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For decades, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, otherwise known as the gun control industry and their stenographers in the press, have primarily directed their attention and their attacks at the big bad NRA. They even referred to the NRA when talking about “the gun industry.”

It never seemed to matter much that the NRA is actually a member organization made up of millions of individuals. It similarly seemed to escape their notice that the actual gun industry — manufacturers, retailers, ranges, etc. — had its own organization that represents their interests. It’s called the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But as the NRA has suffered endless self-inflicted wounds, reducing its membership by about 20% and draining it of resources as more and more of its cash has gone to pay attorneys cleaning up messes after hare-brained gambits, misbegotten business ventures, and defending its corrupt officers, it’s fallen to other orgs to take up more of the fight against the gun control industry and mount legal challenges in both the pre- and post-Bruen worlds.

It’s gradually, finally begun to dawn on the winged monkeys who craft the gun control industry’s strategy and messaging that continuing to attack and demonize the NRA was increasingly a waste of their money, their effort, and their breath.

At the same time, the NSSF has taken a gradually more prominent role in advocating for gun rights in recent years and has stepped up the number of legal challenges it mounts to unconstitutional limits on the right to keep and bear arms.

Along with vigorous activity on the part of operations like the Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, the Second Amendment Foundation and smaller regional orgs, the NSSF’s more activist stance has been welcome in a world of waning NRA vitality (and possibly viability).

That more activist stance by the NSSF was, of course, bound to elicit an eventual reaction and re-orientation of incoming fire from the disarmament droogs who run and coordinate the gun control movement in this country.

In August, the always vigilant Guardian newspaper fingered the NSSF as “more insidious than the NRA,” exposing the gun industry trade association for having the temerity to represent the interests of its member companies and their customers.

The rising clout of the NSSF is underscored in part by the group’s increased spending on lobbying, which has outpaced the NRA’s lobbying spending in recent years. For instance, in 2020 and 2021, the NSSF reported spending $4.6m and $5m respectively on federal lobbying. By contrast, the NRA spent $2.2m and $4.9m.

Further, the NSSF’s legal muscle has expanded in the last year since the NSSF tapped the former solicitor general Paul Clement as an outside lawyer to fight laws in seven states that limit the protections from lawsuits that were granted by Congress.

Oh, the humanity!

Someone named Elle Hardy exposed the NSSF and the industry of employing “cold-blooded capitalism” and having “learned from Big Tobacco”

Watching the extinguishing of the tobacco industry, the powerful gun lobby realised that failure to move with the times would see guns, like cigarettes, becoming a fringe vice that was looked down on by the general public. To survive, the industry would have to persuade citizens that its product is a mainstream commodity. Limiting itself to only the “pale, male, and stale” demographic was not only bad for its image — it was bad for business.

Naturally, it turned to advertising. White men would no longer be the focus. Women, people of colour, and the gay and lesbian communities were targeted with slogans such as “Equality? Brought to you by Sam Colt”, “Gun control once kept freedmen defenseless against KKK”, and, “99.8% of rapists polled prefer you unarmed”.

How do they even sleep at night?

The latest push comes from our Bloomberg-financed friends at Everytown for Gun Control. They’ve just established something called intended — all together now — to “hold the gun industry accountable.”

With the new site, Everytown is blowing the lid off of the shady gun industry and its highly questionable practices that include designing and manufacturing heavily regulated products that people want and need, advertising them to potential customers, and then — can you even believe it? — selling them through federally licensed and regulated retailers.

It’s sure to become the go-to online hub for all of the most concerned suburban wine moms who are looking to stay current on the gun business’s worst, most appalling, and totally outrageous practices…you know, like selling products that are responsible for stopping and preventing more than 1.6 million crimes every year.

You can check it out here.


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  1. 🤣

    every time I see stuff like this from the anti-gun industry with their contrived over-dramatized and over-the-top exaggerations I have a good laugh over it.

  2. “How do they even sleep at night?”

    Better than we do, unfortunately… 🙁

    • How many more times do plan on re-posting the same tired crap, you bitter old bat? 🙁

      • oldturdgeoff…Only the biggest Trump bashing democRat Party lint licker on this forum would stoop to ask such a despicable question… Leave your complaint on the video site and then gfy.

  3. If this be the case then car manufacturers should be held accountable for auto mishaps and deaths in same.

    • Well that’s likely part of the plan. You know green new deal, walkable cities, renewable energy paradise and all.

