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I’ve got a few memes that poke fun directly at specific firearm manufacturers. Don’t get too bent out of shape about it.


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  1. But but but…. They got rid of the finger grooves and changed the grip pattern!

  2. Funny coming from Ruger Glock, SIG Glock, S&W Glock and all the other Not Glocks but are Glocks lol

      • Except Matt the glock is the most overrated firearm out there.

        Most of the other brands you mentioned produce a superior product.

        • A ‘superior product,’ how? Are they more ‘shootier’? Do they impart superior velocity, energy, and accuracy using the same ammunition? Do they last longer? Do they sell better? Are they more technologically advanced? Are they lighter, or more simple? Are they easier to clean and maintain? Are they easier to repair, and do they require repair less often?

          Please, enlighten us. . . what does ‘superior product’ MEAN in this context? Personal taste? Personal prejudice? Confirmation bias?

          And upon what do you base ‘most overrated’? More personal taste, prejudice, and bias?

          Educate us.

        • Dear John in ak,

          I Gaston Glock would like to thank you and all the other fan bois who religiously defend my flawed products (and become personally triggered when doing so).

          Without you, and people like you who place their identity into my cheap plastic exorbitantly overpriced products, I would have to choose between my stable of world class horses or my stable of incredibly hot mistresses. How could a man be asked to sacrifice like that?

          Not to mention I have been in divorce since 2011, lawyers are expensive John.

          Thankfully my products can go KABOOM (unsupported barrel) on a regular basis and you will continue to buy.

          I don’t know what I was thinking when I designed that unnatural grip angle. But you buy anyway.

          I keep costs way down and profits way up with cheap plastic sights, thank you fan bois John.

          I price glocks at twice what a comparable firearm costs and you continue to buy.

          I give departments sweet deals because in 10 years you will buy their worn out junk for crazy prices.

          I had no prior experience in the firearms business, neither in design nor manufacturing a firearm, before chasing that hometown .gov contract (I made curtain rods) and the trigger is a mess.

          Like I said no prior experience. So, it’s also a ugly design, just plain fugly. But you like ugly.

          I removed finger groves and you called it innovative. Thank you John.

          I even trolled you with the Glock 19x (swapping the slides and lowers) and you called it revolutionary. You are a peach John.

          So just remember when you buy glock “perfection” you too John are perfect.

          P.S. I hate rubber mallets.

        • If Glock just changed the grip angle to make their junk more user friendly, it would go a long way. 22° instead of 18°? Most people who haven’t shot a Glock will always shoot high assuming it doesn’t blow up first.

          Face it there is nothing special about Glocks except pricing. They give PDs DEEP discounts to buy their “guns”. Marketing is everything. Why do you think that Glock offers so many “Glock armorers classes”?
          Because they have to.

          Taurus outsold Glock 2 to 1 because basically a plastic gun is a plastic gun.
          Go on YouTube and you will see that Glocks disproportionately blow up at an alarming rate. Add that to the inherent inaccuracy of the same design that Gaston Glock has had since 1982.

          There’s an old NASCAR term for qualifying engines. They were called “A hand-grenade engine” because the tolerances were so loose they would either get you the pole position or blow up trying.
          I don’t want a gun made with the same ideology.

          They do back up the civilian versions with a FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY, unlike most other manufacturers who back their guns for LIFE.

          It’s funny about people busting on the Sigma, with a simple spring change that doesn’t effect reliability and makes the trigger much better then a Glock, I have a Sigma from the ’90’s that has never had an issue and is still under warranty. It sits in my safe but I still have it. The trigger was fixed when S&W had warranty stations. It’s far better then a Glock trigger.

          Even Glock plastic magazines require a “break in period”

          I could go on but I prefer people who carry Glocks.
          I have a name for them, VICTIMS.

        • That’s all very nice, but both of you simply stated your own personal preferences, personal biases, and personal taste, without actual specifics. You also insist that me asking for specifics is somehow a grand defense of Glock, and all that you can come with is anecdotes and ‘YouTube Videos’ as if that was some sort of evidence while falling back on the ‘Glocks BAD!’ mantra.
          I didn’t challenge you to prove that Glocks were ‘bad,’ I challenged you to prove that the other, non-Glocks were ‘superior products.’
          Also, what Gaston does in his private life is completely irrelevant. Horace Wesson, I hear, liked his whiskey, and Bill Ruger had a thing for the ladies. Heckler was a Nazi party member, by the way, and used slave labor while at Mauser during WWII. Koch was, too. Does that affect their products?

          Not a very good job, chaps.

        • Everyone gets it, you are a Glock fanboy.
          We will leave you alone to have “special” time with your Glock.

