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“Many of you emailed Google, tweeted and “liked” (8,600 likes) the post I wrote about Google censoring shopping results for guns and ammo,” reports. “It worked! Google appears to have relented and gun and ammo results are back in the Google Shopping index.” Not true. Again we must point out that A) the firearms and ammo ban is in place at Google Shopping, not Google’s main search engine and B) the company’s still working on implementing the ban (which accounts for geographical inconsistencies). The Shopping ban comes as no surprise to TTAG. Google AdWords has repeatedly rejected our application under that service’s blanket ban on firearms and ammo. Read it and weep: AdWords “doesn’t allow the promotion of weapons or devices designed to cause serious harm or injury.” Needless to say, swords and blunt objects like baseball bats are A-OK. FYI.

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  1. Sad that tyranny and oppression are being enthusiastically aided by the free market, the same free market that wouldn’t exist were it not for certain people practicing their natural rights a couple hundred years ago.

    I guess power is a truly corrupting force whether you’re a politician or an internet mogul. Power is power; both give a false sense of superiority and both transport their wielders further and further out of touch with reality.

    It’s the attitude of this generation. This particular tyranny doesn’t affect the Google suits, so why should they care about the bigger picture?

    • I think America has transitioned from a free-market economy to the transitory position of a new form of merchantalism to include domestic trade control and is on the path to corporatism otherwise known as fascism.

    • The google founders are far left. Google is listed as a Top Democratic National Cmte Contributor. Google’s founders and many employees directly worked for the Obama campaign in his first re-election will be hitting the social media airwaves for this next one.

      Google will and does pull the Democratic Party Line — so, this is no surprise. This is why so many younger folks who in tech are also Democrates. The GOP = OWFG. Honestly, the GOPs demographic will be its downfall because the liberals own the media, hollywood and the schools and propogranda rules over facts.

  2. Well, it’s OK. I haven’t used Google (directly) for a while anyway, rely on Startpage for my homepage; and Bing.
    Google can KMA good-bye, for now.

  3. Speaking of censorship: Twitter seems to do their fair share of this. They’ve censored several conservative bloggers due to complaints from leftists.
    Just last night, I had posted a news article critical of Obama and used the hash tag #obama2012 , yet when clicked, the results did not show my post. As I scrolled I saw not a single critical post with that hash tag attached.
    Im no conspiracy theorist, but this seemed more than odd to me.
    Follow at @nivek_nailgun if interested.

  4. they are free to do what they want and I’m free to use a competing service that offers a better service, which is what I did in this case.

  5. Who cares? They provide a service. They can do what they want. It’s not like they’re a sole source of weapons & ammo. Shop elsewhere. I do.

    Not all Walmarts carry weapons. Should we hate on them too (other reasons for hating walmart aside 😉 )?

    FWIW, Google shopping results for various guns still show up for me in NH.

    • I think they are. I just had a video I posted in the Denny’s thread featuring the producer of COPS talking about how he disproportionately features whites deleted.

      • According to RF, he didn’t delete the post I references. Dunno if anyone else here has delete rights, of if it somehow got eaten by the system, even though it had been up for at least 15 minutes, and after multiple refreshes. That is not to say that some of my other posts haven’t been deleted in the past.

    • You are making the common mistake of applying the First.Amendment to private space. The Bill of Rights places restrictions on the Government not on private parties. TTAG is Robert’s properly and he can apply what ever rules chooses. The political left makes First Amendment claims on private space to impose censorship by intimidation.

      • It’s the same argument can be made for Google. It is their personal space they can censor ithowthey choose. People are making this 2a issue when it isn’t. It’s googles propperty, and you cant force them to sell anything they dont want to, including add space to the firearms community.

        • I support Google’s right to not include firearms in the shopping area. I also urge the gun owning public to take their business elsewhere. Did you think that I believed otherwise?

    • Ironically, that’s breaking their policy about not criticizing the site or anyone who writes for it.

  6. I dont get all the anger and outrage about a Google’s custom shopping aggregator. You can still use google search which generally returns more info on the item than rhe shopping side. There are alternatives if you want a shopping list, just use them. They are a corporation, and apparently corporarions are people now and people have the right to sell what they want. BFD this is a tempest in a teapot.

  7. Just for fun I searched BRASS KNUCKLES and SWITCHBLADES. LOTS of these “weapons or devices designed to cause serious harm or injury” are available of Google shopping

  8. Dudes, Bing Shopping is your friend. Just checked it out for Glock 19 and got like 10 stores selling G19s. Seems pretty much as good as Google Shopping was.

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