Anthony Kennedy Supreme Court Retirement
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Goodbye Justice Kennedy And Goodbye Gun Control

If only . . .

What this likely means is that we can expect the Supreme Court to start reviewing a few of the more important gun control cases now percolating in the lower courts. Whether the issue is the validity of bans on so-called assault rifles, the length of waiting periods before people can buy guns or requirements for people to receive concealed-carry permits, our nation’s highest court may well start imposing its will on the gun measures of all 50 states and many cities and towns.

Kennedy’s uncertain swing vote is simply no longer an obstacle. Whether another conservative justice, most likely Chief Justice John Roberts, will step in to allow these difficult and complex issues to be decided at the state and local levels is anyone’s guess.

Sadly, I wouldn’t bet on it.


Censis, the Italians and security: 4 out of 10 say yes to the gun at home Milan capital of crime

Translated from the Italian, where individual gun rights is gaining support . . .

Licenses for firearms up 13.8% in a year (a firearm is already in the homes of almost 4.5 million Italians). Crimes declining (-10.2% in the last year), but fears and insecurity multiply

One thing is the objectivity of the facts. Other perception. Even if the crimes in Italy in a year have decreased by 10.2%, citizens feel less and less secure. The latest Censis report on security (in collaboration with Federsicurezza) says so. Wishing or buying a weapon in order to defend itself has become a fairly common practice: there are already 4.5 million houses, and in a year the licenses for firearms have increased by 13.8%.

The most common are the licenses for shooting, the easiest to obtain: they are almost 585 thousand, + 21.1% in a year. And they could still grow: 39% of Italians, almost one in four, are in favor of introducing less stringent criteria for the possession of a firearm for personal defense. The figure shows a sharp increase compared to the 26% recorded in 2015.

Sig Sauer P320 Army MHS Modular Handgun System

How Much Did Army Pay For New Service Pistol? Details Remain Murky

Huh . . .

The Army awarded Sig Sauer a January 2017 contract worth up to $580 million over 10 years. To date, the Army has obligated approximately $8 million, according to CRS.

The Army currently plans to buy 238,215 systems. The other military services intend to use the Army’s contract to buy weapons. The Air Force announced that it will buy 130,000 compact weapons and the Navy intends to field 70,000 compact versions of the weapon. The Marine Corps plans to buy 35,000 MHS, according to its proposed fiscal 2019 budget.

The only problem of doing a cost analysis of the MHS program is that “under the terms of the contract, the Army cannot release unit price data,” the CRS states.

John Kasich Stand Your Ground Law Ohio

Ohio House Delays Vote On ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill

This isn’t a good sign . . .

The Ohio legislature’s standoff over “Stand Your Ground” has been pushed back to the fall.

Though the Ohio House widely expected on Wednesday to pass HB 228, the chamber delayed the vote until after summer break – and possibly after November’s election.

“Stand Your Ground,” which is supported by pro-gun groups, removes the requirement for people to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense. It also places the burden of proof on prosecutors, instead of requiring defendants in self-defense cases to prove they’re not guilty.

Guns American Conversation

We asked people on both sides of the gun debate for proposals they all could live with: Here’s what happened

Is there no middle ground? What would happen if, after talking for a month in a closed, moderated Facebook group, these proponents from either side offered what they separately considered to be reasonable, sensible solutions to curbing gun violence? What new legislation and government policies would either side propose if they tried to avoid ideas they knew would never fly ?

Advance Local, its member websites including, and San Francisco-based Spaceship Media convened 150 people from early April through early May in a closed, moderated Facebook discussion called “Guns, an American Conversation.”

The point of this dialogue journalism was not to change anyone’s mind. Rather, it was for participants to better understand how and why people with opposite views in a politically divisive time come to their separate opinions. The conversation, occurring practically around the clock and across three time zones, took place in the aftermath of the school shooting that killed 17 at a Parkland, Florida, high school in February.

When the dialogue was over, we picked six people in the group — three each from opposite ends of the gun-control spectrum — and worked with them to see how they’d recommend dealing with excessive gun violence.

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  1. In Ohio you can blame the laughing RINO, John Kasich, for many of that sate’s problems – including gun control and violent crime. Simply put, he’s a gutless fraud.

      • dont want him here. send him to the Uk instead. though almost all our politicians here in australia are traitors in the first place

    • I remember when Kasich was a young 42 year old tough talking conservative and Gingrich lieutenant in the Republican Revolution of 1994. He came in as Budget Committee Chairman talking a huge game about slashing this and cutting that and finally balancing the budget. At the time, I believed every word of it. My Gawwwd, was I ever that young?

