Which Gun Would You Grab: Glock 26 or Sig 224?


Baby fever has swept my household. My wife and I are expecting our own little bundle of joy in the next couple days. [ED: mazel tov!] So it is with thematic obviousness that this week’s post features two small or “baby” 9mm pistols. The first being the plastic fantastic Glock 26, affectionately known as the “Baby Glock.” The second being the SIG SAUER P224, the all [heavy] metal new kid on the block. Both guns offer 10+1 capacity, both are as thick as brick. Anyway, new life. Later, as the adrenalin wears off and you fight off the dulling effects of sleeplessness, you’re heading to a late night store to get some life-sustaining milk. Which gun would you grab?

Both guns available at Sportsman’s Finest in Bee Cave, TX.


    1. avatar Hal says:


      I’ll just wait until the baby glock grows up and turns 18 (i.e. she becomes a glock 19). Then I can actually have some fun with her.

    2. avatar ricnroll says:

      I only own one handgun, a COLT M1911A1
      I agree with Mr. Liberty that if I had to choose just one of the two, it would be whatever I could get my grubby mitts on first. Which world still be my Colt since I wear it dawn to bedtime, them within reach. I read somewhere to beware the man with one gun. I am sure they were talking about a rifleman. But break in my house whithin 15 yards of my muzzle, and your behind is mine awake or groggy. If I ain’t there, the Mimsab only shoots a Steyr M-9 A1.

    3. avatar working4change says:

      neither if an XD is avaliable, any if not.

  1. The sig… But I’d take a cz 2075 RAMI over either. Just a personal preference thing.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Luv the Rami, my carry gun.

  2. avatar Yoel Grauberg says:

    Glock 27.

    1. avatar Chris in NC says:

      Lower bore axis than Sig (not to start a fight, I own a Sig too). The poly framed subcom shoots softer in my book.

      1. avatar phiroc says:

        I agree with you, the lower bore axis and polymer frame is Glock’s forte for less recoil and quicker follow up shots! All the other guns are top heavy with too much junk above the web of your hand!

      2. avatar Bob says:

        Excellent point on the lower bore axis of the Glock. I carry the Glock but also have a Sig 226 and love it’s accuracy. So I thought I’d go for the 224. But you’re right. Though my Sig is dead on it does seem snappier than the baby Glock. I thought the full frame 226 would absorb more recoil but shooting them side by side it all makes sense now. Thx

    2. avatar Keith in TX says:

      With a Pearce pinky grip extension.

    3. avatar Rad Man says:

      Yup, 24 hours a day, every day in a DeSantis IWB. Love the .40.

    4. avatar Accur81 says:

      Glock 27 with a +2 is on my hip right now, stuffed with 11+1 Winchester PDX 180 grain JHP.

      1. avatar Yoel Grauberg says:

        If I was forced to choose only ONE pistol, Glock 27 for me. Shoots as accurately as a full size, can accomodate all Glock .40 mags from 9 rds to 22 rds, is easy to conceal yet shoots a major power cartridge, you can get .40SW shotshells making it extremely versatile in the wild (I shot a snake with a blast of CCI shot a couple weeks ago, it shredded it) and 40SW ammo is widely available. In my experience recoil is barely more than the 9MM version. G27 is my idea of perfection.

    5. avatar Andrew says:

      What about the CLOCK? Specifically the CLOCK 365?

      They offer a variety of sizes, from small belt-hung models up to wall-mounted sizable versions.

  3. avatar DJ says:

    Congrats! I’m a Sig fan, so I’m sure my pick is no surprise. In all honesty, they are both good defensive sidearms.

  4. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    Sig. That was easy.

  5. avatar David Sabovich says:

    The Sig. Then sell it and by a Glock 26, a few hundred rounds of HSTs, and a new BBQ.

    1. avatar Katman says:

      Ha. You’re certainly right on the calculations. I would take either though.

    2. avatar DJ9 says:

      David Sabovich for the Win!

