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Boot: The Republican Gun Cult Is What’s Infected America’s Culture

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[A]s if denying that heavy rain causes flooding, Republicans continue to insist that the prevalence of guns has nothing do with the prevalence of shootings. They blame doors, video games, mental illness, “emasculated” men, family breakdown, demons, the lack of prayer in schools, Ritalin, antidepressants, social media, social isolation — anything and everything except the weapons used in these crimes.

All such explanations ignore the obvious rejoinder that our culture is pretty similar to those of Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries that don’t have anywhere close to the same levels of gun violence. We don’t have a monopoly on mental illness, family breakdown or video games. Americans are actually far more religious than adults in other wealthy nations, so we are not suffering from a prayer deficit.

But Republicans do have a point about American culture — just not the one they’re trying to make. There is a sickness in America. It’s our gun cult, which has no counterpart in any other advanced democracy.

Republican politicians, the gun lobby and gunmakers — the unholy trinity — are complicit not only in weakening gun laws but also in glorifying firearms and encouraging their sale. After every mass shooting, Republicans inspire more gun sales by warning that Democrats are planning to confiscate guns. By increasing the number of firearms in circulation, that makes the next mass shooting more likely.

— Max Boot in Is There a Sickness in U.S. Culture? Yes: The GOP Gun Cult.

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  1. Well if Republicans are to blame for guns , then I guess the Dems are saints by condoning violent protests and defunding the police. Please hold people accountable

    • Dems: the cult of physical and emotional mutilation ( biology is not an impediment) with specialties in arson, looting, violent crime, and political persecution.

    • I like (/sarc) how Max Boot references the lower statistics of gun crimes in Britain but makes no mention whatsoever of all the knife crimes that prompted their overlords to expand their prohibitions to anything with a blade or point. A judge made a formal recommendation that the nation’s citizens subjects have their kitchen knives altered to make them smooth-tipped. People have been arrested and charged for carrying potato peelers on their person in public, which British police deem as deadly weapons. A London mayor openly declared that there is no good reason for any person to have a blade on them (I carry two on me every day, and use them for utility nearly every day). The absence of guns made people shift to knives.

      Oh wait, what’s this?…the prohibition of knives resulted in a sharp (see what I did there?) rise in criminal attacks involving hammers…and clubs…and even battery acid…

      We’d better be blaming the proliferation of hammers, and clubs, and battery acid. Certainly can’t be anything about the heart of man worth discussing…

    • Cut the chase max Gun Control boot licker…Be honest for once in your miserable life, say how you’d really like to see the homes of Republican Gun Owners go up in flames like in Waco. Or like the dirt poor homes of defenseless Black Americans were burnt down by the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk. Or the homes and businesses of defenseless Gun Controlled Jews in nazi germany were destroyed by brown shirts, etc.

      Perhaps max boot…Americans have seen for centuries what happens when Gun Control rides in and leaves the citizenry defenseless. Americans are armed up to stop those who criminally misuse anything they can get their hands on and to do whatever it takes stop sick, slanderous, libelous, pompous, pasty mouth Gun Control perverts who beat around the bush like you.

      • How frequently they like to equate the similarities of American culture to other “western” or “advanced” cultures but then ignore the fact that the vast majority of violent crimes with guns occurs in the gang-infested urban ghettos of less than ten major Democrat run cities.

        Those crime-riddled urban shooting galleries DO NOT represent the vast majority of America and those criminals are not representative of the vast majority of American gun owners who use their firearms for entirely legal pursuits.

        And that is not to mention that these highly publicized mass murder events are a very small portion of the homicides committed in the U.S.

      • Butbvthat does NOT address the comments about the rest of the civilised world all of whom have a criminal underbelly but none of which have the saame levels of VIOLENT CRIME resulting in DEATH. In the UK as an example, and I doubt that the UK is much diffferent form the norm, the anual rate of ILLEGAL DEATHS hovers around the 800/900rds This includes GUN CRIME, KNIFE CRIME, MANSLAUGHTER [where death was not the original intent.] ‘domestic incidents’ [the most common], and Acts of Terrorism. On a per. capita. basis this equates to around 4000/5000 per annum in the USA. Remembering that that’s from ALL CAUSES In the USA death from gun crime alone exceeds this Surely to heaven this n must be a case for concern?

