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Harvey Weinstein appeared on Piers Morgan’s program this evening, addressing accusations of hypocrisy. Critics of the Hollywood movie producer – who’s green lighted a film that will “make the NRA wish they weren’t alive” – pointed out that much of Weinstein’s body of work has relied heavily on gunplay to put bums on seats. While not exactly owning the contradiction, Harvey acknowledged it and swore off “gratuitous gun violence.” “The change starts here,” he told Morgan. “I’m not going to make some crazy action movie just to blow up people and exploit people and make some crazy action movie.” Quentin Tarantino must be majorly bummed; said the Pulp Fiction Director would be looking to Harvey for financing for The Hateful Eight. In this case, it looks like the hateful ate its young. If you know what I mean . . .

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  1. Oh, you mean those movies that make honking shitloads of money at the box office? Those are the violent movies you’re swearing off?

    You’re not fooling anybody, Weinstein; you need a soul before you can put morals over your studio’s bottom line, and everybody knows Hollywood producers don’t have souls. You want to pay lip service to doing the right thing? Then lip up and kiss our asses.

      • No, fahting in a pahked cah is rude. I was just using a euphemism to avoid casually dropping the F-bomb in reference to Harvey Weinstein, no matter how much a f*cking idiot like him deserves it.

  2. Oh, he swears off making violent movies… until he doesn’t.

    He’ll soon flip-flop on this, like all useful idiots like him inevitably and invariably do on literally everything else, once he sees his bottom line falling like a stone and leading him on an irreversible and one-way trip to the poor house.

    And the beat goes on.

    • He’ll probably start (or has started) a new, obfuscatory company to keep his name farther from such projects.

    • I’ll bet he flip-flops when he makes this anti-NRA movie. You know he’s going to want to have some over-the-top gore in the film (probably aimed at children) so he can lay blame on the big bad NRA.

  3. I am celebrating Mr. Weinstein’s conversion to G-rated movies by extending my NRA membership for 3 more years.

      • Maybe if the violence is using swords rather than guns he thinks it’s fine? Is he going to start a campaign against assault blades, with more than 7″ of sharpened surface, or maybe high capacity quivers for longbows and crossbows?

  4. F’ing hypocrite A hole. Then divest yourself of the millions of dollars you made off those movies and donate them to charity.

    Typical arrogant liberal pig.

  5. He had made his money, so he can say no more. However the jew comment was low. However I would also say that any movie with a gun is hypocrisy. No matter what the subject material was.

    • “I would also say that any movie with a gun is hypocrisy.”


      That makes no sense whatsoever. The majority of theater and cinema since it was invented has involved conflict of some sort, usually resolved with a weapon and most recently with firearms. If you look at any catalogue of movies since the art form (?) began you will probably note that 80% or more of films dealing with stories since firearms were invented include guns to some degree or other.

      It would be absolutely hypocritical to most stories to pretend that firearms are NOT a common factor in life.

    • The director François Truffaut once said “All it takes to make a good movie is a beautiful woman and a gun.” That does not mean that the characteristics of either guns or beautiful women should be exaggerated, but rather that they both must be placed in an interesting context of human conflict.

      Honestly, it beats a movie about five civil servants arguing over the lunch tab.

  6. Whatever. Weinstein didn’t expect to get called out on his stupid NRA movie idea, an idea that only will result in a box office bomb and more NRA member signups and gun purchases. Look for him to abandon this project and continue on doing what he normally does.

    • Those few people who do go to see this movie will undoubtedly already agree with its premise and so no real harm will be done. Anyone who goes to see it accidentally and disagrees will undoubtedly walk out early.

      But to have Weinstien stop making over-the-top violent movies AND damage his career and bank account in the process – PRICELESS.

  7. Feh…. well… what would he DO then? Make My Little Pony episodes? Violent movies are some of his companies most successful films!

  8. Until he stops receiving his royalty checks for those [past] movies, his word are empty and meaningless much like the movie he wants to create.

    • Right. Even if he did stop making violent movies, the cash flow from the ones already made will never stop. He’s able to reach that pedestal of righteousness by climbing his stacks of cash.

