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By Larry Keane

The media is learning, perhaps by pure accident, that the AR-15 isn’t the monster they’ve portrayed it to be. That’s a lesson that the rest of America learned long ago.

ABC News has been running a series of reports focused on firearms and criminal violence. Two of those reports tell the truth of the modern sporting rifle (MSRs), or AR-15 style rifle and the real culprit. ABC News reported it was criminally-obtained handguns that are used in most murders.

“The 2016 Survey of Prison Inmates said that 90% of the prisoners who had a gun during their crime didn’t get it from a retail source,” ABC News reported.

That shatters several myths. First, it proves that criminals obtain their firearms illegally. Second, it shows that the MSR isn’t the fabled monster as the media portrays.

It’s a rifle that’s often maligned, mostly because of a moniker of “assault weapon” that was tagged to the rifle. Josh Sugarmann, who works for the Violence Policy Center gun control group, seized upon the public’s misunderstanding of the semiautomatic black rifle and the automatic firearm used by the military, according to The Washington Post in 2013.

Assault Weapon AR-15 assault rifle

“The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons – anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun – can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons,” Sugarmann wrote in 1988.

Things have changed in more than three decades. The ABC News report described the fact that while MSR ownership is more common than that of Ford F-150s, they are still rarely used in crimes. There are more than 20 million MSRs in circulation, and they are the most popular selling centerfire rifles in America today. The fact is most crimes are committed by criminals that illegally obtain handguns.

Media Misinformation

AR-15-style rifles, the modern sporting rifle (MSR), or “assault weapons” as they’re erroneously called in gun control circles and allied media, are not that. They are semiautomatic rifles that use the same one-trigger-pull, one-fire technology used by handguns and shotguns that was invented in the late-nineteenth century.

That doesn’t stop media from portraying MSRs as difficult to handle and aim, as CNN did, and dangerous machines capable of breaking a grown man’s arm. Political journalist Kevin McCallum described his first time handling an AR-15 as life altering.

AR-15 rifle
Dan Z. for TTAG

“It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first shot,” McCallum wrote. “A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the recoil rippling through my arms and right shoulder with astounding power.”

That description went viral and drew rebuke from MSR owners across the country. In one response parents of a 7-year old girl posted a video of her firing several rounds from an MSR, demonstrating the rifle’s limited recoil. It’s one of the characteristics that make MSRs popular.

Modular Self-Defense

The vast majority of criminal firearm violence is committed by criminals who by a 90-percent margin have stolen their firearm and most often use a handgun, according to FBI data. That doesn’t stop gun control advocates from boogey-manning the MSR and seeking to ban them, as President Joe Biden has asserted he wants to do again.

The MSR’s modular design that’s easily fitted with accessories make the firearm ideal for users of all sizes and shapes, is just one reason it is so popular. That’s critical when used for home and self-defense. NSSF’s Mark Oliva told ABC in their report, “The way it’s designed, it is easily adaptable. It can fit my frame. It can also fit my wife, and she can shoot that rifle just as easily.”

Twenty-six year old Megan Hill told NBC News she purchased an AR-15 in 2017. “We looked at the AR-15, and it was all in one package,” Hill said. “Luckily we haven’t had to use it in self-defense, but it’s a comfort knowing that it’s there to protect my children and my family.”

In one of the more high-profile instances of law-abiding citizens using AR-15-style firearms for protection, Steven Williford used an MSR to stop the murderer from inflicting more carnage in the Sutherland Springs, Texas tragedy four years ago. There are numerous other examples media ignore.

For Hunting

Beyond self-defense, MSRs are increasingly popular for their adaptability and effectiveness while used in hunting. The MSR is popular among big game hunters searching for deer, elk and bear, but also as a favored firearm to take out predator species like coyotes and hogs that inflict damage on crops and livestock.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, feral hogs are responsible for $1.5 billion worth of crop damage annually by devastating farmers’ fields by trampling or eating crops and rooting and eating seeds before they sprout.

Feral hog hunting hunt ar-15 MSR caliber
Yes, feral hogs deserve a fast, ethical kill, too. (Courtesy Kat Ainsworth Stevens)

As a result, Alabama opened up night hunting for hogs and coyotes this year and sold over 500 licenses. 20 states allow hog hunting and the MSR is the overwhelming choice of firearm among hunters to hunt these predators.

Despite what most major media outlets continue to falsely claim, the MSR is a versatile firearm that is able to meet the unique needs of a diverse population that recognizes its functionality and effectiveness, including millions of women.

