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German blogger Claudia Bommer of Die Waffe(n) der Frau writes:

The international media has covered the mass sex attacks in Cologne and other cities in Germany, commited mainly by “refugees.”  Although TTAG is a website dedicated to news about gun-related topics in the US, publisher Robert Farago found the crimes serious enough to cover the story. He expressed his anger that Germany has left law-abiding citizens disarmed against criminals. Where is the discussion about self-defense in Germany, he asks. He wrote that it seems to be nowhere, even though it should be centre stage. That’s not exactly true . . .

The German mainstream media’s coverage did not offer the slightest hint of self-defense. Even though these coordinated incidents were a main topic for nearly a month, the strongly leftist media first tried to deny that the attacks were commited by refugees. Then they denied the extent of the attacks (to this day, there are over 1000 legal proceedings reported).

Feminists were silent or tried to play down these attacks by stating that all men are potential rapists. Alice Schwarzer, THE icon of German feminism, was one among few who blamed the widely common disrespect for women by Muslim men as major cause for these attacks. The press suddenly labeled her a “right-wing feminist.”

Colognes Mayor Henriette Reker made many people, especially women, angry with her stupid advice to better stay away one arm-length from strangers. But there’s another story here . . .

Sales of pepper spray and alarm guns/pistols for blank cartridges (both legal in Germany and to buy without any permit) went up 600 percent since the coordinated sex attacks. Many gun dealers are sold out on these items. Some self-defense trainers are now offer free trainings for women. Classes are fully booked.

And all of a sudden, guns – real guns – become a topic for more and more Germans. People who would have said a few years earlier that they don’t need guns, that guns were bad, now come to think about the usefulness of a gun. A lot of German gun owners report about inquiries from friends and acquaintances, how to get a gun. The same with websites on gun-related topics; traffic is way up.

These people are not too concerned about the lawfulness of obtaining a gun. Who can blame them? It takes at least a year in a gun club, regular training and a two-day course (“Waffensachkunde”) to obtain a license to own a gun. A license to carry a gun is nearly impossible to obtain.

How many people are taking this path — whether its mainly rifles, shotguns or handguns — is not known. The press is not investigating. But the number grows with each new outrage.

Meanwhile the German Rifle Association continues its fight for German gun rights. Formed in 2009, the GRA is a grassroots organisation without membership fees that relies on the support of the people who share its goals: making gun ownership easier, empowering law-abiding citizens to exercise their natural right to carry guns.

The GRA mainly uses the social media to spread their views among people. In the beginning the GRA’s libertarian stance repelled even a lot of German gun owners. But as circumstances change, more and more people sympathize with the organization’s goals. Clicks on the website and the GRA-facebook-page are sky-rocketing and even the mainstream media begin to notice it.

In short, armed self-defense was and is a huge topic in Germany. Journalists are beginning to ask, timidly, if the German Rifle Association wants Amerikanische Verhältnisse, American conditions. To them that means Wild West shoot-outs like in Germany. To which we reply, if that means law-abinding citizens have the right to defend themselves against criminals – yes!


About Claudia Bommer:

Claudia Bommer is the publisher and author of the Blog “die Waffe-n der Frau” (“weapon-s of a woman,” and a proud member of the German Rifle Association. This post reprinted with permission.

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  1. Nothing changes peoples minds then watching others get assualted and the police are powerless to stop them. Blows their minds that the state could not help them. “And if the state couldnt help them, the state couldnt help me” is the logical conclusion. So time to arm up.

    • The police are not powerless to stop them. Its the fear the politicians have of being called Racists or Nazis. Its their inability to face the fact that the multicultural experiment will always end in failure. It is admitting that their leftist ideology paves the way to genocide.

      If any of the politicians in Germany cared one bit about what is humane they would be turning refugee centers into repatriation centers and they would fill boxcars to ship the invaders back.

      Repatriation saves lives.

      • Merkle wants this, and if her German supporters didn’t want it even more, there wouldn’t be a sh_tstain left of her leading to where they dragged her off to. Blame touchy feely ‘don’t call us nazi’s’ feelings I say BS, she’s a new world order ho that doesn’t care what the world looks like as long as she’s one of the one’s on top of the pile of ramen noodles.

      • Ah yes, according to your statement multiculturalism always fails therefore 240 years of multiculturalism failed in the U.S. , in Australia, in post War Germany since the end of WWII and the deliberate importation of foreign workers for the last 71 years, for Britain’s multiculturalism since the end of their overseas slave Empire. Were you sound asleep in history class back in the day?

        • Stop acting like a child throwing himself on the floor and screaming. If you have nothing more constructive to say do not act like a spoiled kid.

        • Adding something constructive and attempting to have reasonable dialogue with someone such as yourself is a pointless endeavor. It’s bed time little girl.

        • No wee little troll. I didn’t lose anything except maybe my car keys. Those damn things just seem to grow legs and walk off. But, I digress. It’s just utterly pointless trying to have an intelligent conversation with leftist ilk such as yourself. It doesn’t matter the amount of facts presented to help get your brain kick-started, you’ll still lie and obfuscate endlessly.

        • Go back and read my post Herr Hauptman. What part of it do you not understand. History does not lie but you certainly do. According to your philosophy America does not exist because no one ever assimilated here in 240 years. Not to mention the other countries I stated.

        • Except the US has not been multicultural. Sure there’s been a few denominators, but we have all believed in common societal norms. Save for Islam of course.

          Do try again.

        • Do you even realize you just contradicted yourself. Except for the Muslim racist rant which I expected.

        • If you do not know how you contradicted yourself I am not going to explain it to you. And we all have shared values, we all are part of the human race. Were do you come up with these bizarre philosophies anyway.

  2. It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    …or the Aryan, as the case may be.

  3. wait!

    While I remain adamant that it’s more than time for an American TV show, “The Truth About Guns”, this article has caused another illuminating flash of genius: !!!!!!!!!!!

    Die Wahrheit über Guns !!!!!!!!!!

    We need a german language editor and a new blog space, we’re going global!

  4. Here’s my fear for Germany- the culture going back before the World Wars has been a far more organized, orderly, and government centric model than what we’re used to in the US. People do what they’re told until they can’t take it anymore, but instead of seizing liberty for themselves the way we assume to be natural and just, they may just look to someone stronger to tell them what to do.

    We all know what happened the last time. It’s not just the Germans, either. Putin is in power for much the same reasons.

    • Better them than muslim rape gangs. My family has fought Islamic fanatics for centuries. (Back when they were called Ottomans and demanded literal slaves from their slavic conquests.) It’s nice to see the rest of Christendom get in on the party.

      • And lets not forget the Crusades who were a actually composed of a murderous band of unemployed mercenaries using religion as an excuse to convince well healed European Nobility to finance their wars of conquest, rape, murder and plunder. Richard the Lion Hearted executed women and children in full view of Saladin’s troops to lure them into an ambush and despite the fact that Saladin knew perfectly well what Richard was trying to do he made every effort to save as many civilians as he could. Most Historian’s who have studied the crusade of Richard state it was Saladin who was by far the more civilized leader. Middle East people today sitting at the barber shop have not forgotten any of this and can tell you what army came to their town on what day and who won or lost the battles.

        Contrast this when asking today’s American generation “who won the Vietnam war and they will either say “we did, didn’t we?” or “where is Vietnam and did we fight a war there? I kid you not. I was asked during the last Pearl Harbor movie of a few years ago by people in their 40’s about “who were the people that attacked us at Pearl Harbor”. They watched the entire movie and still were confused. And how many Americans even know we invaded Japan, China and the Philippians all before the year 1900 and what we did there to the people. If they had the American people would have rioted in the streets when President Johnson decided to reverse President Kennedy’s decision to withdrawal from there.

        In Japan during the Russo Japanese war of 1900 the Japanese actually treated prisoners very humanly but acted like savage beasts during WWII. The point of all this is depending on the time period of history a country may have acted like savages during one time period and in another acted like civilized people. True of the Middle East, True of America, true of Japan and so on and so on.

        No country including the U.S. has always been the “good guy” down through history so claiming that one particular country, religion or race has always been “the bad guy” is to shout to the world that I know nothing of History which is all to readily apparent listening to the rhetoric going on in todays world and America is at the very top of that list. At least most Germans have admitted to their past when it was not civilized but the U.S. never has to this day.

        • Holy revisionist history Batman!

          1. We DID win the Vietnam war. What we lost was the peace because the Demokkkrats refused to ratify the Paris Accords and sold our South Vietnamese allies down the river.

          2. The Crusades were in response to MUSLIM aggression against Christian pilgrims to traditionally Christian lands. The tactics used were far more benign that those used by the original muslim invaders during the days of Mohamed.

          What makes me sick is scumbags like you portraying the turks as some sort of victims.

          But please, if you hate the western world so much, get the hell out. We’re not about to “apologize” for things that didn’t happen just to feed your SJW victimhood BS.

        • Yeah, this is exactly what I expected from a Sanders supporter. I bet those Marxist history professors just loved you when they were filling your brain with lies about how “The West” is oh so evil.

        • Look up the Reconquista (reconquest of Spain from Muslims), the battle of Tours (another invasion of Europe by Muslims), the siege of Vienna (invasion of Europe by Muslims). There’s more lots more, but anyone trying to portray the various Muslim empires of the Middle Ages as victims is either ignorant of history or lying.

        • Holy crap you’ve crapped yourself. The “Holy Land” was a pre-mature nuclear weapons proving ground. Christian pilgrimages barely carried enough to make a third of the journey there, much less back, but it was enough for the lazy POS muslim hoard (yeah, same one) that F’d with them, and every other bit of trade route commerce that demanded that armed people try to de-louse the place. They gave up when it was finally resigned to the fact that their evil was marrow, and the armed protectors didn’t want to do total genocide or they would’ve got the job done. Yeah, same as now. But it’ll be nice to getting back to having some of this sh_t sorted. It’s hardest to stir the blood that sits. But that blood, broken free, will show you yours, before it rests again.

