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UPDATE:  A police officer and multiple others were killed in a shooting in Jersey City Tuesday that authorities say is not believed to have been a terrorism attack.

One officer was pronounced dead at a hospital and multiple other people were found dead at the scene, Mayor Steven Fulop said without indicating how many were killed.

A second officer was struck in the shoulder by gunfire, and two others were injured by shrapnel, Fulop said.


By David Porter, Associated Press

Police officers were shot Tuesday in the Jersey City standoff that left a neighborhood, including a school, on lockdown, authorities said.

Sporadic, heavy gunfire rang out over the course of at least an hour along a major thoroughfare but has quieted down. SWAT teams, state police and federal agents responded to the scene, and police blocked off the area, which has a Catholic school, some stores, a kosher supermarket and a hair stylist.

FBI spokeswoman Patty Hartman said that more than one officer has been shot but could not give any other information.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, especially with the officers shot during this standoff, and with the residents and schoolchildren currently under lockdown,” Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said. “I have every confidence in our law enforcement professionals to ensure the safety of the community and resolve this situation.”

Phones rang unanswered at several businesses in the area. Someone who answered the phone at the Catholic school, which runs from preschool through eighth grade, said all the children were safe as a lockdown continues. Police tactical teams were going through the school, according to scanner traffic.

Loud volleys of gunfire could be heard at regular intervals but subsided around 2 p.m. in the city, which is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Dozens of bystanders pressed against the police barrier to film the action on cellphones, some whooping when gunfire bursts filled the air.

Andy Patel works at a liquor store about three blocks away from the site of the shooting site and said there had been consistent gunfire fire about an hour Tuesday afternoon.

“I can hear the gunshots. It’s like firecrackers going off. They were shooting like crazy about an hour ago. Then it stopped for like 20 or 30 minutes. The cops were clearing everyone off the streets,” said Patel.

Jersey City Police said they had no information to provide over the phone on the shooting.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said President Donald Trump had been briefed on the shooting and was monitoring it.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was responding. The New York Police Department sent emergency services personnel, and the forces counterterrorism unit was monitoring the situation.

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    • Any decent human being with at least 2 brain cells would find another time and place to trash the police. “Criminal police,” are they all criminals? Or are only the criminal cops allowed to carry guns?

        • Bingo! If you’re not a part of the Solution, you are a part of the problem! Cops in these tyrannical states are a part of the problem!

      • Do they enforce the unconstitutional gun grabbing schem.. I mean gun control laws? If they do, then they are.

    • Meanwhile Shannon Watts was throwing out her spin two hours ago. Gun ban activists are all over twitter with this.
      Whatever the specifics of this are, we know from the NJ data that odds are the shooter has a long criminal record and was out walking the streets when most people would have thought they would be in jail .

      Gun grabbers set the narrative and make these about guns when north of 90% of multiple shootings are prior criminals. Keeping them in jail longer works.

      • Criminal? But 2 hours ago Shannon Watts and Art Acevedo said this guy was an NRA member! We need to say crazier things faster to have any hope of winning! General Sanders, go to ludicrous speed!!

      • The twitter feeds from reporters who cover local crime in the area are indicating it maybe a drug buy or other contraband transaction that was being surveillance at the cemetery nearby , with criminals involved in that shooting two cops involved in surveillance/attempted arrest there, killing one. Two suspected then fled and holed up in a market, firing shots at cops who then responded massively. No one knows yet who shot the three bystanders who were killed in the market.
        That is early info from reporters there. Also indications that at least one of the “long guns”, and there maybe just one, was a shotgun but that is just from one reporter twitter

        • Saw the post action police report on local tv as a resident of NJ. What you said seems to be correct. Gang bangers having a shoot out with the cop.

          Not terrorism, not pre planned mass murder.
          Just another day in the slums of Jersey city.

        • “ Surveillance video shows a van moving slowly through the city’s streets before stopping in front of the store, Fulop said.
          “The perpetrator stopped in front of there, calmly opened the door with two long rifles — him and the other perpetrator — and began firing from the street into the facility,” Fulop said.
          “We now know this did not begin with gunfire between police officers and the perpetrators, and then moved to the store. It began with an attack on the civilians in the store,” Shea said.”