Whether for self and home defense purposes, or to take out to the woods and fields for a hunt, MSRs are safe and get the job done. It’s why there are more than 20 million MSRs in private circulation today.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. This is really great! We’ve already known it for many years, and hundreds of studies have shown it, but its is nice to see the media finally catching up a little with sanity.

    • From the article:

      “There are more than 20 million MSRs in circulation…”

      For the love of all on God’s Green Earth, why is the term “Modern Sporting Rifle” pushed as the default? Sure, some owners configure theirs for sport, so the moniker is fitting, but I don’t personally know anyone who owns one for sport. Mine, as well as those owned by everyone else I know, are intended specifically as PDWs (Personal Defense Weapons). I would say that should be the default term.

      If an AR is in the hands of a LEO/LEA, the MSM says it’s a PDW.
      If an AR is in the hands of a private citizen, the MSM says it’s an AW.
      Funny, that.

      • the description “Modern Sporting Rifle” (AKA “MSR”) is a marketing term and was given by the firearms industry to escape the false impression imparted by anti-gun groups that the civilian AR-15 is an “assault rifle”. Its descriptive of the main use which is “sporting” purposes. If you ever fire it in a firing range setting, that use is classified as “sporting” (for not only the AR but for any firearm) and the majority of people with an AR have or will fire it in a firing range setting so that makes its primary and main use generally a ‘sporting’ rifle, no matter what you use it for personally.

        • “… the majority of people with an AR have or will fire it in a firing range setting so that makes its primary and main use generally a ‘sporting’ rifle, no matter what you use it for personally.”

          should have been …

          … the majority of people with an AR have or will fire it in a firing range setting so that makes its more common connecting primary and main use among owners generally a ‘sporting’ rifle, no matter what you use it for personally otherwise – for purposes of marketing.

        • If you ever fire it in a firing range setting, that use is classified as “sporting”…

          Have to disagree with you there. When I take mine to the range, it’s for “tuning and training”. Not sporting.

        • @I Haz A Question

          a trip to the range for you might be “tuning and training” for you. But if you fire it in a range type environment (not shooting someone of course), its lumped under “sporting”, like I said, “for purposes of marketing”

          marketing and your use are two different things. And because of that its marketed as the “Modern Sporting Rifle” AKA “MSR” because the more common actual usage is on a range. Sure, you have it for as you say or home defense or what ever, but most everyone with the rifle is going to at some time or another fire that rifle in a range situation and that is classed under “sporting” for marketing of the rifle.

          Its kinda like one might use their SUV as a work vehicle and haul stuff around in it, but when you see the marketing for it then you mainly see a passenger and recreational use. And that’s how its classified, as “passenger and recreational” because that’s what the majority of people use their SUV’s for.

          Your use does not sell rifles. Marketing sells rifles. Contrary to the view points of others the general public at large does not buy rifles to be tactical or try to tune them or train for some war or apocalyptic event – but the general public at large is more interested in going to a firing range and pulling the trigger and will be more inclined to buy a rifle if its presented as something they are familiar with. The “sporting” term is general and something people have a concept of already, and not so “mystifying” to the uninitiated (like “tuning and training”), and they want something that’s modern because they are used to having modern things so “Modern Sporting Rifle”.

        • “Good God, if you call it a weapon and a libtard hears you, his head might explode.”

          Not if he/she/it wraps their wet panties around the head. The dampness will neutralize the exploding brain cells, causing a squid.

  2. Yeah this just demonizes handguns…baby/bathwater. BTW I’ve mentioned before I never “planned” on buying an AR. Thanks to Leftards n Dims I took a shot at ownership when I saw an offer too good to refuse😎 he he.

    • Thanks to Leftards n Dims, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen an offer ” too good to refuse” on anything gun related… most everything is still overpriced and being snapped up by the former gun-haters with no end in sight.

      • I stopped by the LGS today. $1 per round for handgun FMJ, $2 per round for defensive handgun ammo. $500 for a discontinued polymer handgun. I recall picking up a box of FMJ for $35 there one year ago for a new caliber. Now it’s $50 with more ammo available!

        • 9mm FMJ is .35 cents a round, check out, they list the prices available…

        • I know it can be had much cheaper. I try to support local business when possible, but they’re telling me they don’t want my support. Keep in mind that it will be like this for many people if they ever manage to make it illegal to purchase ammo and/or guns online. And they would love to do that! It isn’t about “gun violence” either, it’s about punishing the political opposition. You know they were laughing when they came up with the Russian ammo ban.

