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I had to wikipedia this young lady. I hope it didn’t hurt, because I like her. But I’m not so sure Chloë Grace Moretz is the best person to represent safe and responsible gun ownership. Her reference to “clips,” her inability to ID a pistol’s slide (go figure), and her decision to put a .45 and a shotgun in the hands of a newbie are kinda lame. But let’s cut Chloë some slack, ’cause a good gun guy is hard to find (or so my main squeeze tells me). And Ms. Moretz is a successful actress happily, publicly celebrating guns in Hollywood. Gun hero of the day? Sure. Why not?

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  1. Seems normal for today’s vocal gun owners. Buying a gun is entrance into a club, but there is a more refined club and that required a childhood of gun ownership. No substitute for that.

    Too bad the vocal new gun owners can contaminate the playing field for the rest of us.


      Nobody is born knowing how to shoot or clean a firearm. And not everyone has the advantage of growing up with parents who are firearms enthusiasts. If you were, good for you; FLAME DELETED let the rest of us continue us to try to learn in peace.

      • +1 That came off as way elitist Flat Rascal. Some aren’t as lucky to have the up bringing as others. I wonder if you view the Nouveau riche the same way.

      • .

        Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just say’n that there is a large, make that massive segment of America that has lived with guns since birth. Then the new agers jump in with deep gun wisdom based on months of experience. Just telling you that it gets old listening to new gun owners who know it all. Kind of like listening to Tump if you ask me.

        If the shoe fits, take it out of your mouth.


        • And it also gets old listening to people who haven’t bothered to learn anything new about guns since the metric system arrived.

          If nobody who grew up with guns was ever worthy to have one, firearms ownership would eventually go to zero, because not everybody who has guns, teaches their children about them; but some that do, can’t or won’t teach their children for whatever reason.

          Those new shooters you’re so tired of? They’re the future of firearms. And yes, I get it, it can be so hard to listen to people so full of enthusiasm they can’t stop talking about it. So exhausting to listen to talk about new guns, new rounds, and which might work better. But you know what? On occasion, one of those people you find so tedious might actually know something. And sometimes, once in a while, one will have an idea that changes the world.

          You never know when you might be meeting the next Browning, Maxim, Glock, Kalasknikov, or Stoner. Or, heavens forbid, Gatling. Or who grows up to be the next Ayoob or Cooper. Those guys were young once, too.

          If you have a problem with new shooters, I suggest looking in a mirror for root causes.

        • Just because you come from a family steeped in firearms culture doesn’t mean everything. My younger brother is a prime example. He received the exact same lessons as the other four of us from the exact same people and I wouldn’t trust that guy with a marshmallow gun.

        • She doesn’t sound like a know it all, but you sound like an old grumpy dude. Her lack of technical knowledge is easily forgivable given her enthusiasm and youth. She’s also pretty darn easy on the eyes.

          The guy interviewing her seems clueless.

        • Flat Rascal, say what you will about the “Old Guns” vs the “Nouveau Fusil”. It is your people that were too afraid to stand up and lacked the enthusiasm to fight the antis “Assault Weapon” Ban in the 90’s and policy of appeasement that caused carry to all but die. It’s the “New Gun” owner who has brought the needed enthusiasm to fight for the Renaissance of gun rights in the US.

          So look down on us all you want, but at least be honest and admit that you are probably a “Second Amendment BUT (and that’s a BIG BUT)” kind of fella.
          With high nosed fudds like you; who needs enemies?

      • Seems normal for today’s vocal internet warriors. Posting on the internet is entrance to a club, but there is a more refined club, one that requires a childhood on the internet. No substitute for that. If you didn’t grow up in web culture you’re not really worthy of it. Too bad the vocal new internet posters can contaminate the internet for the rest of us.

    • Ha! So just because someone didn’t grow up with guns means they can’t learn as an adult? That’s an ignorant statement.

    • So I guess I am unworthy or not a good enough gun owner because I did not grow up in a house with guns and had to learn it all on my own?


    • I grew up in a family that owned firearms, hunted and such, but we didn’t start out that way. My father owned one gun, a Stevens .22 Woodsman, as I recall, prior to having children in the late 40’s and early 50’s. My brother and I were the ones that got things going with guns. I was shooting a BB gun as soon as I was old enough to cock it, about 5 years old as I recall. My dad took me to an NRA gun safety course when I was 12 so I could hunt big game here in AZ. He never owned more than that old Stevens .22, a .308 bolt gun and a 12 gauge pump. Both my brother and I had many guns of all types. I had over a dozen by the time I took that NRA Safety Course. We reloaded, shot target and trap/skeet, hunted, knew how to be safe. We read up on the subject and got trained. That how to be competent in any subject, it doesn’t take being brought up in an already knowledgeable environment.

  2. Gee I just googled her and I STILL can’t place her. Don’t know if this qualifies as a “gun hero(ine). Kind of a yawn…

    • The movie “kickass” based on a graphic novel.

      Decent gunfu fight scenes hy Clhloe as an 11 years old girl trained basically as a ninja type assasin. Not entirely technically correct but decent.

