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“On April 15, three men approached a home in the 9800 block of South Agave Cactus Way and told two men who were outside they were police officers, according to court documents,” reports. “They forced the victims inside the home where the owner’s wife was told their two children and another child would be killed if they didn’t hand over drugs and money. After being told they had no money or drugs, the invaders searched the house for 30 to 45 minutes and took the homeowner’s wallet and cellphone . . .

Miguel Angel Soberanes, Ernesto Adrian Guerrero Jr., 23, [above] and Daniel Alejandro Macias, 22, were arrested a short time later.

Soberanes pleaded guilty to one count of attempted aggravated assault and admitted he was the getaway driver. Guerrero was placed on three years’ intensive probation after pleading guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Macias is to go to trial April 9.

So, which of these things is more important for public safety: gun control or sentencing for convicted criminals? Oh, and home carry folks. Home carry.

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  1. Holy crap I wouldn’t have thought in AZ! And what is “intensive” probation?! Kinda like double super secret probation? What a joke. This judge needs to be fired.

      • Oh yes, it is so much more important to keep non violent drug offenders off the streets. They might smoke a joint or something. /sarcasm

      • Drug prohibitionists have no problem using the guns of FedGov to punish their favorite hated demographic.

        Arguing with those guys is almost exactly like arguing with gun grabbers. Different product, same assholes.

        I have had it with footing the bill to warehouse non-violent no-victim offenders.

      • “the jails are filled with non-violent “drug offenders”

        I hear this a lot, but I’d like to see some numbers. I mean, I don’t support custodial sentences for simple possession, but if you’re talking about serious dealers, or folks who commit other, non-violent, crimes like theft to support their habits, then they belong in jail. Places like Canada or the UK where they don’t like to lock up folks for “minor” property crimes are overrun with property crime.

        • Agreed. n California, the US Court of Appeals order the California penal system to release 35,000 prisoners to cure a longstanding overcrowding problem that has resulted in a variety of constituionla deprivations. SCOTUS dclined review. So now these nonviolent drug offenders and other low-level criiminals are returned to the streets on probation. I don’t have an issue with pot heads, but in my rural community, most of the offenders are methheads who burgle and steal cars to support the habit that got them in trouble in the first place and which they pick up as soon as they leave prison. The local jails cannot handle the overflow, so it is mostly catch and release, resulting in a surge of multiple offenses by the same offenders. And there have been armed robberies of the few remaining pot dispensaries and a few grows.
          We are not happy.

  2. “has been placed on three years’ intensive probation “……Seriously???? And we wonder why we have a violent crime problem.

    Meanwhile, every LAW ABIDING gun owning citizen in this country is already deemed a lunatic for owning a gun. Subject to new restrictive laws, treated like a convicted pedophile by the media and our elected officials.

    Our government at work.

    • I don’t think this is “our” government and hasn’t been fore some time. It’s almost like they keep goons like these on the streets to help subdue the population.

  3. Hmmm, three violent offenders, preferably three rounds (minimum) each… yup no one needs more than seven rounds.

  4. The whole legal and jail system is screwed up.

    Those scumbags should be put in front of a Firing Squad.

  5. I started home carry two weeks ago. I’m in a low threat area but tweakers do drive to where I live to steal stuff. It’s good to befriend LEOs in the area for intel.

    • I home carry as well and frankly dont understand people who carry but think home carry is rediculous. For this exact reason.

      The local police station/court/jail is right down the road from me and there is almost always at least one officer in a patrol car in the immediate area. So far, they have proven a quick response as does the ALS (paramedic) equipped fire department up the road but with a ghetto in my backyard, I will continue to home carry

  6. Pro-carry laws do now good if people don’t actually carry. And…shucks there were three of them. Sounds like a job for a standard capacity magazine.

  7. A slap on the wrist for strong arm robbery & what 5 years for a mag with 1 round too many. When did the dems figure it was just too expensive to treat the people in the nut house, Randy

  8. There is no shortage of courts fueling the fires of criminal activity. My new favorite happened right here in Madison, Wi…
    “…Gonzalez-Ruiz has prior convictions for aggravated assault in Puerto Rico, possession of a sawed-off shotgun and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in Massachusetts, and first-degree reckless injury and aggravated battery in Wisconsin…”
    Nope, no career criminal here. Move along folks, nothing to see.

  9. Why do we home carry? Because that’s where 100% of home invasions happen. We’ve had violent home invasions in my area. A 62 yo women was shot, not killed, during one.

    I home carry a j frame with a shotgun in support if needed.

    • My doorman if a fo fi. And I home carry for the same reasons. Like G. Gordon Liddy once said “A gun is something you needed a few seconds ago”

  10. If we continue to let liberals run this country we are doomed. Self defense in your own home will be a criminal offense. They will accuse of you of taking the law into your own hands. The burglars (victims according to liberals) will be portrayed in the papers as loving rogue sons who didn’t deserve to die. Not only were they victims of a ruthless human being taking the law into his/her hands but they were also victims of society. They were just a little lost, that’s no reason to shoot them. If you just would have let them rape your wife and stab you a few times they would be alive and you would be recovering in the hospital instead of in jail right now.

    This is where the liberals want to take our country. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s already like this in the UK. Read up on the Tony Martin story, its pretty similar to this.

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