        • @Dude,

          Geoff is correct. I myself bought range packs at Bass Pro recently for about 45 cents a round…and that was a little cheaper than the last trip to that store. Prices might be falling finally.

        • “Tell your LGS to go fvck themselves, Bass Pro has…”

          an incalculable advantage particularly after the last 18 months?

          What else is on the “to do” list? Upgrade Windows and switch all your browsers to Chrome while moving all your business onto Facebook and Twitter and opening accounts with Citibank and BoA? Maybe get a Capital One card while you’re at it?

        • My LGS marked Magpul mags up to $50 after Colorado passed the ban. I decided there were other gun stores, local and chains, that I’d rather do business with.

        • “…an incalculable advantage particularly after the last 18 months?”

          Water is wet. I don’t get what you’re driving at.

          I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, since you mentioned about a year back you’re personally sitting on “a ridiculous number of primers”, but those damn things are STILL unobtainium, at anything less than anal rape prices.

          So, what’s your point? Do you have a link to 20-cents per round 9mm FMJ to share with the other chimps on TTAG?

        • Where are you looking we are just around 35 for fmj (50 count) and around twice the cost per round for various defensive options. Also may want to order online unless those prices jumped in the last week

        • Safe,
          It was at the largest non-chain “outdoors” store in the region. I was shocked to see those prices. I picked up 50 count FMJ 40 S&W at the same store one year ago for $35. This was when you were lucky to find ammo at any price.

        • Dude that sucks to hear, our local shops contracted a small ammunition manufacturer to provide for the area so 9mm and 5.56 are expensive compared to online but nothing like what you are seeing. Even then the only bad prices we have seen have been for 30-06, 45-70, 270 and 25-06 in increasing order of wtf. Almost makes me want to go for the correct ffl as the -06 derived cases would only require a die change and even with the price of primers there is some opportunity for profit.

        • “I don’t get what you’re driving at.”

          That water is wet, quite obviously.

          BassPro doesn’t give a fuck about you or the 2A. That’s the point. Their credit cards are administered by Capital One, which is anti gun.

          And BPS gives no fucks about your 2A rights. They make more money selling boats to fishermen and sleeping bags to suburbanites who are testing the waters of car camping.

          As such, with a wider customer base of dipshits BassPro doesn’t need your money for ammo. Your LGS does. And your LGS very likely donates money to 2A causes, which BPS does not.

          So, would you rather pay the premium to the friendlies or help the bottom line of the enemy so you can save a few cents?

          You do you on that but I know where I’m going to spend my money, and it’s not helping BPS.

          Why do I say all this? Because socket wrenches (or open end or box, whatever floats your boat). That’s why. And to those who find that statement confusing, well, Jesus fuckin’ Christ, get off the net for a bit, go for a walk and mull it over starting from the question of “Why is Craftsman now a shitty company doing all it’s manufacturing in China when just 12 years ago that shit was made in the USA?”.

        • And just to drive the point home, check out that “it’s manufacturing” in my previous post.

          Fucking autospell never wants that shit to be a possessive, it’s assumed to be a contraction.

          Well maybe it comes back to who’s doing what, where and when in the corporate universe and why no one gives a shit about doing a decent job with just about anything these days.

  3. “It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first shot … A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the recoil rippling through my arms and right shoulder with astounding power.”

    must have the body of a 9 year old girl.

    • “It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first shot … A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the recoil rippling through my arms and right shoulder with astounding power.” That was what it was like for me too. But to the best of my recollection it didn’t happen at the range. It happened in the back seat of a Chevy Impala.

      • Nudie mag? Showing our age much?

        Anybody much under 40 had internet porn by the time they hit puberty and if they are under 30 it wasn’t even on the computer, it was on a phone. Only us old timers born in the 70’s or earlier know what a nudie mag 😉

        • “Showing our age much?”

          Strych is in his 30s, but he’s a bit brighter than the average millennial twit…

  4. If democRats and their media cohorts had any shame they would take their demonic Gun Control and crawl under a rock and hide.

  5. Gee, ABC puts out a “handguns are the real killers” article days before the oral arguments regarding a carrying case.

    They haven’t for one second given up on spreading the evils of those black rifles. They just had a more prescient agenda to push out.