      • She’s not on our side. She voted for HRC and even spoke at the DNC Convention in support of HRC. She’s another typical 2A hypocrite. Michael Gross has finally been dethroned as the biggest gun hypocrite in history.

    • I am personally surprised that so many young men are lacking masculinity. Why would women even find such effeminate males attractive? I would think that young men would want to be as masculine as possible if for no other reason than to try and hook up with women.

      • Nah. Makes total sense. This is the way the progressive men compete for progressive women. By not showing masculine traits. With the progressives representing the non-competitivve group with in the r/K selection process, the progressive women are aculturated to admire the effeminate metro-sexual male.

        Of course, women deep down really don’t find such men attractive. Just look at the tendency of these women to fall for the “bad boy”. ie, the masculine male of the borderline criminal class
        This is also based on the admiration that many in the progressive group have for the criminal life style.

  3. NOT a Gun Hero. Gun Heros step into the arena, either fight or preserve the right, not have a conversation about them.

    • The antis work very hard to de-normalize guns. This is why they hate open carry so much. When people carry guns around, and literally nothing happens, the antis lose the culture war. Hollywood types embracing guns as fun and normal is a win. Lose the culture, lose the right.

        • You seem to have a very tenuous grasp of political reality. You should leave the bunker every once in a while, the fight is still on.

        • Well B. Instead of a bunker my station is the trench. I’ve secured CCW in CA by paying fees, being cleared by county and DOJ. 16 hours instruction, (more coin) and the work of volunteers at the Sheriffs office. Good for two years because our Sheriff is 2A advocate, however steps down end of his term, leaving 7500 CCW holders wondering if his replacements “politics” allows us to continue public lawful self protection.

          Culture doesn’t cut it nor passes muster for liberty when rights are granted by process and only secured by what county you live in.

        • Mk, it was cultural changes over a period of several decades that enabled the politicians to take away your rights. If we don’t change the underlying culture, we can’t regain our ability to fully exercise our rights.

  4. I think with a little more information on firearms and training she would make a very good advocate voice for the 2A.

    She has way more talent and class than that nasty pig Amy whats her face.

  5. Haha! “How do I make up for not knowing all this manly man stuff?”(paraphrased) Um, you don’t dude. You don’t. +1 rc – we’re doomed.

  6. If you read her wiki page, it says she is a feminist (a likely Hillary lover), so presumably, if Hillary said turn in your gun to encourage other people, she would probably do it.

    • Is that what being a feminist means? I think it is more just believing that women should be able to make important choices for themselves and men should respect those choices. It’s not that all women believe all the same things. My mom is a feminist, generally votes D, and lives in a blue state, but she has guns for self defense and I doubt she would turn them in just on Hillary’s sayso. On those terms, count me a feminist too.

    • She voted for HRC and spoke at the DNC Convention. She is an Unholywood hypocrite just like all of these: Michael Gross, Liam Neeson, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andrew Lincoln (Andrew James Clutterbuck) …et. al. Made their fortunes using guns in film, but don’t believe in LACs owning guns. Add Chloe to the top of that list.

  7. Revenge on “Girls and Guns Fails” on YouTube, perhaps? I can appreciate her mocking of the lack of masculinity rampant in her generation, it is worrying. With experience and encouragement, she could become an advocate of gun rights in Hollywood, or at least not an anti or apologist. She is young. The machinalia will come with time and experience.

    A pretty good actress too.

  8. Neat girl. However she learned about safe gun handling, she clearly got the important parts right even if she forgot a few technical details. Not so cool that she played dirty tricks on a first time shooter but I can say the same about guys who do that to their wives or girl friends. I hope she finds a guy worthy of her.

  9. Sam is from NYC. But he worked with Anthony Cumia, so I would expect him to have some firearms knowledge. Some of his questions are just feigning ignorance for a joke.

    She pulled that gun guy thing of making girls shoot something with too much time recoil. So she is pretty dude like.

  10. Kickass is an excellent movie and every person on this site should watch it.

    It’s right up there with reading Monster Hunter Nation.

    • Excellent movie? Within the genre of shoot ’em up movies with an improbable number of bad guys killed by the protaganist, with no significant injuries to themselves, it is actually better than most. Especially with a strong female figure, even if she is only played as an 11 year girl, or maybe because she is played as eleven.

      Along With “Falling Skies” and the “Walking Dead” showing young boys and girls using firearms effectively to defend themselves and their group, I think it counters some of the cultural meme pushed by progressives that regular people, children as well as adults, not of the “special class” ie police and military, can use weapons effectively.

  11. Of course it would be ideal if she knew proper terminology. In the final analysis she knows how to handle firearms safely and encourages others likewise … and publicly promotes responsible firearms use and ownership as a young female. I’ll take that as a win any day.

    As we say, do NOT let perfect be the enemy of good.

  12. She could take me to the range on a date any day of the week. Sssssmokin’. And who cares if she knows the names of everything, as long as she knows how not to shoot someone unintentionally? That’s more than we can say for a lot of other folks. I’d still be happy someone knew proper power tool safety and technique, regardless of whether they know the name of and all the technical differences between a worm drive circ saw and an orbital jig saw.


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