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The XD gets mad disrespect. And an XD in .40? Fuggetaboudit.


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  1. What’s the issue with the XD? I had one of the first, my son has it now and loves it. I replaced it with the XDm. Both have been great guns.

    • Irrational hate for the XD is up there with the “CZ’s are for soyboys” memes that various gunternet keyboard commandos perpetuate endlessly. It’s been there for a long time, no particular reason for it. Memes perpetuated by irrational fanboys who hate anything that isn’t their chosen weapon/brand.

      Then there was the PR fiasco.
      Springfield is an importer based out of Illinois. They had a lobbyist (said lobbyist also employed by Rock River Arms) they employed to look after their interests at the state level. So when a Rep (out of Crook county) introduced a bill that would have required required “arms dealers” to obtain state-level licensure, said lobbyist tried to quash it. When that was clearly not going to happen, the lobbyist said “Well, if I can’t kill the bill, I’ll ‘lobby’ to at least give my clients a carve out, since this would dramatically effect their business.” Which from the lobbyist’s POV makes sense – do what’s in the best interest of your clients. How aware Springfield and RRA were of this is up for debate, as both said they had no idea this happened until after the fact.

      Then the gunternet got wind of this bill and the carveouts, and it quickly devolved into “SPRINGFIELD ARE TRAITORS! THEY SOLD US OUT FOR THEIR OWN GOOD!” and calls to boycott Springfield and RRA were taken up. All the XD haters finally had a justification for their hatred, and it snowballed from there. By the time the actual events became clear, no one (especially the Springfield haters) was interested. Of course, RRA does not have a small army of internet commandos that hate them, so their part of this is more or less forgotten by now. The bill, as of time of writing, had not/has not become law.

      Springfield and RRA certainly did not sponsor any anti-gun legislation, or go before politicians saying “no one needs more than 10 rounds” or kowtow to pressure and alter their gun designs adding superfluous safeties to the designs. Either Springfield and RRA had no idea what the lobbyist was up to, or they tried to look out for themselves when it became clear there was no way for their lobbyist to kill the bill. Neither of those scenarios, to me, was/is worth a boycott.

      I arrived at my opinion/summation of events after trolling for a couple hours through news articles, documents and statements from all the involved parties. Anyone is welcome to do likewise.. but this is the internet, and most people have short attention spans/look past any information that doesn’t fit their narrative.

      Personally I like my XD45, and I’ve been eyeing a Hellcat Pro for a while now. The Croatians make good firearms. There are sporadic reports on forums of XD’s having parts issues when you hit high round counts 10k+, but I can’t afford to shoot .45ACP in high volume so I can’t speak to that yet. I’m at probably 4k rounds and it’s a range toy because I like .45 ACP.

    • TTAG is being kind enough to block my post that gives you the run down (all the usual trolls get a pass, but a commentor who’s been here off and on for 8 years contradicts a writer? Censored.) The long and short of it is (1) irrational dislike (2) bad PR over a nothingburger.

      They’re good guns, I like mine and it has at least 4k rounds through it at this point.

      For the record, I’d love to answer your question in detail, but TTAG’s moderation has decided it is too lengthy/contradicts the authors narrative too much.

      • Or you just had the misfortune of using one of the flagged words that causes the AUTOMATED wordpress system to hold it for moderation until an actual TTAG staffer clears it.

        You write a high horsey post about not misapportioning blame (which has since been cleared), then right after you misapportion blame. Not good optics for you.

        • dred,

          I could buy your argument, but for one thing . . . IF, as the moderators have claimed, the moderation policy is all about “the algorithm”, why is it applied inconsistently???? Others have claimed this, so I tested it, numerous times. I deliberately used words that had triggered moderation for others . . . and not gotten moderated. Equally, I have frequently used words that HAD gotten me, and others, moderated . . . and they sailed through.

          If you know anything about algorithms in programming, the one thing they AREN’T is inconsistent . . . unless they are intentionally programmed to be. Certainly, enough people on this forum have b****ed about the irrational and inconsistent moderation that the “management” cannot be unaware of it.