  1. NJ Gun bans work so well…criminals never obey the laws while law-abiding hard working tax payers get unarmed!

    • “NJ Gun bans work so well…criminals never obey the laws while law-abiding hard working tax payers get unarmed!”

      ….get unarmed, and shot by both sides.

    • When all the shooting is done, cops will locate all the spent cases and send someone to prison for each one! “AH! Here’s one in your yard! Say goodbye to your kids!”

  2. White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said President Donald Trump had been briefed on the shooting and was monitoring it.

    I don’t buy that for a second, regardless of who is President or which party is President. The President of the United States has much more important things on their plate other than hearing a report about a shootout between some suspected criminals and police.

    • He would get a one line brief, stating number of dead and whether or not they suspected, and/or had or not had ruled out terrorism. It is just a couple of days after a Muslim guy who was tweeting out Islamist and violent crap shot up the military aviation training center in Florida.

  3. Tired of your quiet, low-crime state?
    Just do what CA, NY, NJ, MA, CT and IL did!
    Open the doors wide, offer handouts to anyone who wanders in, levy onerous regulations and taxes onto your population and voila, you too can have the exciting hustle and bustle of a boot on your face and criminals pounding on your door.

    Having several ethnic options when eating out and a theater nearby that puts on drag shows makes it all worthwhile and as long as that NPR wine subscription keeps coming in it’ll be alright.

      • You get the prize, gunny ! One of each gender. They supposedly had pipe bombs in the vehicle they ran from. We need a law against pipe bombs ! Wait ! Uh-uh hmm.

        • That is likely a troll from racists on the internet. They stole the U-Haul. The police say they found something that looked like it could be explosive material and they took control of it.

          Government and corporate media always exaggerate what they find. It’s rare to find actual bombs. You can find bomb making materials in a lot of peoples’ homes. Fertilizer is considered bomb making material.

    • In 2017 in Alabama, 1,100 people died from complications of gunshot wounds—573 suicides, 506 homicides, and 21 accidental discharges, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

      Each of those deaths contributed to the Center for Disease Control naming Alabama second deadliest in the nation for firearm fatalities.(First was Alaska)

      • “Alabama second deadliest in the nation for firearm fatalities.(First was Alaska)”

        Wait a minute, I thought Chicago and New York were supposed to be the murder capitals, with all the gang Bangers killing each other and innocent citizens? Even with the much larger population in Chicago, NYC, and Los Angeles?

        Are you trying to say the data shows that the crackers in Alabama and Alaska are more vicious killers with firearms then the inner cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York city?

        Wow, this will really ruin the narrative of most of the POTG on this forum.

        • “Are you trying to say the data shows that the crackers in Alabama and Alaska are more vicious killers with firearms then the inner cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York city?”

          Alabama “cracker” population: 69%

          Alabama violent crime committed by “crackers”: 44%

          So no, Miner the data does NOT say that. The data says that most of the violent crime (56%) is committed by 31% of the population. Wanting something to be true does not make it so. I suggest you educate yourself before continuing to make ignorant statements.

        • Pesky facts:

          “In 2017 in Alabama, 1,100 people died from complications of gunshot wounds—573 suicides, 506 homicides, and 21 accidental discharges, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

          Each of those deaths contributed to the Center for Disease Control naming Alabama second deadliest in the nation for firearm fatalities.

          Alabama’s troubling trends are part of a national public health crisis: 40,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds in 2018, the highest number of victims in 50 years. In the U.S., homicide is the leading cause of death for young black boys and men. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death nationally, and the second leading cause of death for young people, ages 10 to 24. The National Institute of Mental Health reports nearly half of suicides were carried out by firearm in 2017.”

  4. Can’t wait for the description of the perps,, I’d be very surprised if it was a John smith or bob dinglefinger or a jimmy jones, could be, we’ll see in a couple days.
    If they shot cops their gonna be toast anyway…

  5. Early reports say it was the drug task force that tried to make a drug buy from two men. Then a shooting happened between them, in which a cop was killed and others shot. People are saying the police should up with rifles and shot dead innocent people near the drug dealers as they fled. It sounds like most of the shots fired came from the police. Now there are innocent civilians killed as a result, but both black males are dead now.

    That’s a win in this drug war. Two of them for one of us. Collateral damage happens. Oh well.