        • jlp, wow, I mean, just wow…

          I’m not even going to dive into to all your assertions, because I do not really want to waste the time and energy.

          So, I will just narrow in on the center of your thesis. So, let’s say all your assertions are spot-on, then I ask this, do the misdeeds of the father justify the misdeeds on the son?

          It seems are justifying the brutally of coordinated rape attacks by saying, well no one’s history is without brutality, so it’s deserved.

          And if that be so, then you must ok with the West raping and slaughtering all the refugees, because of the imperialist history of the Ottman empire and Muhammad’s killing of non Muslims.

        • “And lets not forget the Crusades who were a actually composed of a murderous band of unemployed mercenaries using religion as an excuse to convince well healed European Nobility to finance their wars of conquest, rape, murder and plunder. Richard the Lion Hearted executed women and children in full view of Saladin’s troops to lure them into an ambush and despite the fact that Saladin knew perfectly well what Richard was trying to do he made every effort to save as many civilians as he could. Most Historian’s who have studied the crusade of Richard state it was Saladin who was by far the more civilized leader. Middle East people today sitting at the barber shop have not forgotten any of this and can tell you what army came to their town on what day and who won or lost the battles.”

          The Crusades were a defensive measure. Islam had overrun 3/4 of Christian lands before the Pope called for a Crusade. In addition to the lands that were outright and permanently conquered, Islam made repeated attempts to conquer the remaining 1/4, only to be stopped at places like Tours. No fair fighting back, eh jlp?

          See this map:

          Oh, and if Muslims sitting in their barbershops have not forgotten the Crusades, what they are remembering their revisionist history where Muslims are cast as victims, not true history.

        • “I was asked during the last Pearl Harbor movie of a few years ago by people in their 40’s about “who were the people that attacked us at Pearl Harbor”. They watched the entire movie and still were confused.”

          That’s because that movie WAS confusing. Michael Bay had reckless disregard for history in that movie, in fact it was downright offensive.

        • “And how many Americans even know we invaded Japan, China and the Philippians all before the year 1900 and what we did there to the people.”

          We did not invade Japan prior to 1900. Where did you get this derp?!?!?

          As for invading China, well don’t try to murder diplomats and other harmless people(I assume you are referring to the Boxer Rebellion). And don’t start, “America was trying to conquer China”. It didn’t, and aside from reparations in the form of money(a large of portion which went to scholarships for Chinese students to study at American universities).

        • “President Kennedy’s decision to withdrawal”

          I know you’re just a troll, but I still gotta ask; do you have a cite for that? I’ve often suspected that myself, but never heard of any evidence. I’ve always been fascinated by most Americans’ blaming of Nixon for Vietnam, given that Ike left office with 600 American advisors there, on the request of Senator Jack Kennedy, Kennedy was assassinated with 13,500 “advisors” there, Nixon was inaugurated with 550,000 combat troops there, and left office in disgrace with zero troops there. Yet many, including some in my family, still refer to it as “Nixon’s war”.

          As an aside, anybody who believes we won the war in Vietnam is dreaming, was not there in 1972 when we were running away just as fast as we could.

        • i’m certainly glad that the european nobility were well healed. what had they been suffering from, plague?
          also, i’m glad we invaded the phillippians. i think there are too many phillips anyhow.

        • The Crusades were in response to Islam and out of over 400 battles initiated by them, only 5 to 8 battles by the Crusaders were initiated them.

          You need to check A Rational Study of Radical Islam, by Dr. Bill Warner and Brigitte Gabriel- Truth About Islam. Truth About Quran, Muhammad, & Allah. World Caliphate Coming and Robert Spencer – Islam Unveiled_ Disturbing Questions About the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith on YouTube.

          Then you should check out “With Open Gates” and A warning to America and Israel from an ex-Muslim.

          You must be a troll or at the very least you condone Islam.

          There is nothing an appeaser or 5th Columnist who opens the gates from within.

        • Your stylized Nazi Swastika is really obscene but I am sure you are proud of it. As far as your references, I am not even going to bother researching them because of your Logo. I would imagine it would lead me to a Right Wing pro fanatical Nazi web sight.

          As far as the Crusades, they were a military failure. It was they not Muslims that started the wars. As I said before both Muslims and Christians were often robbed by Highwaymen and the unemployed Mercenary Crusader thugs blew it all out of proportion because they wanted financing from the European Aristocracy so they could loot and plunder the Holy Land.

          Because of the two Busch induced Middle East Wars this has only made the entire Arab World more convinced than ever that modern Crusaders are once more at it again only this time they want control of the Middle East Oil fields which is not far from the truth. Even the overthrow of Gaddafi was the Wests paranoia that somehow the oil flow was going to be shut off which would have bankrupted Libya so it made little sense to start more chaos in the Middle East by overthrowing him but the West did just that and 5 years later chaos, refugees fleeing the country and Isis getting more converts every day were all the result. Brilliant move by the West as a Moron could have done better.

      • Ahh jlp, so nice to see you again, this will be easy (and likely slow), just like it was last time.

        Let’s just dispense with all your frippery about The Crusades. It’s historically inaccurate, I can argue it all, but instead I will just grant it all so that we can get to an actual argument. Not that you’ll ever follow it, but maybe this time will be different…

        Here’s the reality, you can say these things precisely because this country isn’t run by Muslims. In every country they run, you’d be in jail right now.

        Currently there precisely zero Muslim run countries that are run by your imaginary “moderates”. They are all run by religious extremists. There is Sharia law in almost all of them, and the majority feature the adorable reality of “religious police”. They are all intolerant of Western views and customs. The vast majority feature stoning as a valid punishment from everything from being the victim of rape, to adultery. Not to mention what happens to authors and poets who do anything that is determined to be sacreligous, or un-Islamic. Let alone leaving the religion, the vast majority of Muslims favor death for apostates. Homosexuals? Yeah, sure it’s fine for the grown men to relieve themselves in children (Dancing Boys of Afghanistan), but were they to actually prefer the company of men, they’d be quite dead. Women’s rights are non-existent, and their testimony is only worth half of a man’s in court.

        Not to mention were to someone actually draw a picture of the prophet Mohammed, there’s tens of thousand of you “enlightened ones” ready (and quite willing) to kill over a cartoon. Because you did.

        • You and your ilk know so little about the Crusades is make me laugh. The real truth was that highwaymen were preying on everyone Christians and Muslims alike. The European Mercenary Thugs used this as an excuse to get funding to invade the holy land for their own profit and rape.

        • I know all about the Crusades, and yet I granted your uninformed position so as to get to the actual argument.

          What happened almost a millennium ago has no bearing on the here and now.

          Do try again…

        • 16v your reading comprehension is about that of a 1st grader. Look Moron I already stated the point of my post was to educate rabid racists like you that all Nations in their history have done and will continue to do dastardly things. You mind is so warped you believe that “you are the master race” and “your religion” is faultless and blameless of any wrong doing down through history. I also gave historical references in regards to other Nations that acted both humanely at one time in their history and like maniacal fiends at another point in history. Your problem is you refuse to admit that your religion or that America has itself never done anything that was not honorable and just. And attitudes like that pave the way for Government brainwashing that convinces the radical right that any war America wants to start will be always with honorable intentions. The results are such tragedies as Vietnam and the current mess we have gotten ourselves into in the Middle East.

          Did it ever occur to a nut case like yourself that 9/11 was retaliation not on religious grounds at all but retaliation for our invasion and bombing and killing of civilians in the Middle East for control of the rich oil fields of the Middle East. Busch even admitted as much when America started the 1st Middle East war. Busch on National TV said “America’s security is dependent on the flow of oil from the Middle East”. Now is it not curious that nations like Japan that have no oil did not also invade the Middle East and suffered no 9/11 attacks because they stayed out of the war. And Japan realized that oil does no one any good in the ground and that the Arabs have to sell their oil to survive and money talks and bullshit walks so Busch’s rhetoric was only a mask to cover his real intention and that was control of the oil fields for his greed monger self and his greed monger business associates.

          In conclusion I would say that when racists like yourself condemn a whole race, culture or religion for the actions of right wing extremists i.e. Middle East terrorists or White American terrorists that murder people wholesale at an abortion clinic just as an example this does not mean all Americans are terrorists or that all Muslims are either. In the former you would agree and due to your warped mind in the latter you would not agree again due to your warped mind as you have stated this is your racist position many times over and over.

        • Do you sincerely believe what you are spewing jlp? Oh, 16V, I wouldn’t waste my time with this little vermin. What can you expect from someone who thinks Barack Obama, perhaps the most divisive and racist president in U.S. history, is a shining example of civility and compassion? The mind boggles. Is someone forcing you to type these things at gunpoint jlp or did your mother shoot dope while she was carrying you?

        • So Obama is a racist huh. Strange it is he that just this week once again is trying to get it through the thick concrete racist skulls of conservatives that in order to have peace in America we all must learn to get along with each other for to attack one religion is to attack all religions. If you knew anything all about history you would be aware of what happens when society starts to disintegrate when it follows right wing racist behavior. Ever hear of “The Night of Chrystal”. Why do you think such things like that happened. No you would not its way over your racist ideology.

        • FoRealz, Yes he just makes stuff up, and drops every point when confronted with the facts of his position, then retreats (inevitably) into invoking Godwin.

          That said, he’s a flat earther, it’s in my DNA to bury him. Stupid people are not to be allowed a platform from which to speak without disproval of their nonsense.

        • No its in your DNA mentality to not accept the reality of conservative History and the terrible consequences of it.

        • Nah, my DNA is Jeffersonian, which is liberal. or what we’d now characterized as libertarian.