    3. avatar Jake says:

      That is until the plastic Glock blows apart and you spend much more money on hospital bills. I say this because I have owned Glock’s and SIG’s and never had any problems with any SIG. The Glock’s however, they are good guns but I had one cause 6 internal stitches and 15 out, plus permanent nerve damage while using quality ammo. No longer own one. Many local police I shoot with have turned in their issued Glock’s and bought SIG’s, paying most of the price out of their own pocket. I have a 1981 SIG P-6 that still drives tack’s accurately at 50′ and has never been refurbished. It is my main CC weapon. It has shot over 800 rounds without cleaning and not one single issue. Plastic of any kind, breaks down from, time, heat, pressure and wear. But when that will occur, do not want to find out again. Not a SIG spokesman, just real life experiences from over 35 years of shooting. Strength (plastic or metal) ??

      1. avatar Joseph R says:

        Your Glock KaBoomed with “quality” ammo. Riiiiiiight.

        An example of a Sig Sauer P220 KaBoom! with factory Wolf ammo:


        The Interwebs are full of many examples of all kinds of guns, including Sigs, that blow up when ammunition is not made to spec. Your ammo, no doubt, was not made to spec. As for a Sig surviving a KaBoom! better than a Glock, a Sig frame is open on either side of the magazine well similar to a 1911. The grip panels will shatter just like the frame on a Glock or other polymer framed gun. Even if Sigs did not have the openings on either of the mag well, out of spec ammo can turn metal into shrapnel just as easily as plastic. Your hand and fingers are no more safe with a Sig than they are with a Glock or other polymer framed gun.

        In other words, if your ammo is not made to spec, your Sig, 1911, Glock, etc. will be a hand grenade.

        1. avatar DBM says:

          When Glock first came out they had to be recalled due to catastrofic failures during firing. They fixed the problem. People forget that Glocks upper are metal like every other pistol.

      2. avatar robbie gee says:

        You just had some bad luck with your Glock. I have a Gen 1 G17 and owned it for 25 years. Put an aftermarket match grade barrel, new sights, Ceracoted slide and trigger job. Never a problem. Good reliable gun.

  6. avatar Matt in TN says:

    Glock 26. I compete with a Glock 17 and usually carry a Glock 19, so that makes the 26 the logical extension. Go with what you know and what you are confident in.

    1. avatar CCW Guy says:

      Yep. It takes the 17 & 19 mags.

    2. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      The Glock takes 33rd stick mags, I’d pick that just for the lulz.

  7. avatar DBM says:

    I’d grab a P220 but since that isn’t an option here I’d grab the Sig P224. A lot less likely to have a negligent discharge in a high stress situation.

    1. avatar ReManG says:

      Uh, sorry, in either choice of weapon, the user is the problem with a negligent discharge…. How is a no external safety SIG better than a G26 in this situation? The SIG has a cocked action after the first round, and mixing up your thumb and forefinger (A USER ERROR) in functioning the Decocker (stress can do strange things to motor skills) would result in a negligent discharge. Whereas in either pistols operation (even the SIG in cocked mode), finger off the trigger, no ND….

      1. avatar DBM says:

        You hit on the problem. Too many people just cant seem to keep their fingers off the trigger. But if you think your going to shot you WILL have your finger on the trigger and its easy to easily put too much pressure on a trigger when the pressures on. That’s why law enforcement has the 10 lb NY trigger.

        1. avatar H.C. says:

          Training issue, training issue, training issue…. Practice more, stick to one gun, whatever works, but this is a training issue above all else.

        2. avatar ReManG says:

          So how do you explain the lack of NY triggers on the other tens of thousands of police Glocks not causing issues (excepting the Police Chief a few articles ago….). The point is not to USE the trigger until intended, and if all you have to think/train/do is a trigger, the training is easier. With a SIG the Decocker adds another part to the manual of arms, and one more point of possible failure to manipulate safely IMHO. This is of course just my opinion, and the reason I would take the G26, but the SIG would be good too. I just love the look on someone not used to a decocking safety the first time they flip it and the hammer falls, who would combine a “safety” with an action that fires the weapon and not expect an occasional pair of brown undies from the uninitiated? Thank the powers that be the SIG is not like that…. To me the genius of the Glock is the “Do-this-and-it-goes-bang” design with no other manual of arms pertaining to “safety” which is relative anyway to the four rules of safe handling. New person on a Glock: squeeze the trigger until bang, do not squeeze the trigger, no bang, reholster at any time. New person on a SIG: squeeze trigger until bang, then trigger will be in a different position and have a different feel, if you would like old feel back for consistency, depress lever on left side of weapon (as weapon faces downrange with you behind it) and repeat, should you like second trigger feel, continue squeezing until bangs stop, reload and continue, but before holstering depress lever on left side for safe holstering and prepare to either cock hammer for good trigger feel, or throw your training on sweet trigger out the window for initial bang.