    Early numbers are four dead. Two of them being black male drug dealers, the others are some irrelevant civilians.

    The police believe they did a “phenomenal” job and are very thankful for their efforts.

      • It sounds just like the UPS incident days ago. The cops decided to shoot up the place without regard to the “civilians.”

        I thought I saw cops bringing in ammo containers because they were running out of ammo.

        The news agencies are taking the side of the cops and are very sad that a police officer died trying to make a drug deal in order to arrest a couple of people.

        I hear the cops killed some Jewish people when they opened fire on the supermarket. Very different outcome than what happened in France when criminals took over a Jewish supermarket.

        • Some additional early info:

          The first shootout happened near a cemetery, the drug dealers drove away in a U-Haul truck, went into a Jewish supermarket [I assume to take hostages], militarized police surrounded the area and open fire with hundreds of rounds. They sent in a robot instead after everything quieted down to find a bunch of dead people.

          They do not want to comment on those people killed, how they died and whom shot them.

        • Whose bullets killed the reported 5 dead civilians in the Jewish grocery? Was there an attempt to save bystanders / hostages? Did the police try to get a crisis negotiation specialist and to position a sharpshooter sniper? It seems more like a military than a police action in a video.

          Consolations to the family of the murdered policeman . Wishes for medical and full recovery to the injured officers. And respect to the police, first responders and rule of law upholders.

        • @yohanan

          From what I can gather.

          The militarized police drove up to the building and took fire. They mag dumped into the store and ran out of ammo. The police had to evacuate the elementary school across the street because the militarized police were drawing fire at it. The militarized police had to fall back to get more ammo and return to the store to open fire. They repeatedly shot at the store as the men ran around inside trying to shoot at the police.

          The snipers are now being setup in the city to protect the governor who will be there to greet media and take some photos. Prior to that there was no intent to use snipers and negotiators. The police simply chased the criminals into a store, surrounded the area, called in as many law enforcement they could get, then assaulted the building with hundreds of rounds. Once the gunfire from inside stopped they sent in a robot with a camera to see what was going on inside. They found about 5 dead people inside so far.

          The police say this (military type of assault) was handled phenomenally. They say the police chief was there giving out orders to his men and that he did a fantastic job at it.

      • Those people being news agencies, witnesses and the police. Which is telling the truth and correct is a matter of time.

        The police will not want to let us know all the info because they don’t want people to protest and call for change. Just like the are saying the UPS hostage shooting is going to take at least a year of investigating before the police can release info.

      • What I am looking at is twitter feeds of reporters on local crime beat, generally this info is mostly correct since it is from cops or people in department these reporters have professional relationships with.

        • Immediate information is almost NEVER reliable, including from police spokesmen, much less when it’s been filtered through a third party. That’s why the media breathlessly reports how every mass shooting involves multiple suspects and “body armor” at first.

    • Latest numbers regarding deaths: 4 “civilians” shot killing 3, 2 criminals killed, 1 police officer killed,.

      Police are blaming the criminals for the deaths of the “civilians” although they don’t even know how many have been killed so far. They claim the people of the neighborhood are happy with the response and are very supportive. The police felt it was necessary to shoot up the Jewish supermarket to kill the criminals to lessen the police casualties. They consider the situation to have been held phenomenally.

      Police are trying to paint the picture that this situation is a hate crime done by terrorists. However, the other information is being ignored to paint that picture. Earlier they said it was a drug deal gone bad and a chase that led to a hostage situation. Now it’s a mass shooting done by Jew haters.

    • Early reports from who? People eager to be on camera, presented as “witness” while they were 5 blocks away? Early reports, don’t make me laugh. The media will only know what the cops share, today’s journalism is junk, they do not investigate nor double check anything. Early reports in my crazy head are taking me it was alien disguised as humans who shot at the police as their unions recently refused to plead allegiance to the Illuminatis. The truth is out there. Thanks for the entertainment chief censor.

      • How about you go research yourself? Lazy millennial.

        Go listen to the scanners, watch the press conferences, collect the cell phone videos, etc. Or you can go watch Alex Jones say it was a bunch of black Muslims with machine guns who hate Jews and America.

        • Admitting to not knowing anything is better than someone like you that flaps your gums without knowing anything.