        • The “case” (maybe you meant cause?) for concern is actually that all of you Socialist countries want to push your lame ideology onto Americans yet every time you get in a jam you come running, begging for us heathens to bring our guns to rescue your dumb azzes. No one gives a damn about your ideals OR your “concerns” Just pay your taxes, take whatever YOUR Government will give you while you wait in line to see your doctor and do not concern yourself with our lives. OBTW: Guns do not even make the top ten causes of death in the US.. In fact the common flu kills nearly twice as many people as guns. Outlaw guns you people started killing each other with knives, outlaw knives? Do you all carry baseball bats now? Welcome to the Stone Age.

        • Albert L J Hall, Good for you, but the US is very civilized now. Why we even have hot and cold running water, electricity in homes, etc.

        • Albert L J Hall, if your “world” is “civilized”, I’ll stick with what we have here in the US.

    • If you subtract a few dozen democrat run inner city hellholes, our violent crime rate is much lower than any of those countries listed… except maybe Canada, where they are all drinking Molsen and have cold weather sex.

  2. Happy Father’s Day, TTAGers!!

    My wife and daughter got me that electric knife sharpener I have been eyeing ( ’cause sharp knives make Daddy happy)


    500 rounds of 5.56 (’cause, gun cult).

    Gun cult Dad with lots of ammo and sharp knives and a loving family.

    • And happy Juneteenth!

      I think it’s great that the democrats pushed for and wanted to celebrate a day when republicans freed their slaves from them.

      I hope someday republicans and independents can free the ancestors of those slaves from the plantation mindset of having to vote for democrats.

      • It’s happening slowly but surely. I’ve never heard someone called a racist more than Trump was. They threw everything at him, and yet he received more black votes in 2020 than in 2016. It was a small gain, but a gain nonetheless. It will be glorious to witness when the truth gets out.

      • Thanks for reminding us all of Festivus Juneteenth, a day dedicated to the remembrance of an otherwise very worthy event involving human freedom and decency, but hijacked by Biden as our newest Federal holiday to remind everyone each year forward that some politically favored people long, long ago suffered injustices at the hands of other politically unfavored people long, long ago.

        Note that SCOTUS’ calendar has been updated to show that tomorrow the Court will be on holiday for Juneteenth, and the next slew of published opinions will therefore be delayed until Tuesday. There are only four possible announcement days remaining in this year’s session, so stay frosty for Bruen and Dobbs. This summer will be oh-so-peaceful.

        Oh yes…happy Fathers Day!

        • The intersectional commies will combine Juneteenth with Pride month. It will probably morph into some sort of black “LGBT” freedom celebration day.

        • Yep. When I think of Juneteenth, I don’t think of slaves being emancipated and celebrating their freedom anymore. Instead, I think of black lives matter, and mansions, for their founders family, and extended families, and the endless complaints about “white privilege”

          Here- skip to 3 minutes into this video.


    • Happy Fathers Day man, and to all Dad’s (that earned the title).

      Scored 1k rounds of Lawman in Luger, going to burn that down at the range with the kids later. And test my new comp mag well and drum on my ‘weapon of war’ shotgun.

      Don’t say it, it is not what you think. This pair of drums costs more than most peoples shotguns. Two words, Max Rounds.

      • We scored 300 rds. of M855 and 250 rds. of Hornady XTP +P 9mm hollow points. Got what was thought to be a good deal on a Spikes chrome lined barrel to complete another carbine build until magnifying inside the muzzle showed bore brush like scratches across 4 of the 6 lands so back it went. Found plenty of FN chrome lined button rifled carbine barrels, for around $100 more found a few FN HF chrome lined and several DD carbine barrels. My usual go-to is Criterion but those are scarce as hen’s teeth. Last carbine build used an inexpensive made in house White Label Armory 1-8 with very good results, helps when mated with a M4E1 Aero upper receiver, Angstadt bcg.

        Happy Dad’s Day and Juneteenth…

      • Ammo sounds like a great gift, especially now. I got a BT speaker, and they’re taking me to see Top Gun later today. I heard it was good.

      • FWW,

        Food is an important component of a healthy diet. You family wants to keep you alive. Certainly, that is a good sign!!

        Happy Day!

  3. Maybe if liberal, ignorant c+×÷s like Grace Stevens would quit threatening our Constitutional right to own guns and use them for our self defense against threats of all types, including private property up to all levels of government abuse, especially at the city, State and Federal levels, we would not feel the need to stock so many extra guns.