          You get my view…./end rant

        3. avatar DBM says:

          We all have our opinion, which is really good for sites like this.

          I grew up with safeties and I don’t find them an issue. Practice Practice Practice and muscle memory does the rest. The unfortunate part of any good concept is the human element. Humans, by nature, are lazy, sloppy and complacent. That trait doesnt work out well with fairearms. People make the mistake of assuming everyone is as safe with weapons as they are or even worse get so use to getting away with bad safety/shooting practices. Some times you need a physical barrier to save people from themselves.

      2. avatar ropingdown says:

        Hell, that means all 1911’s have to go.

        I’ll take the Glock G30S. It’s so easy to conceal you can’t even see it in the photo.

  8. avatar Rab says:

    Which ever fits your hand better. Empty a magazine as fast as you can from both guns. Pick which one give you the smallest group. If the same, go with the Glock. I am NOT a fan of single action triggers (such as you get after the first shot with the Sig) during high stress events like a gunfight.

    1. avatar jollyroger says:

      I think its about training. I was trained on the M9 in the Marine corps and anything besides da/as is unnatural

  9. avatar LJM says:

    SR9c for $500 Alex.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      BINGO! A Glock-style trigger thingy (that goes back) and a slide/frame safety for the belt and suspenders guys (like me). Also 10+1 with a pinky finger extension and 17+1 for those special occasions. Polymer frame saves weight. Nothing wrong with good Germanic engineering, and Sig and Glock both have earned their reputations, but a $500 Ruger SR9c is American made and a joy to shoot.

    2. avatar rawmade says:

      $500? For a SR? Youre getting robbed dood!
      Usually in the $400 range that ive seen, 500 is a tad too much for one

      1. avatar Jon says:

        Yep that’s right, robbed!!! I got my SR9c with CT LIGHT “used” for $375….”used” meaning passed around to a few gun shops but never fired other than factory.

  10. avatar Piet Padkos says:

    Take the Sig. You don’t have to pull the trigger to dissasemble a Sig. Heavy DA lessens chance of shirt pulling the trigger.

    You’ll have two good legs to push that stroller around.

    1. avatar Rab says:

      Why is pulling the trigger to disassemble the gun a problem?

      1. avatar Piet Padkos says:

        Alot of people who have ND’s and shoot themselves have them with Glocks. Everyone knows you clear the gun, clear it again and thrice for good luck before stripping it. Unfortunately alot of people are idiots who don’t do it first.

        Dissasemble a Sig, with one in the chamber, and you’ve learned a dangerous lesson that you’ll take to the grave. Do it with a Glock and, well, you may be in the grave sooner than expected.

        1. avatar Rab says:

          Darwin at work. Idiots should not own guns, or, they should–it might be a self-fixing problem.

          If someone is so stupid that they can’t unload a gun before disassembly, a single action trigger (Sig) in their hands would be equally dangerous.

        2. avatar S.CROCK says:

          people stupid enough to disassemble a loaded gun will shoot themselves sooner or later, no mater the take down operation.

      2. avatar Steve says:

        Because you have to pull the trigger… to disassemble the gun.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          And? A lot of guns do, including the Springfield XD ( I think they corrected that with the XDm, but since we don’t have those in California I’m not sure), Kahrs, and a bunch of others. It is more typical than not in striker fired pistols.

        2. avatar Mark N. says:

          Never have been a Glock fan. Something about the grip angle and the way it shoots for me. Which is why my very first handgun was an XD. (I like the H&K also, but that was too rich for me.) So I’d go with a Sig, even though I really don’t care for my Sig Mosquito, the thickness of the Sig grip, or the decocker. Now maybe its the Mosquito (crappy) trigger–I am utterly unable to pull the trigger in DA mode (must be 20 lbs) and the SA is mush. The P238 I handled, however, was sweet.

  11. avatar Wayne says:

    Glock 26–carry it everyday. Utterly reliable.

    33 round happy sticks and can easily carry a 17 or 15 round back up mag.

    1. avatar j says:

      Cz p01, please and thank you

  12. avatar Wood says:

    HK P2000SK 🙂


  13. avatar T says:

    Since I already have a Glock 17 i’m going with the Glock 26.

