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Jeb Bush was “once considered a shoe-in for the Republican presidential nomination”? Who said that? I would agree with the snarky lib’s assertion that Jeb Bush’s “here’s my FN, there are many like it” tweet is a sign of Jeb!’s desperation. Lest we [ever] forget, early in his campaign, the former Florida governor stated that he would leave gun control laws to the states. He is not a friend of ours . . .

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.02.30 AM

OK, he is a bit. What are the odds of the former First Lady or the socialist from Vermont tweeting a pic of their gat? I mean, their Secret Service detail’s firearms.

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  1. The thought of another Bush in office is only slightly less offensive than another Clinton quite bluntly. Definitely tried to push the weak line early on. I am not 100% on his record as governor though, that I’d actually like to see. He still seems like a corporate shill to me.

    • Belgian the company may be but the gun was made in the USA

      “Made in the USA

      All FN handguns, with the exception of the FN FiveseveN®, are manufactured at the company’s state-of-the art production facility in Columbia, SC. FN America also currently produces the FN 15™ series of modern sporting rifles for U.S. consumers and law enforcement as well as the M4/M4A1 carbines, M16 rifles, MK46, MK48 and M240 machine guns, and the MK19 grenade launcher for the U.S. military”

      • Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against FN, and am fully aware that they make rifles for the US military etc. I just find it an odd choice if you’re looking to make a political statement, as he (or more specifically his campaign) was obviously trying to do.

        • To me, in order to be some kind of political “statement”, he would need to have *bought* it, not have it given to him. Carrying it would be even better, sorta like Perry occasionally producing his revolver from concealment.

      • I’d be even less likely to vote for him if he owned a Kel-Tec or Diamondback or SCCY or Century Arms hahaha… maybe a Serbu would be cool.

        My takeaway from the photo is: cool, FN gave him a free pistol.

        • Now there’s a question for the Armed Intelligentsia: If each presidential candidate was a firearm, what would s/he be?

  2. The media apparently doesn’t understand that just because THEY constantly said Jeb was going to get the republication nomination that it didn’t actually make it true.

  3. Pretty amusing photoshopping on the “Gov. Jeb Bush” if you look at the replies to the thread.
    My fave: “Front: Toward Trump”

    • Granted, but they have also been at least as harmful in damaging gun rights (most of the import bans stem from Bush Sr, and W banned the import of barrels. Plenty of ATF shenanigans was encouraged under both, also). Jeb’s the best of the bunch, but so was Romney during the general last go-around –yuk.

      • I wanted to show a distinction between the candidates; not giving money to anti-gun pols is about the least anyone can do and still say they’re pro 2A. Its an incredibly low bar yet some can’t make it.

        • I kinda doubt the Bushes contributed much to anybody’s campaign, other than their own, they were expecting people to donate to them. Trump was a businessman, contributed to those he wanted the ability to influence, regardless of how much politicians want to lie about it. All you need to do to see the truth is watch what happens to donations as a result of a drubbing or a victory in the primaries. Even from a good or bad performance in a debate.

      • W. signed concealed carry into law in Texas. Can’t take that away from him. He also let the federal assault weapons ban sunset.

        • His pledge to sign a CC bill is what elected him, all by itself, he’d have been dragged out of the mansion the same day he refused to sign it, forget waiting for the next election. He’d have been lucky to survive.

    • But what of the JMB designed (partly) Hi-Power? FNH Belgium made or not, it’s a wonderful American design. Colt should have embraced Browning’s designs instead of rebuking him. But I guess that is Monday morning quarterbacking…

  4. I applaud him for making the antis piss their depends, but I still wouldn’t vote for him. That is unless he actually won the nomination, then I would hold my nose. While Hillary and Bernie are in top fuel dragster heading for the cliff, Bush would only be double timing it.

  5. It would have been much cooler if it said, “Vote for Jeb Bush,” and Jeb open carried it like a campaign button. In Triumph’s Election Special 2016, playing on Hulu, Triumph spent a long segment following Cruz around New Hampshire making mocking jokes, but showed Ted autographing someone’s “scary” black AR which I thought was awesome.

  6. Not a Jeb fan, that chapter is done. But my FNP-9! says Fredricksburg, VA, Made In USA.

    Jus sayin’ Jeb is desperate but not dumb enough to post a foreign made pistol to try to “reach the folks”.