    • The article was written by NY post’s Max Boot. Not Grace Stevens. Always read the author’s name at the end of the articles.

      Now that we have that cleared up, I think NYP’s Max Boot needs a swift kick in the arse with a…max boot.

    • ‘deitz huge nuts’?

      What a joke!

      (More likely, shriveled nuts that have never known the touch of a woman…. 🙂 )

    • the “felt need” to lay in so many guns of different sorts is NOT dependent upon anyhting gummit nor other loons, misfits, psychos, minyuns, or wanna bee pawl a TISH uns might or might not do.

      The NEED for more guns is strong irregardless of any outside pressures such as the present ruling oligarchs are bringing to bear.

  4. Yes, there is a sickness in this Country and Max Boot is one of the vectors. We’ve been plagued by 50 years of “progressive” liberal social policies that have ripped apart the social fabric of this Country.

    The disease infecting us isn’t Guns, the NRA, or Republicans…it’s liberals.


  5. “…our culture is [NOT AT ALL] pretty similar to those of Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries that don’t have anywhere close to the same levels of gun violence.”

    • Steve E.,

      Agree. A culture that values the right of individuals to protect themselves develops differently than cultures that rely on the state. USA citizens are not just like Canadians, only with guns. Our culture starts from a different baseline, a baseline that enshrines gun ownership as a human right, a baseline that says it is right to own firearms.

  6. For the last time numb nut, inanimate object do not act on their own. To quote R. Lee Ermy, it is a hard heart that kills. Or the deranged mind in some cases. More than half of that is caused by the destruction of the family pod, no real male role models in the patriarch possition. Along with the hard left indoctrination camps you would have us believe should be called schools, all while ignoring, nay, pushing the glorification of gang culture. Idiots.

    Min Boot more like, because only hard men can fix this. Kinder & gentler talking it out? How’s that played in the past 50 years? Upside down and far worse off, that’s how we got to the present day.

  7. Max Boot said ” our culture is pretty similar to those of Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries”.

    And, Max Boot is so very wrong with his most basic premise. The only nation on earth that can claim similarity to the US, is Australia. And, that similarity doesn’t stretch very far.

    The US was born in blood. Euros battled many nations and tribes to take this land away from them. In the midst of those centuries of conquest, we rebelled against our rulers. We have fought almost all the people of the world, and come out on top.

    Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American… [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
    – Tench Coxe

    In short, the world wants to take away our birthrights. We are Americans. My guns are my birthright.

    • He is a never-Trump grifter who claims to be conserving conservatism by espousing every hard left ideological position he can find. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your second question: he’s not worth paying attention to in the least. He would argue red is blue and 1 + 1 = purple if there was a dollar in it.

    • He’s been around for a while, used to not be this bat shit crazy. Or if he was, he hid it very well. I’m embarrassed to say I used to like him years ago, but this was before whatever the hell happened to him happened to him. I cannot explain it.

      • Max Boot wasn’t one I ever really read, but the same thing happened to several others who I used to like. Somehow electing Trump broke them. I think it was a rejection of their worldview that they just couldn’t quite handle: better to turn hard left than side with icky, blue collar, gun toting, bible belt bubbas who saw that the emperor had no clothes.

        • Plus, Trump humiliated them by shining a bright light on their stupid policies. That’s how you got the Bush and McCain families voting for Democrats.

  8. Condescension much? 75% of school shooters come from the 25% of homes with a single parent. And everyone knows how prevalent father’s in the home are in the inner cities where the majority of shootings occur. No, family breakdown couldn’t possibly be a factor.

    Nothing like an educated idiot thinking he’s proving his status as an ‘intellectual’ with easily refutable snark

  9. Went to the article and read his biography which is quite long. All those “accomplishment’s” and he still knows very little about America and guns and has suspect taste in hats.

  10. I thought the mainstream was anything democrat and nobody likes republican ideas? That’s what the TV keeps saying.

    I suppose guns is one idea the people like. At least enough to infect the culture. But then the majority wants more gun laws. Again, so says the TV. So how infected is the culture if what the TV says is true?

    This is the lefts paranoid delusion on display. A fringe minority pushing ideas nobody supports is somehow responsible for thwarting their great utopia and moving the nation against the wishes of 90% of the population.

    Emmanuel Goldstein is to blame for the partys failures and your hunger.