    1. avatar WI Dave says:

      +1 I already schlep my G17 around everyday, so the 26 would be the obvious choice for me.

  14. avatar Javier says:

    The G26, I carry mine a lot. Hides well and shoots better–very soft shooter for a subcompact. It also points very naturally. And it takes g19/17 magazines.

    1. avatar Too close to chicago says:


  15. avatar Too close to chicago says:

    Glock 26 because that is what I own and shoot well with.

  16. avatar Kyle in CT says:

    Between the two . . . SIGs are great, but not in a subcompact. At least not the one shown which appears to be DA/SA with a decocker. For a subcompact, simplicity wins.

  17. avatar AnAnonymousGuy says:

    Glock 26.

    A 10+1 capacity, along with 2-4 fully loaded G17 magazines as well in easily reachable locations, and I’m set to go.

    Sigs are also out of my price range. I own one Sig, but multiple Glocks.

  18. avatar MattG says:

    I’d take the Glock. I usually carry a Glock 30s, and also own a gen 4 17, and they are hands down my favorite pistols. I would not hesitate to trust my or my family’s lives with any Glock. I don’t have any problem with Sigs, they are great guns, SA/DA just isn’t my cup of tea.

  19. avatar jirdesteva says:

    Congratulations ! Save as much money as possible for the diapers. The Glock will do for price. The Sig is a good shooter but price is near double. For me CZ used has been real good for a long time. Try them out at your LGS what ever feels comfortable for you at a reasonable price that you can keep fed will serve you better. And don’t forget to practice with whatever you get.

  20. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Both are good choices. I try to buy stuff made in the U.S. Otherwise, if you can afford it, I prefer Sigs over Glocks simply because I love external hammers over strikers.

  21. avatar jwm says:

    In this case I’d take the Glock brand Glock. Glock trigger is consistent from shot to shot. First shot the Glock is likely better trigger pull than the Sig which is going thru a true double action cycle. That first shot may be all you get.

  22. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Neither, an M9

  23. avatar Glenn says:

    The Glock or my 30s. Don’t own a Sig.

  24. avatar Roscoe says:

    I’d chose the Sig, but that’s a moot point; neither of these fine pistols is on the CA compliant roster of approved handguns.

    No choice for any of us gun heathens here in sunny, warm, grabber land.

    1. avatar cigardog says:

      G26 is most definitely on the roster. Gen3, anyway.

      1. avatar Roscoe says:

        You are of course correct, the Gen 3 G26 is still on the roster. The link for the “Glock 26” in the text takes you to a Gen 4 which is not on the roster and probably will never be.


  25. avatar tdiinva says:

    The SIG. After both me and the BG panic and empty our pieces into empty space I am going after him with the heavy metal butt end.

  26. avatar Michael Griffin says:

    The glock its cheaper and easier to replace if you had to use the weapon.

  27. avatar brett says:

    FYI, texas chl holders can carry in a hospital. Also, I’d take the glock since I got a ton of mags that would work in it.

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      I’ve never seen a hospital without the 30.06 sign and I work at hospitals frequently, but I’ve also never seen a hospital with metal detectors, so you can probably carry, just not legally.

      1. avatar Robb says:

        This. I work in multiple hospitals in Austin and have yet to see one NOT 30.06 marked.

        1. avatar Robert Farago says:

          New to town. My bad. Text amended.

      2. avatar Steve says:

        As a Paramedic that makes a living going to hospitals, there’s quite a few in my neck of the woods that either have no 30.06 or an incorrect 30.06 with the old wording, thus un-enforceable.

  28. avatar Jeff in Tacoma says:

    I’ll take the Glock 26, but with a Glock 19 barrel. It adds an extra half inch of barrel length. Also I would add low profile Trijicon night sights and a +2 pinky extension. Not to mention the fact that you can carry extra 17 round mags.

  29. avatar FoRealz? says:

    H&K P2000sk 9mm LEM

    But barring that, the G26. 🙂

    Congrats on the new baby!

  30. avatar Tile floor says:

    Glock 26, it’s my EDC and BUG at work. I love it and trust my life with it.

    Nothin against SIG, however

  31. avatar Colby says:

    Assuming I already owned both I’d choose either depending on the situation.

    1. If the store was in a low crime area, and my gun-loving pal owned the store, and I wanted to take a gun I could show off to him when I went in, then I would take the P224; and a good one.

