Gavin Newsom
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“The gun violence that continues to plague our nation is beyond heartbreaking — it’s a societal failure. Simply saying, “enough is enough,” is NOT enough. We must address the root causes of these devastating acts at every level of government.” – Governor-elect Newsom via Twitter

“It’s a gun culture. You can’t go to a bar or nightclub? You can’t go to church or synagogue? It’s insane is the only way to describe it. The normalization, that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s become normalized.” – Governor-elect Newsom, Gunman [Who] Killed 12 People in California Shooting Identified

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  1. Fine people of California actually elected this knucklehead! He’s about to take your state constitution and the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights and send it right into the shredder! The usual militant authoritarianism we can come to expect from the Democratic Party!

      • Stop the Civ-Nat nonsense.

        Immigrants do not assimilate any more than oil assimilates with water. Sure they can exist for a time in a suspended state, but eventually they separate.

        They must all go back. As Bill Kristol has finally admitted, demographics is destiny, and as history has always proven correct, Diversity+Proximity=War.

        • I have lived around a lot of non European immigrants. They have been pretty good at becoming Americans. However, those immigrants don’t come from places like Mexico. A lot of Mexican immigrants give the other immigrants a hard time. The Mexicans tend to also have some old school racism in them to go along with their problematic behavior.

          While growing up I learned what racism is via the Mexicans and the blacks. I don’t really remember whites being overtly racist. Although these days it seems whites are regressing into their old racist ways.

          You have to divide to conquer.

        • CZ, most if not all Latin America has a very open racist culture. Being racist in public is perfectly normal. It’s not just Mexico. South American Indians are frequently being called nasty names in public. Many white Argentinian, Brazilian, and Uruguayan cannot stand mixed and black folks and again they have no issues expressing it in public.

      • As a friend explained and I completely agree!
        “I get so sick of the arguement whether the gun was legal or not. This is all knee jerk reaction to the situation. Instead, when are we, as a society, (mostly the left) discuss what the real problem is; the break down of society. The death of the nuclear family; the lack of a father figure; any sense of responsiblity; proper socialital behaviors and consequences when you behave badly. Accountability. Morality.
        The vast majority of shooters (be it single incidents or mass shootings) are done by people that have none of what I’ve mentioned above. We glorify violence while condemning guns at the same time. It’s ok to have your kid play Call of Duty by himself for hours on end, but then wail and moan about gun control. Celebrities (like Liam Neeson and Matt Damon) that make millions portraying gun toting vigilantes, but then scream about how evil guns are.
        It is NOT a gun problem, it is the end of civility and common sense.”

    • Realistically it’s not the illegals that make CA vote so toxic. There are millions of legitimate voters who ruined CA and it spread to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and it looks like it might spread to Arizona. People of the gun need to stop writing California off because the people and politics of California WILL be coming to your state.

        • I hear a lot of young Californians are going to Austin to open up businesses they couldn’t afford to in California.

      • Boulder was California long before California was California. These psycho super far leftists are invading at a staggering pace. CO is a lot like Texas. The entire map is red, except for the capitol right in the middle. However, that (in this states case, two) spot(s) on the map are forcing the red to wash to purple, and eventually a darker blue. CO will be the next to fall after OR and WA. Property has doubled, in some places tripled in price in 5 years. Places you wouldn’t even imagine wanting to buy a house in, you couldn’t afford to if you wanted to. There’s no reason we should be absolutely panicking because of elections. Elections should not be the deciding factor of whether you have rights stripped away because people around you chose differently.

        Everyone says stay and fight, and I’m all for that. We need to all get together and figure out one solid plan of action and execute to the T.

    • They recently got more gun control. They already have all the laws they wanted that they claim would stop such a shooting. There were cops inside during the shooting, I assume they were unarmed because of gun control. Yet they want more laws and less liberties:

      Emotions over logic. Responses over solutions.

      • I saw that yesterday. I would love to know her “gun control” ideas which could have prevented the shooting? My guess is she wants EVERY gun banned.