          And I’m an atheist. Keep trying, you’ll keep failing.

        • The only person that has failed here is you. You failed to develop into a civilized human being. I don’t have to keep trying because you never were in the race. Ha ha

        • So you can’t argue any of the salient points, merely your hundredth ad hominem?

          Do you really think anyone cares about your bloviating?

        • Blame the religion and the culture. The people that gave us Algebra (algorithms) some astronomy and geometry, “tiling”, geography, also killed off all those people and jow parts of Iraq are closer to Planet of the Apes. Their men use other men (or male-children of ~ 9 on up) for sexual pleasure, and women for procreation (w/mandatory 1.5 days of ritualistic cleansing before they can do the sexual pleasure thing) BUT THEY CAN THROW HOMOSEXUALS OFF OF BUILDINGS. Their F’d upness know no bounds.

        • Joe R said: “The people that gave us Algebra (algorithms) some astronomy and geometry, “tiling”, geography…”

          No, Muslims discover this math or science. It was Hindus, Jews, or Assyrians who did. But Muslims and their apologists sure like to claim they did!

        • The Middle East was an intellectual hub, with, yes, all that algebra, the number “zero”, libraries, universities, the lot.

          Then Mohammed the horny warlord and his nutty religion came. And all the intellectual prowess vanished in under 100 years.

      • Yep. During the Dark Ages,the Ottomans(muslims) were raiding towns up and down the western european coast;raping, pillaging, plundering and taking the europeans as slaves to be sold back in the empire. Another reason for the crusades as a response to these depredations.

        The other history that i found out recently was that when the muslims invaded and took over India; they pretty much wiped out Buddhism from it’s land of origin. If it hadn’t already spread to China and Tibet, it might have been wiped out altogether. The Muslims(Mogul) emperors tried that with Hinduism, but the Hindu’s were too well rooted in Indian culture for that to succeed.

        Another reason for the hatred and violence between Hindu’s and Muslims that led to their internecine war and the creation of Pakistan from India as a place for the Muslims to move to. Muslims don’;t live peacefully with others.

  5. Ms. Bommer,
    Thanks for writing to inform everyone of the situation in Germany.

    As for the “Wild West” hypothesis, I have a recommendation. If the character of the German people is peaceful, thoughtful, and law abiding, there will be no “Wild West.”

      • Ms. Triebel, if civilian defensive firearm ownership is currently politically un-obtainable, have you considered pushing for pepper spray as an interim step? Yes, I know it’s nowhere near as effective, but it may be easier for the politicians to swallow…

      • Ms. Triebel,

        As you move forward in German politics, please consider two simple and incredibly important perspectives on the situation in the United States:
        (1) If you are not a criminal involved in illegal activities (like narcotics distribution), your odds of being murdered (whether or not your attacker uses a firearm) in the United States are about the same as the safest regions in Europe.
        (2) If a violent criminal attacks you and you have no reservations about using force to defend yourself, why not use the best tool/method available, whether that means your hands, a chair, a club, a knife, or a firearm?

        The importance of point number 1 is that the existence of firearms does not increase the probability that violent criminals will harm you. And since the murder rate in the U.S. (after you remove murder victims who are criminals involved in illegal activities) is on par with the murder rate the safest regions of Europe, you could even argue that the existence of firearms does not increase the lethality of attacks … at least not in any significant way.

        The importance of point number 2 is that, once you are willing to use force to defend yourself from violent attackers, all forms of force — hands, chairs, clubs, knives, and firearms — can deliver serious injuries and even death to your attacker. Since all forms of self-defense can seriously injure or kill the attacker, any reasons to exclude firearms are arbitrary.

        Most states in the United States realize these two important points. For these two simple reasons, all adults in those states (who do not have serious criminal convictions) can own and carry firearms just about everywhere — including at home and in public. And the results are predictable. Our violent crime rates continue to decrease significantly … and you are safer than ever in public as long as you stay out of the few neighborhoods where violent criminals rule the streets. What we don’t see are dozens, much less hundreds, of armed people shooting at each other over disputes about parking spaces or who got in line first at the grocery store.

  6. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that there are people who think America really does have Wild West shootouts on every street corner. It’s such a novel and amusing notion. I can’t help but think of Yosemite Sam as the model for what the believe we look like. While it’s an unfortunate misconception, I find it quite amusing.

    • Get away from the gang bangers on the street corner, and the American gun violence goes down to the level of Finland.

    • First off I am pro gun and believe in the right to self defense 100 per cent. But you should realize we do indeed have wild west shoot outs every day and by the hundreds in big cities like Chicago. Foreign people see this on the news in Europe and are horrified. From their point of view America is still the Wild West in every sense of the word. They point out we had shoot outs by the Earp Gang against the Clanton Gang for control of the wealth of a city long ago and now we have shoot outs in Chicago for control of the dope territories. Europeans see no difference and frankly neither do I and I live here. I consider Chicago no longer safe to visit and there are places in Cleveland I would not go with a bullet proof vest on and armed with an assault rifle and two handguns. When visiting the Cleveland Clinic even as long as 10 years ago many people on their way had loaded handguns sitting on the seat of their car right next to them. Across the street at a motel a crook walked in and immediately stated to shoot the place up. A friend of mines Dad who was staying their happened to be on the toilet when the shooting started and bullets were flying in every direction. I would say that is not any different than the bullets flying down through the neighborhood during the Earp shoot out of long ago.

      • Except that they are not going to do anything about the Chicago drug gang problem for much the same reason they are not doing anything about the Muslim rape gang problem. Melanin privilege.

      • Blah, blah, blah.

        You operate under the supposition that Americans don’t watch foreign news, and do not parse what they see. Sorry kid, you’re quite wrong that we’re all that stupid.

        They see our crime/drug problem and see that we should care a whole lot less about drugs, and wonder why we don’t crackdown on our blacks – they certainly do.

        The rest of the ‘Wild West’ see Americans as ‘uncivilized’ is propaganda. That which you are familiar with. Look down at the comments on a DW/DM./DT article – the majority wish they could be like us ‘Cowboys’ and actually do something without calling the state.

      • jlp. You’re a communist. or whatever spawn of that evil blood soaked belief system you call yourself. Which means you are automatically suspect in anything ypu say. As history shows, people like you will lie, cheat, steal and commit mass murder against men, women and children, becauae the ends justifies the means.

        So I no more believe that you support the right to keep and arms by the general citizenry than I believe you can walk on water.
        I also don’t believe you are a citizen of this country. It is obvious you are western european.
        So I believe you are presenting yourself as a gun owning american to give you an “in” as a fifth columnist into the gun(freedom) community. If you are in this country, you are still an enemy of freedom and of our constitution.

        • So in the end jlp. Cut to the chase? The only thing we can trust about you is that as a communist (or the spawn of communism)
          there is nothing that you will not do to promote the spread of this voracious beast that lives on blood, tyranny and death.

  7. This that picture for real…

    Neon bright shirts, fanny packs, and capri pants don’t really scream “do not f*ck with me.”

  8. To them that means Wild West shoot-outs like in Germany.
    Gee, actually the Wild West was about a 3X safer place than what is currently.
    People in the Wild West actually had to have real jobs, raise their kids, take care of their farm or ranch, take care of domesticated animals, take care of their businesses, and be upstanding citizens of their new small communities.
    Yeah, there was some gunslingers and outlaws, but they were few and far in between.
    Most guys in the Wild West were Civil War Vets and could protect themselves very well.

    • Sorry not Historically accurate at all. Just to talk of only one of many books the first book written in the 1930’s about the Earp brothers documented through court and newspaper accounts all the shoot outs during that time period connected with the Earp’s. And accounts of shoot outs during the Jessie James and Billy the Kid era are also well documented through news paper and court records. And lets not forget Bonnie and Clyde as they shot up so many banks in so many towns you needed a score card to keep up with all the carnage.

        • Very much so. Life in the Wild West for the vast majority of people was pretty normal. I have read a few books of the actual historical Wild West.

      • As usual jlp, you miscategorize the response.

        They are not against the invaders because of “racism” or “ethnic diversity”. They are against the invaders because they simply are a from a culture that is hellbent on a destruction of their own.

        They aren’t happily going to their demise, and neither are we. Do try again.

      • Those crimes were outliers. The Old West was actually quite peaceful, aside from the mining towns and the Indian Wars.

        You sure don’t know much history, do you?

        • He (thinks) he’s great with distortion, obfuscation, and misdirection.

          History? He doesn’t have a clue.

  9. This is like Hitler’s delusion of pre-WWII Germany, except with Muslims instead of Jews. And it’s for real this time.

  10. Several European channels have already broadcast specials on this. Right Wing Neo Nazi’s were spreading all kinds of horror stories especially on the Internet but when DW TV, French24 News etc. traced the venomous right wing propaganda down none of the ones they investigated were true. It was the usually Right Wing Neo Nazi hate, paranoia and propaganda.

    DW TV reported on Monday this week a radical Conservative Female spokesman of a Neo Nazi group publically called on German police to gun down in cold blood all Refugees crossing the border ala WWII Nazi Storm trooper style but later modified her paranoid outburst to only spare the children but it was still ok to shoot down their mothers if the attempted to cross the border. Unlike in America the German Government took these maniacal threats by Nazi’s very seriously and had meetings to discuss the right wing paranoia. They stated because of Germany’s past they where not about to let right wing maniacs get away with murder or advocating murder of helpless people.

    In Austria requests for handgun permits are up but they too are relegated to keeping them at home locked up and unloaded but one young blonde Austrian who gave an interview gave the impression that she was going to keep hers loaded and ready to use within her own home. Permits to carry in Austria are impossible to get. Illegal guns in Europe are everywhere but as usual law abiding citizens are not keen on losing their jobs and going to prison if caught with one let alone using one in self-defense because killing or injuring people in a self-defense situation is often illegal in many European States.