    • “There are more than 20 million MSRs in circulation…”

      Oh, I suspect it’s more than 20 million. If 1% of American’s basement look like mine, 40 million is probably closer to reality.

    • Shire-man calls it. This is the most likely explanation for sure. Remember they hate you and America generally. There is no self reflection, only their own version of a righteous endeavor. The ends justify…anything.

  6. “If democRats and their media cohorts had any shame”

    they don’t. they can’t. they’d laugh at the notion. they don’t ponder the meaning of their lives, rather in their minds THEY ARE and they are the reason for the rest of the universe. the universe exists for them. no shame is possible in such a mental state.

  7. It would be nice to pretend it means they are softening up their Leftist Scum audience to the fact that next year, guns will be EVERYWHERE!, but nah, no way…

  8. Another crucial point to remember is that the AR rifle type was of minor interest to gun owners right up to the Clinton AWB of 1994. A law that pretended to but failed to ban much of anything. What it did instead was inspire gun owners to dig into this design type, to find out what was going on there. In so doing a great many of us, myself included, realized just how very appealing, adaptable and useful this gun could be.

    From that point came the explosive growth in AR manufacturers, customizing and new forms of competitive shooting events.

    The current popularity of the AR is a direct result of the attempt to ban it. The continuing efforts to ban it only keep the interest in owning them alive and flourishing.

    This is what happens when, faced with a problem of HUMAN VIOLENCE, politicians and activists ignore the human element and focus instead of the scary (to them) inanimate objects rather than the difficult issue of human behavior at the root of the violence.

    There is no such thing as “Gun Violence”!

    There is only “HUMAN VIOLENCE”!!!

    • I would add 3 decades of uncle scam introducing suckers to it before their all expense paid trips to the middling yeast.

      A crapload of people who would never have had any interest in ARs or other assault or MSRs had one put in their hands and got training on it doing their patriotic doodie. When they came back they stuck to what they already knew, at least to start.

  9. AND … I’m still not impressed yet. They need to continue this for a while before I even think of giving them a fraction of credit, etc.,

  10. Really enjoyed the video. The girl seemed more attentive and self-aware than I expected of a 7yr old.

    Note that while trying to get into a position she felt comfortable with, there was no whining and crying about things being too hard, or taking too long.

    Speaking of whining and crying, throwing this in just for fun:

  11. Sam I Am —
    Wasn’t this the same Bob Luman that was the subject of a “Forensic Files” episode in which ol’ Bob went missing and was found many years later in a 55-gallon drum that had been buried beneath his killer’s back patio??? And had a bullet in his head??? And said killer enjoyed ol’ Bob’s wife, jewelry, firearms, and all his other stuff up until he was finally caught?
    BTW, I LOVED the song. It was quite catchy, and the lyrics were quite appropriate!

    • “Wasn’t this the same Bob Luman that was the subject of a “Forensic Files” episode…”

      No idea. Luman was a one-hit wonder, and read nothing about him since.

      Glad you liked the tune. It was fun way back then. One I played over and over. Tough to dance to.

    • According to Wikipedia, THAT Bob Luman, singer, died of pneumonia; No mention in the article about that being an underlying comorbidity with either a gunshot wound to the head, or COVID-78 (he died that year, but you never know).

  12. Likely signals “they” are now going to focus on “improper” storage (resulting in theft) and require reporting a stolen gun to the popo within 3min.

  13. There’s no such thing as a “modern sporting rifle”. It’s a made up term just like “assault weapon” and just as stupid as referring to theft as “permanently borrowing without permission.

    Stop playing the anti’s stupid games with euphemism. You’ll lose, that’s by design.

    Don’t engage cutsie linguistic distractions. Defend language or you’re helping them.

    It’s a semi-automatic rifle. More descriptors may be added as necessary for clarity.

    • The things that look good on paper don’t always work out in the real world. You see this sometimes with sidewalk designs weaving through a campus, resort, park, etc. People will walk on the best route even if there isn’t a sidewalk there. They’ll create their own dirt path. In the real world, people usually just say AR, and everyone knows what they mean, even if it includes a piston rifle.

      • “They’ll create their own dirt path. In the real world, people usually just say AR, and everyone knows what they mean, even if it includes a piston rifle.”

        From a debate/argumentative standpoint this is untrue. Both sides put this shit out on TV. Or, right here on TTAG. I thought this was The Truth About Guns, not “How to Help the Antis Around the Edges”.

        I’m tired of explaining this shit year after year.

