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When you see a 9mm GLOCK in a pocket dump it’s usually a GLOCK 19. Sometimes a GLOCK 17. A “compact crossover” G45 is more unusual, but that’s what we have here.

There are differences in size between the G17 and the G45 (although they’re not extreme). For example, the G17 has an overall length of 7.95-inches and the Gen 5 G45 has an overall length of 7.44-inches.

Overall width is different, too; the G17 is 1.26-inches while the G45’s is 1.34-inches. Trigger distance on the two models remains the same at 2.76-inches. Sometimes seemingly minor differences make all the difference, though.

What’s your personal preference? Do you have a favorite GLOCK?

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  1. A Glock is a Glock is a Glock. Sure they come in different sizes. Yeah, they’re reliable and accurate. And they all have zero personality. How can one be a favorite? Just pick the one that fills the role you need filled.

  2. I have a G45. It shoots well, feels good in the hand, and is not bulky to carry. I have both a shoulder holster and an OWB for it.

  3. I once had a 19. Sold it to my son.

    Bought a 43. Slim. I like it. It was my favorite.

    Just got my 48 today. Now it’s my favorite.

    It may replace my SR9c for carry. We will see.

    Just don’t care for the double stacks. Dandy guns. Just don’t like the way they feel.

      • The 30 is the best Glock ever made… just exactly big enough, just exactly powerful enough, just enough capacity, and small enough to conceal easily without being limited to a single stack, and you can convert it easily to a .40 or a 10mm if you want.

        • You’re brave, may get some heat calling it the “Best” glock. But I do agree it’s a good one, 1 of the 2 I decided to keep. Great nightstand gun, i have bigger hands so i found that using g21 mags with Xgrips gives me a better purchase. There is a little wobble but i’ve never had any feeding issues with it.

    • yeh,..for some reason I got super accurate with my 17 when I slipped a pachmeyer sleeve over the grip….you’ll never get exited about these guns…but they are purposeful…they look like the tool they are….

  4. So just Glocks then? I’ve only kept 2, G19 cause I like the size and don’t really care if it gets torn up. And a G30, it’s a good compact nightstand gun. Takes g21 mags, and has a light rail which none of my 1911s do.

  5. After having a Glock pointed at me by a cop for shooting on private property with the owners permission because the adjacent land and residence was owned by a cop, who didn’t like all the gunfire, I just don’t like Glocks. All I could keep thinking was “No Safe Saftey, one .mistake on his part and I’m shot. I think officers need to be armed with revolvers, they seem to do better with them.

    • ….especially that guy!….had a similar experience years ago…and this cop was responsible for a shooting in his office previously where he claimed a witness committed suicide…yeah, right…

      • I, too, had a similar experience. I had not been out of the army long. I and a friend were shooting on private property when a deputy rolled up. Jimmy H. A notorious asswipe. This was my first encounter with him. He asked what we were doing. Blaine and looked each other. I was holding an HK 91 and he was holding an FN FAL. Targets up down range. I said, “Uh, shooting?” I thought to myself, “Great investigative skills.” He asked if I knew who owned the properly. I said I did, Billy K. He shook his head and said Mr. C. Turns out he C. were friends. C. was a local business man of questionable scruples. I said, “I said I know you’re wrong, but we’ll leave.” You choose your battles. A few years later I’m working with Jimmy. I reminded him that day. He replied, “That was you? I’ll be damned!” I then told him not long after my friend, the one who gave me permission, built a house on the land. Lives there today. Turned on my heal and walked away. He didn’t care for me too much after that. Cops aren’t always right, but like I said. Choose your battles. As an aside, during my career I always tried to give gun owners the benefit of the doubt. Pro 2A first. Cop second.

    • I know that logic plays little if any part in emotional al reactions but this makes little sense to me.

      Why does it matter if the gun has a safety? If he’s a normal person he would have switched the safety off when he drew the gun so it wouldn’t prevent him from shooting you if he had to or wanted to.