  11. Wiping guns from the face of the planet all across the board will not stop people from killing eachother.

    Every single aspect of what sets off the left when in comes to guns would still be there if we had no guns. People were being murdered and threatened long before humanity had these things and would still be long after they are gone. You can label it as a ‘cult’ or anything else but there are realities here. The way I see it though, if there is anything that can more accurately be labeled as a ‘cult’ it is the infanticide be forced on society through abortion on demand. This same cult is highly motivated towards destroying families while keeping the masses ignorant, obedient, and low in number.

      • And in Canada the gangsters use car bombs and molotovs, in Britain they use knives, Sweden (of all places) had the highest gun crime in Europe and homicides in Australia have only decreased by 9% since they “disarmed” the general population, all the same difference without a distinction, violence WILL find a way.

      • MICHAEL A CROGNALE Bad News, “sir”, but it was Cain who slew Able, not the other way around. LOL.

  12. If the ‘unholy trinity’ is successfully encouraging gun sales by warning that Democrats are planning to confiscate guns, maybe you should shut up about wanting everyone to give up their guns.

    • Great point. I’d probably only own a browsing A5 shotgun and a bersa pistol were it not for Obama. Xiden administration will create a whole new crop of red pill swallowing freedom loving Americans.

      It’s about more than guns, but I hope we as a community will all be here to welcome, inform, and instruct the next group of patriots.

    • Democrats: “No one’s coming to take your guns, you conspiracy theorist!”

      Also Democrats: “We need to take the guns!”

        • Gov,

          What’s the difference between a “conspiracy theory” and the truth?

          Usually about three to six months.

  13. There is a cult alright – a cult of depravity, immorality, and dependency… and it’s driven by “progressive leftist” policies. They have set out to destroy the sanctity of human life, sanctioned the destruction of the “nuclear family”, desensitized our society to violence. They have indoctrinated our children on such issues as social justice, gender dysphoria, and critical race theory just to name a few. Yet according to these “progressive leftists” firearms are to blame… NOT!

    • And what we have now is the result of this evil cult that the left has brought us. No morals, no peace.

  14. Max Boot.

    Max. F***ing. Boot?????

    Who has EVER given a flying fornication what that illiterate, ahistorical, soibois t**t has to say??? If he’s NOT a “Lincoln Project” grifter, it’s only because he has his own pedophile ring.

    Max Boot?? I’d pay more attention to just about any Dimocrat than I would to Max Boot. He’s the guy in your school that always got stuffed in a locker, and he’s kissing up to the bullies to avoid spending the period after lunch stuck in his locker, listening to the other kids walk by.

    Max Boot and Tom Nichols are too going to get their lunch money back, dammit!!! Lucky for Nichols he’s too fat to fit in a locker.

  15. “Republicans continue to insist that the prevalence of guns has nothing do with the prevalence of shootings. They blame doors, video games, mental illness, “emasculated” men, family breakdown, demons, the lack of prayer in schools, Ritalin, antidepressants, social media, social isolation — anything and everything except the weapons used in these crimes.”

    So if one of these murders used a knife and stabbed people, its ok to the democrats.

    Of course its the mental health you idiot. It may not be all those things you listed specifically, but those are only things taken out of their context and overall define a mental health issue problem and not a gun problem. In the mean while overall democrats focus on the gun and not solving or adressing the true cause which overall is mental illness that causes these crimes which likely would have happened anyway by use of some other item and although maybe not in numbers there still would have been a horrible crime and victims while democrats only account for victims by bullet count instead of the true cause of mental illness. Mental illness of this type wants to be free to do as it pleases, the drive to satisfy the is relentless and the democrats are doing nothing but helping it be free to prey on society.

    So if you want a cult to blame, its democrats and anti-gun you need to be looking at.

    This demicrat and anti-gun fanatic false logic focus that removing/restricting second amendment rights for the law abiding some how reduces overall violent crime is not only a danger to America and its citizen, in its self it is a manifestation of mental illness condition.