        For the umpteenth time: target audience.

        Your target audience is not gun people OR anti-gun people. It’s the people who don’t know much about guns and really don’t care that much about them but can be tricked into voting for anti-gun pols on that topic specifically because they don’t understand the issue. [There’s a whole other set of cultural issues that 2A people suck at too but that’s beyond the scope of this discussion.]

        Propaganda has three purposes, and within them, often useless confusing bullshit is useful.

        1. Preach to the faithful.
        2. Confuse the unbelievers.
        3. Demoralize the heretics.

        Group 2 is then won over by offering to remove confusion (and the attending fear it produces) by the propagandists.

        Your target audience in this debate is #2, not #1. When they use bullshit language like “assault weapon” and the 2A community sends people out on to TV or TTAG with terms like “modern sporting rifle” the people in Group 2 are confused by the anti’s language and we’re NOT offering them clarity with more bullshit linguistic games.

        In fact, our chosen language here is piss-poor. It’s “modern” and guess what scares a decent percentage of people? Novelty. What does “modern” sound like? Oh, “new”.

        New and… more deadly perhaps? <- That's what shows up in the mind of the people in Group #2. I mean, why do you need a "modern" sporting rifle? Were the old ones not good enough for your "sporting purposes"?

        [Oh, "sporting purposes"… hrm… I feel like I've heard that term before and it has something to do with imports and an issue that we lost on… strange, that.]

        This lack of clarity leads to confusion. Confusion, especially in the midst of a problem, leads to fear. The first person to offer relief from fear wins, and that's what the anti's aim to do. Our playing of their game AT ALL, is aiding them in doing that because this isn't a game you can win if you follow the rules.

        Head them off at the pass. Stick to correct terminology ALWAYS. No, people who matter to the politics of this do not know what we mean or what the anti’s mean. That’s fertile ground for the anti’s and YOU’RE HELPING THEM SEED IT.

        Stop doing that. It’s simple. It’s a “semi-automatic rifle” and then add detail as needed. Always and forever. Head them off at the pass every chance you get. Then we’re fighting fewer battles on fewer fronts and can concentrate.

        Sure, call an AR an AR. But don’t call an FAL an AR or an AR an FAL. We know this. We also know these are both different from an SKS.

        Yet we don’t do it when we play these games. We let them dictate the terms of the battle. We shouldn’t especially because we’re getting into what we think is simple but uses terms and acronyms that a great many people do not understand.


        “…so the SKS went dry and I didn’t have any more strippers of 39 so I swapped to the AR but that didn’t have the penetration. Then I moved to the FAL but it had a malfunction, man I shoulda changed out those locking shoulders but that’s another story, anyway I had to go back to the truck for the M1A but then I realized that I didn’t have the mags for that so I decided ultimately that while it wasn’t perfect I could get the job done with the 6.8 ACR…”

        Do you really think that if you said that kinda loud in your average American grocery store that a large percentage of people would have a fucking clue what you were talking about?

        There’s your problem. And you didn’t even use any fancy word-play to make that manipulative either.

  14. First, lets be careful. When we say most crimes are committed with handguns, we are opening it up for them to push a handgun ban and we cant say anything about it because we admitted it. Dont give the communists any ammo.
    Second, quit trying to change the language. MSR is a retarded phrase that stinks of language manipulation. We are no good at it and should stop it. Its a rifle or a semi auto. While we are on the subject, whats this crap about “harvesting” deer? It wasn’t in the article but I hear it a lot lately. You harvest wheat. You harvest potatoes. You KILL a deer. Putting a softer word on it does not help. It just makes us look like dopes.

  15. I agree! While I like the AR-15 style and versatility, I went with Rugar’s Mini Ranch Rife style. Looks old school, handles well, easier to maintain. Not too many liberal tears when they see it. I was a trained sniper in the Army, it works for me! Trained my family, no worries here! Plus, I’ve got Barret and McMillan 50 calibers for truly dangerous critters at long range. Shoulder holder revolvers and automatics for close quarters, just until I can reach my long rifles.

  16. ““It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first shot,” McCallum wrote. “A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the recoil rippling through my arms and right shoulder with astounding power.””

    I remember reading that hit piece. It had been a while since I read something in the media where the lies were so obvious from an individual account of an event. So when I saw that piece my first thought was “nah, this has to be a joke or sarcasm of some type. No adult could fire an AR and think this could possibly be the truth in relating their experience.”