  6. Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said: “I have every confidence in our law enforcement PROFESSIONALS to ensure the safety of the community and resolve this situation.”
    LMAO! 😀

  7. So why is the ATF & FBI involved? With all the gun laws in Jersey can’t all those cops handle 2 bad guys? Should of put up more guns signs!

    • Because everyone with a trunked radio set to scan other channels heard the radio traffic, and they all decided to get out their tacti-cool gear, dress up like Cabbage Patch dolls, and LARP for the afternoon.

      • In the FD we call that “freelancing”. Pervasive in the POPO and certainly a violation of every incident command principle. There is NO WAY all of these goobers are properly dispatched (by name/unit) to responded to 123 Main St.

        Happens every time there is a shooting – 47 cop cars want 100 cops in their tactical jammies. Which means there are 90 cops not where they should be doing whatever it is cops are supposed to be doing.

        Apparently “shots fired” is now an SOP for “moths to a flame”/everybody come on down johnie rambo. But it is moronic. Doesn’t take a very smart thief to eventually figure out a shooting is ideal cover for a bank robbery a mile away. OLD terrorist tactic of a 2nd event to kill the responders to the 1st event.

        • Right, the terrorist Eric Rudolph used this tactic when he was attacking the Planned Parenthood clinics.

          We saw it in Vietnam, ambush a small unit, but the major focus was a massive ambush on the reaction force. Almost always worked.

          Sun Tzu is spot on every time.

  8. “Dozens of bystanders pressed against the police barrier to film the action on cellphones, some whooping when gunfire bursts filled the air.”

    Not surprising and probably indicative of the level of intelligence that neighborhood inhabitants possess.

    • The “get some” mentality that has been taught to Americans makes them all want to be part of the action. It’s a mental illness more than stupidity. Americans no longer value life, liberty and justice.

    • Its Jersey city, just like Camden its the ghetto.

      Everyone who lives in NJ regards those cities as such.
      They are the poster child for state gun control efforts.
      That and our ‘slap on the wrist’ judicial system for actual criminals.

    • See what I am saying. Americans now have a “get some” mentality. They want to see death and destruction. They have been raised with this mental illness. And we wonder why kids shoot up the school?

  9. One wonders on motive however — and while this is definitely not the sort of “voting” you want to take place it is the sort that our government continues to encourage on a daily basis by refusing to enforce laws against some people while hammering others for an identical, or substantially-identical, offense.

    If you think 17 “mistakes” all went one way without corruption and animus as the DOJ claimed yesterday despite the odds of same being mathematically proved as 1 in 131,072, well, you’re not very smart.

    If you are smart and keep seeing that pattern play out on a repeated basis, whether in DC or when the cops decide to take ordinary civilians as human shields while chasing robbery suspects at some point you might decide that this sort of voting is the only kind that will actually be counted.

  10. Welcome to TTAG, we are keyboard warriors who know NOTHING but we are going to tell you everything just to criticize the cops. I have heard that….apparently….early “reports….” shoulda coulda woulda…..

    • Early info said the UPS driver was shot by police while he had his hands up and when he was trying to crawl out of the truck. Guess what? The videos later posted appear to show the UPS driver being shot by police using handguns. There was also video later posted that show the innocent 70 year old also being shot by police gunfire. So the “early reports” were accurate.

      If you listen to the media and the police you would believe that the UPS and 70 year old man were targeted by the jewelry thieves. You wouldn’t know that at least 20 people were shot at by police.

      Let’s just wait over a year to get very little info as to what happened. Just like we had to wait for the Mandalay Bay investigation to be completed to get a few pieces of info. It’s not like the families had to sue the police to get access to a tiny amount of info.

    • Only a socialist will defend their socialized militarized police force and ignore the innocent “civilians” that were murdered as if human life has no value.

      Citizens must protect their government from loud mouths exercising their 1st Amendment. No citizen should be allowed to petition for redress and bring up grievances. American residents should accept the form of government that politicians create regardless of the negatives. No free human is allowed to stand up to a socialist’s law enforcement agency because communism won’t work if they can and do.

      If you don’t support socialism and the people it hires, you are a very bad American who hates their government, That’s treason. The founding fathers always wanted a standing army to impose controls (and death) on free people in the United States.