    2. If the store is unfamiliar area with an undetermined risk of being targeted for violent crime, then I will take the G26 because of it’s enhanced shootability, I’m not trying to impress my buddies, all I need it to do is dispense bullets and brass, and because I’ll mind a lot less if my $400 Glock spends a few weeks in an evidence locker rather than than my $800 Sig. (I’d have serious concerns about whether some greedy eyes beheld my P224 and found an administrative device to render it lost so that he could have it.)

    Now if I could only have one of the two mentioned for the rest of my life, or if I was buying the gun to celebrate a new life and had the coin to drop, then I’d take the P224 because it probably functions just as reliably as the G26, but it’s got a metal frame, is a thing of beauty (therefore having added intrinsic value in my opinion), and it’s a potential heirloom. The Glock is just a tool.

  32. avatar Parnell says:

    I like and own both brands, but I’ll take the 26.

  33. avatar El Mac says:

    Neither. Why settle for half a gun?

  34. avatar James says:

    Either one is a good choice. However, an H&K P7 PSP in a Milt Sparks holster is a better one. Yes, it is larger and heavier, but it is probably the safest pistol ever devised. We should always be wide awake when we carry firearms, but we also all know that is not always the case – especially during late night milk runs.

    Congratulations on the addition to the family!

  35. avatar Dustin Eward says:

    None of the above. There are about 60 other guns I would prefer over these (most are rifles). If none of those were available, the SIG, if that wasn’t available, the Glock. Why? If you’re fighting off the dulling effects of sleeplessness, the longer the sight radius, the better.

  36. avatar Rabbi says:

    Consider the offerings from Springfield Armory. Much better ergonomics and trigger than Glocks and Sigs.

    I have been carrying the XD45 for 12? years without a single problem.

  37. avatar JAS says:

    CZ Dan Wesson ECO .45

  38. avatar ropingdown says:

    Look, just tell me next time and I’ll click on the sight 100 times.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      I see what you did there.

      1. I can make a perl script and run it on my server farm if you guys realy need it…

  39. avatar emfourty gasmask says:

    Nyet. Makarov, comrade.

  40. avatar Adam says:

    I would have to go with the Glock. Its not that I wouldnt like the Sig but by the looks of it, the glock offers a higher grip for those of us with large hands.

  41. avatar RockOnHellChild says:


  42. avatar Tom in Oregon says:


    Glock. Then if you decide on bigger gun or bigger caliber, you can get a glock and everything will be identical. For every shot.

  43. avatar Matt says:

    I’ll grab the Glock 26 all day long.

    Why? Because that’s what I carry… all day long.

    Sig makes a nice gun though.

  44. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    Two answers – if you already have and are comfortable with a Glock, go with the Glock 26. If you already have and are comfortable with the P226 or P229, then the Sig is probably the right choice. If you are not already an owner of one or the other weapon system, I’d go with the Glock. Hey – I love Sigs and have a bunch of them, but I bought a Glock G26 based on the weight. For 9mm recoil is not an issue with the G26, so I’d rather not lug around an all-metal boat anchor if I don’t have to.

  45. avatar Pete from Texas says:

    Springfield XD9 SC 13+1

  46. avatar JW says:

    Not carried at the hospital anymore with the no weapons signs up at work now – but was until that point with a superfly holster, deepend front right scrubs pocket, and no round in the chamber – with range practice to rack the slide on the way up to aim.
    Now my G26 stays parked in my car trunk in doctors parking when I go in hospital – it stays next to the case with a Thureon defense 9mm rifle (takes glock mags) with an eotech site, slide fire stock, and a bandolier 8 pack of 33 round mags.
    Lucky for me the range is between work and the house – with a slow day turning into a fun day on the way to hospital or on the way home.
    Lastly, here’s hoping to shoot nothing more threatening in my life than a paper target – but being ready to do so if evil comes my way.

  47. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    SIG for me. Glocks are fine weapons, but they don’t fit my hands as well as SIGs do.

  48. avatar Mr Bob says:

    Still perfectly happy with my SCCY.

  49. avatar Bill K. says:

    Whichever feels better to you. They are both great guns. When I was making a similar choice between a glock 26 and a Springfield XD I went with the XD because it felt better to me, no regrets the XD is a great gun. But I would have gone for the Glock if the XD had not been available.

