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Okay it’s more of a hunting meme than a gun meme, but it’s an important PSA nonetheless. If you’re cold, they’re cold. Even though that often doesn’t make any sense cuz they’re all furry and stuff. But whatever. The point is that they’re tasty.


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  1. Odd choice of meme for a week that’s going to end up at 100+ degrees where I live.

  2. Only a small percentage of the deer population will have enough food and recourses to survive each winter. Either harvest the excess in the fall or mother nature will take care of it over the long cold winter. As long as the harvest is managed no excess population reduction will happen over the year. The difference is that the deer will fill freezers or rot in the wild. That excess population will die either way -through an ethical harvest or starvation.

    • They won’t rot in the wild. Coyotes, bears, pigs, possums, buzzards, crows, *WOLVERINES* theres a bunch of critters out there.
      Halo of Flys

      • remember halo of black flies paddlin’ up onto a submerged moose; they carry an entourage.
        ol’ buddy up in wisco showed me a badger pic, said wolverine. i searched that shit up they are exceedingly rare nationwide and nonexistant in ‘sconsin.

      • possum,

        I saw Halo of Flys open for a Rolling Stones tour, a few years back. Are they now reduced to eating road kill???? (And doesn’t that make them the natural enemy of possums??)

    • Most seem to die from playing bumper tag poorly ’round these here parts. Not many carrion eating critters, either, so the corpses linger to act as a warning to other drivers that here there be deer crossing.

      • Something will always eat it somewhere down the food chain -if not the bigger carrion-eaters then the flies and their maggots or even the bacteria and worms.

        Every one that dies on the roadside leaves that much more resources for the rest of the herd. If magical AI collision-avoidance software becomes available in all cars and trucks someday then the number of them that would starve each winter would go up by approximately the number that would have gotten killed getting hit and didn’t.

        Although I suppose it is possible that the roadkill, if it were really high in an area, might “over-harvest” beyond what would have died by starvation just like over-hunting might do if it were not limited to a reasonable number.

    • Cougars/Mountain Lions eat about a deer a week. A population of 5,000 cats as in Oregon alone eat about 260,000 deer per year. There were approx 500,000 deer in 2022 and 334,405 registered hunters who had a success rate of about 30% or harvested about 100,200 deer. That doesn’t even account for the apatite of wolves and coyotes. That doesn’t leave many to rot in the field.

  3. My huntin’ brother asked me if I wanted some deer/Venison and of course I said heck yes thinking it was his breaded and fried deer in yummy bite size chunks. It turned out to be a large forzen block of packaged deer meat…I know I cannot prep it like does so I’ll have to trade work on his huntin’ rifles to get the frozen cinder block out of my freezer and into a frying pan.

    • Take it to your local butcher and ask him to grind it up and mix it 50:50 with ground pork. Pork is pretty cheap in bulk and it will make hamburger that is mouthwateringly delicious on the grill or in the fry pan. .
      It shouldn’t cost very much per pound. It’ll be a tiny fraction of buying ground beef and be infinitely better. Add it to just about anything and it will be delicious like hamburger helper on crack.

        • I used to pay a processor to make all my deer into hamburger. It can be a little lean and dry so adding pork is a good solution or add oil when cooking.

          It also makes excellent jerky if you have a dehydrator. There are a ton of recipes to add the proper spices and enough salt to be safe when preserving the meat. A jerky calk gun is also cheap snd can make flat strips or long noodles of meat easily that is all the same size. Getting a consistent size of the jerky strip or noodle is important so that it all dries at the same rate so some isn’t over-dried.and some not dried enough. Making jerky from ground meat makes it a lot less tough and easier to chew than just cutting strips off of the big pieces of meat.

  4. Hunters for the Hungry, feed thousands of people in this country for free. Every year.

    • They get a couple feral hogs from me every year. We get rid of a nuisance animal and someone gets fed. Good all the way around.

  5. I do not hunt…too much like work…but you all go ahead and enjoy it!!

    We have been enjoying water buffalo roasts from Amos Millers Organic Farm just outside of Lansdale, PA. Yup, those Amish farmers are raising water buffalo.

    Also enjoying the cheeses they produce from water buffalo milk. Higher fat content than cow milk. This week it is the herb and garlic cheese spread.