          “The algorithm” either ISN’T the culprit, or it was deliberately gamed. A simple binary. So either the TTAG “moderators” are incompetent, or they are venal. Take your pick.

        • And of course, my comment responding to you got “moderated”.

          The TTAG moderators are f***ing up an otherwise decent site. May they be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

        • @drednicolson It’s not the first time TTAG has deleted my comments, and on a number of occasions all my attempts to post on an article at all were deleted, regardless of verbiage. I am somewhat familiar with moderation as I’ve run servers and forums in the past, and no, it’s not an “algorithm” issue. Lamp of Diogenes is correct on this. Not to worry, if you comment on here long enough eventually you’ll disagree with a mod and you’ll run into it too.

    • I think the whole XD hate thing began with Glock fanboys. I don’t care about the gun snobbery of guys who feel the need to have a gun-measuring contest, I like my XDM-40 and intend to keep it. Hell, I’ll even get an XDM Elite in 10MM.

  2. Loved my XD in 45 caliber. Subcompact and it was a great pistol.
    I get the hate though. To each his/her own.

    • I’ve an XDM in .40, nice soft sweet shooter it is. Definitely gonna go whole hog with the 10mm, now that SA has a full-size XDM Elite.

  3. Meh. I’ve decided to forgive Turkey and look at gats from Asia Minor IF they reestablish relations with Israel(so I’ve heard). Springfield is in the same boat betraying Illinois gun owners. Then again I hate the dumb grip zone/grip safety crap they put out…I wish HS Product had their own deals!🙄

  4. I dunno, a Springfield XD in .40 S&W looks like a deadly weapon to me. I think if you point one at me I’ll shoot you.

  5. Have an XD Mod 2 in my carry rotation, and an XDS as my main deep conceal piece. No complaints about either. Bought them off a friend who was retiring and downsizing his collection and caliber assortment (he converted to the church of 10mm). He had bought them before the F up that cost Springfield so much reputation.

    John Correia does say they tend to come apart in hard gun glasses where a lot of rounds are fired. I have not experienced it myself.

  6. lol
    This world would NOT be happier without death. Death is a very important and necessary aspect of all life on Earth.

    It would however be happier without socialism, communism, and the unrestrained needs of the power hungry idiots in positions of power.

    • I’d go one further. Positions of power should have a prerequisite, that being no ambition for said power.

      Think Bohdidharma running for prez.

    • In the Tolkien mythos, the cost of freedom is mortality. The quasi-immortal elves were bound to the fate of the world in a way that man was not.

  7. Didn’t the XDM 10mm pass a 10,000 round test? How did the S&W and Sig 10mm do with a 300 round test? It looks like they keep failing it. I haven’t ever shot an XD of any kind, but a lot of people love them.

    • “Didn’t the XDM 10mm pass a 10,000 round test?”

      It was done with 1025fps (420 ft/lbs ME) 10mm ammo. Reach your own conclusion.

      I have cases of 9mm ammo that exceed 450 ft/lbs ME, and cases of 45 Super that exceed 750 ft/lbs ME.

      IMHO, the XDM 10mm was certainly NOT tested.

      • Buddy sets up 200gr fmj with 8.2-8.3 gr hodgdon longshot powfer w/ cci lrg pistol primers. 1150fps with a 20lb wolfe recoil spring.

      • Well that detracts from the test. I use more powerful ammo than that in my 40. It’s pointless to get a 10mm for that level of ammo.

  8. A friend and colleague, and fellow competition shooter, won an XDM at a match prize table in 2010. This guy owns two Wilson 1911s and can afford to buy any gun he wants. Twelve years on, that XDM is still his carry gun. Springfield Armory must be doing something right.

    • So, fudd max level achievement? Get out of here with that bs. My grandmother loves her naa 22 mag. Get some pamprin and shill harder for Springfield I support the 2a but…

      • Blah blah blah
        The people assembling these guns do an excellent job and probably don’t have the same views as managment. My XDm 5.25 in 10mm is an excellent firearm.