    After years of Ethnic peace in Europe the large influx of refugees has caused an upsurge of panic and blatant racism in many European countries, even in such places as Denmark which was during WWII noted for saving Jewish people from the Nazi’s . A new law passed recently and condemned by the E.U. and to be challenged in court will confiscate all property and wealth from newly arrived immigrants and prevent them from re-uniting with their families for 3 years. This is chillingly reminiscent of the Nazi’s confiscating Jewish property and wealth during WWII.

    A right wing mob in Poland several weeks ago burned an effigy of a Hansiatic Jew showing how dangerous the upsurge in racial hate is and as well as its beginning to spill over into hate against all minorities just as it happened in WWII which caused the death of thousands of Gypsies as well as Jews. It is a horrific reminder that right wing hate groups were always simmering just below the surface of Europe’s post War society that looked so calm for so long to people in the U.S.

    I remember seeing a story of an attempted rape of an American Female Student some years ago that was lured into a mans apartment who was white. The girl managed to escape and went to the Police. The police did nothing but talk to the man who naturally denied everything despite a prior record. It caused nary a ripple in the news. Fast forward this to the present day and if the attempted rape had been caused by even someone who looked like a man from the Middle East wholesale mass panic is the immediate result.

    I think that is why the European News Media has been cautious and very thorough in their investigative reporting

    • Several European channels have already broadcast specials on this. Right Wing Neo Nazi’s were spreading all kinds of horror stories especially on the Internet but when DW TV, French24 News etc. traced the venomous right wing propaganda down none of the ones they investigated were true. It was the usually Right Wing Neo Nazi hate, paranoia and propaganda.
      I bet this reporting by the lamestream media was about as objective as PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

    • +1

      Good points.

      Scum on both sides- those who push unemployment, outsourcing ie capitalism a la the EU and its destruction of Greece and social democracy around the world. Merkel, the liberals et al are responsible for the rise of xenophobia and racism as much as the nazi scum.

      Lots of warmongers and muslim haters especially among white trash here in America. At the same, backward anti-woman attitudes and actions among wahabbi scum from the middle east.

      Too bad the Red Army couldn’t have shot and deported all of the western scum responsible for the capitalist bloodbath after WW2. We wouldn’t be having these problems now. Afghanistan and the middle east would still be developing countries not the wahabbi/CIA hellholes they are today.

      • As somebody whose family was massacred by the Red Army… Go to hell you commie piece of garbage. Don’t worry, soon enough traitors like you are going to be up against a wall.

        • Let me guess your family were Jew murdering kulaks in Yugoslavia? In which case more than likely they got what they deserved.

          The feelings mutual white trash. I will be happy if a revolution ever comes to this Lenin foresaken country and we can take out the trash and make the world a better place like my ancestors did in Belarus.

          Really though the real perpetrators were and are the capitalist scum of the West and their petit bourgeois followers. Too bad the Red Army didnt make it to western Europe. We’re all suffering the consequences now.

          Trash like you are just an afterthought like the ruined petit bourgeois who joined the SA in the 20s.

        • My maternal grandfather’s side of the family is Czech… and no, we did not murder anybody. We were too busy starving on what was formerly our land thanks to your Red Army deciding that farmers in Ukraine didn’t need to eat in order to provide food to anybody…

          There’s a reason why I think Liberty Prime’s views on communism are moderate.

        • “…comes to this Lenin foresaken country…”

          You’ll have to excuse me as I laugh uncontrollably at you…


          This is gonna take awhile…

      • “the Red Army couldn’t have shot and deported all of the western scum responsible for the capitalist bloodbath after WW2.”

        >Red Army enslaved Eastern Europe from ’39-91, killing swaths of its own population and using “Lebensraum” tactics on others.

        >Red Army also did a piss-poor job of aiding their Afghan revolutionary comrades by killing millions of their “proletarian” brothers.

        >Sandinistas, Robert Mugabe, etc would have been crushed under Soviet/Chinese boots as “compensation” for all the free guns and ammo if they had won their respective conflicts. Oh wait, Mugabe & Friends did win their war, and then destroyed the one and only bread basket of modern Africa with their degenerate economic policies.

        >More 21st century college-level “boo hoo the West is so Evil” revisionist bullshit.

        Cry me a river.

      • Wow Alex,

        So you are a communism fanboy … and a Soviet fanboy at that. Duly noted.

        Remind me again where a communist country — strictly adhering to the tenants of communism — has been a shining beacon to the word producing the best in art, technology, medicine, agriculture, industry, and charity? Remind me again how the Soviets:
        — cured what major diseases?
        — developed transistors, integrated circuits, and computers?
        — developed Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
        — radically increased agricultural yield per acre?
        — produced paintings, movies, television, and music sought throughout the world?
        — streamlined industrial production and efficiency to dominate the world economy?
        — shipped untold 100s of BILLIONS of dollars in food and assistance to disasters in other countries?
        — eliminated starvation in their country and helped other countries do the same?

        And after you finish choking on that, remind me again, how many 10s of millions of people the Soviets killed in their own country between 1940 and 1980?

        Let me guess, you will blame the failures of communism on the fact that communism wasn’t all encompassing … that communism would turn the world into utopia if we could just get every single country and every single person to enthusiastically support the communist effort worldwide.

        There is a simple and powerful proverb that we can apply here: all you have to do is look at the fruit that something bears to determine whether or not that something is good or bad. From where I sit, I see a sh!t ton of bad fruit coming from communism and very little good fruit.

    • Blah, blah, Nazis, and the rest of your nonsense.

      A bunch of illegals were allowed in, they misbehaved, and we need to either kill them, or send them back. They have no right to actually be here, they have values that are incongruous with Western Civilization, and will not stop until they turn our countries into the shitholes they came from.

    • “Several European channels have already broadcast specials on this. Right Wing Neo Nazi’s were spreading all kinds of horror stories especially on the Internet but when DW TV, French24 News etc. traced the venomous right wing propaganda down none of the ones they investigated were true.”

      Suuuuuuurrrrrrrrre they did. They are just like our media, honest and objective, right?

      “We, and a lot in the media, were encouraging of Bernie Sanders getting in the race, because the senator from Vermont does provoke a lot of passion from the left part of that party. We thought that that would be an interesting mix of ideas because, certainly, the Clintons are more known for the centrism that they present to the Democrats.” -Chris Cuomo, CNN New Day, August 19th, 2015

      “Meanwhile, they have Bernie Sanders out there, you know, stating a case. And many of them probably don’t agree with everything he has to say, but it’s just so wonderful and refreshing to have somebody saying some of these things.”
      — Boston Globe national political reporter Annie Linskey on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, August 12.

      “Few things are sadder or more treacherous than closing the door to immigrants who came after us, which is what some U.S. presidential candidates want to do.” Univision anchor Jorge Ramos accusing Ted Cruz and Rubio as being traitors to their race

      “Out on the stump, he doesn’t mention Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. For now, he’s running against the Koch brothers….Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as unabashedly progressive as Ben & Jerry’s….Sanders rails against the corrupting influence of money in politics. He stands for economic justice….He’s not just for raising the minimum wage, he wants to double it.”
      — ABC’s infatuated schoolgirl David Wright on This Week, February 22, 2015

      Oh, this one is a good example of our honest, truth seeking media:
      “Abbas had turned down an offer that would have given the Palestinians a state in almost all of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and parts of Jerusalem. Then I found out about the map. No one else had the story.
      Excited about this scoop, I raced into my bureau chief’s office at the AP in Jerusalem. Imagine my shock when I was told it’s not a story—and I was banned from writing about it. It just couldn’t be a legitimate story, in line with the new definition of journalism.

      The profession I joined in the 1960s wasn’t about helping anyone. It was about reporting and explaining the news. This new definition of journalism, apparently requires choosing sides. This became clear to me as long ago as 1988, at the beginning of the First Intifada, when I saw a reporter jump out of her car in the middle of a Gaza riot and shout at the Palestinians throwing rocks at the vehicle: “Why are you doing this? I’m trying to help you!” Like most Western media sources, she wanted to frame the uprising—the Palestinians as people—as helpless victims, to pillory the Israelis as the cruel oppressors. Stories that didn’t fit that framework had a hard time seeing the light of day. Even a peace offer.”

    • Here is your “cautious and very thorough” European media; it only reports what the government wants.

      “…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government.

      “There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what doesn’t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.
      “Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees” said Dr. Herles, concluding: “This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.” -as translated and put up on the conservative media website Breitbart

    • Here is your “cautious and very thorough” European media; it only reports what the government wants.

      “…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government.

      “There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what doesn’t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.
      “Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees” said Dr. Herles, concluding: “This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.” -as translated and put up on the conservative media website Breitbart

      • You paranoid right wingers never cease to amuse me. French24News is no more controlled by their government than our News Media is. Its almost like saying right wing nut cases like Rush Limbaugh are being programed by the C.I.A. but oh! is that your next post. It would not surprise me. The real truth is that one of the reasons that many foreign news channels have 1 hour broadcasts as opposed to U.S. News Media is that they get more subsidies paid to them so they can put on more educational programs as compared to the U.S. and that is why the right wing nut cases claim that they are controlled. NPR in America gets some subsidies from the American Government but they are not controlled by anyone either. As a matter of fact the Republicans cut NPR funding by half because they found out that an educated populous is far more likely to vote Liberal or at least Independent that Conservative. So please go blow out your paranoia rectum gas on some one else. Do you think you are talking to your typical “Jethro Bodine” who worships at the alter of Rush Limb head or Glen Deck Head. Get real.

        • Lying as usual I see jlp.