  4. “stopping and preventing more than 1.6 million crimes every year.”

    and… avoid over $120 billion annually in adverse crime effects by stopping the bad guys, and save upwards of 3 million lives annually (varies). in 2022 63.5% of active shooters nationwide were stopped by armed ordinary law abiding citizens by use of DGU – in places ordinary law abiding armed citizens are allowed to be armed legally. The FBI says a home invasion happens every 30 seconds in the United States so that’s upwards of 3,000 a day – a little over 75% of those the occupant uses DGU to repel the invaders – just home invasion alone is ~820,000 valid legal defense DGU uses annually. According to the anti-gun industry cult and their cult following in their constant anti-gun agenda spew these lives, these children-women-men their lives are not worth anything, they would have literally preferred these victims died or been seriously injured rather than have a firearm for that necessary defense and the anti-gun cult does everything it can to facilitate the violence that needs to be defended against by trying to keep as many victims and potential victims as defenseless as possible which makes it easier overall for the violent attackers.

    Or to put it another way – ordinary law abiding armed citizens actually stop more bad guys in the actual commission of a crime annually that all the law enforcement agencies in the United States (collectively local, county, state, and federal), and 100% more bad guys in the actual commission of a crime annually than a written law does.

  5. NRA,FPC,GOA,NAGGA,NSSA, whatever.
    In a country with true freedom the government should go after anyone infringing a constitutional right.
    But No.
    The Supreme Court says, dont mean sht.

  6. Breaking for DUNCAN v BONTA: and… California’s Emergency Motion to 9th Circuit in Benitez MAG Case Looks Like a LOSER.

  7. Debunking the 2.2 Shot Myth (which was never true to begin with in its origin, and was further regurgitated by the FBI and others in the anti-gun industry and others as well. If you read the recent Benitez decision in Duncan v. Bonta its explained.).

  8. Keep an eye out for members of the industry pulling Springfields or Rugers trying to leverage legislation against their opponents.

    • gadsdenfag…your money goes towards your phone bill so you can post your number like an ignorant tough guy wannabe. Tell me tough guy…Does the State of Flordia have Parishes or Counties? Your butt buddy oldturdgeoff really needs to know, perhaps then he can cease lying about his location.

      • oldturdgeoff…Shouldn’t you be bashing Trump and campaigning for niki haley? Tell us again who to vote you politically inept lying pos.

      • 1 victory at a time, I guess. Since the citizenry refuses to eliminate the problem as necessary. Our Founding Patriots would be ashamed at the state of the Freedoms and Liberties, they fought and died to establish.

  9. Leftism is really a mental illness, “Lets release dangerous and violent criminals as soon as possible” followed by “Why are people buying guns”.
    If you look at new gun owners, it includes women that realized during the BLM/ANTIFA riots that they were going to have to protect themselves and their children, as the police would not.

  10. “But as the NRA has suffered endless self-inflicted wounds, reducing its membership by about 20%”

    As I see it – “reducing its membership by about 90%”
    Fire Wayne!

    Benefactor Life Member

  11. So, this new website is going to (wait for it) … blame firearm manufacturers for violent crime.

    Heaven forbid they blame the perpetrators of violent crime or the Democrat Party platform which exacerbates the foundational familial and social decay–you know, the ACTUAL primary causal factor of violent crime.

  12. I pulled a month as a prison guard at Ft. Ord from the Radio Operators Course in ‘69. Low instructor on the totem pole.
    Quite a time of learning…
    Mental Illness, Cruelty and Disregard for others is common in crooks.
    In Civilian Life, Collusion and Plotting to deprive a CITIZEN of his/her/its rights is a big Federal Felony. I FEELZ Threatened.
    Let’s build more prisons!
    Open their doors next January 6th!

  13. Biden’s Dog Bites A Secret Service Agent … Again >

    “Commander is a 2-year-old pure-bred German shepherd that replaced Major, the Bidens’ German shepherd rescue who also had several instances of biting people at the White House.

    The numerous examples of Commander — and Major — injuring people has forced the White House to respond and has prompted conversations about how the dogs may have made the complex an unsafe workplace. ”

    According to CDC dog bite statistics, more than 4.5 million people report being bitten by dogs each year in the United States: More than 800,000 people per year report requiring medical attention for their dog bites – About 30–50 people are killed by dogs each year and in 2020, 46 people were killed – Children are the most common victims of dog bites.

    And now …. White House Dog Violence, again! Ban white house dogs now dogs now or limit their teeth to 10 or less.

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