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“That’s stupid,” Lola pronounced while I was uploading this. “Can you please turn it off? Is that stupid? I think that’s stupid. If you do put that video on your website say your [eight-year-old] daughter can not stand it.” [Update: the previous video was removed by the user after it appeared on TTAG. This one should play and play. Or not.]

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  1. I found the video quite humorous. I especially liked the part where the thing said words about the subject and I burst out with laughter.

  2. I believe this is an example of the psychological phenomenon known as “projection”. I’m glad people like this don’t have guns. They know themselves well enough to know they can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, they assume what applies to them applies to everyone else too.

  3. This (the second video, never got a chance to not see the first one) would end in the beating death of the comedian in most of America. It is SO FULL of liberal BS. It did well in whichever liberal bastion it was filmed in, though.

    Just goes to show that there are still a lot of people who still believe the lies. They’re a minority, but they’re concentrated together in very influential parts of the country. Our work is not done …

    • Beating death? Not the best choice of words to counteract his argument about average Americans not having enough self-control to carry weapons every day.
      We should hold ourselves to higher standards of behavior. The best way to disprove his point is to be a good sport about it. Comedy isn’t the arena to make the point. We do battle in the logical spaces, win our points, and shift the narrative until that spiel isn’t funny ANYWHERE, including among liberal democrats in cities… because those liberal democrats will all go home with appropriately stylish, expensive SIGs, Kimbers, and vintage .38’s on their hips. Guns can be as apolitical here as they are in Israel… or Switzerland, or Austria…
      In the meantime, lets not beat the comedian to death, or even joke about it.

  4. At what point was he funny? I am in agreement with Josh, we need to hold back on the “…beating…” type of comments. Yes I know that is freedom of (limited) speech. But we MUST hold ourselves to a higher level. We have enough idiots running around with firearms, hurting our cause.
    I personally found this guy without merit. It is obvious he was pandering to a lower level of non-rational being. I have had some moments of great personal satisfaction when a former liberal has come to the light, and finally bows down to the fact that the bad guys will hurt or kill you, before you can dial 911.
    I had that happen when I was a firearms instructor in VT. This individual had been very vocal about never owning a “…gun…”, that is until he needed one. He complied with the bad guy, by doing all that he was told to do. Keep quiet, give me your money, watch, credit cards, etc. Then the bad guy beat the hell out of him for being a kind, gentle, liberal! What an apifiny that was for the liberal.

  5. The laughter sounds so forced. One lady wants to make it known to the viewers that she is laughing at his “jokes”.

  6. All the great comedians are dead, like George Carlin, Sam Kinnison, Bill Hicks and Gerald Ford.

  7. There is a reason this guy is “performing” on a plywood stage for 8 people while guys like Carlin sold out every theater they went to. And that reason is he’s a doosh.

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