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This pocket dump includes a GLOCK 43 with grip tape and a Kershaw Blur folding blade. The GLOCK is carried in a single-loop Kydex holster.

How do you guys prefer your holsters? Single loop or two loops? A single can be great on a smaller-profile holster; a double typically means it’s a larger holster which can be more difficult to conceal (but it offers more stability).

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  1. Being a male possum I have not a pouch, I just drag the gun by my tail, it’s one reason I don’t like Glocks No Safe Saftey

    • But the stippling will give your tail a more tactical grip….. You can always drag it by your tail Israeli Style….

      • I did not know Israeli”s had tails. And I am not familiar with their technique. Is it similar to the Tail Loop Trigger Guard Drag, which I use, or the Magazine Removed Tail Shoved In Gun Hole, which I use on occasion after looking at my Hilorally Clinton Limited Edition Swimsuit® calander?

  2. I was told by a cop who spotted my holster that:

    “1 clip can mean phone, but 2 clips always means gun”

    After that, I only use 1 clip holsters unless I can cover it up the clips with a sweater or jacket.

      • These kind of comments always crack me up. People repeat this “concealed means concealed” thing like school kids repeat the alphabet.

        From time to time all concealment methods fail. That’s the breaks of the game. The saving grace is that non-gun owners don’t notice or don’t know what they’re seeing, while those that do know usually have the good manners to keep their trap shut about it.

      • when I say clip, I mean “belt clip” on a tuckable holster. Thats kinda how ya do it. Its the point of a tuckable holster to tuck the shirt in over the gun.

        The shirt can fold over the clips but it often wont.

        I’m just passing on what the cop said. You are, of course, free to disregard and where any holster ya like.

        side not: The cop didn’t care, nor did he jump down my throat. He just asked “what did I carry” said it was a good choice. Then pointed out the 2 clip thing.

    • I know a lot of posters out there ridicule them, but I’ve been EDC my G43, a .40 Shield or J frame when running in a Galco IWB belly band for about 5 years now. As soon as I adjust to the trigger I’m moving to the Sig 365 I’m breaking in- same rig. Absolutely no printing, even in swim trunks and t-shirt all summer, always stable both to carry and to draw from. I don’t anticipate having to be Wyatt Earp or Matt Dillon in a street draw, I doubt any here have been, either. Seriously- I could care less what others think about the rig, I’m looking for concealability and personal comfort which allows me to carry daily and nearly everywhere discreetly.

        • The Galco is like a heavy, wide Ace bandage with lightweight leather holsters sewn on. Ambidextrous, IWB or OWB, strong side, cross draw, about any way you’d like. You could even carry doubles- one on each side. Has pockets for extra mags, money, CC or carry permit. I run 5-6 miles a day in mine. About $50 on Amazon. They do run smaller than advertised, though.

  3. I carry a full size gun so in my case it’s always 2 soft loops. I didn’t like clips either because I’ve had holsters way back when that used clips and had the holster draw with the gun. The clips available today are much better than what they were 10-15 years ago. I would use the newer clips of today..

  4. Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.

    Finally a Glock in an EDC dump! Out-standing!


    Don’t use loops. Clips. I don’t think you could get two clips on a Dara. They’re pretty wide.

    I do like the j-clips too. Harder to spot.

  5. You’re right. One loop fine for small IWB. Two loops for large IWB. Don’t really like clips of any kind. Maybe they’re better now, but seen comprised to many times. Give me a Milt Sparks Summer Special or a Kramer IWB any day. Blade Tech if we’re talking kydex.

  6. I appendix with a good gun belt, 1.5″. In the past, I started with a single FOMI clip, then 2 clips, and now just a single tuckable overhook 1.5″ clip with adjustable ride height and cant. I find the single clip allows the holster to move with me so it’s much more comfortable.

  7. I had one o’ them Kershaw Blur knives for a while. Lost it when I deployed to Chiraq with the gf so she could visit family or whatever it was. Left it in a hotel drawer. Great knife. Replaced it with a Link in S35VN. Chicago was pretty decent, once we got out of hearing range of the gunshots.

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