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By Matt Manda

U.S. House of Representatives Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) grew up in a hunting and shooting sports family. It was not uncommon to go on dove hunts before high school football practice. That was the California of years ago, not California today. The state carries the notorious reputation for some of America’s strictest gun control laws.

On a virtual town hall event with firearm and ammunition industry leaders, U.S. Rep. McCarthy shared a story of a recent trip to a big box retailer. He wanted to purchase 12-gauge shotgun shells for a charity skeet shoot, and the checkout attendant asked him for multiple forms of identification, including his passport.

The highest-ranking Republican Congressman in the House of Representatives walked away from the sale out of frustration. He was stunned and dialed up someone who might give him a reason why this happened – California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The text back was simple as it was telling about Golden State gun rights. He was told in a text not to shop there

“It fires me up even more!” Congressman McCarthy explained about continued infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. “It’s how they are trying to get around the Second Amendment. Any time someone tries to infringe my rights, it only makes me more fired up. These laws, they’re being decided upon by people who have never shot a gun in their life.”

November Planning

The value of the local firearm industry isn’t lost on the California congressman. That includes local firearm retailers to the manufacturers. The industry employs more than 330,000, and when governments were ordering businesses closed during the COVID crisis, the firearm industry was listed “essential” by President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security. The designation allowed related businesses to remain open.

Subsequent congressional action like the Paycheck Protection Program helped many navigate the uncertainty. Now, Congress is facing a funding deadline and NSSF’s Larry Keane, moderating the discussion, asked the Republican Leader what Congressional action the Democratic-controlled House might take before the Nov. 3 election to help small businesses.

“I don’t think anything before the election outside the CR (Continuing Resolution government funding bill),” Rep. McCarthy explained. “In the lame duck, everybody talks big about all sorts of things happening, but it’s all determined by how the election turns out.”

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to keep the government open for a time. It is expected the Senate will also approve and President Trump will sign it.

Keane provided Rep. McCarthy an opportunity to give industry members a glimpse of what could be in store in the next Congress should the House of Representatives flip and he is voted in as Speaker of the House. Those could include industry legislative priorities like the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38) and the Hearing Protection Act (H.R. 155).

“Well you can actually see what we did before when I was Majority Leader. We moved the reciprocity bill,” McCarthy recalled. “So yeah you’d see us move that. On suppressors, I’m a big supporter of those…This is actually for the safety of people, those who are shooting and those who are not.” 

Law and Order

Firearm sales surged this year, in no small part to law-abiding Americans taking responsibility for their safety after witnessing increased violence and rioting. Nearly 14 million firearms were purchased, including more than 5 million to first-time buyers. People are deciding to take their safety and the safety of their family into their own hands amidst increasing civil unrest and rising calls to “defund the police.” Republican Leader McCarthy is leading the effort to flip the antigun House back to a more Second Amendment-friendly and law enforcement-supportive Republican majority. That requires winning back just 17 congressional seats, and McCarthy has a game plan.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

“You’ve seen at times the president’s hands have been tied because of jurisdictions, but he’s worked everywhere around that to get people greater security,” McCarthy explained. “We’ve created what is called the Commitment to America,’ and in here we specifically say, we don’t defund the police. We add $1.7 billion to the police. I think the more people see that, the more support the president is getting and the Republicans.”

Election Optimism

Congressman McCarthy is hopeful for what Election Day could mean for America and the prospects to the firearm industry. Election stakes only grew following the vacancy left on the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Republican House Leader McCarthy has high hopes for the Senate remaining in Second Amendment-friendly hands and President Donald Trump staying at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for another term.

“What is transpiring in America right now is unbelievable,” Congressman McCarthy said.

He highlighted the momentum of Senate races in Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Maine and Montana as examples and races to watch.

“Look, we’re playing to win like we always do,” Rep. McCarthy said. “And what a difference it will make to have a House that actually works with the president, that actually works with the Senate and works for the country.”

Election Day is critical to the firearm industry and all those who value their Second Amendment rights. Each branch is affected by the voting outcome. NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE initiative to ensure millions of gun-owning voters and Second Amendment supporters are informed and engaged when they head to the polls so they don’t risk their rights.


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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    • So is his aunt Nancy. Oh this picture of Nancy is what she really looks like without a makeup artist and soft lighting. What a witch.

