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Just before Christmas, reported on rumors surrounding Glock’s forthcoming SHOT show press conference. The perfection-promising gunmaker has been tight-lipped ahead of its hour-long Vegas presentation, spurring speculation along the lines of “yeah, too quiet.” The lack of solid info didn’t stop our fellow gun blogger from prognosticating about the Austrian pistol purveyor’s plans. “Possible topics for the press conference: official roll-out of 100% Made in USA pistols, announcement of an ultra-thin, single-stack 9mm pistol, announcement of .380 Glock pistols available in the USA, announcement of a metal treatment process as an alternative to Tenifer.” Not included in this list: a Glock carbine. The Glock rifle rumor’s been around for ages . . . commentator Richard addresses the possibility:

About 15 years ago, Glock would have cornered the law enforcement long gun market with pistol caliber carbines. Ruger and Marlin made some inroads, but neither company had large police accounts to start with. Glock did. With a bunch of cops equipped with them, a lot of citizens would have been buying them too.

Glock coming out with an pistol caliber carbine now would be a little underwhelming. I’d probably buy one anyway.

A Glock AR is a possibility, but they would need to distinguish themselves from the rest of the AR market in some way. Something like the Kel Tec SU16c maybe.

God I hope not. The last thing I’d like to see is Glock follow all the other major gun manufacturers in disappearing down the brand extension rat hole. Alas poor Smith & Wesson, I knew ye well.

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  1. Since it’s the year 2011, and the 100th anniversary of the 1911, I’m guessing that Glock is going to unveil a black, polymer-framed 1911 of some sort.

  2. I just attended a Glock advanced armorers course. The instructor said that Glock should be coming out with an AR type platform by shot show this year.

  3. The Glock guys at the SHOT show say there is a rifle range for testing, buy they cant tell you anything about the carbine to be tested. Rumor has it that Gaston Glock wants something different than what everyone else is putting out. So it wont be a standard AR.
    At Glock armorer school last year, the instructors mentioned the rifle range but would not elaborate on what was being tested.


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