving out the USA/NATO used his services too!!!

        I’m assuming we asked him to do something and he said “NO”!! And we didn’t like it!!!

        He publicly at the extradition hearing, stated that the US offered to let him go if he would turn on his suppliers and the Russian gov’t!!!

  6. You can tell Brandon that under no circumstances are people going to comply with any of his banning of any type of semi-auto firearms whether they pass a law or not. When the FBI, ATF,IRS, HS, or any other Federal Agency comes to enforce an illegal act simply tell them when they start obeying the laws and constitution so will others and until that time MOLON LABE at your own risk. People are not buying firearms at a rate of over 1 million a month to hand them over to the current Gestapo Federal Government. Its time they understand that people are tired of their violations of the law and do not recognize them as legal law enforcement any longer. When they clean up their act then the People will consider working with them once again.

      • Give it a few years–they’ve already got a list of replacements. Or they’ll talk about packing the court again. The Demoncrap machine keeps chugging along.

  7. You know, a future is cut short by a man with a stolen Glock with 40 rounds. A magazine with 40 rounds. It’s merely a weapon of war.

    • to be fair…they expected the Afghan military to use this stuff…not fold like a cheap suit….

      • The writing was on the wall long before the Taliban started their push across the country. SIGAR was telling Congress for years that the only thing keeping the ANSF going was the money US and Partners were pouring into GIRoA.

      • Joe new what was going on. His military advisors told him what would happen. He ignored them because it extended the timeline for withdrawal. He choose politics over human lives and American lives. He is a POS>

  8. Slo Joey (and his idiot Sec of State) trades away very bad guy for a dog ugly queer dopehead diversity posterchild who’s sole “accomplisment” life is play baaball (a variety NOONE, except other lesbian progs, is interested in). I suppose next he will make it the head of some gov’t group.

    The art of the deal in demtard action.

  9. Of course she was traded for the merchant of death. Both hate the US, both are not a threat to those in power. They brought her home, that gives them street cred and votes from the addled minded.

    Paul Whalen will not be brought home as long as these people are in power. He represents everything they despise, a white male who served his Country as a Marine and as a civilian. He will die there and they would then trade his body for a few live criminals to prove their “compassion”. His release would not have got votes and may have even lost them a few among the ultra left wing lunatics. No money in it and no votes, they will let him die there without any regrets.

  10. You mean the guy who gave the Taliban $85 billion of our best military arms and equipment to the Taliban is a hypocrite for freeing the guy that sold arms to the Taliban. I think I must have missed something.

    • They locked up the Ruskins arms dealer until theBiden sold his.
      And it really ain’t about Bout its about theBiden gave ruskin a missle via you crane to get that basketball player back on the team. Bout was just a cover story.

  11. And Van Jones referred to this dyke as a black female icon.
    These people aren’t living in the real world.

    • she’s a “woke star”….and little else…certainly not deserving of privileged treatment…when so many others are still there…now they know who to kidnap…at least when the dems are in power…

  12. Pure fucking evil. I hope God strikes these people down. What a slap across the face of all past and present military heroes. I am ashamed of Americans who voted these demons into office.

  13. There never was any real evidence against Bout and he was snatched in Africa and extradited to the US, never having even stepped foot in the US. His arrest was illegal and a political situation at best, and hypocritical considering that the US is the biggest arms dealer on the planet.

    • How quaint, we’ve attracted the attention of a Russian troll farm again. Uncertain how you justify that two faced position when ISIS declared themselves your countries enemy for which Bout colluded with and trafficked arms to, hmmm? Seems an unbalanced position don’t you think? Hey now, didn’t you Ruskies fight IS directly in Syria? 10 months into your 3 day operation while currently running antiquated T-62’s and WW1 era lmg’s, and now you want your arms dealer back? Coincidence? Something stinks there, what with coming from the 2nd place arms dealer in the world. That is rich, and transparent.

      Whataboutism, the most used classic Russian fallacy, thrown in with a dash of Red Herring and a culture of dishonesty for flavor.

      • was having a nice conversation with a [potential] russian bride…until I brought up politics…think it’s clear a lot of them over there have drunk the kool-aid….

