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Back in the day, Grand Theft Auto was all about being the bad guy. The really bad guy. And now I learn that there’s a Department of Justice RP Community of cop wannabes (and existing cops) apprehending perps on the platform, using official cop codes. In this case . . .

We learn that not all gun gamers are trigger-happy — not even when they have simulated legal immunity. The realism here is amazing. Maybe we should introduce this game to school kids in high crime areas to give them a better appreciation of police work and inspire them to join up.

Meanwhile, does GTA offer a Ferguson-style riot sim? I would so play that. Just sayin’ . . .

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    • You would be surprised how much of a cross over there is with gamers and gun people. Many people who are now in their 40s and 50s grew up with gaming and see it as just another fun pastime. Younger generations even more so.

      About 80% of the people I used to LAN game with were competitive target shooters with most of them competing in service rifle. Others were current or retired members of the services. Police and security industries were also represented.

      And at the range there is a large proportion of IT and technical trades in the occupations. So diss nerds at your own peril.

      • I’m 21, I love the shit out of guns, and I play a ton of airsoft and video games. From what I’ve seen (and of course this is purely anecdotal), the three are intrinsically linked, particularly for younger folks. Video games, particularly the hugely popular military first person shooter genre (Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc), sometimes drives an interest into more immersive simulated combat. E.G. airsoft. And then from THERE, it’s not a stretch to go from that to interest in firearms. After all, people who don’t like guns are obviously driven by fear, and even most entry-level (excluding the cheap-ass clear plastic ones they sell at Wal-Mart, which I don’t even consider entry-level) airsoft guns are quite realistic, particularly once the orange tip has been dealt with. Anyone comfortable around an airsoft assault rifle is going to be equally comfortable around a real steel, civilian version of the same thing.

      • I work in IT, and the concentration of gun dudes is higher than any other job I’ve ever had.

        And it’s not just dudes. There are some trap-shootin’ ladies in the mix too.

      • I was a hardcore gamer back in the day – and I agree with him. This is lame nerd shit (minus the studious portion of the definition).

        • Well, during my “back in the day”, there WERE no video games, so we shot real firearms and made up games of our own. Now that I’m in my early fifties, I’ve dabbled in PC gaming for a couple decades, but never was hardcore – far from it. However, if you haven’t tried modern games, only those “back in the day”… you might be in for a surprise.

          To me Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, GTA, etc. are a lot of fun, and an escape from the everyday pressures of life. Assume the persona of CJ or Niko, and you can blast away at pedestrians, jack cars left & right, blow up lots of shit, run down cops (then have fun losing your wanted level), even shoot old ladies between the eyes – and none of it has any consequences because it ain’t real… It’s just a temporary escape from reality, and if you enjoy that sort of thing, great – if not, don’t knock it!

          So sure, you can call it “lame nerd shit”, but keep in mind that others might feel the same way about YOUR choice of pastimes.

  1. I prefer SWAT4, where this is an actual gameplay mechanic even if SWAT4 is overly leinant on when you can use less lethal stuff (The expansion solves this by allowing you to whack people, which is marginally better). Old woman refusing to co-operate? Taze her ass.

  2. The one guy sounds like a young nutnfancy, the other guy sounds like an ausfailian or a bong, and both sounded a bit “slow in the head.” Couldn’t sit through more than 4 minutes of this crap. If you want to idolize the police, that’s fine, but don’t try to idolize the jackboots in a game where you’re supposed to be f—ing the police.

  3. “Meanwhile, does GTA offer a Ferguson-style riot sim? I would so play that.”

    Is GTA an ‘open’ platform where you can build scenery?

  4. “Meanwhile, does GTA offer a Ferguson-style riot sim? I would so play that. ”

    Actually yes. The final arc of San Andreas’s plot is based on the Rodney King riots (with the critical difference being the officer in question actually was dirty).

  5. Every Metal Gear Solid game from MGS2 onward has had the ability to complete the game without a single lethal action. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V strongly incentivize you to *not* use lethal force, and gives you an entirely different set of tactical options for accomplishing mission objectives in non-lethal manners.

    Sure, you do have to use otherwise VERY lethal equipment for defeating the game’s namesake nuclear-armed walking battle tanks, but otherwise, non-lethal gameplay seems to be what most gamers crave in that space.

  6. It’s fascinating to see the overlap between gaming enthusiasts and firearms enthusiasts. The shared interest spans across different age groups, with gaming often viewed as another enjoyable hobby. It’s a testament to how diverse and interconnected interests can be, with many individuals balancing competitive shooting and gaming in their lives. Stereotypes can be misleading; you might find more tech-savvy experts than expected at the shooting range! gta apk obb

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