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I am sitting here at the Leadership Forum now, listening to Chris Cox talking about the necessity of winning the Presidential election so we can get good judges nominated to SCOTUS and getting good Senators elected to ratify those judges. Hey, Chris where the hell were these sentiments when the Sotomayor and Kagan nominations were pending? We were begging you to tell all those “pro-gun” Democrats and RINOs that they’d be held accountable for their votes and that we’d remember them come their next election. NRA is saying that they are going all in for this election; well it would have been nice if they’d come to the table before things got this bad.

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  1. “NRA is saying that they are going all in for this election”
    Don’t they say that before every election?

  2. I agree. To top it off the use of F.U.D. does not hold water with me in regard to who I choose to vote for. So telling me all the doom and gloom isn’t going to make me run screaming the sky is falling. I have other issues, non gun related which are important to me as well. So while a candidate might be pro 2A if the don’t represent my feelings in other areas I won’t vote for them.
    I think speaking from a political point of view, find pro 2A middle of the road dems and republicans alike. If they get in office from the state to federal level we can begin to affect change.

    • Single-issue voting is part of what got America to the state it’s in now. Same goes for the lazy slobs who just vote straight party tickets without knowing anybody’s stance on anything or even being aware of the issues at stake. Voting for anyone without knowing their complete track record – their voting record, their consistency, how seriously they take their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution – is irresponsible and ignorant, at best.

      No matter what some slimy chameleon says he thinks about the Second Amendment (e.g., Mitt Romney), his past actions should demonstrate what he really thinks (e.g., Mitt Romney).

      When you vote for someone who doesn’t value freedom and liberty above State power, in the end you’re voting against your own interests regardless of what you think you’re accomplishing.

  3. I’m tired of being told to vote against 90% of my, and many other shooters my age (35 and under) interests in order to keep from losing my guns… It gets really old. No party deserves my 100% loyalty over an issue that is becoming mainstream.
    The number of shooters is growing dramatically, and since the Republican base is already saturated with shooters, guess where most of that growth is occurring? Its becoming a mainstream issue, and it won’t be decided by the Supreme Court outside of a few cases involving urban, liberal enclaves with outdated and overly restrictive laws.
    If you think that a Democratic win in this election cycle will be able to stop the national trend towards gun ownership and carrying, you are out of touch with the pulse of the country. Gay marriage will be legalized, along with marijuana being decriminalized.. both of these issues, along with guns have already been decided by the younger generation. Its a matter of when, not if. We are just waiting for enough of the older folks to move on and take their binary culture war with them.
    NRA is owed a great many thanks for helping alot of this happen. They got the ball rolling… now if they’ll just tone down the crazy talk and stop filling my damn mailbox with crazy…

  4. Actually, the NRA vigorously opposed both nominations and broke with Harry Reid over them, refusing to endorse his 2010 re-election campaign. Had Reid faced off against a decent challenger instead of a nutcase, the lack of an NRA endorsement might have cost him his seat.

    Reid’s record on 2A had been okay. Not great maybe, but okay. He’d advocated with the BLM for the Clark County Range — it’s certainly one of the best municipal ranges in the country — supported the national CCW reciprocity bill when it came up for Senate vote in 2009, and voted against renewal of the AWB ban. Still, the NRA cut him (temporarily?) loose because he voted to confirm the wise Latina and the Harvard ultraleftist.

    The NRA has also cracked down on other pro-Kagan and -Sotomayor voters, and is going to chase some of them right out of the Senate.

  5. The Neo-cons are the problem. I support gay marriage simply because I feel it is part of the whole pursuit of happiness thing. I wouldn’t care if Mormons wanted to have 30 wives provided they were all consenting adults. But now we have these ultra religious whackos who want the US government to enforce their own religious rules like this is fucking Iran.

    If we are so worried about protecting the sacred marriage then why not make divorce illegal? Make adultery a felony. Go crazy with it.

    If the gays/lesbians want to get married then let them, who gives a damn what they do?!

  6. I’m not living with the fear that if Obama and the Dems in Congress win my gun rights are gone. I have many other issues to consider. I won’t vote for Obama or Romney. I might write in Ralph’s name for Office.

  7. If you’re still wondering why there weren’t minorities lining up to get into the NRA convention….

  8. Darn RINOs who give lip service to the RKBA then go and sign gun control laws! You know, like Ronald Reagan….

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