          NPR gets no direct government funding, they do get about 2% of their revenue from various agencies in the form of adverts and support. Their is no line in the Federal Budget that says ‘NPR’. They’ve been weaned from the federal teat since the late 1980s. They receive about 40% of their budget from NPR stations, which receive about 4% of their funding indirectly through various government agencies, but mainly schools which are roundabout government.

          I seriously do wish you were as smart as the average American, I could actually work with your limited intellect and bring you around to at least the basics of critical thought and dialogue. Meanwhile, as Mark Twain said…

          “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good you are at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.”

          You definitely are the most grandiose pigeon I’ve see in a while.

        • Well look who is really misinformed. Here is a quote right from NPR and I will believe them over you any day.
          I do not have to humiliate you 16v I just sit back and let you constantly hang yourself. Ever hear the old axiom “He could not see the forest for the trees”?

          Quote from NPR——————–The effort in 1994 to eliminate federal funding for public broadcasting led to an unprecedented burst in contributions from listeners, and a groundswell of non-partisan political support from the public. Federal support for public broadcasting was maintained.—————–Quote

          As I stated before funs were reduced from what they had been and by Republicans who do not believe in freedom of speech, especially when freedom of speech results in loss of votes at election time.

        • Please, everyone, feel free to visit, or better yet, their wikipedia page. What an utter dolt to think that rational humans won’t actually, you know, fact check who’s telling the truth.

          All the readies are available for those who are actually interested in the truth. Not some bullshit from a Muslim.

      • You conveniently left out the last two paragraphs didn’t you. Here they are as a reminder.

        There has been very little reporting of the comments in the German media, and what there
        was has been critical of the remarks. Focus reported the comments of one centre-left media figure, Der Freitag newspaper editor Jakob Augstein who when asked whether there had ever been such “instructions from above”, said: “No, I deny vehemently there has ever been commands from the top”.

        That the German mainstream media is not free and routinely obscures or bends the truth has been a key criticism by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) movement, which has coined phrases like Lügenpresse — the liar press — to express their frustration.

        When you look at the reputation of the “Patriotic Europeans Against Islaminisation” I think we need to emphasize that this is yet another right wing bunch of paranoid extremist fanatics no better than the extremist Islamic fundamentalists. They are both fantail right wing, both cut from the same cloth. Need I say anything more. NO.

        What we have here is a German variation of the Rush Limb Head Dog and Elephant Show only not quite as ignorant but not by much.

        • No, what you’re looking at is a people coming to grips with an invader. A people who do not assimilate unless forced to. A people that breed like other primitive peoples. A people with primitive ideas and values, that are not reconcilable with modern Western Civilization. People that bring nothing that the West needs, they’re just a huge expense, which will take multiple generations to start paying into the system that will support them for at least 60 years.

          Unfortunately, the invaders are always first met by our more ‘base’ elements – they know an invasion of their territory when they see it, and don’t have houses in the ‘burbs to hide behind while playing PC polite. Once again, the funny part is you defending them, if you were in any Muslim-run country, you ‘d be labeled an apostate and killed – by a most barbaric method, I might add.

        • Peddle your insane racist bullshit to your fellow Nazi’s not to civilized sane people. As I stated to you in another post argue with the assimilation of the worlds peoples into countries like America, Australia, Germany, and Britain just to name a few. Are you really that nuts?

        • That’s really all you have, to scream “racism!” at the top of your lungs?

          We’ve already established that Muslims don’t tolerate, don’t assimilate unless they’re kept to tiny numbers, you know, the people who aren’t really Muslim. Like you.

          Speaking of ropes, you’re on them, and have been for quite a while. You can’t defend your positions, so you just think that invoking Godwin will make the debate flow your way. It won’t.

          Let’s just look at a few of the thousands of examples of your supposed ‘assimilation’….

          There’s 10K+ more on youtube, of actual Muslims being actual Muslims – primitives who have no tolerance for the lives and ideas of others – especially those countries who are crazy enough to host your 8th century cult of destruction.

        • Yea sure, Muslims only behave in small groups. Do you know what a fool you are making of yourself. There are 6 million Muslims in the U.S. which would refute your racist tirades. There are millions of Muslims in Europe and they post often on Face Book and they say “Not In My Name”. Of course you ignore all normally behaved human beings rather you seek out examples of right wing extremists to promote your hate and venom. There is no difference between the right wing extremists on the other side and of the world and yourself. If you listen to your tirades you are saying the same things as they are. Normal civilized people both Muslims and Christians are sickened by your rhetoric.

          Remember the Muslim man during the Charlie Hebdo attack, he saved a whole building of Jewish people from a Terrorist. France awarded him there highest honor and immediately gave him citizenship while you, rabid racist that you are ignore the majority of good people in this world both Christians and Muslims alike and dwell on the acts of far right wing fanatics. There is a difference but you lump everyone into “us versus them” because you have told us all that you are part of the “Master Race” who can do no evil and your group of clowns are the only ones that should be permitted to exist on earth. You represent the “worst of America” and “everything that is wrong with America” Go to your leader Trump and worship at his feet as he is the re-incarnation of your beloved lost leader Adolph Hitler.

        • Lol, believe me, if any of the bullshit you just wrote were true or factual you wouldn’t be getting bitch slapped in every post you make. So once again, run along troll.

        • Hey Moron if you cannot comprehend your own reference article I suggest you get someone to read it to you and explain those last two paragraphs to you.

        • Blah, the usual made up facts and the rest from jlp.

          ‘muslims’ make up about .9% of the the US population, and have assimilated simply because there aren’t more of them. Were there more, they’d be exactly like every other Muslim-dominated country on the planet – intolerant of other religions, intolerant of gays, intolerant of women, intolerant of even a cartoon of the ‘prophet Mohammed.

          Try again kiddo.

        • 16v you live in your own demented myopic world of conservative paranoia. First you make fantasy statements that only Muslims in small groups can live peacefully in a society and when confronted with the facts of 6 million Muslims in the U.S. and Millions more in Europe that if they behaved as you fantasize both countries would be fighting house to house as they did in WWII battling the Nazi’s.

          When one religion in a society or one group of people in a society are discriminated against or persecuted it almost always ends up threatening other groups as well as happened in Nazi Germany before and during WWII. Hitler ended up eventually killing everyone that got in his way or that he hated, not only Jews but, Gypsies, Liberal Germans that voiced opposition to his policies, and Russian and even later some American prisoners of war both of which supposed to be protected by International law which of course you are completely ignorant off. All this is lost on ignorant people like yourself.

          In conclusion statistics show you are far more likely to be killed by a fellow American than by a terrorist but the mass hysteria pandered by the far right is done to stampede as many people as possible into believing the exact opposite. White far right wing terrorists like Dillon Roof, or the various fanatics that have murdered people numerous times at abortion clinics as the far right cheered them on, or the fanatic two summers ago that gunned down people coming out of a non-Christian church are totally ignored by the fanatical far right wing extremists.

        • jlp, Still looking for the last word? I’m afraid the civilized world won’t let your uneducated self have it.

          There’s about 5MM muslims in the US, despite what your propaganda hawkers will sell you. As has been shown in the EU, letting them/you come in large numbers just presents a problem – your religion requires all sorts of things that are completely at odds with Western Civilization. As people coming in, you have to assimilate, not us. It’s OUR culture. Don’t like it? Go back to the shithole that you came from, one that was a shithole exactly because of your religion. If you actually do assimilate, just remember the rest of the Muslim world sees you as apostates, and will behead you.

          This has nothing to do with NAZIs, though if you do keep not assimilating, I know what the Euros will do with you. And it won’t be pretty.

        • Backing off now aren’t you shit head. Since you used the word first I will use Hitler’s favorite word as it reminds me of him and you in everything you vomit out. First you state Muslims only fit in when there are only a few of them now you are baking off and admitting there are indeed millions of them here in the U.S. Only a metal case would argue in regards to the exact number. The point is you made an ass of yourself and now your trying to crawl out of the hole you dug for yourself.

          Oh and by the way Dr. 16v Hannibal Lecter, Fareed Zakaria does exist and has assimilated and is one of the most famous news and political commentator in the world. Strange he does not conform to your racist rants about Muslims. I am sure you never heard of his program Global Public Square or if you have you will claim it is a left wing conspiracy despite the fact its one of the most watched news programs in the world and is completely at odds with your paranoid phobias and racist rants. According to you since he is an American Muslim and an assimilated and successful one therefore he cannot exist but is a computer produced aparition of MSNBC News.

          And by the way Herr Hauptman I am not a Muslim and I am not foreign born as you have ranted about. The difference between myself and you is that I came from an American family that was a civilized family that taught me to value a person because of his accomplishments not judge him according to his race, religion or culture. That type of thinking became accepted as obscene during the George Wallace years who I am certain you were cheering on or if you were not around at that time cheering on when you saw old news footage of him standing in front of an intuition of learning and refusing to let an innocent young black girl into classes. I am sure you would have worshiped at his feet. Its just as since time has moved on you have replaced Jews with Black People and the Black people with South American Immigrants and the South American Immigrants with Middle Eastern Refugees. It would not surprise me if your old man was a member of your beloved KKK or that you are presently its Grand Wizard. Their ranting’s mirror your ranting’s verbatim without even a change of a syllable or a vowel. I would say as much as I hated the Nazi’s I have to give them credit for admitting that they were indeed rabid racists while you cower behind your denials of it while paraphrasing everything they ever said.

          And by the way even racist George Wallace in his latter years admitted he was in the wrong and made peace with all Americans including the Blacks he often ranted against. I do not hold my breath that you will ever find redemption as Hitler claimed to the very end that he did nothing wrong and that it was everyone else that had failed him.

        • Wow, such sturm und drang signifying nothing..

          You once again have nothing to prove, nothing which can disprove the allegations, so they stand.

          You’re the one with a huge hole you have dug, and you haven’t come close to even stopping the dig.