        We live in an open society, not North Korea. There is literally not a single thing which can stop a shooting. Other than the Las Vegas shooting where he put out a lot of rounds quickly, every other shooting with a scary black rifle would have had as many dead if they used only a handgun with 10 round mags or a shotgun.

        The media will say things about shootings as ‘this was well planned and ….’ Almost every shooter is an average intelligent person or stupid. These people are not criminal masterminds. How much firearms ability or planning does it take to shoot unarmed people in a room with limited exits? None.

        I’ve already heard the dem’s calling for UBC’s again. This guy like every other nutcase who did this type of thing, passed a background check and legally purchased the gun used. And bottom line is these shootings are not all the time, they happen less now than in the past. We’re a MUCH larger country than we were in the 1960’s.

  2. wow, one wonders how in the hell he finds his way to the podium to speak with his head jammed that far up his ass. Gun culture causes mass shootings? No, a total lack of morals, ignorance of mental health issues, lack of conformity to societal norms, and a lack of a national moral and ethic code causes mass shootings. Say whatever you want about Christianity and traditional marriage values but note that we didn’t have these issues back when that was the norm. When our family units actually stayed together and we had morals we didn’t start shooting crowds of people for no discernible reason.

  3. It’s not the ‘gun culture’ that causes shootings, it’s stupidity. The stupidity of thinking that a sign on the door is going to stop a homicidal maniac causes shootings. The stupidity of thinking that a criminal will quit committing felonies if you make it a misdemeanor too. The stupidity of people thinking the police will protect them when at best their 5 minutes away and and worst they won’t even bother showing up. The stupidity of trusting others with our lives causes shootings. Go heeled or be content to suffer whatever injury fate bestows upon you.

    • The stupidity of thinking a shooter won’t be able to reload while shooting defenseless, cowaring victims. The stupidity of thinking bad guys will respect minor gun laws when they’re planning murders or other felonies, especially if they are planning to die in the process. The stupidity of thinking restrictions on hundred year old technology can’t be bypassed, especially in an age of instantly available information and individually owned computerized manufacturing.

      • Everyone of these clowns thinks mag cap limits will enable ninjas to jump out of the walls during a shooting and tackle/restrain the shooter.

        No. Reloading is trivial, and since most people haven’t been exposed to unsuppressed gunfire (without ear pro) in their entire lives, they don’t know how to deal with it. People are deaf and stunned after the first barrage. The attacker has all the time in the world, unless someone else (preferably with a gun) can challenge him.

        The guy in Pulse had hours. His rifle even jammed. No one thought to take him on.

        • “The guy in Pulse had hours. His rifle even jammed. No one thought to take him on.”

          I will say it because nobody else will. Homosexual culture is weak. Having an exception to the rule does not erase the fact that no gay person (out of hundreds) fought against the shooter in that club. In Oregon at the community college it was a straight guy who ran toward the sound of gun fire empty handed.

          Now you can call me a homophobe as you rake hip hop culture over the coals. I have no problem with anyone criticizing Hip Hop. I do it all the time. But am not afraid to criticize homosexuals who seem to think they are above criticism.

        • They said there was unarmed security guards that got it first. They said there was a few off duty cops inside that were also unarmed. They said some people were stuck inside and some died trying to break the windows to escape.

          I already knew something like this was going to happen. A while ago I had to talk to family, that work at a bar, about a scenario exactly like this. They thought this wouldn’t happen and they wouldn’t need a gun or a plan. I also know people who attended the Route 91 festival that was shot up. Now they see reality.

          You should always have an escape plan and you should carry a gun everywhere you can.

      • I’ve had discussions with people who buy the whole magazine size/semi-autos are more deadly propaganda. I simply ask the ones who want magazine size limits if there’s a limit on how many 10 round(which seems to be their OK point) mags I can own. They say no, and this is in the hypothetical world where all mags larger than 10 rounds magically disappear, so I simply say “I can have ten of them? So a shooter can put 10 magazines in his pockets?”. They have legitimately never thought of that.