      I guess I grew up pretty fast because he seemed more and more phony over the course of just 1995. Then he and Gingrich caved in to Clinton during the government “shutdown of 1995” and I knew for certain that those two clowns were all talk, no walk, big government flim flam men. The conservative GOP schtick was just their markeeting campaign. They are not to be trusted.

  2. “Today an armed citizen killed unarmed “subjects” in their workplace in Annapolis. See how that works, @NRA? ”

    I’m confused. Is Shannon Watts finally aware that unarmed people die when murderers get to murdering? Because, yeah, we see exactly how that works, which is why we say gun-free zones don’t work for diddly.

    Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see what point she’s trying to make here.

    • Well the po-leece supposedly showed up in 60(!) seconds at the completely unguarded paper…almost like this was staged(yeah that’s it😋). I expect nothing from SCOTUS. I hope for the best. I know I better be prepared…

      • There must have been a donut and coffee shop in the building.

        Otherwise that was a record response.

        • What I heard was that there is a police substation in the shopping mall about two blocks away. Hence the fast response time.

        • Yo, Stinkeye, 2 blocks? One minute? Not possible, they would not have figured out which way to run in 60 seconds after the first shot was fired. Next door, maybe, but 2 blocks, no. Something stinks.

    • Today UNARMED CITIZENS were “sitting ducks” since they were not permitted to have the means of self-protection. If I had my way, the owners of the media outlet would be sued for failure to provide the employees adequate protection.

    • It took a little while, but I think I’ve figured out what she’s trying to say: “Subjects are better than Citizens.” Freedom means that people will choose to abuse their ability to act freely, therefore (in her mind) it’s better to destroy freedom and turn people into subjects than to suffer from what free people sometimes do.

      In other words, she is willing to trade an essential freedom for a little temporary safety. And she’s very proud to say so.

  3. Can anyone name a country in the history of the world that didn’t have a law against murder? Was this because there were omens from the gods or philosophical doctrines that predicted murders? NO! Its because murder is a common occurrence in every society. To think that we can suddenly create utopia is delusional.

    • Does “liqiluidation” and “ethnic cleansing” count as murder? Fictional Airstrip 1 didn’t have a “law” prohibiting murder per-se and I can think of a few places that are/were run like that. So I suppose it all dependes on how “law” and “murder” are defined.

    • Cambodia in the ’70s comes to mind, kids with machine guns murdering people for wearing glasses, driving everyone from the cities, like the stone age except for those kids with machine guns. I doubt anyone was prosecuted for anything like “murder” for more than 10 years. I never actually understood what the intended goal or reason was, just seemed insane to me.

    • EDIT – These cars are factory cars, not converted aftermarket armored…

  4. The NRA failed when it allowed the National Firearms Act of 1934 to stand without offering opposition, the 1968 Gun Control Act, the “national instant check” system, the “no new machine gun for civilians” ban in 1986, the so-called “assault weapons ban in 1991, and other infringements on the Second Amendment. The next infringement will be a ban on “bump stocks” and other “rate increasing mechanisms”, that the NRA seems to want, offering feeble or no opposition, in the spirit of “compromise”.
    Let’s face it. What better way to increase membership than to “allow” infringements to be enacted and then push for a new membership drive. Yes, the NRA has done good, but its spirit of “compromise” will only lead to one thing…confiscation.
    If the NRA is truly the premier “gun rights” organization, it must reject ALL compromise…

    • In 1934 the National Rifleman Association existed to promote rifle marksmanship and there were a lot of people to whom semiauto and full auto weapons were anathema to the idea of marksmenship. Hunting and target sport shooting lent themselves to traditional rifle marksmanship and the NRA grew along those lines until the NRA-ILA started to push back against the gun grabbers. It wasn’t until recently that the ILA learned how to fight “fanatically” and was willing to do so. But there are still holdouts in the NRA who are of the “sportsman” and “traditional bargain/compromise politics” gentlemen’s club.

      • And how does that excuse their TWENTY SEVENTEEN endorsement of a full auto ban, directly communicated by their CEO on TV?

        • jwm, Wayne LaPierre did say that on CBS’s Face the Nation back in October 2017. Here’s the link:

          From the transcript:

          JOHN DICKERSON: Stepping back, is the N.R.A. position that you’re okay with the current restrictions against fully automatic?

          WAYNE LAPIERRE: We have supported the existing law on fully automatic firearms.

          He said that in the context of trying to keep the line clear between full-auto and semi-auto. The problem is that “the existing law on fully automatic firearms” is a clear and blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment. And LaPierre supports it!!!

        • EWT. Not arguing that in recent years the nra has been falling down on the job. Why I quit them.