    • Exactly, and he’d need to donate the money he already made to a good cause (subjective,I know) if he truly felt that bad about his past gun violence movies. He’s full of crap.

  9. This from the man who thinks guns will magically appear as soon as his people are in trouble again, and that furthermore he’ll magically be able to use them despite the fact that he hates them and thus has no real experience or training.

    … And people wonder why Hollywood gunplay is so unrealistic.

  10. Piers Morgan still has a show? Does anyone other than people who lost their remote control or leave the tv on when they leave the house watch?

  11. Ho hum. Let the demonizing begin. Just like the Legal Wrecking, er… Lethal Weapon movies. The trouble with blatent propaganda is that most people with an IQ above room temperature know it is a load of rubbish. And if you have announced your intentions in advance, it is even going to be more obvious so most people will take it as either parody or comedy and not the intended driver of social change.

    Just wait for the inevitable YouTube parodies, such as those done for the movie “Downfall”.

  12. Yeah, right.

    On the topic of his movie, either reputing or supporting it, is there any point in taking either side? I mean, we’re 12 years out from Bowling for Columbine which is loaded with lies both partial and complete and either you know that it’s a 90 minute assault on the truth or you don’t care and go on believing the lies anyway.

    To this day I get morons trying to claim the NRA is the KKK who cite that little cartoon as proof. All the evidence to the contrary means absolutely nothing to them.

    The audience believes the message not because it’s the truth but because it is what they want to believe. You can’t counter that mindset. Like a loser in a failing marriage can’t see the infidelity despite the pair of jeans that arent his hanging over the back of a chair in the bedroom.

  13. I’m glad at least he said what he said about stopping production of his infamously violent blood/gore fests…will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

    Maybe another Jewish movie producer should focus on the Polish uprising during WWII and how firearms were key to this event.

    ‘Merica…let the ideas swirl and battle!

  14. I for one am glad libs like Harvey keep focusing on a gun owners association that has a member ship closing in on a reported 5 Million Members.

    It’s free publicity for them and by making a boogeyman out of the NRA they can concentrate their anti-gun efforts on an organization that can only benefit from their labors.

    I am only sad at the wasted effort. If they really wanted to solve Americas violence problem, they could direct their money and efforts to worthy causes. But then that’s the whole premise of progressivism, blame others, submit to the collective.

  15. I don’t know where this keeps coming from but there is no Kill Bill 3. QT announced at the end of 2013 he has no interest in making one. Do people believe that they will make it without him? He wants to make Westerns now like The Hateful Eight starring Bruce Dern and Christoph Waltz.

  16. Harvey Weinstein . . . . who’s green lighted a film that will “make the NRA wish they weren’t alive“

    Yeah, that’s the kind of good-triumphs-over-evil, feel-good, warm-my-heart, movie I want to see. NOT!

    Why would I pay to see a movie that will make me wish I’m not alive? Your marketing people are geniuses!

    Instead of wasting time (& money) on your movie, I’ll take my two sons hunting, target shooting . . . or shopping for a new gun, perhaps a Duck Commander Mossberg!

  17. so I’m to understand from this point forward this ass clown is going to make “chick flicks”…go for it clown

  18. Movie theatres, where you can pay 20 bucks to sit in a sticky seat behind some loudmouth with a big wig and maybe get shot by a punk with an AR15, or a grumpy old retired cop, or a gangbanger.

    Yes, lets all line up to give our money to Hollywood and have our eyeballs smeared with inane idiotic vile retreaded (sorry, re booted) propagandized liberal leaning crap.

    Or you can stay home and watch old John Wayne (or fill in the blank) movies on your flatscreen.


  19. Weinstein is a businessman. And by all reports, he’s a scummy one at that.

    The idea that he will forswear a profitable, uber violent Quentin Tarantino movie for social reasons is ridiculous.

  20. I think we need to pay close attention to Harvey’s weasel words…

    “I’m not going to make some crazy action movie just to blow up people and exploit people and make some crazy action movie.”