        The ones who are anti-semi auto, I ask if revolvers and lever action rifles, or pump shotguns are OK. They always say yes, because they don’t want to seem like they want to ban all guns. Then I ask them how many Indians were masascred with lever action rifles and revolvers and watch their little heads spin.

        If a shooter of moderate ability walks into a room with a .357 Magnum lever action rifle and a pair of S&W 686 revolvers, with Speed Strips or speedloaders in his pockets, he is going to kill a LOT of people, and do it with 19th century technology.

    • Well I’d call it a complete lack of critical thinking skills, but stupidity is pretty much the same thing. One doesn’t know and the other doesn’t know how to know. The socialist school program doesn’t teach kids how to reason through an issue so we just emote. Signs on doors keep me safe, keeping bad people out of our country must make us a terrible society, magazine capacity is the real issue because you never hear a survivor mention a “pause in the shooting” to reload, or and everything I have to work for must be a “human right”. Because if government gives you random rights it will never decide to take them away like the god given kind.

    • I was reading the L A Times article online last night and was able to comment on their infallible logic. I told them that the outcome of this shootin will be the focus of how many rounds the gun could hold, what type of gun it was, how ans where it was purchased etc. instead of the mental health issues in this country and the target rich enviornment the ” gun free zones ” make available to this type of individual. More gun control laws will be passed and this similar scenario will be repeated again for the sake of political aims.

      • Recent shooting in Texas…. young man shows up at private home with his girlfriend, junker pickup truck, and an even more ancient single shot bolt action (that means, only one round can be placed in the gun at one time, fire that, open bolt, manually place new round, fire again) .22 rimfire rifle, did not even have any extra rounds in the truck. Homeowner for unknown reasons, brought out his AR with 20 round mag, and a semiauto handgun, standard cap mag, fifteen rounds. Man begins firing at truck… fired total of some thirty rounds, hit truck at least 16 times. Kid, desparate, fires his antique single shot .22 rimfire rifle one time, drops and kills would be murderer with that one round. Shooter still had plenty more rounds in both of his guns.
        Don’t tell ME the hardware is the limiting OR enabling factor. Never the arrow, always tne Indian.

  4. Hopefully there’s a little sanity left in the people of California. They take this man to task for his parties attempts to exterminate your second amendment rights throughout your state. Every California resident /voter needs to take this man to task, along with the Democratic Party, and tell them stop screwing around the Constitution. Prepare to have millions of people standing up in court and recalling these closet, tassel loafer tyrants. Before they suspend the Bill of Rights in the name of Public Safety.

    • Aaron M. Walker: +1
      Yeah, they Swear and Oath to protect it and the 1st thing they try to do, is work on TEARING it apart…. So I can’t help but wonder, WHY the HECK are ALL of these suckers not PULLED Right the H#LL out of the position?
      How many of us would still have our jobs, saying, Yeah, Yeah, I Swear, I’ll do the job and take care of the business the best I can… Then proceed to run it into the ground and still keep our jobs???

      • They twist things by saying they support 2A since they’re ok with their security having guns or the little people having muzzleloaders, after licensing, background checks, training, storage requirements, and monthly home inspections. Or, they have some ignorant fantasy that the 2nd isn’t an individual right, despite Heller and their own state constitutions. It’s like claiming to be pro-choice because you support abortion only to save the mother’s life.

        • Not Gavin. He hates guns so much he thinks they should all be banned. If he supports the 2A at all, he will be one of those who claim that that 2A applies only to arming citizens for service in the militia. His story is that his grandfather held his family (including Gavin) at gun point and threatened to kill them all, but then went to his room and shot himself in the head. Gavin says he had has never recovered from the trauma.

    • Well, obviously, since a large majority of “California Voters” elected this/these idiots – that just ain’t gonna happen, is it!?

      • Our only hope is that this egomaniac decides the time is right for him to run for President in the 2020 election and that he resigns as governor in order to run.