    • US is selective in who it sells arms to….usually friendly foreign governments…Bout doesn’t labor under that restriction…

      • Frank,

        How do you get from “Friendly Foreign Government” to Mexican drug cartels (Fast and Furious)? Because they sell mostly to American junkies, that makes them ‘friendly’? Or is that a loophole only applicable to Black Chicago Jesus and his criminal Atty General????

    • He actually was duped by the CIA with the help of the US ambassador to THAILAND, where he flew to, to get now orders from the USA!!!!

      Since the USA has been using his services for years prior to his arrest!!!

      We used him to arm Iraq, after we invaded and destroyed their military manufacturing capacity!!!

  14. “continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge…”

    This one always cracks me up.

    Hey Joe, there is already a “limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge” – the same as its always been for “cartridges”, one bullet per cartridge.

    “But, you know, we did it before. You may remember. In the ‘90s we did it with the help of the very people in here, led by Speaker Pelosi in the House and many others. And we did it. And guess what? It worked. The number of violent mass murders reduced were significant. A lot of people’s lives were saved.”

    another oldie but a goodie piece of comedy.

    (Biden’s statement being obviously made in relation to a complete ban of the MSR); No Joe, you didn’t do it before. Not you nor Nancy nor the “very people” there. No, it didn’t work, no the number of violent mass murders were not reduced and were NOT significant and there were not a lot of people lives saved – and in fact this is yet another correlation = causation claim which is false because correlation can not equal causation, plus you deliberately misrepresent what happened to make it seem more significant than it was and state falsehood.


    “When interpreting 2A, Alleged Historical Analogues of Modern Day Gun Control Law must be drawn from Founding Period (1791) and not late 19th century (post-Civil War) History. Supreme Court’s Oral Argument helps bring this interpretation lesson to light in Moore v. Harper. Mark Smith Explains”

    (Note: a ‘false comparison’ trick anti-gun is currently using is a resurgence of an old trick that led to the interest balancing test anti-gun was able to use in the past to ram gun-restrictions through the courts. That trick was using 19th century (post-Civil War) History for analogues. Can’t do it any longer in case someone missed the Bruen case, gotta use historical analogues from 1791.)

  16. I don’t suppose that POS Griner is gonna stand and place HIS hand on HIS heart for the national anthem from now on? I’m gonna go puke.


  18. Hypocrisy is synonymous with Democrats.
    Calling the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban a success is pure Biden Lie. Even the most generous assessment of the AWB shows it had no measurable effect, which is why it was allowed to lapse with nary a whimper from the Left. Biden conveniently forgets that the Columbine Massacre occurred right during the middle of the Ban, with one of the very guns that were banned.
    Nancy Pelosi had diddly squat to do with the Ban. The Ban was written by Dem Senator Diane Feinstein, and Co-Sponsored in the House by Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA 4th Dist). Dem Tom Foley was Speaker of the House when the Ban passed the House.

    Once again, Pathological Liar Joe Biden spouts provable Lies as Facts, and demonstrates that he has ansolutely No knowledge of Firearms in general.

    FJB and his Acolytes.

    • BB – two thumbs up for your comment.
      IIRC the feds convicted a grand total of 17 people for ‘crimes’ covered by AWB ’94 and there is no empirical data that there was any demonstrable effect on crime overall, and none for stopping ‘mass shootings’.
      Remember as well that he pushed the thousand foot ‘rule’ prohibiting gun possession on ANY school property. Fortunately that didn’t make it into the final abomination of a ‘law’.

      I’m still trying to find out the reason he has such deep seated hatred of guns.

  19. Today, President Joe Biden may have just established a new standard definition for ‘hypocrisy.’
    Impeach the moron and Make America Safe Again !!!!

  20. Tee from…..”I refuse to be lectured on gun control by an administration that armed the Taliban.”

    Sweat from DineshD’Sousa site…..”This is the government our Founders warned about.” Should include added tag….”…and for which they penned the Second Amendment.”

    Also, D’Sousa…”When I die, don’t let me vote Democrat.”

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