  16. The laughable part of this article is that the culture was solely developed by Republicans when Democrats have had control of the Government most of the time in Federal Office. Furthermore, I have never seen any statistics, FBI or otherwise, that breaks down gun ownership by political persuasion. Additionally, many of these mass shooters are and have not been primarily conservatives.
    When you look at the behavior of the Left over the past few years with all the riots and violence they have not only promoted but engaged in and defended it would seem the narratives from that side are not only hypocritical but beyond logic and common sense.
    Most of us who know something about firearms are still waiting for the firearm itself to be put on trial for killing someone. People in this Country are killed by a variety of means by motor vehicles, legal and illegal drugs, a variety of weapons and implements like knives, clubs, fists, etc. and yet we don’t hear the outcry over those things as well even though collectively they outpace gun deaths by a large margin. One might have some respect for the anti-gun naysayers if they really understood the issues which in fact have to do with two major factors, mental issues and criminal issues. Most of these folks who commit these shootings have had known mental or emotional issues or criminal backgrounds.
    Lastly, it should be obvious that with all the gun control laws we have on the books that they simply do not work for a variety of reasons primarily because law makers have not spent as much time on fixing the mental, emotional and criminal issues as they do on creating laws that do not work.

  17. Someone once asked how many guns it would require to do all the gun crime.
    Answer was just a few hundred.
    In other words, if you reduce the population of guns by 50% you would expect 0% reduced use of guns in crime. But most people assume a 1:1 relationship.

    To increase street price if a handgun by 100% would require a massive effort. As in unachievable.

  18. “…strict limits on gun purchases and ownership were followed — no surprise — by reductions in gun deaths.”

    “Republicans are contributing to the bloodbath engulfing America by blocking gun-safety laws while promoting gun ownership.”

    Boot is such a dutiful propagandist. Firearms are tools used in violent crime. If you make an effort to lower violent crime, then firearm-related incidents drop. We have the data for this. We aren’t having a surge in firearm incidents due to Republicans “blocking gun-safety laws.” We’re having more firearm incidents because we’re seeing a spike in violent crime in general. Now, why is that? It’s a direct result of a smaller police presence, fewer arrests, fewer prosecutions, and less severe penalties. That isn’t “Republican gun culture.” That’s current Democrat policy.

    • We are having more firearms incidents because Democrats are blocking law enforcement and prosecution and incarceration of violent (and often repeat) offenders and the violently mentally ill.

    • “Republicans are contributing to the bloodbath engulfing America by blocking gun-safety laws while promoting gun ownership.”

      Yet the most recent killing of two cops in California was perpetrated by a violent felon with a history of assault and illegal gun use that was put out on the street by Democrat policies.

  19. Well, I guess I infected Mike’s stepson yesterday. He graduated high school a week ago and is 18 so I bought him a new S&W 642 for a grad gift. He seemed pleased.

  20. Does anyone still care what Max Boot has to say?

    Max Boot is someone with no morals, ethics, or substance. He stands for nothing as he has changed his stripes multiple times.

  21. “After every mass shooting, Republicans inspire more gun sales by warning that Democrats are planning to confiscate guns. By increasing the number of firearms in circulation, that makes the next mass shooting more likely.”

    That’s a load of crap.

    Democrats are always planning to confiscate guns by some method. They have even said so, and still continue to say so. The warning is real – if the Democrats can always plan to confiscate guns and say so then the Republicans can warn of this. Its not republicans warning of this that is ‘inspiring’ gun sales, its the fear increasing in society of being prey of the violent criminal elements and that fear is increasing directly because the Democrats are facilitating such fear by not doing anything about the true cause and with agendas that allow the predator to prey as they choose upon society.

    No, the old false logic of more guns means more mass shootings are likely is not only false its an insane logic that demands a villain the public can see and focus on and such a logic tries desperately to avoid presenting an underlying abstract like mental illness.

    In Correlation aspect – statistically, and in numbers; The percentage of guns has overall increased substantially over the last 10 years (especially in the last few years) but the percentage of mass shootings over that period has changed very little in relation to the percentage of guns and on a case by case basis has not changed in relation to gun percentage overall. This type of correlation (the same correlation also appears in drug overdose and other methods suicides and violent crimes by use ‘tools’ and ‘methods’ other than firearm) always means there is another issue causing the problem and not availability of the ‘tool’ or ‘method’. While the number of people with violent tendency mental illness has increased ten fold year over year in the same 10 year period in the exact same correlation profile arc and trend as mass shootings, drug overdose and other methods suicides, and violent crimes by use ‘tools’ and ‘methods’ other than firearm. As violent tendency mental illness increases among a population the number of violent incidents increases, and there is a direct one on one, and overall, correlation that mass shootings, drug overdose suicides (over 100,000 annually) and other methods suicides, and other violent crimes using ‘tools’ and ‘methods’ other then firearm, are committed and caused and driven by violent tendency mental illness. And its that violent tendency mental illness increase in society as where your mass shootings are coming from and not because of an increase in guns.