        • As crazy as jerry brown is, he actually vetoed a fair number of gun control and other far left bills from the legislature. newsom is well to the left of brown and he’ll sign all those. CA is a complete mess and has been for a LONG time but it can get worse and newsom will make it much worse.

          feinstein is terrible but the one she beat in the 2018 election, kevin de leon, is much more liberal than her and even worse. That’s the choice in CA now, a crazy nut liberal or the person even more liberal and worse. CA is on the crazy train and the majority of voters say faster please. They have MASSIVE problems, massive pension issues, tax issues, spending issues, job losses, etc. and they keep doubling and tripling down on the very worst ideas. CA is a failed state, its complete destruction is only a matter of time.

  5. QUIT trying to SNOW JOB the Sheep: with these cute sayings and catch phrases… “It’s a gun culture” and “Common sense gun laws” on and on…

    It’s NOT a GUN problem, the Gun is just a tool, same as a Nail Gun, a Hammer, a Screwdriver, a pocket knife, mm.
    The Problem is the FOOLS, with which they choose the Tool, they are the Problem!

    • As long as it has a justifiable sporting purpose and doesn’t even resemble one of those assaulty sling shots… Maybe.

    • You can’t even own a shop sized air compressor in California without a permit and a $160 inspection every five years.

      • Yeah it is pretty much the nanny state at this point. I’d imagine you need a building permit to put in new carpet or paint walls in what many would call their own home.

    • …Can’t own Slingshots in Massachusetts…If the re-elected GOP RINO Governor in my state plays overly mice again with SJW/Libtard/DemoCommies in the Statehouse. We could be looking at regulation to add “Sticks and Stones to an assault weapons BAN….

  6. I knew Newscum was going to be Gov one day for years if not decades ago. Of course I could care less as I made my escape a few years ago as who wants to live under a dictatorship. Concerning for a while was the possibility of Negro Newscum becoming the ruler in the Gunshine State but thankfully that crisis has been averted. Moving is expensive after all.

  7. Gun culture did NOTcause thisshooting
    The NRA and all other organized gun groups condemns murder.
    All decentgun owners condemn murder
    This person is not part of any gun culture

  8. The hole is ready just roll RBG in and let’s get this show on the road. 2019 will be to gun ownership what 2003 was to sodomy.

    • So people that disagree with it will be forced by law to accept and make cakes to celebrate it? Hmm, gun cake… That actually sounds like the birthday cake I want!

  9. CA had a real chance to dump one the most freedom grabbing Senators in the nation, Senator Pan, and like programmed Pavlov dog’s believing they were resisting Trump, they instead checked off D, rel-electing the man who will continue to flush their rights down the toilet. Congrats CA.

    • Red hot poker or a pipe bomb.

      The BS primary system in Commiefornia is not by party it puts the two highest on the ballot. So usually, as on Tuesday, get two demtards.

      Feinstein (D) or de Leon (D) rich marxist Dinosaur or marxist illegal. The difference other than remaining years?

      • exactly.

        If anything, feinstein is to the right of de leon, he’s that far left. You can’t get more liberal than de leon. If he beat feinstein, he’d be the most liberal senator in the country and it would not even be close. There was no choice in that race but the write in Brett Kavanaugh or someone else. They both were horrible options

  10. I don’t hear a word these west coast Libitards say.
    Blame an inanimate object for what a sick citizen of your state did. One that your people failed to take notice of. As usual all the symptoms are there and you overlook them all.

  11. “The Leftist violence that continues to plague our nation is beyond heartbreaking — it’s a societal failure. Simply saying, “enough is enough,” is NOT enough. We must address the root causes of these devastating acts at every level of government.”

    Fixed it for the petty Marxist.

  12. I agree that the “Gun Culture”, what ever that may be, is not a problem. The real problem with wanton violence, a lack of respect for others, lack of civility and civilized behavior, lack of common sense (remember that one, old guys?), and a general deteriorization of the American experiment until the Donald came along can be attributed to the now lack of an American Culture. Those “salad bowl” v “melting pot” anarchists of the 1980s did a good job of indoctrinating the American youth and their compliant parents.

    • “general deterioration of the American experiment” I guess no one here can read history, the cultural change in the 80’s. WTF, compared to when exactly, The fact that half the world is not trying to kill the other half (something that is NOT typical in history) makes people freak out over relatively minor stuff like this.