  9. I absolutely love my stoeger cougar in .40 S&W only $299 brand new. That should keep you hating snobs busy for a minute.

    • “This site is getting so damn predictable and boring…”

      Were I you, I’d demand a full refund. A 10X refund, even.

      That’ll teach them to straighten up and meet your expectations…

      • You ARE getting too old. That’s the problem, this whole crowd is. Gun rights need young people to refresh the cause. Tiresome rants and stale humor turn newbies off. There are a million funny or serious or thought-provoking gun memes out there. Ever notice how retailers change the floor layout? It irritates the regulars a bit, but it keeps the newbies from getting tired of the same old same old. Endlessly going on and on about one company is just lazy hackery. Which in the end kills websites.

      • Well damn Minor. You should stop posting then, being the one of the detraction majority contributors, according to your own yardstick.

        Dishonest piece of shit you are. Political opponents? Nay, those guilty of seditious conspiracy and treason like yourself are not political opponents, but criminals of the highest order. Seditious conspiracy prescribes 20 years. And treason, death as the remediation.

        18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy

        “or delay the execution of any law of the United States”

        Includes the Constitution and BoR, and the 2A within. Or how about Treason?

        18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

        “or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason”

        Disarming the militia, militia described therein being the People, is aid and comfort to our enemies. So which do you prefer, firing squad or the rope?

        • WilliamWallace,

          Don’t be too harsh on MinorIQ; he can’t help it that his parents frequently dropped him on his head, he’s ugly, and his mother dresses him funny. His Leftist/fascist buddies told him he’s “smart, [he’s] funny, and by gosh people like him” . . . and the idiot believes them.

        • 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy

          “or delay the execution of any law of the United States”

          Exactly what many of the January 6 insurrectionists are being charged with, I’m glad you’re familiar with the law because ignorance is no excuse.

          Now that we’re seeing Donald Trump conspired to remove top-secret/SCI documents from the White House and conceal them in his private residence, I’m looking forward to his indictment.

          You are correct, the constitution is our governing document and it does hold a specific punishment for treason.

          Really, as disappointing as it may be, I think we’ll see a lesser sentence for The Donald, America just doesn’t have the stomach for a public hanging these days.

        • Cool post whiner.

          Now do Ray Epps…….and the guys who planted the explosives at the DNC and RNC headquarters in DC.

          Lots of vid of of those noted above, yet they were never found.

          Everyone is STILL laughing at you Whiner.

  10. My father had a 9mm xds. I have shot about 1000 rds thru it without an issue. It’s mine now and I just haven’t seen anything wrong with it except for magazine capacity.

    • I get that SA management have had some questionable actions in the past, so has several other well known American arms manufacturers.

      • Yes, they have, and yes, so have Ruger, S&W, and others. And all have repented and tried to make amends.

        Continuing to crap on these companies is nothing more than the firearms community’s version of “cancel culture”.

        • Exactly. And the owners have all made their fortunes already. If blacklisting had its desired effect, to kill the company, then all it would really accomplish is to put a lot of hardworking, gun making homies and their families in the breadlines. I get it but there’s a whole lotta self righteous bullcrap outta my southern brothers sometimes. Not a good look.

    • At the end of the day, the XD family of guns just don’t hold the same build quality as the other guns in their price range. It would be a fine $300-400 gun, but I’d rather have the Glock/M&P/320/whatever if I’m spending the same general amount.

      And I say this as a former XD owner.

      • A compact 9mmXD compact was the first pistol I ever bought. I’m guessing that would be around 16 years ago. I chose it over the Glock. Never liked shooting Glocks. I gave the XD to my son. It has never had a failure to feed or fire.

        Each to his own.

  11. The Democratic Party……there are many things in this world that humanity would be happier without

  12. I have the “Micro XD” without a grip safety (aka Hellcat) and it’s been solid as hell.

  13. I’ve got four Springfield’s, two XD’s, an XD-S, and the utterly brilliant 10mm XD-M. And I have 4 Glocks (21, 20, 30, and 43).

