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It’s no secret that America now has hundreds of thousands of new gun owners thanks to the Chinese coronavirus national emergency. Gun stores have been swamped first time buyers and the industry is working overtime to meet the continuing demand for guns and ammunition.

Welcome to each and every new gun owner. We’re glad you’re here. But we realize this is a tough time if you’re new to gun ownership. Ranges are closed and training classes have been shut down. That means most of you who just brought home your first firearm can’t get the training and training new gun owners want and need.

Since the start of the emergency, we’ve run a series of posts designed to help you learn about basic gun safety and operation. And we know that some of you may still be deciding whether to buy your first gun and, if so, which one it should be.

To make things easier, we’re consolidating those posts here and will pin this to the top of our home page for the next week. We hope you find these resources helpful.

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

The Four Rules of Gun Safety for Beginners (and Everyone Else)


Man holds handgun in gun shop

Don’t Panic-Buy Your First Gun, Make a Prepared Purchase. Here’s What You Need to Know


buying a new gun

Buying Your First Hangdun? Think, Ask, Try…and Choose Carefully


Ruger GP100 revolver home defense
Don Gammill for TTAG

The Best Handguns For Home Defense


gun store counter

6 Great Surplus Guns For Home Defense


proper pistol grip
Courtesy NSSF

5 Short Training Videos Every New Gun Owner Should Watch


gun store sales
(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Got Your First Gun During COVID Panic? Do These 6 Things RIGHT NOW


Coronavirus gun sales surge boom
(AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Practical Advice for Quarantined New Gun Owners


Dry fire practice at home
Dan Z. for TTAG

3 Ways to Improve Your Defensive Shooting at Home


Woman concealed carry gun in purse

Tips for New Concealed Carry Practitioners


concealed carry training
(AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer)

3 Things They Don’t Teach You In Concealed Carry Class


Matis X10 Elite training system
Mantis X10 Elite training system (Courtesy Mantis)

Gear Review: Mantis X10 Elite Training System


gun storage options infographic
Courtesy NSSF



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  1. “Never point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy?”

    So I guess that if I don’t point it but just allow the muzzle to cover something I don’t want to destroy, it’s okay.

    Geez. If you’re going to quote a rule, maybe you should actually get it right and not terribly wrong.

    • I think you may be getting a tad pedantic. New gun owners know what it means to “point a gun” but probably don’t know what a muzzle is.

    • Oh Ralph tour just so negative. Having a gunm pointed at you gets the heart beating. Besides most everyone is packing 9 Luger’s so a cotton ball and a splash of whiskey fixes all that. Gees bro, lighten up

  2. I went to Don’s Guns of Indianapolis, Lafayette square. (I know now what a mistake that was) to buy my first handgun. I walked out without making a purchase after Don himself tried to make the sale. Standing at the counter he picked up a neat looking little pistol with a laser on it . He said the bullet goes where the red dot is and he put that red dot on a customers head who was standing about 15 feet away. I said thank you for your time and walked out the door. I have never returned!

    • You made the right choice. Fortunately there are much better options out there. Keep in mind you can look up reviews on your local gun stores the same way you can any store. Some are great, some not so much.

      • That happened quite a few years ago, from what I hear if you buy a gun there you are likely to be robbed of your purchase on your trip through the parking lot.

    • The customer should have had a little self awareness. Never turn your back on someone with a gunm

    • A few years back was in a local pawn shop here in Venice Fl looking at holsters when I become aware that the owner of the pawn shop is standing on the other side of the counter with a mini14 pointed towards me that he is trying to unjam. I dropped down and quickly scooted away and he completely unaware of what he was doing continued to work on it. Never went back there. He, the customer and the 2 other employees were completely focused on the rifle. Probably could have grabbed an handful of holsters on the way out and they would not have noticed.

  3. Even if you AREN’T a new gun owner but wanted to be, REMEMBER that when it’s time to vote. If they aren’t for your gun rights, they are against it and shouldn’t get your vote.

    • It seems at this point voting has nothing to do with it. “I Hate Gunms” is now heeled to the teeth

  4. There are a lot of things that come with owning guns. Taking things one at a time and having patience helps. No one is born knowing all this stuff. Being thrown into it later in life doesn’t make it any easier.

    The internet has a great many resources with which to learn. From YouTube to blogs and even TTAG. Lawyers, cops, senators and members of congress do comment on these sites. Even high ranking members of the NRA. Many individuals come to places like this if not to discuss things then perhaps just to read.

    In my experience, the vast majority of things are a matter of opinion. Much is about historical fact. Quite a bit references law and when it comes to guns, you NEED to know the law in your state. Some of it is about the mechanical function of guns and that of ammunition.