  11. Jersey!? How can that be? Some of the most draconian gun laws in the country, and scumbags can still get guns? Sure Doomberg has an answer, anyone ask him yet?

  12. I noticed it was said a hair stylist salon was close by. I hope this wasn’t over a bad hair cut. Or, just a bad hair day. No matter how this plays out, it was good guys with guns who stopped it. So sorry one of them had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    • From what I hear the cop that died was the first one to try to arrest the criminals for another crime. That is what started the entire situation that happened at the Jewish store.

      The story goes that the criminals were near a cemetery when the police confronted them. The criminals shot at the police and killed one of them. Then the criminals stole a U-Haul truck to flee. They drove north until they bailed out of the truck and ran into a store next door to an elementary school. The police surrounded the neighborhood then went to the store. Once the criminals saw the police outside they started shooting at them. The police returned suppressing fire into the store. This continuously repeated until the criminals died of their wounds. The militarized team sent in a robot after they realized there was no longer an active threat. Police saw numerous dead people inside the store. Now homicide detectives are looking over the scene and the FBI is there. The governor is also planning to go there.

  13. Scary thing is who shot the three “civilians”?

    Next, did this shootout need to go down on city streets? Could the fugitives have been followed and a take-down planned?

    • The latest I heard was 4-6 people were shot and 2 of those are suspected to be the criminals. Additionally, there was 3 police shot.

  14. I remember when drunk drivers used to dominate the front page and tv news, with an occasional bank heist, or gas station caper to offset the monotony. Sooner or later this going out the same way. Maybe it will be ww3 or more likely satellites falling on major cities regularly. Happy Easter everyone.

  15. Another senseless tragedy brought to you by the vile folks at the NRA. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

    • Derp, according to the New York times 74% of multiple shooters in the US are black males. The entire US gun crime and homicide elevation over international averages is from 38 US cities, all Democrat run. those cities also have more knife violence, rape, people beaten to death etc. so it is not about guns but about the massive violence by Democrats in Democrat run cities.

      The NRA is not letting criminals who rape, stab and shoot people out on our streets over and over — that is Democrat policies. And the places where the most criminals have been let out, are the only places not to experience a massive 65% decline in violet crime and homicide that took place in the US as guns increased the past 25 years.

      so relax, NRA members are a lot safer to be around than the average Democrat.

  16. Damn, the two shot cops are top members of the Jersey city gun trafficking squad. I noted I read in usually accurate crime reporter tweet that it was contraband, usually that means drugs,m but it looks like contraband maybe gun running.

    If that uhaul was bringing guns from out of state, expect the gun grabbers and their media allies to make a lot of hay with this. They already make a big deal about the proportion of Virginia origin guns in NJ/NY etc.

  17. Once more untrained Idiot Cops gun down anything and everyone that gets in their way. Contrast this to the professionalism of the French and German Police. German Police get 3 years of intensive training including the freeing of hostages. In 2017 German police killed just 12 people and China with 4 1/2 times the population shot just 4 people. Contrast this with the mass slaughter of 1,500 people by U.S Cops in Capitalvania U.S.A. life is cheap and the Politicians refusal to spend any money on professional training is standard practice. You get what you pay for. The Europeans get professional police and we get Moron Thugs in uniform.

    • Hey Vlad, I’ll summarize the incident into Newspeak for you. “If the bourgeois running dog lackey exploiters of the oppressed proletariat fascist bully boy police had just let the criminals go about their business, none of this would have happened.”

  18. So I waited a while here. At this point it’s up to six people dead with an unknown number of wounded to boot. One of the dead is confirmed to be a police officer, Detective Joseph Seals.

    Reports I see suggest this was part of the WoD. We’ll see if that’s true or not, early reports and errors and whatnot.

    If it is true though it’s just another few bodies to stack in the WoD pile-o-corpses. A cop, couple crooks, even more dead bystanders. Who gives a shit though, right? We simply cannot allow a situation where consenting adults in a free country are allowed to ingest chemicals of their own choosing, amiright? I mean, think of the children. THE FUCKING CHILDREN. (Kindly ignore the children who lost their parents in the cross fire today, they don’t matter.)

    The ironic part of all this though? There are “2A supporters” out there right now thanking their lucky stars for “drug control laws”. Many of them while they chug down some totally not-a-drug-never-harmed-no-one booze.