      • “The fact that half the world is not trying to kill the other half …”

        They aren’t?? If you are trying to say that violence, murder, tribal warfare, etc. has historically been the norm in the world since its creation or the Big Bang or what ever you personally believe, I agree with that statement. Under our nation of laws, however, at least the US paused from that for a while, notwithstanding the westward movement of the new American population in dealing with those already living here. The existing tribal cultures, however, did not always get along, either. My summer digs were once controlled by the Souix until the Chippewa/Anishnabe/whomever kicked ’em out.

        Personally, I’d rather live in a society where I didn’t have to always watch my back due to vermin, both bi- and quadruped. I guess it’s all determined by what people will put up with, at least in the US.

        • @Craig

          Yep. There ain’t no “noble savage.” It’s a myth.

          I mean how was Texas settled. The Mexican government took poor folks, gave them a gun and pointed to a map: See this land here? If you can get there and work it, it’s yours! The only part they didn’t tell them was that that free land was overrun by warring tribes…

    • This goes back to the 60s heck there were communists here in the 30s. I think we will lose this fight. It’s a shame

  13. The gun guun culture probably doesn’t help. If I was out to get someone a firearm would make it easier. If I was really committed to my vengeance to get someone I would probably improvise with some other means to destroy. All that depends on one thing however, my decision. An interesting observation was made by an individual I know. ” I hate these new spouts on the gas containers. It makes it harder to pour gas if you want to burn someone’s house down or fill glass bottles.” A determined killer will find away. .

    • Exactly, you don’t need the gun to kill someone, but boy does it make it easier. Kind of like keeping a government in check.

      • Exactly, you don’t need the gun to kill someone, but boy does it make it easier.

        I know you don’t like data, but the data shows Europe has had five times as many major mass murders (60 or more) than the Us has had in the past decade. Two of those, both bigger than any US mass murder in the past decade involved NO GUN at all, one involved guns stolen from the military, another involved a gun that is the most popular rifle in Canada, and a rifle that is no longer on Canada’ restricted list.

        On regular murder, US states that are the most similar except for the amount of guns and gun laws, for example comparison of same region, similar demographic states, like Virginia vs Maryland, it is always the state where guns are harder to get, and with less guns that has MORE murder and violent crime.

        The science and data show mass shootings are media driven events that haven thing to do with ratre of gun ownership, gun culture or gun laws.

        • So I guess the military should use those techniques instead.

          There are LOTS of ways to kill a lot of people. But most require a LOT more planning then going to Cabela’s, charging a couple of grand on you credit card and lighting up some night club.

          And where did I mention “gun culture”. Though I would suspect that any cops would NOT want to go up against some ranked 3-Gun competitor.

        • Statistics and facts of other countries homicide rates in this instance is like saying,” but I’m not as big a drunk as the alcoholic over there” . It’s still a problem. One thing I cannot do is get a big enough hammer to beat this into the anti Gunners heads, It’s Not The Gun, It’s The Person Behind The Trigger. Gun culture, knife culture, screaming mad wife with an ashtray culture. It’s not the weapon .

  14. It’s insane that people are not allowed to protect themselves and disarming law-abiding citizens is seen as normal. But what do I know?

  15. The gun is just a tool, much like Mr. Newsom. He Isn’t capable of a rational discussion of violence within our society.

  16. Fix “gun violence” by banning guns. We’ll all be so safe…😩😖😵If the disturbed vet had only been limited to 10round mags😏Newscume may be even worse than JB Prickster…

    • He was limited to ten round mags. Been that way for almost 20 years. But according to the news, he “had modified his gun to accept more rounds.” Yeah, I got a good chortle out of that. Idiots. He went to Vegas and bought some 13 round mags.

  17. Wanna know what would help reduce these kinds of events, Gav? Return fire, that’s what. If Californians were allowed to tote a weapon and shoot back then maybe they wouldn’t have to wait for the lunatic to get bored and off himself.