    • LifeSavor,

      The amount of work which accompanies white-tailed deer hunting depends on how and where you hunt–and what you do with the deer that you harvest.

      I recently gained permission to hunt a spectacular property. I invested about four hours scouting the property during the off-season. Then I invested about two more hours preparing two specific spots to hunt. Now, if I am really lazy, I can just walk out to one of those spots around 1:30 p.m., sit down, and wait for a couple hours for the deer to come into view/range. A well-placed shot means the deer runs about 60 yards and keels over. At that point, it takes less than 10 minutes to field dress it and the only question is how you bring it to your vehicle. I use a game cart to wheel it (similar to hauling something around in a wheel barrow) to my car, plop it on my cargo tray, and haul it home. Then I take it to a neighbor who does an phenomenal job butchering it for $90.

      So, you invest a few hours ahead of time, a few hours on your hunt, and then spend $90 and get about 50 pounds of pure red meat without any fat, bones, connective tissue, tallow, nor fur. (And I usually harvest three deer to ensure that we have enough red meat for the entire year–that’s 150 pounds of pure red “organic” meat for $270 plus hunting tags.) I am definitely in for that.

      • Truth bomb. Hunting can be as easy as that or so much harder and result in nothing at all in the freezer.

        Plus you never know what those Amish are doing to those poor water buffalo out in the barn on those long nights when their wives are away at their women’s bible study next door…

  6. Water buffalo in Pa? Well theres a critter that will get cold in winter. Are these water buffs asian or african?
    Dont seem like neither one would give much milk. Mercy I’d hate to try and milk a long horn let alone a water buffalo. Get the kickers. Lot of work.
    Nope, BoxaMilk cows is the breed to go with.

    • Possum,

      I asked Amos about how amenable the water buffalo are to milking. He said “no different than his other cows..they have been raised as farm animals and are used to it”.

      Guess what! They raise camels also and sell the camels milk. People with allergies to cow milk can often drink camel milk. They cannot make cheese from camel milk because the fat content is too low.

    • i would bet they are carabao, native to and domesticated (and exported from) the filippines.


      • Best pork I’ve ever eaten was a sow I shot in a So Fla sugar cane field….but most of them, especially Boars, are not great. Still a blast to hunt though!

  8. On a similar vein and playing on the urban sprawl and habitat encroachment meme, we have the saying:

    There is plenty of room for all of God’s creatures–right next to my mashed potatoes.

  9. I’ve tried to get the deer to surrender peacefully, but they are resistant. Violence is the only answer.

  10. Whitetails down here tend to be a bit smaller than the northern deer I grew up hunting.
    Still see a number on the side of the roads. Along with Possums, Armadillos, Raccoons, Coyote’s, dogs, cats, and the occasional hog.
    Now, with the exception of the housecats and coyotes, I’ve at least tried all of the above.
    Live off the land, be friends with the natives, get sent off to various crap hole war zones, travel when you get the chance, and be curious about what what locals eat and you will get to sample all kinds of things.
    Some I would enjoy again if the opportunity presents. And some I would politely, or maybe not, refuse.
    Don’t recommend Porcupine or Armadillo, and avoid the fermented, canned herring in Sweden. And I like herring fresh or pickled.

    • “…travel when you get the chance, and be curious about what what locals eat and you will get to sample all kinds of things.”

      I’m with you on this, and I’ve eaten a wide variety of things too, over the years. The weirdest was probably being served chicha in an Amazonian jungle village of Quechua people. It’s a fermented drink served to guests. The women get together and will chew on pieces of raw yucca root (or some other plant), and spit the starchy juice into a large bowl. They let it ferment, and serve it as a festive beverage. If they like you, they may roast some guinea pigs (aka, cuy) or chicken, and plantains (a type of banana). If they don’t like you, well, you don’t want them to not like you.

    • is that lutefisk? yuk. some of the cans on the shelf were bulging. i think that’s what they said i’m hard of herring.

      • Groan…

        Yes, lutefisk. Nasty stuff that doesn’t even make decent coon trapping bait, although the possums come a-runnin’.

        That reminds me of a traditional fish soup from the wife’s homeland, called fanesca. I can handle the chicha and cuy, and a lot of other stuff, but not that fanesca stuff.

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