          But in 34 and 68 the nra’s job and mission was not political. The gentlemen above have had this fact repeatedly pointed out to them. And they insist on blaming the nra for things that were beyond their scope of concern.

          Both of them are losing what credibility they may have had.

        • jwm, Thanks for the clarification. I can agree with that.

          It’s pretty clear that the need to defend the 2nd Amendment dawned pretty slowly on most people. The NRA’s primary (and excellent) focus on safety and marksmanship makes their lack of reaction to the ’34 and ’68 infringements understandable.

          But since they’ve become politically active, their actions feel more like friendly fire—shooting to wound, not kill. Or maybe, “you’re boiling frog too quickly.” That is completely unacceptable in my book. With “friends” like that, we don’t need enemies.

    • Leftist love to divide and conquer. When I see these kinds of attacks on the NRA, the only organization with the resources and numbers to fight the leftist anti-2nd amendment hordes, I know where the attacks originate..anti-2nd amendment leftists. Please, take your propaganda elsewhere. You are wasting network bandwidth.

  5. “Today an armed citizen killed unarmed “subjects” in their workplace in Annapolis. See how that works, @NRA?”

    Shannon got one thing right, the people in Maryland are not free citizens, but ‘subjects’ to be ruled over.

    How well did that “Gun-free zone” work, Shannon?

    • “A man’s right to throw a fist ends where the other man’s face begins.”

      He was a citizen until he chose to become a tyranical murderer. The people he killed were also citizens until they chose to be subjects of the tyranical law and were murdered by a murderous tyrant….. Fortunately or unfortunately thats how America works; you can make your own choices and suffer the consequences good or bad…. Shannon wants to take that choice and we want to preserve the option.

    • Thank you Shannon for proving our point. The ” serfs” or ” subjects” were sacrificed on the altar of socialism so they can advance their program of disarmament of the American citizens. The ends justify the means.

        • Do you think Shannon is a truly evil individual or just a perfect example of the ignorance and unintelligence of the political left. At times, I read what she posts and just scoff because I know that what she believes is neither rooted in truth nor beholden to reality. However, at other times, I see a truly vindictive and evil human being. Is that just indicative of the left in general? What’s your take?

  6. ” our nation’s highest court may well start imposing its will on the gun measures of all 50 states and many cities and towns…”

    Oh yes, the poor cities and town governments. All they want to do is impose their will on all citizens who live or pass through their borders and the nasty mean Court might tell them no!

  7. Since Creedmoor week turned to Creedmoor month, which is now coming to a close, one more;

    Well I won’t Creedmoor
    No I won’t Creedmoor
    You can stand me up at the Gates of hell
    But I won’t Creedmoor

    No I’ll stand my ground
    Won’t be turned around
    And I’ll keep Creedmoor from draggin’ me down
    Gonna stand my ground

    And I won’t Creedmoor

    (I won’t Creedmoor)
    Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t Creedmoor)
    Hey I will stand my ground

    And I won’t Creedmoor

    Well I know what’s right
    I got just one life
    In a world that keeps pushin’ me around
    But I’ll stand my ground

    And I won’t Creedmoor

    (I won’t Creedmoor)
    Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t Creedmoor)
    Hey I will stand my ground

    And I won’t Creedmoor

  8. ” in a closed, moderated Facebook discussion” What moron would think a discussion/”survey” on fakebook has any relevance to anything. Their pigeons/suckers are bailing on them by the tens of thousands. Laughable

  9. Breaking… No momentum from Annapolis shooting. Spanish A-hole looking for revenge. Move along…

    • Boosht. Everything worked perfectly, system designed as advertised for optimum safety according to grabbers, cops arrived in less than 60 seconds (like I believe that) and STILL the targeted 5 were located and killed without automatic or semi-automatic weapons or assault weapons, SHEESH! WTF could possibly save us as we hide under our desks while loony tunes reloads? Let’s see, did anybody try SHOOTING the sumbitch?

  10. “The bill met opposition in Gov. John Kasich, who said he planned to veto if lawmakers put the bill on his desk.”

    This everything you need to know about Kasich and why he didn’t win in 2016.

  11. Chief Justice John Roberts is a blackmailed and extorted bitch, because of his illegally adopted children from Ireland. He should resign immediately so a real man and conservative can have his spot.

  12. Any word on the citizenship status of Ramos? Finally, I don’t know too many conservatives who have shoulder length hair outside of a few veterans. Nothing definitive, because there’s always exceptions, but that’s mostly a leftist thing.

  13. “they could still grow: 39% of Italians, almost one in four”
    So now 39% is “almost” 25%? Wow… my college math profs would be so proud! Or even my third grade math teacher who barely understood fractions.
    The stupid is not only visible, but blinding. This gives off enough stupid to burn retinas.


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