          You project like a sociopath.

        • I did not write the editorial but giving a reference to it was idiotic. The last two paragraphs refute the entire racist rant so why reference it at all or is this beyond your reading comprehension, obviously it is.

  11. So Germany has been invaded by the same kind of Muslim thugs that the Germans trained and supplied during WWI, WWII and after. It’s almost like there’s a cosmic superbeing somewhere who is laughing his (or her) ass off.

    • Sorry Ralph but the German women who are being raped by these 3rd world shitheels do not deserve it.

      Sacrificing the young for the sins of the old. Its almost like they have baby boomers in Germany too.

      • No, the German women certainly do not deserve to be raped by Muslims or anyone else. Germany, on the other hand, does deserve to be raped. Hard. Just not in a sexual way.

        The Germans should get down on their knees every day and thank the old Soviet Union for Germany’s very existence. Had it not been for the Cold War, Germany would have gotten exactly what it deserved from the Western Allies. Instead, the West treated Germany all too well.

        • C’mon Ralph, my maternal grandfather did I and II – they shot at him a lot as an HVT, twice, and when they ended, he got over it.

          You do know that a disproportionate Jews drive Benzes, no?

  12. I expect European DIYers will be ordering inexpensive machine and hand tools to “roll their own” ! Better is some very effective “open bolt” designs plans are readily available and can be made by persons with average manual skills and simple tools.

    • “I expect European DIYers will be ordering inexpensive machine and hand tools to “roll their own””

      I wonder if the ‘Maker Movement’ is a thing in Europe as it is in the US.

      If not, I bet it will be very soon…

  13. Spent a little time in Germany just prior to 2000. If Germans were to take firearms as seriously as they take driving, there is some real potential here. You won’t find wild west shoot outs, but we already know that. I’d imagine that the culture concerning guns will be something more akin to what you see in Switzerland.

    I can guarantee you that those who would do you harm have already armed themselves… Who is going to watch out of the German people? Merkel? not likely…

  14. The German Rifle Association has the exact same logo as the National Rifle Association, just the word “German” where “National” is written for the NRA 😀

  15. I pray that the Germans, and all other Europeans who’re denied, regain their right to armed self defense. I would love to see guns on the hips of all citizens. The rapefugees need to be taught a lesson. Take your 6th century religion and every bit of BS that comes with it back to the sandbox. No religion (nor it’s practitioners) that fails to evolve is welcome in the civilized world.

  16. In WW2 near the end the Germans brought out the MG 42 which the Russians used for a prototype to build the Kalashnikov. Was the predecessor of the modern assault rifle. So the Germans have a great history of building arms (Mauser, luger, walther, Schmeisser, etc). Time to dust off the old molds. A German Tiger w an 88 mm main gun sitting in the square would qwell some of these muslim isues.

    • @Coyyote, the current German Leopard tank is one of the best in the world. Germany doesn’t need an antique tank when it has the Leopard.

    • The Russians were already experimenting with assault rifles way before the StG-44 was around. Many designers like Fedorov, Tokarev, Sudaev, Prilutsky, Degytyarev, Korobov, Kusmishev, Shpagin, Simonov, and others besides Kalashnikov also had assault rifle designs.

      StG-44=AK is flat out ignorance, AK/Russian hate, or both especially when the AK has way more in common with the M1 Garand.

    • I need to fact check you, Coyyote.

      1. The MG42 was brought out at approximately the midpoint of WW2 in Europe.
      2. The MP44/STG44/Sturmgewehr actually has existed in limited numbers in the field since 1942 as various prototype weapons.
      3. The MP44 was a modern assault rifle.
      4. The predecessor of the modern assault rifle was the Russian “Avtomat Fyodorova”, which saw action in Tsarist Russian and Red Soviet forces as well as some use by Finnish forces.
      5. The AK family is unrelated to, but partially inspired by the Sturmgewehr, and has no mechanical similarities.
      6. Unsupported tanks, especially in cities, such against infantry. And tanks of the WW2 were vulnerable to rare and complicated weapons like molotov cocktails, which can only be made by rummaging around your garage for 5 minutes.

  17. Soon German Women will be rounded up into camps by their Islam loving overlords.

    Above the Gates will be a sigm :

    Rape Macht Frei

  18. With all of Germany’s history, just in living memory, and they’re not already armed to the teeth with their own iron clad 2A? Then it’s never going to happen.

    Sorry, Germany, you’re sheep now. You’ve long since forfeited your humanity and you will in this century endure another generations-stealing decimation and subjugation at somebody less fanciful’s hands. My guess? Either the Muslims or the Russians. And I don’t feel compelled to give a crap.

      • Good point but you forgot to add “its acting like civilized human beings”. Anyone like you who is obviously advocating going back to German WWII behavior should be locked up in the nut house.

        • “Acting like civilized human beings…”

          That’s the biggest joke from a religion that kills.. homosexuals, rape victims, any one who deigns to leave the faith, people who dare to even write things that are considered “un-Islamic”.

          You really are pathetic to think that civilization will stand by and let this pass. We won’t.

        • You had no intelligent response Jethro. Just Insults. As a matter of fact the original post was actually quoting Adolph Hitler verbatim when he said “It does a Nation good to have a war every couple of years for it hardens the will and strengthens the spirit. Yea, sure Adolph people just love losing their only sons to obscene wars of rape, conquest and pillage.

        • So jlp, you have not an argument, nor a response, other that ‘word salad’. Or Godwin (as always) despite it having nothing to do with the argument at hand.

          Got it, you marginally literate cretin.

        • 16v are you really that much of a Moron. My response was to his post advocating German violence and militarism as something to be admired. Now if you agree with that you are as nuts as he is.

        • Keep digging that hole. Maybe you’ll hit China soon enough. From your recent posts, seems to be the type of country you admire.

        • jlp, You have the logic tree of a chipmunk.

          He stated that they lost their ‘warrior gene’ in WWI and WWII.

          He proffered no judgement of the right or wrong of those wars, merely a statement of fact as he observed it.

          Keep trying, you’re still failing.

        • Stop your revolting lies. Either your reading comprehension is at 1st grade level or you are so warped you believe your own lies. Everyone knows exactly what he was referring to. He was praising Germans for their war like WWII behavior and attitudes and denigrating them because in post WWII they became quite liberal and because of it they have not started as war in 71 years. So in his warped view of the world that is a weakness but in reality it is much more of a strength as it takes a higher degree of intelligence to keep the peace then it is to beat your neighboring countries brains out with an entrenching tool, something right wingers get an orgasm over . Now peace on the other hand is something to be proud of not the fact that they are no longer waving patriotic banners and shouting that they are great warriors who will invade other countries and try and conquer the world.

        • That you can’t understand conversational english is not my problem, but it is obviously yours.

          What he said was in no way was praising the warrior gene, merely observing that it was far less prevalent than it was back then.

        • Do you really think anyone believes your bull crap. The article was so blatantly clear a child could have understood it, I guess that leaves you out. He was groaning and moaning that since the Germans were no longer rampaging through Europe or ready to start wars at a drop of the hat that someone German society was now inferior to what it once was. That is pure Hitlerism right down to the absolute core. Again Germans for the last 71 years being liberal have proved they are much more civilized and rather than start wars have done everything imaginable to negotiate with their neighbors not kill them. Anybody that starts throwing rocks at them as was exemplified in that post really is depraved. According to our right wing nut case that posted this if they had behaved the way he wanted them to Germany should have attacked Russia when they invaded the Ukraine which this time would have started a Nuclear War. I supposed this is the type of warped Glory you and others lust after. Destroy the human race to save a little face rather than try to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

    • 99% sure you can own any manually operated rifle, but all semi-autos are banned. They probably ban specific military issued bolt-actions too i.e. Barret M95. Handguns are much harder to own and once you get the license you can own three and no more. European gun owners in general love firearms that can swap calibers easily for this reason.

      • Semi auto rifles are allowed but they are highly restricted and folding stocks, if a rifle has them, bar the gun from firing in the folded position.

        They don’t have any retarded magazine capacity limits like California, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Canada, etc. That seems to be a North American phenomenon that even the wacky, anti-gun Europeans see as stupid. They at least realize it is just a box with a spring in it.

    • in Germany you can own all kind of sporting and hunting guns, beeing bold action or semi auto rifles doesn’t matter. but it is clearly defined what a sporting gun is. if there is no offical rule within a recognised shooting organisation to shoot your choosen type of gun, you can not own it as they have to approve your need for this gun. IIRC single shot and bolt acton guns are a bit less harsh to own, if you have the licence for them you don’t have to prove your need for another if you don’t own to many already.
      you need a very good reason to own a gun and have to prove it to get the licence to own it, beside to prove that you are no danger to the public or your own. and since about a decade you have to re-prove your need to keep your gun every couple of years, or so.

      without licence you, if 18 years or older, can own air guns with less than 7,5 Joules muzzle energy, blank firing guns with goverment prove marks, and single shot black powder guns if the model is dated before 1870. but black powder revolvers or double barreled BP guns or modern in-line BP hunting rifles require a license.

  19. The nazi card thrown again! Don’t worry about the German nazi. Worry about the hundreds of thousands of invading muslims. The SA under Hitler was only 50,000 strong. Three times the size of the German army in 1930. Now the muslims are three times the size of the SA.
    The world today has a Muslim problem not a nazi problem. The many good German people need guns. I hope they get them.

  20. Look at it this way; the media/authorities have a very good reason to keep anyone from calling a spade a spade. These Muslims are unbound by their will, and will react however they wish in anger should they become provoked. The state is powerless, they lack the tools or means to stop these barbarians, and will never consider returning the power they have so pointlessly stolen from their citizens so that they might put these crusaders to the sword in their own defense.