    • .40 – ya got a bit lengthy but valid points anyway 😉
      Here’s a thought for the boots of the world – how many of the several million new gun owners in the last couple of years have used their guns to kill anyone, much less engaged in a mass shooting event? I’m gonna guess NONE.

  22. If everyone who DIDN’T belong to the NRA, GOA, SAF (add as you see fit) stopped killing people, the homicide rate would be 0.

    No, guns are not the problem. Criminals are, and if your solution is to disarm everyone to address the small fraction who misuse them, you will continue to fail.

  23. In most all accredited studies not pushed or done by nut cases like John Lott, the conclusion is that more guns means more homicides. You can always count on the naked viscous ape to kill his wife or in laws or next door neighbors when he gets pissed off. All this refutes the idea that you are safer with a gun in the home as you are far less likely to be killed by a Stranger on the street or a break in. This is why red flag laws are so necessary.

    One irrefutable fact:

    If more guns made Americans safer, America would be he safest industrialized country on earth to live in. In reality we are the most violent and unsafe industrialized country to live in proving the Far Rights lies about more guns are their own warped and out of control paranoid fantasies.



    Today, however, there is a growing body of well-established research that clearly points toward one conclusion. Whether we carry a concealed firearm for self-defense or use one for recreational sports like hunting, guns in the home do not make us safer.

    https://www.safewise.com/resources/guns-at-home/#:~:text=In short, gun ownership does,more complicated for many homeowners.

    Will a Gun Keep Your Family Safe? Here’s What the Evidence Says

    In 2015, David Hemenway, director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, and Sara Solnick, an economist at the University of Vermont, analyzed national government surveys involving more than 14,000 people and reported that guns are used for self-protection in less than 1 percent of all crimes that take place in the presence of a victim. They also found that people were more likely to be injured after threatening attackers with guns than they were if they had called the police or run away.


    • dacian, the Dunderhead, HORSE PUCKY! Those “accredited studies” are full of crap. Now you have changed up and instead of using your second most favorite word, “studies” you have added “accredited”. Excuse me, Dunderhead, but accredited by WHOM? HSPH Harvard is a radical Leftist anti-gun group. As it safewise and thetace.org.
      I am still waiting for your answer as to the firing sequence of a cartridge. Don’t give me that you want me to answer it. 1) I asked you first, and 2) you claim to be a “gun expert”. The only “gun” you might be “expert” at is the one between your legs.

      • quote————I am still waiting for your answer as to the firing sequence of a cartridge.———quote

        Others have asked you to answer this same question and you are a coward that ran and hid under your bed. You are too terrified to answer the question because you know I will tear you to pieces if you try.

        Since you profess to be the gun wizard why are you too terrified to answer your own question??????? Put up or shut your wagging uneducated yap.

        • dacian the Dunderhead. No one has asked me to answer the question, “What is the firing sequence of a cartridge” but you after I asked you the question first. Again, you are a sniveling liar. I posed the question to your sorry posterior and you can’t answer it. You are a FRAUD!

      • I find it amusing Walter that when an article is presented on T Tag describing weapons you have yet to give a professional appraisal of it. I think that alone tells all of us you are blow hard that knows no more about weapons than you know about gun control or how even to put air in your automobile tires.

        • We all saw your Facebook when you got doxed. You are a pedo. Nothing you ever say will be anything other than what some pedo from Ohio says. End it.

        • Why would I give a personal appraisal of a gun that I have not owned or fired? Seems you are as full of shi* as a Christmas turkey. ONLY a blithering idiot comments on a firearm he has never fired. I guess that means you qualify.
          I am still waiting for you to tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge. It’s really a very simple question that a so called “firearms expert” like yourself should be able to answer without even looking it up. Maybe you do not know what “firing sequence means”? I guess you really AREN’T a firearms expert.

    • Typical use of anti-gun sources and studies by David hemmingway just proves nothing to support your bs.
      He has been discredited multiple times (just like you) because of his faulty research practices and methodology.

  24. “It’s our gun cult, which has no counterpart in any other advanced democracy.”