    “Harvey acknowledged it and swore off “gratuitous gun violence.”
    I think we can now safely assume this means that all the future action movies that Harvey
    produces will be of the “non-crazy” sort, where no one is “exploited” and that the “gun violence” in Harvey’s movies will be of the “non-gratuitous type”, and will be “absolutely necessary to advance the plot”.

    “He’s like an idiot savant without the savant part.”

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” ….George Orwell

    • What will the line for “gratuitous” be? 100 people killed? 250 people killed? 500 people? If the line for gratuitous is at 500 and he only kills 499 people, does that make it a non-violent movie? Does that make those 499 deaths “integral to the plot”?

  21. Blah, I was not being serious, I was being sarcastic – Sorry you missed this.
    Notice the term “weasel words” at the beginning of my post.
    Notice the quote marks around “non-gratuitous”
    Notice the quote at the end of my post.
    “He’s like an idiot savant without the savant part.”


  22. “The change starts here,” he told Morgan. “I’m not going to make some crazy action movie just to blow up people and exploit people …”

    How can you tell Harvey is lying? His lips are moving. Hey, this is Hollywood – all they DO is exploit people.

  23. Funny.

    On the one hand he is like… I want a violence-free society and I believe removal of guns from the populace is going to do this… then in the other hand he is saying from here forward i’m not going to promote violence with guns. Sure… a Hollywood producer… going to say “no” to money?? Right. The media sensationalize violence with guns. Hollywood sells us violence with guns. This is because that is where the money is.

  24. My only comments are:
    1) Mr. Weinstein is a hypocrite. HIs violent films, many of which I have viewed and enjoyed, have made him a millionaire. Good for him. It’s America, where hard work and ingenuity can make you rich.
    2) Mr. Weinstein appears to have an inflated opinion of himself, and his influence on American society through his films. Michael Moore appears to have the same affliction, and tried something similar with the film Bowling for Columbine. Both are liberal, self aggrandizing blow-hards who believe they know what is right for America better than Americans do. Let them speak, and produce their films, I say. I have spent the majority of my adult life, nearly 30 years, defending their rights, and all our rights as defined under the U.S. Constitution. I am a proud member of the NRA, and will continue to be a member, and provide the financial support that I can so that the NRA can represent those of us who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights, and retort on our behalf when people like Weinstein, Moore, Feinstein and Bloomberg think they, as a single individual, speak for the rest of us.
    I don’t agree with any of the views of the four individuals I’ve mentioned above, and quite frankly, don’t particularly like them. I would prefer they move out of the U.S., denounce their citizenship, and live somewhere else. But they’re here, and have venues to express their views across a broad spectrum. Thankfully I have such venues as The Truth About Guns, and the National Rifle Association to express my views.
    “Wish they were even alive when I get through with them”? Really? That’s almost threatening in it’s context. But then again, Saddam Hussein proclaimed Desert Storm would be the “Mother of All Wars”. I suspect Mr. Weintsein’s film will make him some money, but in the end, it will make little difference to our 2nd Amendment rights. Of course, what I really would like to see is no impact on our rights, and the film to flop at the box office, Blu-Ray purchases and on Netflix, then Mr. Weinstein shut his mouth, and go away.

  25. Soooo……….with his newfound anti-violence stance, does that mean he will donate all the many millions he’s already earned from hyper violent flicks like “Pulp Fiction”, for example? Or is this a “starting………now!” kind of thing?

    I don’t begrudge the man his money or his life’s work, but I do look harshly upon hypocrisy and self-styled sainthood, especially when it targets my liberty and my family’s safety.

  26. What do you expect from descendent of Neanderthal. They are spurned from pure evil, Its in their disgusting genes. just look at that forehead, Just like Barbara Streisand.

  27. Yet another monstrous, statist, America hating, atheistic, libtard, secular humanist Jew.
    Lets all huff Zyklon-B….for the children.

    • Weinstein, like many others of his ilk, has forsaken the religion of the Maccabees, the Warsaw Ghetto, the Irgun, the Haganah and the IDF. He is no longer a Jew, but a Liberal or Progressive. The Scriptures urge real Jews to take up arms against any who would rise against them. Weinstein is an apostate.

  28. yeah now that he made his name and money he is going to no longer do action movies. but do a liberal film to make more money.

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