    The 5.56 AR is one of the most “gentle” firearms there is for recoil. Sure, there is a little movement but its not even really recoil shock. Heck, small kids fire them (under adult supervision of course in a firing range type setting) and they say they didn’t feel anything really. Its one of those things you need to experience to understand – but its almost like a very slightly harder nerf ball hits you and pushes for a moment in time, a small amount of general pressure and its over.

    If this guy has ever brushed his teeth with an electric tooth brush he has experienced more force on his body than is imparted by the 5.56 AR recoil. I would love to see his description of what happens when he brushes his teeth with an electric tooth brush, maybe it would look like this

    “It is difficult to describe the impact — physical and personal — of that first brush movement. A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the force rippling through my mouth and tongue with astounding power.”

    Sounds a little like something out of those trashy “romance” novels. But his article is lying trash anyway.

    (that’s really a true thing by the way, teeth brushing with the average electric tooth brush imparts magnitudes more of focused impact force than 5.56 AR recoil does)

    • In case anyone is wondering …

      The maximum average recoil force of a .223/5.56 AR-15 is ~ 6.5 Joules.

      “Joule” is a unit of energy. It is defined as the energy transferred to an object when a one newton force is applied to the object in the direction of its motion through a distance of one meter. It is also defined as the energy dissipated as heat when a 1 ampere electric current passes through a resistance of one ohm in the course of one second. Although both of these definitions involve energy, we are interest in the energy transferred for AR-15 recoil as that is what one feels in recoil because its the transfer of energy from the rifle to the shooter.

      1 Joule = 0.73756214927727 ft-lbf

      A foot-pound (ft·lb or ft·lbf) is a measurement unit of work or energy. It is defined as the energy transferred when a force of one pound-force is applied over a linear displacement of one foot.

      ~6.5 * 0.73756214927727= ~ 4.794153970302255 ft-lbf (rounded = ~ 4.8 ft-lbf)

      The recoil force of an AR-15 is around ~6.5 Joules or ~ 4.8 foot-pounds (ft-lbf) Maximum.

      I used the upper recoil force limit in Joules, in reality though it varies some with rifle weight. As rifle weigh increases recoil force goes down and as weight decreases recoil force goes up – so for example, an 8.5 lb rifle has 3.9 ft-lbf of recoil force while a 7.5 lb rifle has a 3.0 ft-lbf recoil force.

      The author of the hit piece fired a ‘Heckler and Koch MR556A1 .223/5.56 AR-15’. By its self without loaded magazine or mounted optics or any other things mounted, it weighs 8.6 lbs. The author fired it with mounted scope and loaded magazine. I’m not sure of the magazine or scope manufacturer so don’t have weights for those so to have a value to plug in for the math and give benefit of the doubt I am going to purposely under estimate these weights together as totaling 1/2 lb (8 ounces) to give more recoil force because the less weight the more the recoil force and I really want to get to the point where it starts to feel as uncomfortable as the author describes but need to include all the weight factors. When combined with the stand alone weight of the rifle its 8.6 lbs + 0.5 lbs = 9.1 lbs I’m going to use and I am going to round it to 9.0 lbs

      A 9 lb .223/5.56 rifle has a recoil force of ~3.4 lbf.

      10 lbf to 15 lbf range is the threshold range where recoil starts to become “intrusive” meaning the point at which it begins to bother people by inducing pain level discomfort.

      An average electric tooth brush in the persons hand being used exerts about ~6.5 lbf of force minimum (on average).

      The author of that hit piece I referenced above experienced recoil force that was well below any discomfort level (even for small kids) and even lower than what he would experience if he brushed his teeth with the average electric tooth brush. His description is a lie, he hardly felt anything when he fired the ‘Heckler and Koch MR556A1 .223/5.56 AR-15’

      • “As rifle weigh increases recoil force goes down and as weight decreases recoil force goes up – so for example, an 8.5 lb rifle has 3.9 ft-lbf of recoil force while a 7.5 lb rifle has a 3.0 ft-lbf recoil force.”

        should have been….

        As rifle weigh increases recoil force goes down and as weight decreases recoil force goes up – so for example, an 8.5 lb rifle has 3.0 ft-lbf of recoil force while a 7.5 lb rifle has a 3.7 ft-lbf recoil force.