          Everything’s funny until somebody loses an eye or hand.

          Don’t even compare that Glock JUNK to HK, alleged Nazis or not.

          Since Gaston Glock pretty much copied the Glock from HK, is he a Nazi too? Oh wait Glock WAS a Nazi: “Born in 1929, Glock was recruited by the Wehrmacht—the armed forces of Nazi German when he was a teenager.”

          Don’t take a Bayer aspirin or look at a VW or Mercedes, they were Nazis also by your logic.

          Here’s a link that isn’t someone losing a hand on YouTube:


        • ‘Triggered.’ Heh. That’s droll. ‘Tis to laugh. Jocularity, jocularity. Quite the knee-slapper. We’re ALL so amused.

          Now that that’s over with, do you have some useful, factual insight, or are you just enjoying the smell of your own fart-gas?

        • He’s more then “triggered”, as he states he’s “challenged”.
          What a putz.
          Gaston Glock made Hitlers curtain rods.
          Jocularity is the perfect word to describe a Glock because they are a joke.
          I’m amused at your expense.

      • @Andrew,

        I still have my Sigma from when bought back in the ’90s. The “chin” of the frame has warped over the years, but because of the wide gap between the frame and the slide (and the constant use of the gun), it doesn’t affect the performance. I like my Sigma, similar to how a person can like his ugly dog.

        But I prefer my Polymer80 “Glocks”, tho…

        • I gave my Sigma to a person that had no gun during this lockdown BS. And a couple of hundred rounds of ammo. The gun went bang every time.

          What more could you ask for? And when I bought it new it was only about 230 bucks or there abouts.

        • “What more could you ask for?”

          A trigger that isn’t 8 feet long and 36.3 lbs? Then again, I am fussy.

  3. I got a Glock. I make fun of it too. But if shit happens I’m reaching for it.

    And I really love my wheelguns.

    • jwm says “I got a Glock. I make fun of it too”

      Look up jwm because the meme just flew right over your head.

      You should try reading it again, maybe this time you will figure out who was being roasted.

  4. Glock, the Toyota of handguns.

    There’s only so many successful designs that can be used without penalizing weight and handling.

      • I owned a Tercel in the late 80s.

        Never once did it fail to start, or leave me on the side of the road in the 7 years I drove it.

        Glocks are like Tercels, take ’em out of the factory box, slap a mag in it, and it’s good-to-go for hundreds of rounds…

      • The Glock 42 is the Tercel
        The Glock 26 is the Corolla
        The Glock 17 is the Camry
        The Glock 34 is the Avalon

    • It could also be the Porsche 911 of handguns. They’ve stuck with the same formula since the inception, they just tweak it from time to time. Plus, they create a million versions of essentially the same thing.

      • that analogy would work ~if~ glucks had started out in .9mm and continued to .50bmg.
        the 10mm represents a bit more than a tercel sport, but it’s no gt2 rs.

  5. This one cames with the special upgrade kit… I wonder who’s at the door”.

    • Alexa: “Your Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives have been delivered.”

      • Be careful. Such a statement of simple fact lodges you firmly, in some minds, as being a ‘fanboi.’

  6. Glocks….. the choice of shoot’m-up on every corner in the “neighbor’hood” blocks!

  7. Glock’s Patented Crap Trigger , because no matter which incarnation they introduce, the trigger are still crap.

    No Thanks, I’ll stick with my M-9, P365 and wheelguns.

  8. Glocks. meh.
    Love em or hate em, still a slightly different form of St. J.M. Browning’s weapons.
    Several years before the -gasp- plastic guns hit the market Sig Sauer P226 was the ‘best’.
    Being young and poor I purchased the spanish rip off, an Astra A-80.
    Went through a Sheriff’s Q course and many NG pistol qualifications scoring expert each time.
    Now much older, can afford ‘better’ guns, and I still shoot the Astra on occasion, gets a few chuckles at the range, but still hits where I point it. Not one malf or F to F.

  9. The Glock was created in 1982 by curtain-rod manufacturer Gaston Glock.

    Well…..curtain rods are round and hollow….I get it, now I understand.
    Good old Gaston obviously knows all there is to know about curtain rods.

    Beretta since 1526
    Remington since 1816
    Colt since 1836
    Smith & Wesson since 1852
    Taurus since 1941
    Ruger & Sturm since 1953

    These 6 companies alone have 1,200+ years experience
    Glock has 39 year experience


    Even I, have personally more years experience building and designing weapons than Glock…..

    Oh well, I guess Gaston Glock must have made a hell of a curtain rod. 🙂
    It is quite difficult, you know.

  10. If plastic pistols are not off putting, nothing wrong with Glocks. I prefer steel handguns.

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