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“The average prison time doled out to Baltimore’s felony gun offenders doubled in 2011 to more than five years in state institutions from 32 months in 2009, according to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who released new crime data Tuesday.” has more glad tidings. “Federally indicted gun cases were also up 16 percent during the two-year period, and non-fatal shootings were down by the same percentage, her office said. ‘These results are a product of a smart enforcement strategy focused on violent offenders and illegal guns, strong partnerships with communities and state and federal criminal justice agencies, and strategic legislative advocacy,’ Rawlings-Blake said in a statement.” Meanwhile, New York City Mayor and gun grabber extraordinaire Michael Bloomberg is busy shooting his mouth off, defending the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy . . .

Responding to an editorial in the [New York] Times that called Philadelphia’s court-ordered stop-and-frisk policy more enlightened than the Big Apple’s, Bloomberg fired back.

“Why would any rational person want to trade what we have here for the situation in Philadelphia?” Bloomberg told New York TV station NY1. “More murders? Higher crime?”

Bloomberg pointed out that after Philadelphia was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union and entered into a consent degree to make changes to the stop-and-frisk policy, murders and other violent crime went up.

“Now, Philadelphia is a great city, but it has the highest murder rate of any of the 10 largest cities in the country, and the number of murders is going up,” he said. “Somehow the Times failed to mention that.” . . .

“I just have to wonder what kind of world they are living in,” Bloomberg said of the Times’ editorial board

Wow. Reading between the lines of this story, Mikey is on a major bridge burning jag. The New York Times has supported his gun control agenda through thick and thin. And Bloomie’s shot across the bow of the City of Brotherly Love is sure to wear thin his relationship with Mayors Against Illegal Guns supporter Mayor Michael Nutter [sic]. Or not.

Mayor Nutter said that settlement of the ACLU suit [against Philly’s stop-and-frisk policing] didn’t cause the spike in homicides. “What leads to an increase in crime is people with bad behavior acting like idiots on the street,” he told reporters.

Philadelphia’s had 20 more homicides as of Thursday compared with this time last year, not counting the eight alleged victims of illegal-abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Nutter, who called himself a friend of Bloomberg’s — they’ve partnered on anti-illegal-gun initiatives — backed New York’s mayor.

“I am here on the ground in Philadelphia,” Nutter told a reporter. “With every respect to the New York Times, they don’t live in Philadelphia.”

I’m so down with that. Let’s put the entire New York Times editorial board in a North Philly housing project for a week. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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  1. While I don’t really agree with stop and frisk at least not to me I can understand it.
    In high crime areas you need to start trying to stop the insanity. Yes in those areas there is the question of civil liberties etc, but to be honest they are profiling. I don’t think they are out there frisking 70 year old ladies coming home from Bingo!
    Of course the ACLU and others will be crying about racial profiling etc, but you know what? IT WORKS!!!
    So either you empower the populace to defend themselves, ie shall issue CCW or you take steps to make sure the bad guys with illegal guns are off the streets. It seems they aren’t ready for the former..

    • So either you empower the populace to defend themselves, ie shall issue CCW or you take steps to make sure the bad guys with illegal guns are off the streets. It seems they aren’t ready for the former.
      Option A respects both the Second and Fourth Amendments, while Option B violates both of them. It should be a no brainer.

      • Yeah I know..
        I didn’t say which one made legal sense but rather which one they would choose to do.

    • It has never ceased to amaze me as to how many police officers seem to be needed to control a crime scene. I see all these pictures of cops standing around, getting paid, looking bored, and doing nothing. Reminds me of a road crew.

      • Reminds me of a car crash yesterday – they shut down all four lanes for four hours and they used 15-20 cops to park their cars sideways and put up cones….then proceeded to stand around and talk while the EMT’s did the actual work.

  2. Did Bloomberg seriously just use the Mussolini “the trains are on time” defense? NYC may trample your rights, your freedoms, and render you slaves of the state royalty, but at least our crime rates are lower? Wow. How is this mad dictator still in office? Braindead NYC voters deserve every ill that comes to them.

    And as a PA resident near Philly, we here aren’t too fond of Nutter, but Bloomberg makes him look like Charleton Heston.

    • Silver, you had me busting a gut with “the trains are on time” line. And I agree with your assessment of Bloomberg vs. Nutter. At least Nutter doesn’t seem like he wants to be King of the world yet…….

  3. “What leads to an increase in crime is people with bad behavior acting like idiots on the street,” he told reporters.

    Ya know, Nutter and I have our differences, but that one hit the bulls eye.

  4. On the one hand, I’ve heard some arguments from NYPD types that the stats involved are misleading. Chiefly this can be summarized as “people who are arrested often don’t get SQF forms filled out.”

    OTOH that million stops a year, are there really those many suspicious people justifying all those stops? How many more stops are there anyway if people who are arrested tend not to get SQF forms.

    OTGH it doesn’t matter. If you’re suing the Government you can’t hope for better than Judge Scheindlin

  5. Well, here’s the hilarious (or not so much) part. Insanely aggravating actually. Stop and Frisk in NYC has skyrocketed under M.B. and R.K. These two love to tout and publicize crocked up crime stats at news conferences and in major publications. The problem? The “numbers” or more appropriately, contrived derivations, are skewed and politicized to suit their Public Relations needs. In reality, the number of actual SHOOTINGS in NYC in recent years has been more or less the SAME as it was under previous administrations! In once instance, and major faux pas, they report deaths from shootings not shootings themselves. Take a look at this independent report:

  6. lol Philly doesn’t have more murders than NYC. It has a higher murder rate though. 320 murders in Philly compared to 515 in NYC last year. Bloomberg is an idiot. More guns are on these streets I guess he didn’t see that report the Daily News had that said on May 13th 500 people were already shot up 6% from last year.

  7. And the info Bloomberg puts out there is false. NYc is more dangerous than people belive it is. Just because you spent a day or 2 in Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn doesn’t mean you’ve seen the whole city. There’s 5 boroughs. You don’t see tourist walking through Brownsville of East New York, South-side Jamaica Queens, the South Bronx or any Projects down there.


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