    • Latest I heard the cop killed was in plain clothes and with another cop. When they confronted the criminals they shot both cops: one in the shoulder, the other in the head. The other cops injured by “shrapnel” were at the Jewish store.

      Can’t really get a straight story about why the plain clothes attempted an arrest at the cemetery. Most of the time plain clothes cops deal with drugs, gangs and guns. I heard the police say the detective killed was very good at getting guns off the streets.

      If we are to take a guess, it would be that the plain clothes cops were working on catching people with guns when they finally found a couple of guys that were ready for them. Likely felons, with all types of guns, who decided they were not going to let the cops put them in prison for violating gun control laws. They didn’t comply, thus they died.

      It’s horrible that police decided to fire hundreds of rounds into the store with hostages while using an elementary school for cover/backdrop. They sounded more worried about themselves being in the crossfire than the hostages. They drew fire into the populated school as police used the school to see into the store. After taking many rounds into the school they moved the children to another location but did not evacuate them. Then they used the school to fire into the store until they ran out of ammo. They were resupplied to continue firing. They used a drone to get a better look into the store. After the criminals were believed to have been killed they sent a sniper to the second floor of the school. When the shooting stopped they sent in a robot to confirm the death of everyone inside the store.

      At least they cared about the children enough to move them to another part of the school so they won’t be shot. The people in the store were adults, so no reason to worry about them being killed. Just blame the criminals until the investigation confirms who was the killers.

      • With situations like this I usually ignore the reported details for the first 24-48 hours. Even the broad strokes sometimes turn out to be wrong.

        • Most of the info I got is from the source [police].

          We don’t know who exactly killed the hostages. We won’t know that any time soon if the police did it.

          It’s hard to imagine the thousands of rounds fired toward the store missed the hostages and only hit the criminals. We saw what happened in Florida when at least 19 cops fired hundreds of rounds into a UPS truck.

        • I have to admit that the video you posted below does seem to show an excessive amount of gunfire for 2-3 people. But then we can’t really see who is shooting (that is what percentage is BGs) or what is being shot at (the situation causing all this shooting).

        • The police inside the school ran out of ammo. I witnessed a SWAT member bringing in an ammo can that holds a thousand rounds. They went to the school along with a sniper. At times it sounded like the police were opening fire with full auto ARs.

    • Where do you draw the line? Should all drugs be allowed? People have done some very messed up shit to others after ingesting PCP, LSD, mushrooms and bath salts. Not all alcohol is legal. Moonshine, Everclear and Absinthe are just a few examples. Again where do you draw the line?

  19. The governor praises the work of their law enforcement. They are in mourning over the government employee who was killed (likely attempting to enforce gun or drug laws). At least he offered his condolences to those killed in the store, but tomorrow they will think about the innocent Americans killed in the store. The government will then make sure this never happens again, which means more gun control.

    Let’s not gloss over the fact that the innocent hostages killed (and the young children inside the school the police used as cover) are not really getting mentioned by the news nor the government. No mention to whom shot the hostages nor the fact the cops had children in the school as they drew fire at the school when using it to look and fire into the store.

  20. The market where the siege occurred was a kosher market.
    Three of the deceased are Hasidic news.
    If they died by police gunfire, the politics will be fascinating.

  21. How many rounds were fire? People say thousands of rounds were fired. Did some gangsters really have hundreds of rounds at the ready? Why were cops bringing in ammo cans with a thousand rounds? What are the chances most of the rounds fired came from the cops? What is the probability the cops shot the hostages when they fired hundreds or thousands of rounds into the store?

    Fire thousands of rounds at two criminals initially wanted for selling illegal guns and drugs. Kill 3 hostages. Use a populated school as a firing position. Armored vehicles, drones, robots, snipers, full autos, etc. Welcome to America, fuck yeah! Get some!

    • Just a couple of notes —
      1) why are all those people standing around watching like its a fist fight?
      2) those cops got themselves one bad-ass truck
      3) how did the baby stroller get up in the utility pole?

      • “how did the baby stroller get up in the utility pole?”

        Good eye.

        Bored people in bad neighborhoods do some really, really, really, really strange shit to amuse themselves. Often because it makes people ask questions like yours though sometimes it’s sheer boredom.

