Civil Discourse and Civility

One of the things TTAG prides itself on is civil discourse. TTAG has a policy of deleting ad hominem attacks and vulgarities in the comments section. While some may complain that this restricts their right to express their opinion on certain issues, the administrators maintain that it keeps us from looking uncivilized. I couldn’t agree […]

Which Gun Would You Grab: Non-Lethal Addition

  Scenario: Every morning, you take your favorite little Pomeranian, Mr. Scruffles, for a walk around your posh neighborhood in Lakeway, Texas. Both you and he enjoy your daily constitutional. You get a chance to show off your manly physique and so does Mr. Scruffles. Sadly, Dr. Excelsior’s Doberman likes neither you nor Mr. Scruffles […]

Which Gun Would You Grab? – SpaceGun Spectacular

Scenario: For the past several weeks people have been vanishing, only to reappear distraught and covered head to toe in strange surgical marks and scarification. They all report the same thing: alien abduction. At first, you thought they were all lying…now the television is aglow with reports of flying saucers landing around the globe. The […]

Somebody Open the Machine Gun Registry…

One of the questions I occasionally get during the day at the class-3 FFL where I work is, “can I buy a machine gun?” I usually respond with the whole spiel of how “the registry” was closed and how much that tends to stink for anyone of average means who desires a full-auto weapon. Quite […]

Guns and Alcohol Don’t Mix…Except When They Do

I’m going to be blunt: I’ve consumed alcohol while carrying. I have no qualms about doing so. I will continue to do so, wherever legal. Whenever I bring up my take on drinking and carrying, I get sneers. “It’s against the law! You’re going to go to jail! You should drink Coke or iced-tea!” The first […]

Which Gun Would You Grab: Glock 26 or Sig 224?

Baby fever has swept my household. My wife and I are expecting our own little bundle of joy in the next couple days. [ED: mazel tov!] So it is with thematic obviousness that this week’s post features two small or “baby” 9mm pistols. The first being the plastic fantastic Glock 26, affectionately known as the “Baby […]