  7. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
    You….whoever you are run for the White House. Still the most wanted country in the modern world.

  8. Jeb is a very submissive, weak, and indecisive man. Hes a true cuck, one who would be willing to compromise on every issue in an effort to appeal to groups of people who would never vote for him anyways.

    The only men willing to take and stand and bully the anti’s are Cruz and Trump.

    • True dat. Immigration is the fire engulfing the republic. In a generation we might have lost the country. Cruz and Trump will start with a wall and immigration cuts and bargain down to some compromise. Jeb and Rubio will start with amnesty and bargain down to open borders, a permanent Dem majority, and terrorists and MS-13 in every town.

      • Hmm…..just four short years ago, Trump was calling Romney’s gentle, inneffectual self-deportation plan for illegal aliens “maniacal”, “crazy”, “mean-spirited”, and said it cost Romney votes.

        Now, Trump wants to go a hundred times farther himself and build a massive wall? lol. Riiiiight……

        Trump the Master Carnival Barker just sold you a mega con job and you fell for it. He’s not going to build anything. He just wants to be president as part of a giant ego trip. He doesn’t give a crap about this country or its future, only himself.

  9. Did Bush go through a background check with a Form 4473 before he took possession? Do we have a politician loophole that Trumps (pun intended) the gun show loophole?

  10. Actually, Jeb’s position is originalist as the Bill of Rights was meant only to apply to the Federal Government. That is why the First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law…” and not “Congress and the State Legislatures…” So I want all you neo-Confederates to give Jeb a shoutout of support for his views on the 10th Amendment.

      • Using the same logic, one could make an argument that it could even apply to non-government institutions and people; shall not be infringed is definitely more all encompassing than “Congress shall not.” In fact, I’d say that that argument seems to hold more water than the actively used interpretation of the due process clause of the 14th amendment as making pretty much everything apply to the states.

    • The only endorsements which matter are called VOTES! Everything else is politics, and is being rejected by the voters. Ergo, Rubio is toast. Example would be, do you know just what Rubio promised Haley to obtain that endorsement? Are you innocent enough to think it was nothing?

      • Well, there are about 5% of the delegates on the Repub side that are superdelegates; those endorsements count.

        Of course, on the (anti-)Democratic side, it is 20%; endorsements on that side make a really serious difference.

  11. Fun fact: redirects to Donald Trump’s website. It’s really not hard to rip Jeb! a new anything because he’s already loose from the Teflon Don.

  12. Pretty balsy move for a mainstream pol. That being said, he’s a sellout on protecting American lives, jobs, and culture on immigration. He’s also second to last and potentially getting sent home with no rose in SC.

    Seal the border. Deport the criminals, visa overstayers, welfaregees and terror suspects. Once the kingdom is secure, pay down the debt.

  13. Not a Jeb fan either but it’s nice that we agree on handguns, was just cleaning my FNX 45 earlier today. Absolutely love that thing…

  14. Nobody ever said them Bush boys were smart. I mean, it don’t take a 23rd chromosome to figure out that Fabrique Nationale ain’t English.

  15. Oh, something else I forgot to mention is he certainly shouldn’t pay any attention to the people posting this stuff; it’s not like any of the people taking stock in it would be voting for him any ways.

  16. Immigrants overwhelmingly support gun control because they haven’t been brought up in American culture and this doesn’t diminish much after 2 generations.

    If we don’t control immigration it’s only a matter of time before anti-gun people are the majority of voters. A vote for amnesty is a vote for gun confiscation.

  17. I’m definitely not a Jeb fan but I’ve resolved to vote as far away from Hrod and Bernie and as close as possible to Cruz.

  18. I don’t see anything wrong with what he posted. People try too hard to be offended or find issues with every little thing. And who cares if it is an FN, his point is he’s free to have that gun because of the 2A (well, in many states anyway!).

  19. “Gun Control Advocates Rip Jeb Bush a New One”

    Well there’s your problem!

    I care what a bunch of window licking racists care about ANYTHING, WHY???

    The only reason I care what the anti-gun cult thinks about ANYTHING is to know whether my comments, INTENDED to offend them, offended them.

  20. So he tweeted a picture of a gun. Whoopee. Why do people get all butt hurt about it? I posted a pic of my gun on my FB the day after I got it because someone wanted to see it, and you know what happened? Nothing. Well, except for when someone commented “You’ll shoot your eye out”.


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