    • Be that as it may, he is governor, by virtue of being elected to that position. By the way, speaking of elected things, the California State Legislature, in my book, would not come even close to passing muster, though it does appear that they are satisfactory to a majority of Californians, or at least to those who vote.

  1. Two thing stand out here – first, it seems that a US Congressman was unaware of the draconian laws put in place for ammunition purchase in his home state. I find this unlikely, to say the least. Second, it appears that Governor Newsom advised him to purchase ammunition outside California, and bring it in to the state, something that is illegal under California Law. I wish we had that in writing!

      • What difference does it make? When nothing happens to the Gov of NY for killing THOUSANDS of senior citizens, it is pretty obvious that governors are part of that group which is more equal than others. He is above the law.

        • Give that one some time the FOIA on those very records was given a post election date and is in the appeals process. Now as to double standards of course there wouldn’t be any up here without them but I don’t think we have heard the end of the nursing home issues.

  2. Hey Dan,

    Was this semi-bolded, non-proportionally kerned font your idea?

    It’s really hard on the eyes.

    Back to the subject matter: Newsom greatly desires to be one of the elite puppet masters…his overarching orders / legislation is him demonstrating to the DNC Powers-That-Be that he has the “Right Stuff”.

  3. All this tells me is that, Gavin Newsom is running in 2024.
    He knows he’s an ultra-douche – it’s a ‘feature’, not a ‘bug’

    • Everytime I see him with his slicked back hair like that, I think “used car salesman”. He definitely seems to have that image going for him.

    • If our recall petition is successful (and so far we’re on schedule!), he won’t be running for anything but dog catcher in 2024. After being kicked out next year from uber-liberal CA, the Left won’t see him as being the effective champion of Leftism anymore.

  4. Wait did Newsom through executive order just say it is ok to purchase out of state and transport back to California? Well hot dang!!! That was illegal before!

    Right now the laws passed by CA are being litigated. The fact they need to be litigated at all is a sad state. We are planning our escape to freedom. We are done. We did the rallies, and talking in state congress.
    It was all kabuki theater. They have the super majority. We are done here.

    • Daniel – The way the law is written, were I to visit California on an airline flight and I bring my gun with me, I cannot bring in a loaded magazine?

      • Please answer quickly, Daniel, as Geoff is heading to CA to try to consummate his relationship with ‘I Haz A Question’.

        • …says the one who also goes by the name ‘Geoff’.

          C’mon, Hail, you can do better than this. Reinvent yourself and strike up some actual conversation we can all shout about. Live up to your better potential.

        • All Hail
          Geoff the Goof
          JC’s Hype Squad

          Come up with a new unique name, re-introduce yourself as a controversial figure entering the room, and poke the bear to get everyone interested in spirited conversation. Following everyone around and calling them silly names is just junior high level stuff.

        • Not per CA law. People used to buy cars in Las Vegas or Arizona and wait 90 days to bring them back into CA to avoid our onerous ‘use tax’ (which is simply our state sales tax applied to items you never even bought here). Sacramento caught on and increased the effective period from 90 days to a full year. So if you buy a new car today in Nevada, you pay that state’s sales tax. If you move into CA any sooner than a year, you must also pay our high sales tax as well.

          Fortunately, the direction of exodus these days is out of CA.

  5. I am glad Gavin Newsom is not an accountant. He lets fires burn down half of California, which causes billions of dollars to be wasted by complete negligence, while on the other hand losing millions of dollars in the sales of legal firearms and shooting equipment. But he allows all the illegal guns in southern California to be used to terrorize the law-abiding people. I would not buy stock in his company.

  6. While the mealy mouth hypocrite democRat gov. newsome surrounds himself with 24/7 security the peasants way down below must present their papers for KGB approval and beg for bullets to defend themselves from the criminals that gov. newsome and his rotten democRat Party ilk cater to.
    The pompous self serving gov. newsome and his ilk bully law abiding citizens with gun bans, ammo bans, etc. They enjoy seeing gun owning citizens jump through hoops like silly circus animals. One day the table will turn.

  7. FIFY
    Firearm sales surged this year, in no small part to law-abiding Americans taking responsibility for their safety after witnessing increased violence and rioting.
    In no small part to the petty tyrants and they’re failed policies.

    Noticed in the picture of Nancy Uglosi she appears to be taking on characteristics of Ruth Badgirl Commieburg.