    If you are new, it’s ok. Keep perspective and stay the course. Don’t expect everything right away. It takes time. The idea is not to have the highest caliber or the most expensive gun. It’s about matching that gun to the gun owner.

  5. Now that you have a gun, educate yourself on why the Founders of this country wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and especially the Second Amendment. A great resource that I have found is On the right side of their main page is a list of things one of which is the Liberty Library. It has links to numerous historical documents that form the founders thinking. Many of the links are broken but you can go ahead and do a Google search yourself. I, too, did not grow up with guns and did not understand all of these things I just referenced. But when I decided to protect my family it led me there. Enjoy! And welcome to the fold!

    • Well if one link breaks you can’t pull the tractor out of the mud. Then you’ve got to crawl off the Dozer, work your ass off getting enuff chain to tie a knot, covered in mud by now, and hells bells the fcking knot ain’t worth a shit, but crank her up and keep the wheels straight .

  6. If the gun Community is serious about safety, education, and support of civil rights, they should work to put 2nd Amendment education and rifle teams back into the public school systems. Because the gun grabbers are very serious. That is why the anti-civil rights people had 2A safety, history, and rifle teams removed from the public school system.

    And there is no reason why some of these classes can’t be conducted in public school buildings as a night class. Or at least after normal class has been dismissed.

    Now try and explain that to people in the gun Community who have no children and aren’t married.

    I’m currently working with the 4H rifle education group which has notices about their rifle teams in the local schools. And the NRA has supported my group supplying us with six long guns, targets, and other equipment.

    Everything is on hold now because the Chinese virus.

    • Don’t worry. It appears that Dan is re-positioning it at the top of TTAG over and over again for eyeballs, so enough clicks will result in newbies eventually making use of the links.

    • In case there happens to be. Get some training. Even rudimentary training is better than no training. I pretty sure every one of the real POTG on this site has had some training. The lucky ones probably got it from a father,uncle or other family member. Maybe a good friend or the military. Everyone started out knowing Jack Shit about firearms. If you know someone new to the firearms world. Help them become a responsible member of Our Community. By either teaching them the things they need to know or directing them to a good class. Only by showing them we can be understanding of their fear and lack of knowledge. Will We stand any chance of Winning them to Our side. A good dose of. Life Or Death Reality. Has swayed many a sole. To put aside their fear and fight to survive. Yes their will be those who may return to their old ways. When life gets back to some semblance of normal but, Everyone. We can teach the Ways of the Gun. Is one more ally in Our Cause. It is up to people who hold positions of knowledge. To be active allies to those willing to learn. To pass on the knowledge and experience that each of us received before We became POTG. Peace Be With You.

      • Those of us who HAVE owned firearms for years should offer advise and training to newbies who are finally realizing that HAVING a gun with which to be ABLE to defend oneself is a really, very good idea need to tell them all the “What’s what” about firearms, especially handguns. I, personally, have owned firearms since I was 13, hunting rabbits, quail, pheasants, etc, and gee whiz, have NEVER shot up a school, McDonald’s, shopping mall or even threatened anyone with pointing a gun at them. I HAVE, however TRAINED more than a dozen, maybe 15 people with guns who have never owned a gun. And, of those MOST were women, a couple who HAD been sexually attacked. Fellas? Go to your female friends and relatives and offer information that can and should save their lives once they KNOW how to properly use a firearm to defend themselves and family!

      • kicks are easier to walk then a mile. But I’d Walk A Mile for a Camel what pisses me off is when the camel takes off running. You’d have thought Muhjahb would have had her Stump broke by now

    • Some might show up because of gun or gear reviews. Since the market is pretty much buy whatever is still in stock or leave empty handed, there might not be much research going on.

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  8. New gunm owners. I’ve got a ThoT for a neighbor. One of her “friends” gave her a gunm, loaded it for her. She doesn’t even know the pointy end goes in first. I told her if I start catching lead thru my wall I’m shooting back. Now is not a good time to get shooted, the Docs would rather not have you in their place. They say,” oh it’s just a flesh wound, stay at home, after awhile your tire will quit going flat”.

  9. I think this is a comprehensive list. I would add “safety always on” to “finger off of trigger until sights are on target.” You would think this would go without saying but some people have scared me violating this very thing. Further, I was taken aback by some comments regarding No. 2. During my tour in the Marine Corps, this exact rule was hammered and safety was always paramount. If your muzzle is accidentally being pointed at people, you are unsafe. The rule means muzzle awareness and aim with intent.


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