  50. avatar Stephen says:

    Glock….. That. Way. It. Shoots. EVERY. Time.

    Since 1988, not one failure. Period.

    Don’t play games with defending your family.

    Father of 4.

    Glock Pistols since 1988, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu since 1990. All six in my house know both. Wanna fight about it? 🙂

  51. avatar SdubM45 says:

    VangComp Remington 870. Or try the new VangComp Kel-tec KSG. Because a pistol is what you use to fight your way back to the rife/shotgun/SMG/Belt-fed MG you should have brought with you.

  52. avatar Michael Wlson says:

    the glock 26 ofcourse

  53. avatar ErrantVenture11 says:

    I already own a Sig, so I choose the Glock for variety.

  54. avatar The Bull Lion says:

    Easy! Glock 26…everytime.

  55. avatar Tim U says:

    Between just those? Glock 26 wins hands down. And it’s right next to me as I type this.

  56. avatar Avenger1 says:

    Just cause I don’t care, either or. Which ever gets the job done. Ford or Chevy: which ever goes down the road. Nvidia or ATI: which ever one outputs good video. Pespi or Coke: they both suck, Dr. Pepper… etc. Same BS. Just get the job done.

  57. avatar Dennis says:

    G26. I bought one for my daughter 2 yrs ago. She lets me shoot it, some times. Works just like my G19.

    Besides, I’ve never even seen a Sig, of any kind.

  58. avatar Kendahl says:

    Neither. I’d look for something thinner with room for my little finger. Kahr K9 comes to mind.

  59. avatar Spider Elliott says:

    The Glock, only because I’m a Glocky guy, and a G26 is one of my carry guns. But if the Sig were closer than the Glock, I’d grab that. As much as I like Glocks, you’d never hear me bad-mouth a Sig (or a Ruger, or a S&W, or…), especially the one within reach when SHTF.

  60. avatar Jay In Florida says:

    Since I don’t care for those pistols.
    Id have to say the Sig.
    At least its metal and would make a better club.

  61. avatar Jeff says:

    they’re both practically the same pistol, so who the hell cares?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      You’re not playing the game!

  62. avatar Gary D says:

    The G26. I also like the G30SF..not much bigger and 45ACP.

  63. avatar Mort says:

    Sig 226, stuffed with Hydro-Shocks and FMJ’s!

  64. avatar jimmyjames says:

    The G26 is already my edc gun. With Pearce +3 grip extension it fits me perfectly. Too many horror stories about balky sig pistols including one of my female work mates. Glocks just work, period.

    1. avatar Jake says:

      Curious about the horror stories !! That must be why most special forces, including the SEAL’s, carry SIG’s to combat, including the Secret Service. Many police agencies are trading in the plastic for other brands, with SIG being the choice of most, not all but most. Glock did a great marketing job in the early day’s, by replacing aged police department weapons with free or almost free guns. Naturally the public thinks, if the are using it, it must be the best. If I am driving a 15 year old car and you offer me a new car for almost free if I get rid of the old one. I do have a horror story of my own. A Glock less than 2 years old blowing apart in your hand, causing substantial damage to the hand. I thought the purpose was to hurt the BAD GUY, not yourself. I guess at least a robber will probably leave you alone after that, so that could still be considered a defensive tactic.

  65. avatar SelousX says:

    Probably the Glock, as it’s Manual of Arms is the most similar to that with which I am familiar. A G19 Gen 4 is currently within easy reach and the G26 would operate most similarly; of this I am certain. I would have a Pearce finger rest grip. Within its magazine would be some 124 gr XTPHPs, as the test results I’ve seen out of a short barrel would seem to indicate sufficient performance.

  66. avatar Gregolas says:

    Just compare the two bore axes(axcees? axises?, still sounds right).
    The Glock is MUCH closer to the hand/wrist combo. MUCH better control in rapid fire.
    Game over. Glock won.
    By the way, I would never buy either a 26 or the Sig, but you made me choose.

  67. avatar ShaunL. says:

    I’d pick the 1911.