      You’re facing a loaded gun with no safety or the safety off so either way it’s going to shoot you if he pulls the trigger.

      The problem isn’t the gun or it’s design, it’s the asshole holding it.

      • I here yah, however moving the Saftey off is better then a pull on the trigger. He could have tripped on a vine or something. Not to be a smart ass Strych, would you feel comfortable if I had a cocked SSA pointed at you, as long as I don’t pull the trigger it won’t go off. Yes it’s the a$$hole behind the gun

        • Maybe I didn’t say this correctly.

          I would feel the same with a cocked SSA, Glock or a DA/SA with the safety off because in effect they all work the same way at that point. In fact I probably wouldn’t question the status of the SAA or the DA/SA.

          Under all circumstances I would consider waiting for him to point the gun in another direction and then shoot him on general principle.

        • It’s been my understanding law enforcement officers are prohibited from taking the gun off safe unless they pull the trigger….. It was a little scary, the cop was nervous, I had a bunch of guns. And I ask him why the pointed gun at me, ” what you think I’m crazy enough to shoot a cop” . No Thanx on shooting cops that’s a no win and I like what freedom I have.

        • According to Massad Ayoob this isn’t the case. Rather most cops carry weapons that have no safety, like a Glock or carry a slick-side model of a gun that usually does have one.

          He points out that this raises the risk of being shot with their own weapon if they’re disarmed.

          He goes on to state that flicking off the safety is a training issue that can be taken down to about 1/100th of a second with practice assuming one has an open-topped holster with no retention and starts with their hand near the gun (which is how he tested it).

          Again, personally I’m not going to wonder if the safety is on or off or even if the gun has one. If I don’t see a uniform or a clearly displayed badge my first thought is if and when I can beat this asshole and put one in him before he puts one in me. He yells “POLICE!” with no badge and no uniform? I’m probably going to ignore that, look to blast his ass into the hereafter and worry about the consequences later because I know people who’ve been shot by criminals who yelled “POLICE!”, gained compliance through this claim and then shot them anyway.

  6. Right you are Strych9. No safety will fix stupidity. The rule has always been finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target. I would drill into them finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. If you’ve read any of my posts you know I love a 1911. I’ve had occasion to point it at more than one person. My right thumb was on safety and index finger laid on the frame. I never wiped that safety off unless I knew I was going to pull the trigger.

    • That’s why I like a gun with a safety other then the trigger. It’s strange the tt33 is frowned upon because it’s only safety is half cock, but Glocks are good to go. ????

  7. It really comes down to training. And a lot of it. Build that muscle memory so you don’t have think about how to run the weapon. You will do under stress what you do on the range. Realistic matches are a great learning tool. It puts you under stress, but in safe environment. Shoot the ones that only allow street guns with street leather. Don’t worry about how you’ll do, what you look like and what anyone thinks. Good matches are like sex. Once you’ve done it you’ll want to do it again. Oh! And don’t get pissed if get dinged for a foul. Improper use of cover, target not neutralized, etc. We’ve all been there. Have fun and learn.

      • Hey, I’m what my young adult children call technology challenged. Don’t own a computer. Indeed I resisted with every fiber of my being when I was issued a laptop at work. The only reason I’ve got this (third one) is my girlfriend insisted after I turned in my issue flip phone upon retirement. She wanted to be able to text me. At least I can check Chris Stanaback’s website for new Randall knives. Don’t have to call him all the time.

        • And you couldn’t melt me and pour me on a bump stock. I’ve shot too many real full auto weapons for machine guns to have any fascination for me. Let alone some parlor trick.

  8. The only semi auto I have ever owned is a Glock 21.had it for years, thousands of rounds.they don’t call it Glock perfection for nothing.i grew up with revolvers,still like them the best shoot both great.lots of range time.muscle memory very important

  9. I have a Glock 45. It’s great. I don’t carry it because it prints with the damned long grip, which is it’s best feature for making it a pleasure to shoot.


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