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Popping into the UTG Leapers booth at SHOT Show, I found a lot of new products. Like, a lot. From UTG optics of all sorts to GLOCK- and AR-compatible magazines to a brand new brand, Integrix. Let’s start with the mags…

Yep, that’s a GLOCK 17 with a lot of magazine sticking out the bottom.

It’s a UTG 33-round, windowed 9mm GLOCK-compatible magazine. They also make it in non-window.

Looks good, feels good.

UTG is doing 15- and 17-round GLOCK mags now, too (that’s the non-window 33-round one on the right).

UTG and UTG Pro AR mags, too. This one is a 25-round AR-10/SR-25 magazine.

Similar texture pattern to that windowed GLOCK-fit mag.

Now over to Integrix, these appear to be legitimately high-end optics that are under the Leapers ownership umbrella.

First I grabbed this 3-18×44 FFP and played with the turrets, zoom, diopter, and other adjustments and tried to generally get a feel for it. It absolutely looks, feels, and operates like a high-end scope with sharp turret clicks and smooth, precise fit everywhere else.

The glass, too, appeared extremely bright and clear.

Integrix uses exclusively German and Japanese glass. While that’s as specific as I know, and there are varying grades of glass that come out of those countries, those are the two places for the nicest, best glass in the rifle optics world. This scope very clearly was not running Chinese glass, as it was brighter and sharper than that would be at all zoom levels.

MSRP on the 3-18x is $1,899.97. I believe it’s $1,399 for the 1-8x and $1,599 for the 3-12x, but might be slightly off on that. With “street price” likely coming in a bit lower, these are really solid prices for German and/or Japanese glass optics. TTAG will try to do a thorough review in the next few months.

Back over to UTG and they have all sorts of reflex sights and every other kind of red dot. I checked out a few of the pistol-focused options…

That’s a cute little guy with a tough-looking shroud and a rear sight notch built in.

Slightly larger reflex optic for pistols and carbines.

Okay that’s it from the Leapers booth. They have over 700 SKUs! Check ’em out HERE.


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  1. Nice reporting, Jeremy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the Leapers kit that I’ve seen or purchased. Too bad they are stuck with that silly name, which looks like a Chicom corruption/clone of “Leopold”. I think UTG was an attempt to move their branding in another direction.

    • Much of the Leapers/UTG product line is made in chicomland (by PLA). Apparently Jeremy couldn’t bother to ask/report this mandatory info.

  2. I picked up 2 of their windowed AR 5.56 magazines when they came out a year or so ago. They’ve ran fine for me as range mags.
    Scopes look to be a little pricy for my budget but looking forward to some reviews on them.
    The second to last photo has ‘MADE IN USA’ on the red dot. Would love to know more regarding that…

    • Like my UTG carbine length AR handguard a lot. Cheap and very high QC. Their scope mounts are great for the $(getting a LPVO this year). May even get a red dot from them…& ‘Murica!

      • Too funny! I was actually looking at their handguards after reading this article. In particular, their colored ones. I have enough black on the toys. Maybe it’s time to color one of them up a little!

      • I’ve used a few of their hand guards, they are very good quality. Very satisfied with them.

    • The Leapers website actually has a “made in the USA” category so you can quickly and directly shop those products if that’s your jam.

    • UTG / Leapers is now ‘Made in U.S.A’ or in Taiwan (‘UTG Taiwan R&D and Manufacturing Center’) in facilities owned by UTG / Leapers using Leapers U.S. engineering and design. There is also a UTG Europe distribution center in Germany.

      The UTG brand still has a presence in China and it manufacturers at the ‘UTG Manufacturing Center’, mostly some optics assemblies for other companies but not full optics products, and the Leapers lights/lasers (except the UTG Pro brand line), using U.S. design/development/engineering from Michigan in the U.S.

      There are two Leapers UTG brands: The “UTG” brand and the “Made-in-USA UTG PRO” (AKA “UTG PRO”) brand. The “UTG” brand is manufactured in Taiwan, the “UTG PRO” brand is “”Made-in-USA”

      Leapers is located in Livonia, Michigan, where all of the design and development for UTG / Leapers is done, and manufacturing for the “Made-in-USA UTG PRO” brand is also done there and has been since 2009 when the “UTG PRO” brand line was introduced.

      The red dot in the pic marked “Made in USA” is in the “Made-in-USA UTG PRO” brand line and is made at the Leapers factory in Livonia, Michigan.

  3. Just wanted to mention – a lot of the Leapers UTG items at ShotShow will not be available until second quarter 2022, so they may not appear on the Leapers website or actually be in stock someplace else on a website even though they show it available for order.

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