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I’m having a hard time understanding the mainstream media’s fascination with Middle Eastern slaughter when Mexico is the bloodbath next door, with tens of thousands of citizens tortured, murdered and dismembered. To wit: “At least 10 people were murdered over the weekend in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco,” reports. “Two dismembered bodies were found Sunday morning by the Acapulco municipal police department. The mutilated bodies were discovered in Acapulco’s La Maquina district, with the heads and extremities left alongside the trunks. Two men were gunned down at a basketball court in La Maquina on Saturday morning. The other five bodies were found in different sections of the resort city, and all of the victims died from gunshot wounds.” If the PRI wins Mexico’s upcoming presidential election, they’ll cut a deal with the cartels and we’ll have a full-blown narcoterrorist state on our border. And Mexico’s disarmed, powerless populace will live under its yoke. Unless they head North . . .

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  1. “Unless they head North . . .”

    …and become part of the voting bloc that continually puts Progressive enemies of the Constitution into office, thus ensuring that eventually their new home will look more and more like the hell they just left. Explain that one.

    • Yeah, well, conservatives, for their own sake, need to figure that one out. White dudes are diminishing as a proportion of the population, and an electoral strategy that depends solely on them will eventually lose out. Right now, Democrats are pretty much winning the majority of those demographics by default. Something is going have to to done at some point.

      • It’s called “sight, shrug your shoulders, and wait for the fall.”

        If progressive policies end up not working then any government run by ’em will necessarily fall, eventually. At that point the conservatives can marshal their resources and form a new working state that’ll run the way they want it to – pro-business, limited government, etc.

        If progressive policies actually do work then there’s really no point kvetching about ’em… just get used to the pattern of BOHICA (and again, and again…)

    • I can’t explain it logically since it is unrealistic for the development of a sane healthy society and country. The modern versions of the Democrat and Republican Parties and their ideologies are dysfunctional, corrupt, incompetent, morally bankrupt, and doomed to eventually fail for very different reasons. I don’t see why people say Obama is nonreligious. I find people like him ideological religious fanatics. His religion is Progressive Fascism.

    • All the more reason to legalize any & all recreational drugs.
      And I’m not an advocate of recreational drug use. It simply seems obvious to me that the quickest, easiest path for riding society of them, is to allow druggies full & free access so they can overdose and stop clogging up our prisons & further polluting the gene pool.
      And ‘yes’, I’m personally related to some of these losers. I’m done caring about the obscenely-stupid choices they make.

  2. The difference to me, about Syria specifically, is that the Head of State is the one committing atrocities. Whereas in Mexico it’s ex-military, albeit corruption turning the blind eye to the narco-terror.

    • really. the head of state committing atrocities – as opposed to Al Qaeda backed rebels who recently beheaded a Catholic priest, and forced shimmy on Christians,

  3. The difference I see is they talk up the violence “over there” which people here don’t worry quite too much about. Drawing attention to atrocities in our own time zone right over the southern border would draw questions about just what the fvck our current administration is doing about it. And no one in the media wants those questions to be asked.

  4. I agree with L.Y. but that doesn’t mean we should ignore Mexico’s issues. The drug cartels are running the country and the spill over is happening, and will continue to happen. The funny thing is I don’t blame the people leaving either. It is their own government and lack of enforcement to do anything that is the issue. But as usual it will be ignored until it bites us in the butt.
    More than likely it will be some massacre from the drug cartel on our boarder agents or something along those lines. Then depending on who is in office they may choose to ignore it or cry out for more gun control like it would have helped some how.
    I don’t agree what is going on in Syria either. The US and the UN are pathetic, and unable to do anything of substance. Iran, and Syria both know this.

  5. I could be wrong, but when the media has been critical of anything happening in Mexico, the latino/mexican community has put the racist kabosh on the story because they don’t want to draw link of what is happening in Mexico to the illegals in the USA versus maybe…idk…spinning that these people are probably legitimately in many cases trying to run from the violence and should call on the US gov. to something about the issues in Mexico.

    Who knows, maybe with the release of the movie “For Greater Glory” next week and the story of the the La Cristiada which was an uprising and counter-revolution against the Mexican government that some enterprising reporters in hopes to link to the movie release may actually write a piece to talk about what is happening in Mexico…maybe in the NYT….then again…no

  6. Any report on cartel violence in Mexico may remind readers of “Fast and Furious,” and the media needs to keep that hush-hush.

  7. Middle Eastern news is great for ratings. Desert savages killing eachother to please the same god is hilarious. You can’t spell “slaughter” without “laughter.” Drug cartels are so 1986, ya know? It’s all about prophets and profits.

  8. Really an excellent juxtaposition Mr Bond. Shouldn’t our outrage and action be directed closer to our own borders first?

    BTW my comment editor just keeps saying “Loading”, and it never does. Do I have to enable cookies or change some setting. Everything else works just like it used to for me before the switch bak and forth with the same settings.

  9. If there were aircraft bombing and strafing civilians in Mexico we’d probably be hearing about it in the Leftstream media. But there aren’t, so what passes for journalism in this country considers Mexico a low intensity conflict, despite numbers that are approaching the total U.S. casualties in Vietnam, after less than 6 years.

    Plus, it’s probably more dangerous to be a journalist in Mexico than it is in Syria.

  10. How many of you commenters have been to Mexico lately?

    The violence is a war between drug cartels. Does anyone disagree with that?

    Of course there are dangerous parts of the country. Mexico City has been one of the worst. Mexicans have been escaping there for more than ten years. It’s because the police are corrupted and have been kidnapping people for ransom. It’s not a lot different than Miami.

    If you want to stay away from violence in Mexico stay out of the drug trade. What is happening is that two cartels, the Sinaloa cartel and the Zetas have been fighting over the pathway to smuggle drugs through Texas. They have been killing each other. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has tried to end the drug wars by sending in police and military. Of course this has escalated the violence.

    I would rather live in most Mexican cities – not border towns – than places like Miami, Chicago, and New York.

    • You cannot be joking. I have family that lives in cities near the border and if you think that it’s as simple as “stay out of drug business”, you’re wrong.
      When you have to dodge military checkpoints, when you’re afraid of throwing parties because you don’t know if one of those guess might have a hit on one of them, then yeah, I think your life is affected.
      When running gun battles between different cartels and the military erupt at any time, while people go on their daily business. You cannot live normally, it disrupts the civic and social fabric of a community. It’s about as bad as Medellin and Bogota ever got.
      Yeah, ok Merida and Oaxaca might be nice places to relative to border towns. But for how long?

  11. I don’t think it’s primarily a political issue, rather there are a couple of mentalities in play. First, the mainstream media still see themselves as gatekeepers, and they don’t want to scare people by reporting on what’s happening right nextdoor. Second, they think of it as a crime issue, therefore local to Mexico, as opposed to a war or humanitarian crisis which would be newsworthy here.

    And yes, at least some journalists and editors are lefties who don’t want to report the scale of the atrocities because, in their minds, it becomes a racial issue and gives ammunition (so to speak) to those who want to completely close the border.

  12. Maybe it’s time the U.S. stopped dumping money on a failed drug war. Legalize and tax it, put U.S. farmers to work growing a very profitable product and stop the flow of money to Mexico.

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