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Klik Belts has been making top shelf belts in Texas for years. Now they’re launching an interactive belt builder to let you build exactly the belt you need.

Image courtesy of Front Sight Media

In real time you can see a 3D rendering while you pick between 9 belt colors, 7 buckle styles, width, velcro locations, and size. Here is the direct link to the “build your own belt page” Use code TTAG15 at checkout for 15% off.

Image courtesy of Front Sight Media

From Klik Belts…

Globally renowned company, Klik Belts, is pleased to announce the official launch of its game-changing ‘build-your-own-belt’ option for men and women.

Klik Belts is a revolutionary tactical belt with an aesthetically empowering design that combines strength with form and function. The company designs a variety of different styles to suit any wearer, male or female, and features AustriAlpin’s trademark 7075 aluminum alloy COBRA® buckle – a workhorse material that has been utilized in the aerospace industry since 1943.

In the company’s most recent news, Klik Belts has launched a brand-new service for those looking for durable custom belts – its ‘build-your-own-belt’ option. This option enables visitors to the site to self-design their ultimate belt using the website’s integrated and interactive feature.

“We’ve received so much positive feedback about our products, and we are continuously looking for ways to innovate in our niche market,” states Dona Seitsinger, owner of the company. “After many creative brainstorming sessions, our team developed the idea to enable clients to build their own belts to suit their specific tastes and needs. We are very excited for this launch and know our current and future clients will be, too.”

“Our new feature uses the latest 3D technology and animation to build your custom belt through a truly unique and gorgeous graphic experience,” Seitsinger continues. “After you build your new custom belt, the belt will strike like a COBRA snake.”

When using the website’s integrated ‘build-your-own-belt’ feature, consumers will be able to choose from a variety of customizable options, including:

• Buckle style and color
• Belt width
• Belt color
• Ply count
• Size
• Positioning of Velcro on inside of belt and belt tail

To make this incredible feature possible, Klik Belts collaborated with a number of companies to ensure a seamless transition:

Inventory Technologies – Inventory Technology Partners provided expert consulting to Klik Belts to reinvent their back-end DEAR inventory management system including a SKU solution for the Build Your Own Belt feature that addresses the thousands of SKU possibilities while also being easy to manage and update.

Brand 3D – The Brand3D technology platform hosts the Shopify App and Brand3D was tasked with creating the 3D belt product configuration process, including the 3D graphics and animation used to show what each option would look like using photorealistic 3D effects. Brand3D is a leader in a new wave of innovation in realistic 3D product experiences for e-commerce.

Madwire Marketing 360 – Madwire is Klik Belt’s marketing firm which uses and manages the app integration, landing page, and completed all of the 3D rendering of components.

For more information about Klik Belts, or to ‘build-your-own-belt,’ please visit www.klikbelts.com.

About Klik Belts

Founded in 2014, Klik Belts was specifically designed to provide consumers with a revolutionary product made from a simple object. The company is owned and operated by Dona Seitsinger, whose mission is to ensure every product ships quickly, looks stylish, and doesn’t sacrifice security.

The company’s signature AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle was inspired by the aerospace industry, which has been utilizing this robust material for everything from commercial planes, fighter jets, and space travel.


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  1. But why?

    Never understood the infatuation with these buckles.

    I have a $15 uncle Mike’s inner duty that does the same shit with no buckle. No “reinforcement” either. Always hated those bulky and heavy belts. For OWB, I can see investing in a small amount of reinforced inner. But most people go too far. You don’t want a floppy jalopy, but you don’t need a belt that supports the weight of a helicopter either, or the buckle, lol. Do people go around flashing their conceal belt buckles? Shit is tacticool AF.


  2. One might question the value of a $54 1.5″ 1-Ply nylon belt with a plastic buckle… even if it is “TSA-Approved”.
    But, to each their own.

  3. Shop around, you can find a belt with the same buckles for almost half of what they want.

    • $15-20 on Amazon, but it’ll have some chinese crap scribbled on the buckle and will probably help fund the CCP.

      Sure I’ve bought a couple in the past, but I think I’ll spend more and buy from somewhere that won’t use my money to further advancements in kung flu.

      P.s. these are made in Austin tx.

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