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This is America, I’ll say it how I want.


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      • ordered a copy of gummo. seems destined to become a fam fave.
        have a bil named julien, donkey boy may be next…

    • jwm
      August 22, 2022 At 18:15
      That’s how ‘we hate you’ is spelled in German?


      August 23, 2022 At 00:39
      That’s the Koch part; the Heckler part translated is: “You suck”.


      That’s funny, I thought “we hate you” translates to Springfield Arms, and “you suck” translates to Rock River Arms.

      HK is rather indifferent toward US citizens getting and supporting their HK products.
      That’s hardly “we hate you” and “you suck” IMHO.

  1. When Bich started selling their ballpoint pens outside Germany, they dropped the h from their name (Bic) so ignorant foreigners wouldn’t refer to them as [female dog] pens.

    • why is des plaines, des plaines but des moines is des moines?
      i’m kinda proud wisconsin made court o reilles into couderay.
      insert annoying french laughter here.

      • Up here in the queens bilingual colonies we have French on every damn label and on everything else. You’d think you’d have a 50/50 chance at least of setting a can of beans on yer shelf and seeing English, but no… And now I have an old French dude across the road, only house around for hundreds of yards and he proudly flies a huge Quebec flag between and above the BC flag and the Canada flag. First damn thing I see each and every time I open my damn door…

  2. Thats easy to remember. Rhymes with “broke”, which is what i am after buying one of their products.

  3. Himmler and Coach. Hackner and Conch. Hobbler and Crepe. Crockett and Tubbs. Tommy and Cheech. It’s all da same, man.

  4. There are numerous firearms names that American mispronounce, some of them are their own.

    Smith & Western for Smith & Wesson (popular mispronounced name in West Virginia)

    M1 Grand for Garand. Actually the name can be pronounced 3 different ways but since Mr. Garand is dead as well as his fellow workers who knew him there is a raging controversy on how he actually pronounced his name (he was French Canadian)

    Heckler and Cawtch for Heckler and Coke (Heckler ad Koch)

    Saako for Socko (Sako)

    Leopold for Leupold

    Eli for Eley (British .22 ammo)

    Weerock for Viderow (d trilled) (Weihrauch) I am sure the Germans will have another or similar pronunciation but that is as close as I can determine after listening to it on Google Translate. You should hope you never have to sell one and pronounce the name or when you attempt to buy one. I am trying to buy one as I type these lines, an outstandingly beautiful piece of wood in the stock, they lock like an Anschutz

    Cougar for Coodjeer (Cugir Arms factory Romanian)

    Most gun owners I know have been guilty of all of the above and since they have been pronouncing them wrong all their lives they are not going to change now.

    • of korth they do. it’s cz as pie, but can be difficult to manurhin. it depends on what you’re lorcin for.
      when she lit up a sig my attitude went sauer.

      • And mosins she started on colts cigars, browning of the teeth ar purty nasty to witness. Can really glock up yer armories too. Poor lil marlin, maybe aks henry to get her to quit. XD…

  5. I think I bought my first H&K 91 in about ’81. We pronounced it Heckler & Koch GMBH then. I’ve had at least a couple of H&K firearms in my battery since then. Still pronounce it the same way. So did all the H&K reps I’ve met.

    • “Still pronounce it the same way. So did all the H&K reps I’ve met.”

      I bet they’ve been instructed to never correct a customer, no matter how they pronounce it.

      And, I’d like a 91 as a battle rifle…

  6. Pronounce the name however it suits you. Still want an H&K MP5 like I used several times in the Army. Great for CQB. Or maybe an Uzi Carbine. Yeah, I know, antiquated/obsolescent sub gun designs. And? I’m a bit antiquated and obsolescent as well. I prefer an FN FAL over the AK 47 as well.

    • General formula is what should happen but every county took a different route. Up end injunction hearing for the everything is a sensitive area law today.

  7. I’d read from a guy, that knew Mr. Garand, that the man himself pronounced it with emphasis on the ‘Gar’. Similar to ‘baron’ with a ‘d’ on the end.

  8. That reminds me: in order to avoid having our comments languish in “moderation purgatory,” we have to write that our 1911 pistol is “Koched and locked,” or we “Koched the hammer on our revolver,” because if we spell it the right way (the way that also means rooster or roostered), the WordPress censorship robots think it’s a bad word! LOL, I don’t know how roostered (spelled with a “c”) can be a bad word, but the censorship robots are under the delusion that it is.

  9. it’s the opposite. It is pronounced like cock but instead of the hard ck it’s the ch, as in the German word “ich” (Ich bin ein Berliner” etc)

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