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“Screw you, your bureaucrats and every oozing, fetid, pus-filled maggot that supports you.” – Dear Assholes of the United Nations…., Nicki,

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  1. If that’s what other countries want, they should ratify that treaty and live by it. I’m opposed to the US being part of it.

      • Glad y’all liked the quote. 🙂 Thanks for posting it.

        Don’t be so sure about Russia moving away from Communism. That is not even close to being the case, especially now that Putin is in for his third presidential term.

        • It’s not communism. It is authoritarianism/totalitarionism/facism. Rule by personality cult. From the Tsars to today, the Russian peasants cannot escape their destiny to be slaves to the power of the state.

        • Well, technically, it was never communism in the definitional sense anyway. But Putin is consolidating state control once again, privatization is somewhat of a crock, and his every move so far screams “Return to the bad ole days!” He’s just a lot smarter about it this time around. 🙂

  2. Treaties, laws, and mandates are only as legitimate as the people allow them to be. They’re words and paper. If people refuse to abide by them, they are worthless.

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of mindless drones in military and law enforcement, devoid of the morality and will to refuse unjust and unconstitutional orders. And with the majority of civilians too brainwashed, stupid, selfish, and corrupt to recognize and fight encroaching tyranny, what hope is there? Blue helmets could march through Manhattan and the majority would welcome them.

    The nation truly will be destroyed from within.

  3. “oozing, fetid, pus-filled maggot” Nice…I’m going to use this when I write my CA state elected officials next time.

  4. I just heard from the Oozing, Fetid, Pus-filled Maggot Defense Fund and it’s very insulted by the comparison to bureaucrats. They reminded me that maggots live off dead tissue, cleaning it up and improving the environment, while bureaucrats drain the life out of the living and do no good at all. I think Nicki should apologize to maggots everywhere.

  5. The United Nations does an ugly but necessary job ;it keeps the world’s scumbags and war criminals under Uncle Sam’s watchful eye inside of a centralized location.

  6. Simple solution: travel back in time and humiliate Woodrow Wilson. No WW1, League of Nations, or U.N.

  7. Withdraw immediately from the UN. I refuse to recognise any world organization that is not made up of freely elected States. Since when is the opinion of a Totalitarian State in any way equal to that of a State who has a representative form of government? The United Nations can suck my balls.

  8. Is there any redeeming aspect of the UN? No really. I’m serious. When the only news making it to the MSM is negative, I can only pause in horrific thought as to the truly evil things it does that is not revealed. “Diplomats” assigned to the UN consider it their time to party…party to the extreme. Nice digs. Endless NYC parties. Summer in the Hamptons. Restaurants reserved for the connected. A one-way ticket home if the crap hits the fan. No parking tickets.

    Just curious…have the UN “peace keepers” ever fired a shot or do they just egress the danger zone after the first serious threat?

    • It is rare, but it does happen.

      Medak pocket:

      In other cases, simply showing up with well armed (by local standards, anyways), well trained and motivated troops causes the locals to back off. For a while, anyway. Of course, then the UN rotates the troop contingents, so instead of facing British, Canadian or Australians, the local bad guy is facing some Nigerians, Dutch (see Srebrenicia) or Ugandans, and so the bad guy wins in the end.

  9. “…Please go f*** yourselves.
    …Several times.
    …with a pickaxe.”

    Use a running chainsaw!
    A really dull one with a rusty chain.
    Maybe cover it with grease and dip it in broken glass beforehand.

  10. Lets see we have a small group of Sociopaths, they have several clubs, The UN is one , next we have the CFR,the club of Rome, etc. they run the world , control all media, our schools,etc… socialism and communism are used too .what they want, is a one world government order, they fear independent nations, Ron Paul keeps laying in out over and over….do a internet study of this …. the one world will be a mix of socialism and capitalism to give us what they call the THIRD WAVE…a mix of both, but no more freedom,liberty, or nation states, that’s what everything is all about, the Dems. and GOP are both being used for the THIRD WAVE….. there is no war on drugs, no war on terror, read again 1984 by George Orwell , sounds like right now, today…. BIG BROTHER is watching you (Homeland unsecurity)!


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