Colt 1911 Gold Cup (courtesy

A guy walks into a crowded bar, waving his 1911. “Who in here has been screwing my wife?” he demands. A voice from the back of the bar yells back. “You need more ammo.” [h/t Chris V]

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  1. If Shannon Watts’ husband John is mad, he should have rolled on Gracie Mansion in NYC before the end of December

    • Acting on hunch, John barges into a local pub. Only six customers are seated at the bar. He shouts “OK, who in here has been screwing my wife?” The bar-tender carefully looked at the customers, then John. Finally he answers, “well, that would be seven of us.”

  2. I’m not a 1911 fanboy, but I did buy a Para GI LTC for the 100th anniversary in 2011. It shoots like a dream and even my dad says it reminds him of his service days (’69-’72) That said, that’s a good looking gun in the post. Can’t read what it is on my phone though, can someone help me out? What make/model/price is that?


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