    What I find interesting is the basically obligatory inclusion of the word “advanced”, because if you look at other democracies then gun control looks like an abject failure. Throughout Latin America, every gun control measure anti-gunners have asked for and more has been implemented. Yet violence is many times that of here.

    What that suggests is a violent culture won’t become non-violent if you remove the guns. Mexico, Brazil, all these places were violent before guns were banned. If anything, they’re more violent now. The US has always been more violent than those other “advanced” democracies, and it would continue to be after it joined them in banning guns.

    The key difference is we’re more free than those other “advanced” democracies, and we need to keep it that way.

    • Carlos you our wrong on comparing Latin America. The governments there are part of the drug trade and are paid off by the drug trade and the drug trade has the money to import all the firepower they need while their paid off governmental lackies look the other way. Your analogy is non sequitur.

      Civilized industrialized countries have had much better success and much lower homicides because they have heavily regulated deadly weapons, especially rapid fire weapons of mass destruction.

      • “rapid fire weapons of mass destruction”

        Tell me you’re an overly emotional ignoramus without telling me you’re an overly emotional ignoramus.

      • Your entire comment is blatant racism, herr dacian.

        I wonder if your lack of education causes this or your belief in fascism?

      • dacian, the Dunderhead. Nice try. The US has a high crime rate overall. The reason for our high crime rate is because you Leftists have perverted the system so that criminals don’t face the harsh reality of punishment for their crimes.

        • Wrong Walter the Hillbilly its because criminals and nut cases buy all the firepower they want from second hand gun sales and stolen guns because we have no Universal Background Checks or Safe Storage laws. Even a 5th grader can understand this simply concept.

        • dacian the Dunderhead, “Second hand sales”? You mean the Black Market where they don’t do a “background check” to begin with? LOL. And just how are you going to stop the thieves from stealing guns? We can’t stop shoplifters! A safe is defeatable. And your Universal Background checks won’t do squat as criminals don’t do background checks. What makes you think they will start now? LOL You still try to pass of that pablum as the solution. The solution it to ENFORCE THE CRIMINAL LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. How about enforcing the “Straw Buy” law?

  25. Is it really the Republicans that glorify gun violence? Hollyweird is at least 70% Democrat and 29.9% silent complicity. It is the movies and the video games that glorify the improper use of guns and car chases. The video games of today aren’t pong or asteroids, they are so extreme that they should be regulated like porn! By contrast, the NRA magazine is usually a something like a father and son on a literal turkey shoot.

    As to the metaphor of heavy rains causing flooding therefore many guns cause violence is a non sequitur. Many of us who own a gun own several guns. If I have 10 guns, am I ten times more likely to do something terrible? I think not. To get those 10 guns I had to go through 10 background checks!

  26. If you blame the gun (which is a tool) and not the perpetrator for the shooting, then you similarly have to blame the tool(s) for other crimes. You have to blame penises for rapes. Blame hands for assault and theft. Blame cars and alcohol for DWI & fatal collisions. Blame cars and trucks for mowing down people in crowds. Blame aircraft for crashing into buildings. You’d have to, but you know that will never happen. It’s strange that a shooting is the only crime where the tool is blamed, and not the perpetrator. We’ve had guns in US households for hundreds of years, without a rash of shootings. What has changed to cause this issue. It’s obvious to me that all the things that the author poo-poos at the beginning of the article are valid causes. Some mental health drugs can cause;
    suicidal tendencies
    worsening depression
    Trouble sleeping
    Panic attacks
    Dangerous impulses or violence
    Numbness and loss of empathy

    Whether they have a gun, knife, bomb (propane cylinder), large heavy vehicle, or whatever, if they have malice in their heart or mind, taking a tool away from the list I just mentioned is not going to stop them. Blame the perp, not the tool!

  27. If you own a gun, you’re more likely to get shot than if you don’t own a gun. That’s a simple fact. Even using a gun for self-defense doesn’t mean you’re less likely to get hurt, it means you’re more likely to get hurt. The NRA’s myths around gun ownership gloss over the dangers of gun ownership; it’s time we reveal NRA propaganda for what it is, advertisements to buy guns and enrich gun companies.”

    NRA myth: The NRA says having more guns makes people safer.

    Fact: Gun ownership is directly linked to higher instances of gun violence.