        (got the values switched from the math – sorry ’bout that)

  17. I have no problem with the term “assault rifle” or “military rifle”, etc. Preparing for war against a tyrannical government is the ONLY reason I own ARs; and I’m proud to say so. I’m not going to play semantic games so that politicians won’t get nervous. I want them to be nervous; that’s the whole point of the 2ndAm. Those little tyrants need to be reminded daily that We The People can and may at any time defend our inalienable rights violently, not with whiny lawsuits or rigged elections. In fact, this is how America came into being. Sporting? Hunting? Silly past times are what you’re trying to protect? Do you really need large capacity magazines and full-metal jacket to out-duel some dumb pig or deer? Is that the argument for ARs that you think will resonate with the all-powerful Oz? You all need to stop with this NRA talking-point nonsense, (Minute)man up, and at the very least start cleaning your guns on your front porch while your BLM t-shirt wearing, 4 types of recycling bins, Caucasian next-door neighbor is washing his Prius with rain-barrel water and recycled urine.

    Anyway, the Armalite 15 is indeed a military platform. Sure there are plenty of crap brands out there making chintzy ARs, but if you pay $1500+, you should get one that is durable in the field and can shoot a lot of military-issue ammo without overheating. Those are the criteria for an “assault rifle.” [Buyer’s note: I recently bought a S&W AR15 for under $1,500, and S&W’s piece-of-crap barrel would overheat at 90 rounds and start missing 100m targets. It’s now a pink-painted toy and belongs to my wife.]

    • “the Armalite 15 is indeed a military platform”

      The Armalite 15 has not existed since some time in the 1960’s.

      Its relation to today’s use of AR for the AR-15 is marketing symbolic only. It originally was because when Colt bought the patent the agreement was that the AR would be carried forward with their rifles, they built a civilian version with AR on it and it caught on and other manufacturers started using it too as they wanted some of that market Colt had created. Then the rifles caught on and people wanted them, and the term stuck and has been carried forth into today and now that modular type of rifle is known as the AR-15 both in product and generically and in marketing and today its use by the gun industry is for marketing familiarization because its now a common term. “AR” does stand for “Armalite Rifle”, but it does not mean its an “Armalite Rifle” assault rifle.

      There is no such thing as an AR-15 that is commercially manufactured as an “assault rifle”, period.

      • To Booger Brain

        quote—————–There is no such thing as an AR-15 that is commercially manufactured as an “assault rifle”, perio———-quote

        More of your usual smoke and mirrors and outright laughable bullshit. The real truth which you will not be able to lie your way out of is simply that it takes only a second or two to empty the semi-auto as comparted to the full auto and the semi-auto gives the nut case more ability to hit more people because he can actually aim for each shot rather than just spray and pray. In other words the semi-auto is actually more deadly.

        Fact: More than one Vietnam veteran told me they kept their M16’s on semi-auto most of the the time so they did not waist all of their ammo quickly, rather they used aimed fire to kill as many of the enemy they could with the least rounds expended. You would have known this Booger Brain if you had any experience with either or both weapons.

    • “… but if you pay $1500+, you should get one that is durable in the field and can shoot a lot of military-issue ammo without overheating. Those are the criteria for an “assault rifle.” ”

      hmmm… nope.

      There is no commercially manufactured AR-15 for civilian use that can pass the military testing for use as an assault rifle, its that way on purpose. The military testing is where the definition of “assault rifle” comes from that’s used by the U.S. Government. All other such designation by other entities which reference features that have not been formed into or are part of a complete rifle that has passed such military testing are not “assault rifles”. The only manufacturers that make a military “AR-15” type rifle that can pass military testing and is a true “assault rifle” is one that uses the TDP in its entirety and sold only to the U.S. government or governments of other countries.

      Yeah, someone is gonna say “but mil-spec means…” – what mil spec means is that something meets a certain Military Standard (MIL-STD) or Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) and that’s all. It does not mean an AR-15 is an assault rifle or assault rifle capable or even a military weapon.

      (plus, the semi-auto civilian AR-15 is not select fire anyway so based upon that alone its not an “assault rifle” under federal law)

      • “All other such designation by other entities which reference features that have not been formed into or are part of a complete rifle that has passed such military testing are not “assault rifles”. ”

        should have been…’

        All other such designation by other entities which reference features that have not been formed into or are part of a complete rifle that has NOT passed such military testing are not “assault rifles”.