        When I was in a bad neighborhood in Ohio I once looked off my porch to see neighborhood kids playing. One would toss a rock at the feet of the other who would then wait a moment after the rock landed and start swinging a wiffle ball bat.

        WTAF? Delayed reaction? Doesn’t want to hit the rock and damage the bat? My buddy can’t figure it out either so we watch for a bit and still can’t figure this out. Fuck it, I walk over to see what they’re doing and… come sprinting back.

        My buddy is totally perplexed as to why I’m running away. Well, it’s because of the game these kids are playing. The kid tossing the the rock is throwing the rock at the entrance to a Cicada Killer nest (big fucking wasps, see link below) and the other kid is trying to bash them to death when the insects take off and try to defend the nest. When the nest stops responding they go find another one and switch who’s at bat. Fucking nutty little bastards (the kids, not the wasps).

        All I could think of the rest of the day was I Wish by Skee-Lo where he says “I would play ghetto games, name my kids ghetto names…”

    • We’re doing a pretty fair imitation of an American there chatty Ruski troll.

      “populated school as a firing position” blew it though. Blumpberg paying you or Soros?

  22. Shooting the hostages, no questions asked is how you make sure no one takes hostages in the future! Progressive policing!

  23. So I wonder why were seeing more and more of these mass killings? Who or what could be encouraging Americans to a Denna five with mass murders?

    “After my initial feeling of being violated, seeing that pompous dang fool using my creation to stroke his infantile ego, it finally struck me that the leader of my country and the free world actually enjoys comparing himself to a mass murderer. How sick is that?” Starlin wrote in a post shared to Instagram. “These are sad and strange times we are going through. Fortunately all things, even national nightmares, eventually come to an end.”

  24. What is it about Liberal Jews who hate individual civil rights? They aren’t the ones who crawled out of the Warsaw sewers in 1944 to slit the throats of german soldiers. But they will sue their own house of worship and even their own religious order????
    It seems christians are destined to always come with guns to save them. Since they refuse to do it themselves.

    “Jersey City Shooting: Suspect Published Anti-Semitic and Anti-Police Posts, Official Says”

    • The two room-temp perps (one male, one female, both black), according to the police, were members of the “Black Hebrew Israelite” movement, which maintains that they are the true descendants of Old Testament Israel, and that the white/European/Ashkenazi Jews wandering around are ‘imposters.’

      So Chris is being a little tongue-in-cheek when he says that this was “Jew on Jew crime.”

      From the perspective of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, this was Jew-on-imposter crime.

      From the perspective of the Hasidim in the market, this was imposter-on-Jew crime.

      From the perspective of Methodists/Baptists/Lutherans/Catholics, black/white/yellow/brown in the audience, this was “WTF? We can’t keep score any more” crime.

  25. “It seems christians are destined to always come with guns to save them.”

    You mean like the good Christians with guns did at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka?

    Or a few years before that at Tyre and Acre?

    • Actually those were open homosexual atheists who ran the Death camps. You need to read up on history.

      • I grew up right across the river from Kentucky, and I always thought their schools were better than ours but I guess that’s not the case.

        Do you really think the Nazis were homosexual atheists?

        Actually, Adolf Hitler was Catholic, the motto of the army inscribed on their belt buckles was God is with us, ‘Gott mit uns’. And in his book Mein Kampf Hitler laid out his philosophy.

        “ Mein Kampf also shows a bizarrely racialized interpretation of Christianity:
        “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. . . . And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God.”

        • You can read the “Pink Swastika” or you can read about Ernst Rohm. The open homosexual head of the SA. Also known as the Brown Shirts. He recruited many agressive gay men into the organization. The gay bars in Berlin in the 1920s were a great source for recruiting these angry homosexuals. Adolf Hitler raised catholic, became an atheist by his adult years. He totally rejected religion just as you have.

          I suggest you start reading the accounts of holocaust survivors. You will find many examples of men who as boys were forced to sexually satisfy the male adult guards.

          Covering up history and lying about it is what the Left always does.

          In the 1980s the gay group ACT-UP proudly admitted they modeled their tactics after the book Mein Kampf. They physically attacked houses of worship just as their forebears had done in nazi germany. The Gays learned how to do it from the most infamously intolerant historical figures.

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