  18. Automotive culture causes vehicular homicides. The government also endorses this method of death by issuing licenses to those as young as 15. We need to raise the driving age to 21, limit vehicle speeds to 55 mph, limit vehicle purchases to one a month, require a background check ( state / federal) for all vehicle sales (including private transactions) & every 5 years thereafter, require mandatory training (minimal fee) every 5 years to maintain a license, criminalize non-safe vehicle storage, regulate vehicle usage only to authorized locations, limit fuel purchases, require smart technologies to only allow authorized users to operate said vehicle(s), establish a fee (10% of MSRP) for any device / atrachment (eg. spoiler) that could increase the speed of the vehicle or otherwise make the vehicle more controllable thus increasing its lethality, register said device / attachment (non-transferable) with the DOL, establish a ‘red flag’ law to remove your vehicles upon any accusation of dangerous / reckless usage and last but certainly not least, have a mental evaluation every 10 years.

    Did I miss anything? I mean, you know, within “common sense” thought processes…

    If it saves just one life!

    • I’ve watched many of my brother’s and sister’s succumb to a wheeled death. I want all motor vehicles banned banned , the bump shifts to the automatics. No where in the Constitution does it declare you have the right to drive

  19. What Newsom is doing is far more insidious. He is saying that *we* are the problem.

    And he wishes to attack that problem socially, by making _us_ socially unacceptable. And they will do that by any means they can. Prepare to be outcast, vilified, and blamed for every gun tragedy…

    • The “greatest”?

      thats such a long list, i’m not sure why he’d fall on it.

      I’d still say Bloomberg is worse.

      • For example, I’d bet Bloomberg bankrolled Newsom. And others. And, somehow, was not limited to $2700 or whatever us poor folks are.

        • Newsome has been gathering funds since he was elected Lt. Governor, and had a huge war chest before the start of the election. He didn’t need any help from Bloomie, as there are scores of well-healed democrats in the Bay Area and LA who paid handsomely, as they have since he first became a SF Supervisor and later Mayor.

  20. The first paragraph quoted above, other than a quibble re the phrase “gun violence,” is actually spot on.

    Unfortunately he misses the root causes of the problem while veering far into left field.

  21. Gun stores all over California are celebrating the arrival of the latest “gun confiscating, though he still strongly believes in the 2nd amendment” messiah…Gaven Newsome!!!

    The rush is on!!

    Guns will become harder to get, easier to take back from the law abiding.
    Criminals will be unaffected in any way

  22. How many guns protect Gov. Newscum every time he is outside his ivory tower in Sacramento?

  23. What a jackass.

    The old guys who shoot bullseye every Tuesday evening in a musty old club are gun culture. The families that travel to Camp Perry for the National Championships evey summer are gun culture. The dad taking his son deer hunting in the woods is gun culture. Omar Mateen and Nidal Hasan (Orlando and Ft Hood) are not gun culture. Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech) is not gun culture.

    But, at least Newsom is making his case clear. He wants a fight with traditional gun culture.

  24. There is no such thing as ‘Gun Violence’. This term is/was made up to blame guns for human action.

    There is only CRIMINAL VIOLENCE. Guns are tools, nothing more, and ALL Govt restrictions only apply to law abiding citizens.

    “After a shooting spree they always try to take the guns away from those who didn’t do it…”
    William S. Burroughs

  25. Well Newsom, you have a culture of infidelity in your household. Take the log out of your own eye….

  26. The culture that glorifies mass murderers by spreading their names, faces, and “motivations” (i.e. excuses) all over the media while keeping a high-score list of killing is what drives these monsters.

  27. I look forward to the governor setting the tone against gun culture by removing all guns from his security detail. I will do as he does, rather than as he says. Actions not words, governor.

  28. Did The Nuisance really say it’s insane that we can’t go to a bar or church with our guns?

    I’m finally starting to like this guy.

  29. Nightclubs and bars have always been a place of violence. Where has this guy been? Maybe because he is well off and white he doesn’t know the dangers of hanging out at a club at 2 a.m. Welcome to the real world.