  18. Whenever we run these stories we play into the anti gunners narrative. ‘ACKTUALLY its a modern sporting rifle and has nothing to do with an assault rifle blah blah blah’. No, screw that. The guns I buy, build, and keep I do so for the very reason of them being effective weapons. If I could legally and financially afford actual assault rifles I would own them. There’s nothing shameful about saying that. You have an enshrined right to defend yourself, your home, and if need be your state and country from unlawful invasion. This isn’t about murder or crime. These kind of articles are the functional equivalent of saying ‘Im not racist I have black friends.’ Its disingenuous and convinces no one. The mere fact that these weapons are designed to be man killers and yet are rarely used as such is a testament to American gun owners not a liability. If gun owners were half as dangerous as anti gunners and the media claimed, there would be no anti gunners or media left.

  19. The preferred weapon of mass murder is the Assault Rifle. None, which includes second hand guns, should be allowed to be sold without going through a background check. And I predict someday they will be put under the NFA Act which will require an extensive background check before purchase. I would not doubt that if in the future if the U.S. gets a lying gun hating Republican President like the scum bag Ronald Reagan you could very well see a bill passed that would outlaw the future purchase of brand new assault weapons.

    Sixty Minutes did a program on the tremendous bone crushing devastation a high velocity rifle bullet does as compared to a 9mm pistol round. Horrific pictures of shattered bone and muscle were shown as well as a ballistic gelatin test was also shown.

    As far as the right wing bullshit about hunting with them. They are not necessary for hunting as the good old bolt action rifle is usually preferred by most hunters. Hunting is not and should not be compared to a battlefield firefight. The tattooed, long haired, bearded, tobacco chewing Slob that uses an assault rifle generally just sprays rounds down range hoping for a hit which results in a lot of horrible wounded game animals.

    Just letting anyone buy a second hand assault rifle has proven to be the wrong road to follow and most all civilized nations either restrict them or outlaw them altogether.

    One of the reasons California came down hard on assault rifles was that decades ago some Far Right Wing Racist nut case unloaded an AK47 at children in a school yard and that was long before the Sandy Hook Massacre.

    I quote from one of these Slobs: Quote———— I do not like that sneakin’ up bit some people call hunting, I just blast off a 30 round clip of ammo from long range_____End of Quote.

    • Im going to address your points in order:

      1. You must have interviewed a lot of mass murderers to come up with that. You should really publish that white paper in a peer reviewed journal. Im sure you would win an award for it. Unless of course youre just talking straight out your ass.

      2. Opinion, and a dumb one. Next.

      3. You’re possibly right given how horrible our politicians usually are.

      4. Yes, rifle rounds do more damage than pistol rounds. Thats a feature, not a bug. These are weapons. Im not sure exactly how that helps your case. Its like arguing that sports cars go fast.

      5. You are right, bolt action rifles are usually preferred for hunting. I find the ‘good for hunting’ argument weak myself. As far as your illustrative example, you should probably see a doctor if you’re having hallucinations as vivid as that.

      6. Civilized nations… you mean the ones currently jailing people for saying mean things on facebook? Or maybe the ones that have scores of young immigrant men gang raping women on the street? I can never tell which one is which. In either case, no one is stopping you from living there if you believe their model is superior to ours.

      7. Citing California as some shining example is probably the biggest self own Ive ever seen in an argument.

      8. Once again, please see a doctor. Normal people do not have conversations with hallucinations.

    • You suck ass. No guns are a right how about we background check every voter? That shit has cost more money and heartache than any gun ever has.

  20. Dear I Haz it All,
    Let me introduce my self, I am Bob! Glad to tech meet you. I have a MSR and I used it yesterday afternoon to take a nice doe in my state. There you have you now no a person who uses their MSR as such!!

  21. If they say we don’t need guns, why do the have all the nukes? Bigger guns! If it weren’t for our guns, this world would be run by the dictators of the world! And there are a few in this country that would like it otherwise! If you want to take our guns, better bring yours, come and take it!

  22. Well, one things for sure, that McCallum character is quite a wuss if he thinks the recoil of a AR is “A deep shock wave coursed through my body, the recoil rippling through my arms and right shoulder with astounding power”.

    Someone get this guy a .460 Weatherby so he can feel some real recoil and shart himself.

  23. O btw…to dumb shit dacian…it’s waste…not waist. That’s where your belt goes…Stop calling other people idiots when your double digit IQ is showing…moron.

  24. It is now and always has been about the “low hanging fruit”. It looks scary and therefore is scary. “They” would be more than happy to vilify common handguns first…if they thought they could pull it off. But they will be coming for them too, soon enough.

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