  8. I say that the firearms industry and ammunition makers stop selling thelaw inforcement agencies in commifonia arms and ammunition and lobby the fedral goverment to not allow imports into the state that would go to law enforcement agencies. If their local and state goverment wants to restrict or denie the public their constitutional rights, then give them the same treatment.

  9. Elections have consequences. Civil rights aren’t a priority in California. Butt sex, shooting up crystal meth, to improve their sexual experience in public. Smoking pot in public. Defecating and urinating in public. Making all of this legal is the priority. Or just not enforcing the laws. Like allowing the homeless to camp and defecate anywhere they wish.

    These same voters and the people they elect, also support $$$ a woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. They totally support the welfare industrial complex. And the “gun free zones” that go with it.

    They just can’t bring themselves to vote for a Christian, or a gay, who is small government and pro Liberty.

    • Whoa! Easy, bud. Not ALL of us are as you described. Some of us are actively trying to fix this shit.

      Also, civil rights ARE important in the DPRK… just not yours or mine.

      • Having been born and raise in California. I stand by my statement. I know its harsh to say. But it’s from honest observations. California is as intolerant and bigoted as any southern state, or the rest of the country was in the 1950’s. The south is much better now. As well as the rest of the country. California on the other hand is going backwards.

        • btw
          Earlier this year I watched a woman who said she was from California. She and her husband were in a Nashville TN gun store. It was her birthday. She turned 18. And she wanted to by a gun. She purchased a Glock gen 5. She couldn’t do that in California. In fact she stated that she wanted to move to a state where she could buy and have her own gun.

          And yes I did ask them about politics. They both said they were conservatives.

        • Yeppers!

          The string puppets at Giffords, Everytown, Moms, et al really hate that many States lawfully allow unlicensed (private) transfer (sales) of a handgun to persons as young as 18. One of the reasons that some States (mostly Blue States) don’t honor Montana’s CWP is that we will issue to 18 year olds. My Sheriff’s view is that if they are old enough to vote, serve in the DoD and sign contracts then they ARE an adult for ALL legal purposes.

          We have a California born / raised, Berkley educated transplant running for the MT US House seat. It’s kind of pathetic watching her political ads obviously pandering for the sportsman’s (woman’s) vote. Her ads include video of her carrying a rifle, filleting a fish and telling the TV audience that she cares about our Montana traditions and “Rights” and will fight the DC Establishment for us.

          Yeah, that’s real funny!…go ahead Kathleen, now pull the other one. Your out-of-State dark-money masters are spending a buttload on your campaign…here’s hoping you lose…again.

        • to Old Guy in Montana

          Every time I encounter a California trans plant I question them. If they are conservative they are not uncomfortable. If they are Liberal? They do get uncomfortable.

          I wonder why?????

        • @Chris T in KY

          The Conservative typically has nothing to hide and tends to answer more truthfully…while, on the other hand, the Progressive / Democrat won’t tell the truth if their life depended on it…why should they hurt your “feelingz” by telling you that they are better than you and want to control your life when it is so much easier (and more productive) for them to lie to you and parrot the standard, DNC approved, “feel good” phrases with all the “Conservatives Are Bad” trigger words. Logic and facts only confuse the issue…feelz are the answer (well, feelz and the threat of social censure, cancellation, getting in your face and demanding you comply, intimidating you verbally / physically, doxxing, “suggesting” that bad things could happen to you, rioting, looting, arson…whew, I’m tired of typing…and all the rest of their “tactics”).

          Lenin, Stalin, Alinsky, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, etc would be so proud of their disciples. You’d think that with all these opportunities to implement Communism that it would have worked in at least one country without devastating their economy and working class.

  10. Not only will I not shop for ammo in California, I will make it a point to avoid buying there at all from ANY California business if there is another alternative.

    Newsome has been a disaster for California, and has overseen the Golden State’s decline from the envy of much of the western world, to a burned down, shit strewn, dead end, outdoor toilet.

    • Well, it had gone miles downhill before Newsome ever got there, I had been avoiding it like the plague for decades before I ever heard of his sorry ass.

  11. Wow the American people have bought a lot of gunms this year, I say we cash in on it with more Taxes, Yay, and after they slow down on ammo purchases let’s turn those gunms into useless paper weights, Yay. Dont worry We won’t get voted out, they hate Trump, Yay. We can sht all over them, don’t matter they hate gunms even though they buy gunms, Yay. We’ll never lose our positions of power, stick it too them.