    I guess white people didn’t really have to deal with getting shot until their own people started hunting them down in gun free zones. Why does it matter so much now? Is it because the victims now look like you?

    We can’t go to the country music festivals, we can’t go to country college night at a bar, we can’t go to the movies, we can’t go to Church, we can’t go to Synagogue, we can’t attend our university classes… How about some people can’t go to the corner store any time of day? How about some people can’t sit on their front porch?

    SJWs only really think about themselves and they use minorities to do their bidding. When something affects them they get mighty angry, then they call in the coloreds to handle the mess for them. They use them to take away everyone’s rights. They then claim moral superiority and play the heroes.

  30. For those who have forgotten from 2017:

    “I see the rift between regions hostile to lawful gun owners and regions friendly to our rights only deepening, I’m afraid. We’ve got many areas in California bound and determined to make lawful gun ownership as onerous and expensive as possible, while other states are relaxing their gun laws even further.” – Gwen Patton of Pink Pistols

    Sometimes you just have to let people destroy themselves. Then maybe the witnesses, other states, will learn from the mistakes of others. Yes its very painful. But they won’t listen.

  31. I thought this article was about Newsom. He’s the immigrant causing the problem. You’re saying Hispanics voted him in? Really?
    Wait I smell troll bait.
    Sorry. 🙂

    • Under California’s motor voter law, you get registered to vote when you get or renew a driver’s license, courtesy of the DMV. You do not have to be a citizen to get a driver’s license. And yes, this includes illegal aliens–oh, I’m sorry–undocumented migrants–who are legally permitted to vote in statewide but not federal elections. And apparently, most of the “new arrivals” vote democrat, while those who have been here a few generations (and who object to the illegals being allowed in) often vote Republican.

  32. 1) newsom took millions from Bloomberg and the gun control/ban lobby so this is no surprise.
    2) His gun violence” number is a combination of suicide+homicide that is almost 2/3 suicide. This allows him to a) ignore the fact that US gun murder rate is DOWN about 50% in the past 25 years and b) ingore the fact that plenty of other developed democracies including ones with severe restrictions on rights such as the right to bear arms, have HIGHE suicide+homicide rates than the US, for example S. Korea and Japan; and the US is just about average, between +/- 15% of scores of other developed democracies.

    The fact is the overwhelming affect of the US “gun culture” is the presence of guns dramatically REDUCING crime through two to three million crimes prevented by civilian gun owners every year.

  33. No. You just can’t go to a gun free zone….

    It is the one thing that is common to most mass shootings and inner-city voilence committed by firearm.

  34. So answer me this Governor Douchebag why is it that societies where the People are disarmed ALWAYS end up with mass killings ? It would seem that buy-in cultures breed even greater carnage, but you already knew that.

  35. Next stop for defective Californians suspected and/or accused of “Gun Culture” membership: A cot in the re-education camp.

  36. The culture that is rotten is that of the left. It’s just that the political class like Gavin Newsom sell out Americans for their own political gain. It’s great for him to walk around with armed guards, while everyone else is dependent, and in peril. How else is the dangerous left going to force compliance?

  37. The Dems ignore that it is the person doing the killing, not the weapon. In China where there are no guns in private hands, they use knives and machetes to commit mass murder.
    The Brits are discovering that now.

  38. all this talk about it being the person, not the gun, about it being mental health and the breakdown of the nuclear family, not magazine size, about criminals don’t follow laws, not UBC, about all of our arguments.. and not all of their lies, prevarications and outright fabrication and ignoring the facts, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Newsom doesn’t care, none of them do. They only care about getting elected / reelected, and if he and all the rest have to trample on our rights, burn the constitution and watch as people die unarmed and defenseless, so be it. it’s a peculiar form of narcissism.

    he doesn’t care, so long as he gets on the path to the white house.

    if you think of him as Caligula, you’ll understand why pointing out the facts don’t appeal to his better sense.

  39. The first quote in the article is the most accurate. “it’s a societal failure”. So regardless of the method or laws restricting the method the violence will continue. I’ve yet to have a weapon walk up to me and ask me to kill somebody.

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