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Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale featured a spree killer with a grudge. Apparently, every member of the hospital staff was told that the best way to deal with a shooter is to “connect with the killer’s humanity.” I’m thinking a little Krav Maga would have been the better option. Anyway, there was the usual “who’s gonna get it” tension, with a high body count and a ridiculously slow police response. And a quick answer to the gun debaters’ “where did he get it” question, as reported here by . . .

Richard finds Mr. Clark on the surgical floor, and the shooter proceeds to tell him that he bought the gun at a local superstore, but didn’t have enough room in his jacket for all of the ammunition he bought, plus the flask so he could have a shot of courage. Now he’s down to just one bullet, which means he can’t kill both Richard and himself. So he has a choice to make, Richard says — either shoot him and go to prison or shoot himself and see his wife in the afterlife. Richard’s had a hell of a life and he’s not afraid to die, he says. Then the SWAT team makes it in and we hear a gunshot — one way or another, it seems, Mr. Clark is out of the picture.

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  1. It is obvious that ABC is on the far left on gun control actually writting "I purchased this and a bunch of ammo at the local Superstore" akwardly into the dialogue.

    What if someone in the hospital legally had a weapon and had taken this nut job out?

    That would have been a less ficticious plot in my opinion.

  2. I agree with Snyder, but it was very needed for the story to actually kill a few people.

    (sarcasm) Maybe grey's just doesn't like superstores and is promoting local gun shops to better judge the condition of the buyers.

    However, I am sorta mad they used that gun (beretta 92 or 96 by the looks of it, it isn't the taurus knock off), just bought it, about to take my girl out shooting, and she just watched this episode…… drat it.


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