    The XD’s are better. Period. I carry the XD’s over the Glocks.

    I don’t get why Jeremy keeps crapping on the XD. They’re outstanding firearms.

  14. Being an unfortunate Illinois resident I’d have more respect for SA if they moved to a neighboring gun friendly state. They can just call Les Baer for some tips. Hell, he worked for them when they had a Custom Shop. SA can put their receiving docks just about anywhere.

  15. I just ordered an XD .45, and being that I am in CA there aren’t a lot of good choices. Really a shame we can’t get the 10mm, tho 🙁

  16. Have an XD .45 before all the Illinois Politics stuff came out. Like the gun, not the company as much. Will buy from them when management/ownership changes hands. I will say I’d love to dig a .460 Rowland Conversion up for it. Maybe I’ll do christmas to myself. I want an R8 or TRR8 but I don’t think that would be a bad deal honestly.

  17. I wouldn’t take my gun advice from the Control Devil, but I’m just sort of ambivalent toward XDs.

  18. grip zone is silly.
    but central euro should be solid build.
    it’s the “importer” i have issues with.
    when does the “no market competition” (not sure what to call that) clause expire?

  19. Interesting that this imbecile suggests a connection between gun control and “meaningful action on climate change.”. If there were any truth to Anthropogenic Global Warming Theology, then the only way to save the planet is to either deindustrialize human society or massiveky reduce the “surpkus” human population. The AGW theologians actually admit this to anyone who pays attention. Anyone familiar with modern food production understands that deindustrialization of farming would inevitably result in massive famines that would kill not just a few millions or even tens of millions of people but many hundreds of millions of people. It is doubtful that an armed populace would peacefully surrender to being liquidated by their own governments to “save the planet.”. It is also unlikely that the governments of peoples living outside of the American – Western European – Australian – Japanese -South Korean alliance system that has become an insane asylum will peacefully submit to being systematically exterminated by NATO. This is why 80% of the world is rejecting Biden to support Putin.

    • Interesting, let’s put a couple things together:

      “This is why 80% of the world is rejecting Biden to support Putin“

      “…massiveky reduce the ‘surpkus…’”

      Comrade, please accept my condolences for the untimely passing of Darya Dugina, . That’s the problem with fighting, someone always gets hurt.

  20. Welp, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I don’t own a Springfield, but my son does, and he has nothing but praise for it (he’s probably put 2,000 rounds through it). Some people hate on Glocks. Some people hate on H&K. Some people hate on Ruger. I frequently hate on the QC of KelTec (their designs are innovative and interesting; their manufacturing and QC suck balls).

    If you got a gun, and it works for you, why would anyone else care????? This is a whole lot of “my gun’s better than yours!” bulls***.

  21. Your average gun-sumer doesn’t know or give a rat’s ass about some failed freelance lobbying effort from Springfield. (If that’s so important they should then also look up what other corporations and gun manufacturers donate to >insert your political boogyman<)

    My "pre-scandal" XDm 9 is as good or better than its competition. The XDs I sold was awesome. I now have a Hellcat OSP.

    People buying guns want good guns. Both Springfield and HS make them. Cope harder.

      • “…..some failed freelance lobbying effort from Springfield…… ”

        Calling BS here.

        Hard truth #1; The lobbyist was being paid by SA.

        Hard truth #2; SA/RRA monkey=SA/RRA circus.

        Hard truth #3; SA/RRA $s were used to stab pro 2A citizens in the back.

        Hard truth #4; SA/RRA claims of “not knowing” the carve outs/exemptions where being negotiated for them is a moot point.
        Why? See hard truth #1 and #2.

        And on the…….
        August 24, 2022 At 17:31
        flipping off traitors is coping.

        Pointing out traitors to the uninitiated is also coping.
        In fact, it’s the duty of every responsible American.

        Anyone who doubts this needs to understand how evil prevails when good men do nothing.

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