  21. I just fail to understand why it is USA that is being brought forward in the discussion of gun rights in Germany.

    Wouldn’t it be much more efficient for the German gun folk to simply point a finger over the border to the Czech Republic and say “hey, everyone has a right to carry a firearm for self defence there, and 3% of adult population make use of that right. And it causes no problems whatsoever.” Thus avoiding the whole debate about the US gun murder rate.

    But there is one more thing lost in the whole debate. According to the latest police report, there were 126 gang rapes taking place at the Cologne square and train station within 3 hours.

    1 2 6

    Being a Czech I just can’t comprehend that there aren’t millions of Germans in the streets demanding resignation of the government. Had there been (1) open invitation of immigrants (2) mass raping (3) effort to cover it up, the government here would surely not only fall, but the government parties would NEVER recover in the polls.

    • you won’t belive it, we do just that. and even mention Switzerland and Austria with their not so tough gun laws every time someone tries to mention “american conditions”.
      but they won’t listen. you know the old saying “don’t confuse me with facts, i already have my opinion”

      • Normally Eastern Europeans and Roma are the ones causing the problems. Now they could be your best ally. The same place you go for drugs is the same place you go for hardware.

        May I humbly suggest that any so called law enforcement officer who would use force (including arrest) against any European for attempting to defend his/her life – that cop should have a bulls eye on his back and that of his family. Any such deed should mean loss of normal living conditions (or life entirely) for this guy’s family. Creative reprisal awaits traitors. A girl in Denmark faces a fine for defending her life w/ pepper spray. How bad do things have to get?

        • i know what you mean, but you have to remember that owning pepper spray is illegal in Denmark. one might argue if she stabed her attacker to death in legal self defence she may got away without any punishment so you might drop the charge of using an illegal non-leathal weapon. but i don’t think such a thing will happen.

          here in northern Germany Denmark is known for shooting dogs because the look like some forbidden races even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

          how bad have things to get? look at France. after the act of terror they enacted a law that allows the police to search your house without a warrant, and as far as i know this is still active and no one complain because it is an “anti-terror measure”.

          i have absolutley nothing against it if police work is based on facts and evidences, but criminalising each and everyone until proven not guilty leaves some bad taste in my mouth.

  22. Spent 7 years in Germany as an USAF cop. I learned that Germany cooks the crime statistics books to make themselves look good. The Progressives act like Germany is some sort of crime free utopia, but in reality, far from it. Bad guys are everywhere, and unless good people stand up to them, they are not going away.

  23. Why don’t the resistors of the Islamic occupation just smuggle weapons in from the east? There has to be a lot of ex-Soviet weapons floating around for the right price? The Paris attackers got their weapons from somewhere.

  24. I think the refugee problem could be rectified if upon entry into a European country all males between the ages of 15 and 40 were pulled aside, armed, trained if necessary, and sent back to fight for their OWN countries. Why do we and other western countries have to bear the burden of doing their fighting for them and providing them with “living space”? Given the huge number of AK47s produced and available, I’m sure they could be provided with the necessary weapons.

    • I have been thinking the same thing. It’s a “Civil War”, pick a side and fight.
      How many Americans ran to other countries during our Civil War?

      • “How many people left America during our Civil War?”

        If you frame America as having more than one civil war, wherein Americans fought each other, then there were many refugees from the American Revolution, which is actually quite comparable to what now happens in Iraq and Syria, because it was a struggle between state authority and separatists. Immediately after our revolution ended, large numbers of British loyalists, did flee.
        There were about half a million loyalists in America at the time, representing up to 15% of the total population, and it is believed about 60000 of them ultimately fled to elsewhere. With the period colonies having a population of roughly 3,000,000 people, 60,000 fleeing comes out to 2% of the population. With a 2016 population of 300,000,000, this would mean 6,000,000 refugees today.
        During our second Civil War, while few Americans fled the country altogether, large numbers of people, especially in the South, were still refugees, just internally displaced instead of abroad.This was in the era before abundant transportation, so refugees were more likely to stay put. However, it is believed up to 20,000 Confederates left after the South lost the Civil War, out of a total national population of about 30,000,000, meaning that 0.00015% of the population, which equates to 200,000 in today’s population, fled the country.

        • I remember seeing a special on the Civil War and a large number of Confederates went to South America. Their decedents are still there to this very day and they hold an annual party to honor the Civil War but most do not know much about the war and why it was fought.

          After the American Revolution most of the Loyalists fled to Canada and a few years later were actually fighting fellow Americans when America invaded Canada to conquer and annex it. After the Canadians beat the shit out of America and burned the White House America got the message and left Canada the hell alone. Most American Historians like to call the war of 1812 a draw but Canada does not see it that way and shouldn’t.

          Here is my take why the American Revolution was a mistake.


          The American Revolution was America’s most divisive war in its history far surpassing the Civil War and the Vietnam War. Thousands of Americans called Loyalists, many who were skilled professionals, packed up and left for Canada after the war was over. America at the time could ill afford to lose such people, many whom were professionals, at a time when America was a growing Nation.


          The American Revolution squandered vast amounts of money on war that would have been better spent on building its infrastructure and enhancing it educational system of the time. The Revolution set America’s growth and progress back at least several generations.

          The war largely the result of Greedy American Merchants who were too stingy to pay small amounts of taxes to help defer the cost of running the British Empire which was making the American Merchants rich, because through the British Empire they had access to world markets. The American Merchants who were running America ended up biting off the hand that was feeding them.

          The Merchants were so greedy they stabbed their best general, Benedict Arnold, in the back by refusing to reimburse him for his own personal money spent on the war which amounted in todays money to over a million dollars. The British quickly convinced Arnold to come over to their side which resulted in the war largely falling to the incompetent General Washington who lost more battles than he won and he was almost captured twice.

          The American Revolution also was largely responsible for the war of 1812 with Britain over possession of Canada which again wasted large amounts of money and resulted in a war that was largely a draw and America failed in its attempt to annex Canada (enslave it). Some of the Loyalists that fled America after the Revolution ended up fighting once again the same Americans they fought in the Revolutionary War. In other words it was Americans killing Americans all over again.

          The American Revolution also paved the way for World War I. Germany would have been much less likely to start WWI if America had still been part of the British Empire, but since America had fought Britain twice previously Germany believed it would not intervene in WWI.

          If Britain had remained in control of America the vast slaughter of the American Indian would have been much less brutal and severe as well.

          Although it is still controversial many scholars believe the slave trade would have ended in America sooner as well because Britain ended their slave trade before America did and therefore would have also ended it in America as well and the Southern States would have realized that they could not have won a war with both the Northern American States and Britain fighting them at the same time.

          Lastly America would have gotten its freedom from Britain like Canada did by negotiation rather than through a costly war. Canada today still points with pride to the fact that rather than start a blood bath they received their independence through peaceful negotiation and avoidance of a costly war.

      • Where to start with jlp’s latest pile of nonsense….

        Let’s hit the point, we don’t care at all where “loyalists” went during The Revolution, they were on the wrong side, and we were aiming to kill them. There was not a “civil war”, there was a “Revolution”. Do try to get the terms straight, as they are quite different.

        As for our actual “Civil War”, there’s many a nuanced truth that has no place speaking with a child as yourself, who has been in this country about 5 years as your posts demonstrate. The ‘good guys’ won, but there was a whole lot of things we fought for that weren’t Constitutionally correct.

        • According to your ignorant view of history. Read my post on why the Loyalists were right and you are wrong.

        • FoRealz, jlp is a foe, one that my relatives faced a couple of hundred years ago, and one that we face now. But, just like the Brits, he’s punching way above his weight. (Especially intellectually.)

          In the end he matters not, from The Revolution on my family has been the “3%”, and annoying little f-wits don’t actually make history.

        • Wow I can’t believe it now you are denigrating the British. Tell me Herr Hauptman is there any people on earth you do not hate, chastise or look down on. I will recommend Webster put your picture in its dictionary under arrogance or stupidity or both. You certainly are shinning example of both. Next time you beat up on the Brits go back and read about their history lame brain assuming you ever read it to begin with. And you accurse me of being out of my league? As I said before I do not have to try and humiliate you, I just sit back and let you hang yourself and you really stepped into the cow manure on this one.

        • Hi-effen-larious!

          The idiot is actually taking a pro-Loyalist position, In the US. The rest of your “post” is a bunch of conflationary Nazi nonsense that has no basis in fact, or even fantasy.

          You really are so intellectually deficient that you have nothing but Godwin to work with. You can’t argue anything about the realities of Islam, you can’t defend the Quran or the Hadith. All you do is scream “racism” like a petulant child.

          Despite the fact that every time we print cartoons of the ‘prophet Mohammed’, there are tens of thousands of your fellow animals who are willing to kill for it. And have.

        • You have proven that you ignore history unless it suits your racist rants. You have proven you believe that you are part of a master race and that every other race is inferior. I was especially appalled when you even tried to belittle the British. You condemn entire religions and cultures for the sins of extremists who by the way happen to be right wing nut cases just like you are and have the exact same philosophy that you do. When you listen to Islamic extremists they are saying verbatim what you are saying. You cannot differentiate between the majority of people of a religion, culture or race as opposed to extremists. Its called ignorance and racism and you are the poster boy for such behavior.

  25. There’s nothing like private citizens and NGO’s sending arms & ammunition to war zones. America has been at the forefront of this for decades now. We could do well to send help to EU countries – just w/ the suggestion that they leave the EU, NATO, and the UN when said countries are resume normal living; they will probably want to for their own survival.

    Until then, may I suggest to my European readers that swords, airguns, and crossbows make decent weapons until better arrive. At least they are better than pepper spray.

    Then there is always 3D printing . . . 🙂

  26. “if the German Rifle Association wants Amerikanische Verhältnisse, American conditions.”

    I do not think that term means what they think it means.