  12. “If you don’t like our ammunition laws, don’t buy here.”

    Eminently reasonable advice. Sounds like something POTG would say.

    Don’t patronize businesses that don’t want your money.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not the businesses that don’t want your money, it is the Socialist state government preventing the businesses from taking your money. The ammo sale BS in Comifornia really hurt retail sales for a lot of small gun & ammo shops, as well as the larger chain retailers. Also, the direct mail-order sale of ammo was stopped, which had to put a dent in those companies who would sell and ship to CA. Just bad for the gun economy all the way around…

      • I’m not a fan of being restrictions for buying ammo in California but I will say that ammo sales in California are still extremely high I’m contributing an amazing amount to the manufacturing of ammunition by purchasing huge quantities. California is also the largest market for gun manufacturers. Californians May be restricted in what we can buy but we are certainly buying those guns in very large quantities.

  13. A passport? WTF? To buy ammo??
    Funny thing about Comifornia, they don’t require ANY ID (of ANY kind) to vote. How F-ed up is that? All you have to say is, “Hola. ¿Puedo tener una boleta para votar?”. They’ll hand you a ballot and point to an empty polling booth. Well… at least in previous elections. Now, they’ll just mail a few to your home addresses.
    The CA DemocRAT moto: “Vote early and Vote often”…

    • So sayeth the ignorant Texan. Must be the gospel cuz someone from Texas said it. You stay in your state and I’m will be happy without you here

  14. “Don’t Shop Here.” Exactly the kind of arrogant, sanctimonious response we’ve come to expect from so-called ‘progressive’ Democrats like Gavin ‘Nuisance’, Kamala Harris, Eric Swalwell, etc. Naturally, California voters keep reflexively electing or re-electing the same types of self-serving and supercilious ‘representatives’ every election cycle.

  15. Don’t Shop Here World!

    When the US & the World stops shopping in Commiefornia u will start crying for bailouts!

    Wildfires are Gods way of burning the HELL OUT OF HELL!

    • By your logic I guess that the Hurricanes that keeps slamming the South are God’s way of saying everyone there should go to hell as well. Would that be correct?

  16. Fortunately the restrictions on buying ammunition will go the same way as the restrictions on magazines and be deemed an infringement of the Second Amendment. These ammo restrictions are just another way to tax Californians without any benefit to the general population.

  17. That law was my final straw. My buddy and I had decided to go deer hunting, bought our licenses and tags and then ran afoul of the background check. My buddy has never been arrested and is a long term gun owner. He failed the test and was told that some 20-25% of purchasers were being denied because of glitches with the system. “Don’t worry, the state will get it straightened out eventually.”
    I started to look for other places to live.
    Been free since April fools and cannot be happier.

    • Who was it that created the obviously faulty system. The voters of California, who allowed idiots into law making positions, positions involved in the creation of the failed systems above noted. Old saying runs as follows. People tend to get pretty much the sort of government they didn’t vote against.

      I lived in California for a couple of years, a long time ago, late 1960’s. It wasn’t then as ridiculous as it is now. Unlike the case with red wine, the passage of years has not improved the wine.

  18. A US Passport to buy ammo?
    What if I’m an Undocumented Alien?
    Surely Gavin the Great wouldn’t want to discriminate against me…

  19. California has turned into a shithole, the Governor is most likely a pedophile and the illegals have overrun the state and destroyed it. Trade Cali to Mexico for unlimited taco Tuesday and build a wall around it.

  20. There you go… the Gov says “don’t shop here”. Go to a neighboring state and buy your ammo and bring it back by the car or truck load.

    There would have to be some on the shelf, but you get the idea.

  21. Yeah sure…..under McCarthy we’ll see the introduction of national reciprocity and the hearing protection act………


    How do you spell BULLSHIT?????

  22. Sorry to post again but HOW out of touch is this alleged “representative”?

    He lives in DC……and he supports the 2A? Is his Strong advocacy for 2A the reason why he does NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT AMMO REGISTRATION IN HIS HOME STATE?

    SPARE US THIS A$$hole! Another rino elitist living in DC And pandering here for money.

    Nancy pelosi light. Spare me.

    2A supporter my a$$


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