  68. avatar JohnGaltKS says:

    I would choose the Glock between these two guns for one reason. The hammer on the Sig will snag on clothes in any situation where are carrying inside a pocket. I have several CC vests and coats I wear and any hammerless pistol eliminates the issue with the hammer snagging and stopping the draw when needed. I own the Glock 26, XDS, XDM Compact and Ruger LCP. I can’t imagine tucking a pistol with a hammer in your pullover’s pocket when you are heading to store late at night to buy milk. Sigs are great guns, but saving $300 will buy a lot of other toys and milk. My Glock 26 has the grip laser, an added plus since few criminals want to deal with a victim who has a laser sighted weapon. The bright red dot on their chest means, no shots fired, no paperwork, no gun confiscation by the investigating police, no revenge risk from the criminals gang buddies while your pistol is in the evidence locker waiting for the DA tries to determine if you get your gun back.

  69. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

    Glock 26 for sure. I already own one and carry it everyday. Nice little pistol and takes all of my other Glock 9mm mags. The Sig does look pretty nice though too, I’ve just never seen one in real life.

  70. avatar Dogman says:

    Yep. G26, the gun I already own and carry.

    Now if the choice was between the G19 and SIG P229, the outcome would favor the SIG. Great gun, fits me perfectly, totally reliable, outstandingly easy to shoot well. And I love the G19.

  71. avatar JT says:

    Glock. Lower bore axis and lighter.

  72. avatar davidw says:

    Normally I’m a Sig fanboy and not a Glock fan, but those subcompact Glocks have really grown on me. So G26 it is.

  73. avatar PeterK says:

    Congratulations! 😀 Probably the glock? I’m kind of a road most traveled guy when it comes to gun purchases. :p

  74. avatar TheYetti says:

    I’ve got a 26. It works and I can hit stuff with it. I’d like to try the SIG though.

  75. avatar Terry says:

    The 224 with DAK. I can also use mags for 229 and 226.

  76. avatar caligula says:

    Glock 26. Lighter, more cost effective, more aftermarket options.

  77. avatar Bevan says:

    I would love to have the Sig P224 Equinox in 40 S&W with DA/SA trigger. My reasons are #1, it has the same manual of arms as my existing home defense weapon, a full size Sig P227; and #2, it is so darn good looking!; I just love guns because of the pleasure I get from them, not just their utility in danger, though that too matters. I guess I am one part collector, one part sportsman and one part anti-terrorist/sheep dog. The Glock may be just as good at the last job but just can’t give me the pleasure I get from a Sig. Since they both throw lead equally well, why not get the one that does it with class and is as much fun to clean as it is to shoot?

  78. Great read. I am a gun whore and actually own both of these examples. they are both very similar yet extremely different. Albeit, I own a G26 in 9 mm and a sig p224 extreme in .357 sig. i really do not care about how many shots I can get off in a second; i care more about the quality of shot; from the very first one. I love the P224 in .357 sig; the ballistics are awesome; incredible knock down power. Super accurate. However, the G26 is light and real packable even when just wearing shorts and a t. The .357 sig is a bit snappier than the G26 9mm. The Glock is a great pocket gun and the Sig is a great pocket rocket that provides world class firepower in a small form. So, if I have been to the range a lot with the sig I would drag it along; no practice, no problem I would take the G26.

  79. avatar Gwen Patton says:

    I have had terrible luck with Sigs. I can’t hit the broadside of a barn with one, no matter what I try. I think the balance just throws me off subliminally, somehow, or it’s some strange aspect of the sights, or the grip is wrong, I can’t place it, but I’ve never been able to hit properly with a SIG. It might just be superstition, too, I can’t tell. For this reason, I don’t own any SIGs. I do, however, own a Glock 26, a nice one with an integral laser that I inherited from a friend of ours who passed away and left it to me. I carry it once in a while, take it out to practice with it, and usually have it in the bed holster because it’s easier to handle than my .45, especially when not fully awake. The PMR-30 would be even easier to shoot, less recoil, but the round isn’t all that heavy, and you need good shot placement to use it effectively, even with a 30-round magazine. My first weapon was a 9mm, so I have the most muscle-memory developed for that round’s recoil and return to target, so relying on that for the emergency, next-to-the-bed gun is probably my wisest choice.

  80. avatar Timmy says:

    Sig is 12 rounds in 9mm not 10

  81. avatar Jeff Hunt says:

    I love my Sigs, but I carry G27- so my vote is for Glock.

  82. avatar Scott L Greer says:

    Neither, I carry either the Sig p250 subcompact 9mm, a Ruger LCR 9MM, or the Smith&Wesson M&P9c. To be honest the M&P gets the most holster time, I absolutely love it!

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