    “Conditions” in America – meaning the US – are wildly peaceful, in the main. Their notion of “American conditions” applies, kind of, to limited no-go, free-fire zones, “occupied” in mainly distressed sections of major cities, and drug corridors by bad people intent on doing bad things, by any means available to them, where “legality” of the means counts not at all.

    “American conditions” among the 300,000,000 lawfully citizen-owned firearms are peaceful; bucolic, even. Unless some non-law-abiding whack job breaks into a house, in which case you gotta choose: Who comes out OK, the family at home minding their own business, or the “yoots.”

    You wanna see thuggery and gun violence, look, for example, at no-go zones in France, or murders in Brazil. Street assaults of lawful folks, on subway trains, for example, occur in the US mainly in places where citizen gun ownership is not allowed, and rule of law has been curtailed. D B’s NYC, for example, building on Bloomie’s bad start.

    The American Condition, more properly understood, is citizens interacting with grace and comtiy, with the guns on their hips just sitting there … until some whack-job starts shooting up a rock concert, for example.

    Our German friends should get out more, if they don’t know this. But, I gotta ask, how is this, actual “American Condition” bad?

  27. Journalists are beginning to ask, timidly, if the German Rifle Association wants Amerikanische Verhältnisse, American conditions. To them that means Wild West shoot-outs

    Given the choice between “Wild West shootouts” and “Paris shootouts”, I pick the former every time.

  28. Don’t worry, Europe. I honestly don’t believe Putin is going to tolerate a muslim Europe.. now, can you guys tolerate being “rescued” by Putins boys?

    If a Russian protecterate doesn’t appeal, then it’s time to put the squeeze on your .gov’s. Time for the people to have firearms freedoms and time for the .gov to rebuild their military forces.

    America, under barry, ain’t gonna do shit for you.

  29. Whatever you do, Germany, don’t give in to excusing and permitting crime because the poor criminal claims they didn’t know rape and robbery were wrong. You get the society you make by the good you encourage and the bad you prohibit. If you encourage the immigrants to be good, lawful, Germans, and give them reasons to, then you’ll get integrated, assimilated immigrants. If you don’t push integration and don’t treat everyone equally under the law and don’t expect anything of them, then you’ll get isolated, antisocial, parasitic immigrants. Your land, your rules — give them chances to succeed and reasons to fear failure. Just don’t turn into Sweden who has long since stopped even trying to accomplish anything with its immigrants and just tries to bribe them from burning down the country like an inept babysitter with mouthy toddlers.

    • Holy crap, I puked a little when I read your garbage.

      Illegal immigrants are owed at most generous the right to learn the language, get educated, and do what the rightful residents of their host country have to do to survive. They owe you nothing save for a chance to live. And that is being beyond generous.

      • What bizarre world have you been living in. That is exactly what they have been doing no matter what country they have immigrated too since Roman Times but of course you would know nothing of the history of Immigration. OK, Jethro I will educated you, if that is even possible. History has shown in studies done since Roman Times that Immigrants are far more likely to take at first low paying jobs and far more likely to save much more of their money and with that money start a business that employ’s people which enriches the Nations economy and they are far more likely to be successful at their business than indigenous people. Good Lord even if you watched educational programs only occasionally you would have discovered stories of many successful Immigrant Businesses, not just on people immigrating to the U.S. but what immigrants have accomplished in other countries as well. Of course being a conservative with a paranoia in regards to watching educational programs especially shows about foreign people or foreign programs you probably have never even heard of such accomplishments.

        Now lets give you some good news all of which you will refuse to accept as it is not in line with your rabid racism. Here are the advantages of having even illegal immigration in a country.

        1. Illegal immigrants lured here by corrupt American Businessmen use them as slave labor often at below minimum wage and with no benefits or holidays. Labor to harvest vegetables and fruit is therefore lower and results in you paying much lower prices for your produce.

        2. In the meat processing industry about 85 per cent of people working in America are illegals. I know I have been there several times and know first hand they are too frightened to ask for higher wages, higher benefits or even safer working conditions. All this again results in lower prices for meat to the consumer.

        3. Illegal Immigrants pay in billions of dollars of taxes to local, state and federal funds all of which are not returnable in tax refunds which lowers your tax bills.

        4. Illegal Immigrants not only pay billions into Social Security that bolsters its funds but they are not ever eligible to collect retirement benefits either.

        5. America is comprised of an Aging population and if anything we need more immigrants not less who in the very, very, very near future will be tomorrows tax paying workers to provide taxes to the government to keep it running and provide the needed social services for its people. China has found out this in a way by currently importing foreign people to work in China because its one child police that has come home to haunt them economically and in a way the same thing happened in the U.S. with many families limiting their offspring voluntarily to two or even only one child and our country suffering the same result, not enough workers to support the country.

        So the next time you go on one of your racist rants you only show your ignorance and your callousness towards the plight of todays immigrants, who are the victims of corrupt American Businessmen who pay millions to their prostitute Republicans so that no Immigration reform is ever passed such as in a civilized guest worker program that civilized countries like Europe have had for decades. Are you still feeling superior because you are an American, you should be ashamed to be one considering what we have done to illegal immigrants by deliberately luring them here, then using them for slave labor and then denying them citizenship.

        Of course you will say all this that has been presented is a left wing conspiracy and that the far left has forced you to sell your out-house and spend a few pennies to install inside toilets and the country is now going to hell with all this government regulation that prevents disease from spreading from the out houses as this has taken away your God given freedom to put everyone else’s health and well being in jeopardy. I am not in the least being facetious.

        And I have saved the last for the best. You may as well get used to American demographics changing forever and white privilege a thing of the past as the next generation is already here and running for office and they are immigrants or children of immigrants such as Rubio and Cruz and were both Latino’s, Cuba’s etc from South America the people you love to rant against and claim can never be assimilated.

      • Ugghh, More nonsense form you jlp, so let’s go again…

        The invaders that you speak of take illegal jobs at illegal rates, which damages the rights of those who are actually legally able to be employed.

        1. Yes, there are corrupt businesses which take advantage of illegals, that’s on them. That we get cheaper produce is not an argument.

        2. Once again, that is a failure in enforcement. There is no real gain for the US citizens to this illegal act.

        3. Again, they’re illegal so their contributions mean nothing. They aren’t supposed to be here….

        4. They’re illegal, their contributions shouldn’t count. And they don’t.

        5. China? Really China? They have long ago dispensed with the one child policy. Where are they ‘importing’ them from again?

        My views are that of an American who wishes to keep the country American. Your nonsense is about trying to change the country into something it was never meant to be.

        But do keep trying you sad, sad troll….

        • You should have quit while you were ahead. The news media was filled with comments on the change of China’s one child policy recently and no it did not happen long ago at all. It was begun in 2015 genius boy.

————–Quote: The one child policy, a part of the family planning policy,[1] was a population control policy of China which was introduced between 1978 and 1980[2][3][4] and began to be formally phased out in 2015 Quote——————

          And if you had ever bothered to watch educational programs you would be well aware that immigrants are coming to China not only from all the Asian Countries like the Philippian Islands, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc but also from Europe and the U.S. to take permanent jobs there. Example: In the entertainment industry Europeans and Americans have take jobs there. In the Educational field many college graduates have take positions at Chinese Universities. Example, one America girl who graduated and could not find a job in the U.S. was given the directorship of the Music and Dance department at one brand new Chinese University which means she did not have to wait years to advance rather she actually started at the top of her profession. She ended up paying cash for a brand new house in just one year. Its no wonder educated people are flocking to job opportunities in China. The positions in the fields of medicine and engineering are also wide open. You will not find info like this on your favorite Rush Limb Head hate programs or in the moronic babblings of Glen Deck Head either.

          And your nonsensical comment about Illegal immigrants contributions should not count. Try telling that to the local, state and federal governments. Don’t look for them to return millions of tax dollars to immigrants or us or anyone else for that matter. And if you think American shoppers want the grocery stores to raise prices just because it was immigrants that lowered their grocery bill you must be living in the twilight zone. Your ability to ignore reality when it does not suit your racism is really over the top. And your ability to ignore the fact that immigration is good for a country shows you know nothing about the history of immigration. Every economic study done since Roman times shows its benefits shows how little you know of economics.

          Quote from your post———-My views are that of an American who wishes to keep the country American. Your nonsense is about trying to change the country into something it was never meant to be. Quote———–

          Your views do not reflect the reality or history of America. Everyone who has come here has assimilated and our history has proven it despite your racist ranting’s. And yes it has changed for the better. Black people and minorities have the right to vote much to your anger. Minorities have the right to marry anyone as laws preventing them from doing so have bee rescinded much to your horror. All Americans now have the right to governmental benefits whereas until recently religious fanatics prevented Gay and Lesbians from getting governmental death benefits or from adopting children or from marrying which was all a blatant violation of the Constitution which was founded on the separation of church and state contrary to the moronic statements of the far right which still think the country was founded on Christianity. It was not and was so stated when the country was founded in order to avoid the religious wars of Europe which resulted in the slaughter of millions of people. Your warped ideas of how America should be are as extinct as the dinosaurs and America is a better place because of it.

          And get used to a new America as most population studies show that your race will soon be a minority in just a couple of decades as Latino’s will be the dominate majority in regards to the population and the dominate people in politics who will be running the country. Even if no more immigrants come here (highly unlikely) the birth rate of Blacks, Whites, Asians etc is much lower than the rapidly expanding Latino population. When you couple this with immigration, legal and illegal it is easy to see how things are changing and the formality dominate White Race is headed out the door politically, numerically and culturally.

  30. Oh brother give me a break. Hitler was a right wing maniac who was screaming Germans were the Master Race and all other races, religions etc. must be eliminated from the face of the earth. That’s on the political side which you are confusing with some of his economic policies which I would hardly call far left. Now who has made an ass of himself.


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