    A National Institutes of Health study found that for each time a gun is used for self-defense, there are 11 suicide attempts involving firearms, seven assaults or murders and four gun accidents.
    Another National Institutes of Health study discovered that owning a gun drastically increases the risk of gun violence in domestic violence cases. They found that a firearm in a home with a history of domestic violence correlates to a 500 percent greater chance that a woman will be killed.
    One study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that the odds of an assault victim being shot increased 4.5 times if they carried a gun, and the odds of them being killed increased 4.2 times.
    A study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine found that using guns for self-defense during a robbery doesn’t lower one’s odds of being injured.

    • Cool story pedo.
      IF the 2nd A stated ……”the right to bear arms, shall not be Infringed……….unless Partisan hacks produce stats claiming guns don’t REALLY provide individual safety, then, infringe away.”, you would POSSIBLY have a point.

      But alas, it doesn’t, so you don’t. 🤪

      Take your BS stats and jam them loser.

    • If you own a vehicle you’re more likely to get into a auto accident and die.

      If you have stairs in your home you’re at higher risk of falling and being injured or killed.

      If you inject heroin you’re at higher risk of overdosing and dying.

      If you download child porn you’re more likely to win a Democratic Party primary election.

  28. “After every mass shooting, Republicans inspire more gun sales by warning that Democrats are planning to confiscate guns.”

    CORRECTION: After every mass shooting, Democrats inspire more gun sales by announcing that they are planning to confiscate guns.

  29. Max Boot conveniently ignores the Republic of Mexico in his dissertation which unlike Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom has much stricter regulations on firearms and yet an epidemic of violence that exceeds those countries and the U.S. combined.

    • yep! and dacian will say “yeah but mexico has corrupt cartels” to which i reply “and so would the US if we followed their model of strict drug and gun control.” alcohol prohibition taught us the stricter the government regulation the stronger the mafias and cartels. i am genuinely interested why people like dacian do not understand this. obviously the cartels and mafias will keep getting guns if there was strict regulation. the result would be like mexico where only the criminals have arms and everyone else is a defenseless victim. it’s horrendous down there and would be horrible here too.

  30. mmm culture and class wars. I love it. I’ve given up hoping that one day a majority will realize we are all the same culture and class on a basic economic and social level and I don’t have enough popcorn for the internets take on it either.

  31. I still think systemic disempowernent of the individuals right to development of emotional coping skills is largely to blame.

  32. Bullshit! By the same rationale, the liberal leftists ignore the car when vehicular deaths come into question. Instead they hold the driver responsible which is reasonable. Only when a shooting takes place they don’t use the same reason. All of sudden the criminal isn’t the one responsible, it’s the tool he used because it happens to be a firearm. What most media won’t say is that while there are 40K deaths attributed to guns yearly (over 2/3 of those suicides), there are over 2.5 million defensive uses of guns that SAVE lives! Also while vilifying the AR-15 rifle, they forget to mention that fists, hammers & rocks kill more yearly than ALL rifles combined!

  33. Guns save more lives than they harm!!!! Check the facts Jack! By their reasoning cars should be outlawed then too. Look at Switzerland everyone has a gun, not much crime there! Israel either, teachers all are armed! No school shootings there!!! Now what were you saying?

    • To the idea that a “Republican Gun Cult” is responsible. Most all mass shooters are leftist/liberal Dim’o’crap leaning crazies!

    • To the idea that a “Republican Gun Cult” is responsible. Most all mass shooters are leftist/liberal Dim’o’crap leaning crazies!

  34. In 2012 The CDC researched “gun violence” as a public health issue. They found that law abiding gun owners stop violent crimes 500,000 to 3 million times every year. FAR MORE TIMES THAN ANY GUN IS USED TO COMMIT A CRIME. If gun control laws make it harder or more expensive to keep and bear arms, some or all of those violent crimes will not be stopped. there will be MORE violent crime, not less. The statement that having more guns in the hands of American citizens will result in more violence is a LIE!

  35. Last year the Supreme Curt determined that “red flag” laws like the one this bill supports are unconstitutional. So our Senate has passed a bill they know is unconstitutional. Tell your Senator what you think. 3VOTERED

  36. The cultures of Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the US are NOT that similar. I have spent time enough in both Britain and Canada to blend in. One big difference is the Second Amendment. We in the US have it and know it. I know ordinary people in both Britain and Canada, who have confided in me that they just wish they had a Second Amendment and in context not just for hunting furry critters!


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