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Gun groups will need to sway at least one Democrat in the 50-50 Senate to defeat Chipman’s nomination. NSSF is trying to dissuade Democratic senators from supporting Chipman by making the case that his confirmation would lead to the politicization of ATF.

“It would set a very bad precedent for ATF as an organization, because I think it would be highly likely that a Republican administration would then nominate somebody for the position from the [gun] industry or the National Rifle Association,” Keane said. “Democrats would be screaming from the mountaintops if that happened, and they would be justified.”

NSSF frequently sues ATF to undo its gun regulations. But the industry group is telling lawmakers it opposes Chipman, not the agency itself, which it partners with on gun safety measures.

The group hasn’t opposed any other nominees for ATF director since the post became a Senate-confirmed position, and it supported former President Obama’s ATF nominee, B. Todd Jones, who was confirmed in 2013.

“That really caught people’s attention,” Keane said. “Senate offices said they weren’t aware of that fact and were thankful to know it. We cannot be cast as being reflexively opposed to whoever is nominated.”

NSSF held a virtual fly-in last month, connecting its members with senators from both parties, including Manchin and Murkowski.

The NRA has been taking a different approach, with a multi-million dollar ad campaign in senators’ home states over the past two months. The group said it will spend another $500,000 in the coming week on ads, mailers and in-person town halls to keep the pressure on moderate senators.

“Biden nominated radical gun control lobbyist David Chipman to lead ATF, but Sen. Joe Manchin can stop him,” a West Virginia NRA ad says. “Contact Joe Manchin’s office today and tell Joe to vote against Chipman’s nomination and reject President Biden’s extreme gun control agenda.”

— Karl Evers-Hillstrom in Pro-gun groups step up lobbying campaign against Biden ATF pick


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  1. Gunm groups need to sway at least one democrat.
    Well good luck with that.
    I just wonder what’s going to happen when every gunm under the Sun is banned by Chippy? There’s a lot of people who own gunms now and more on the way.

    • AND we have to prevent weak R’s like Toomey from caving. There is no place for defeatism. Keep up the pressure on Manchin, Tester, Sinema, Toomey, and Romney!

  2. Wait ! > The NRA is actually spending money to help defend/protect their membership->
    And not all money goes for the WLP defense&retirement fund?

  3. “…because I think it would be highly likely that a Republican administration would then nominate somebody for the position from the [gun] industry or the National Rifle Association,”

    One big problem with that position is that most Democrats are working on the belief that there will never be another Republican elected POTUS due to the 20M illegals that they are going to make citizens along with all of the vote rigging (i.e. 16YO voters, vote harvesting, prison voting, etc) that they are putting into place.

    • No to mention that Republicans in general aren’t likely to defend the Second Amendment if they think they can avoid it…

  4. If Republicans do something, it’s bad
    If Democrats do the same thing, it’s good

    lol…black people cannot be racist…

    We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it. It all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

    There is a reason why Savage claims liberalism to be a mental disorder. But then it’s gone so far left that it’s no longer ‘liberal’, it’s outright socialist.

  5. So, is there any word on how things look at this point?

    Manchin, at least, is a probable *no* vote…

    • Make that answer yourself. Contact Manchin, Sinema, Tester, Toomey, Murkowski, Romney, and Collins. Do NOT let up the pressure!

  6. When you have Gun Owners running around redefining Gun Control with whatever sounds “better” to them expect more and more grand wizard chipmonkeys in the future for the 2A.

    Now the congressional cards are stacked thanks the election fraud in certain states that counted invisible voters in the dark until they got the results they want. Well Debbie how do you know that? I know that because if it were POTUS DJT who won like that it would be Russian Collusion on steroids and then some. Ain’t dat right?

    Persuading democRats to remove their KKK Jim Crow Gun Control pointed hats and sheets isn’t happening unless there is some backroom trading going on at the expense of the 2A down the line. After all…They are not called democRats for nothing.

  7. The guy is an evil and smug elitist. He doesn’t not respect the concept of armed citizens in the slightest.

    He is literally a anti-gun internet troll with federal authority.

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