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Yes, there’s a GLOCK 17 and a Spyderco knife in this EDC. More interestingly there is also a 26-inch telescopic “self-defense stick” in there as well. Now, American president Andrew Jackson did once beat the crap out of a would-be assassin with his cane which is an awesome piece of history but…still.

Who here carries a baton or “self-defense stick” as part of their EDC?

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  1. The original “one shot stop”, a vintage, Denver 10oz. Beavertail out of the Buckheimer shop in Frederick, MD. Over 50 years and still my #1 go to. Oh, yeah, it’s legal in the Free (so far) State of Arizona. Seriously, please pray for us. We may be the next state to fall to the Communists.

  2. Where are all/any of the normal wear n tear marks on this “everyday” carry?

    This edc series is just a gear-queer circle jerk.

      • I just relooked over my EDC, on the pistol there is just a little blueing wear on the trigger besides that it almost looks NIB, the knife does look NIB. Perhaps it’s the items some purchase or carelessness? ….. .. I don’t know if it’s the weather November ( anniversary date), my lack of extracurricular activities or what, but my PTSD is really fucking with me. Can’t sleep more then 4 hrs if I do the dreams start, sitting in a chair flashing, cold sweats, hyperventilating 46 years ago and sometimes it seems like today. You know, sometimes this sucks

        • @Possum

          Possum, if you ever want to have a conversation about treatment options, email me and Dan will make sure it gets to me.

    • Most of these photos appear to have new items. My Sig is 16YO, and even with proper care, there is a lot of wear on it. Probably cause I practice a lot with it.

  3. Tassles and tie downs in a backpack genius, in your pocket no way. Me thinks most of this gear is carried in a backpack.

  4. H’mm.

    A ‘Baton’, ‘Sap’, brass knuckles…

    As many of those seen featured here recently, is there a changing consensus as to what “defensive carry” entails there days?

    Know the laws where you carry those, folks…

    • As far as I know, the only prohibited impact weapon in AZ is/are the nunchaku (karate sticks), you can only buy them in “smoke” shops. Seriously, AZ is a constitutional carry state. I’ve seen people walking around with swords in scabbards strapped across their backs. A big change from when it was open carry only and you could get arrested if your O.C. sidearm was on the side opposite and your “body” concealed it from the officers sight. Right now, unfortunately, the PHX PD are in hiring freeze mode, and way short handed, the mayor declared it a sanctuary city something like two years ago and apparently, statewide, half of the voters think it’s OK to go fight for isis. If we wind up with this “progressive” dingbat as senator, I’m moving to AK. Where, as I understand it, they issue you anti-bear pepper fog when you disembark the airplane. -30-

    • Thanks for sharing that article. It’s great that there are folks, new to guns, are rationally thinking this out. I followed 2 message boards for cities close to Thousand Oaks, and there were some comment calling for more gun control, but there were also some very well educated replys saying MORE, gun control in CA wont work, and hasn’t been working. That are saying focus on mental health, family values and gang/drugs enforcement. These commenters against more gun control did not sound like defensive 2A supporters, but just rational folks thinking for themselves unlike the those liberals parroting “more gun control”. It’s like some people are waking up and realizing more gun control is NOT the solution.

  5. We can carry big knives and batons and such on our Florida CCW.

    Many states do not allow anything but a firearms.

    Ironic….as a kid in Mississippi with no concealed carry, we often carried a sap, billy, or knife as you were often allowed to pass with an impact weapon over a firearm.

    Also ironic is a VW key with what appears to be a Star of David on the fob.

  6. In 2004 it was $40 for a delica and now it is $114. A great knife if you like to pay a lot for a name brand plastic

  7. I don’t carry my 26″ baton everyday, but I do have one. And it does get carried on “special” occasions. Interesting in that his and my batons are both 26″ For me, the 21″ baton seemed too short and anything shorter seemed useless (just my 2 cent opinion). Anything longer seemed too long, even collapsed and they get heavy and awkward to carry as well. My every day carry does include a metal cane that I need to walk around. I have taken some training in how to use it defensively. I wouldn’t want to get hit with a 38″ long steel pipe, which is essentially what my cane is.

    • Surprisingly, you can add Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Nevada to that list. And not so surprising, California and Hawaii.

  8. Ugh… conceal carrying batons- well into the realm of mall-ninjas. Unless you know where to strike and can show a court you are trained in the use- you’re in very dangerous legal waters. Well, unless the person is presenting an immediate deadly threat. And if they are, usually a baton is a terrible choice to counter them. It’s also relatively heavy and more difficult to conceal than other options. It’s not hard to disarm. It’s dependent on strength, so if you can’t beat someone without it you will probably have trouble beating someone WITH it, unless you aim for someplace vital. Hopefully court cases make Tasers a more viable choice.

    I’ve had to carry one but the only thing I ever used it for was going through dumpsters looking for evidence.

    • My PD has a written policy stating we must carry the ASP, otherwise I would gladly remove it from my belt.

    • @Hannibal

      This. I know a couple of people who carry them, but they know they’re going to get in deep trouble if they ever use them. Why these folks don’t invest a little more time and money into practicing with their carry piece instead, I’ll never quite understand. different strokes I guess.

  9. The ASP aka “Bitch Stick”, didn’t work on Nancy Kerrigan and never has surpassed a lead sap or a good piece of Lignum vitae.

  10. a couple friends keychain carry kubotans. the one trained with it and says it is effective.
    i have lots of sticks.

  11. Kubotans and many “detective” type batons do not work consistently with people flying on PCP, who have an unnaturally high pain tolerance (or who have been in a few real fights and KNOW it’s gonna hurt). Unfortunately for me, anyone I’m going to wind up having a dynamic confrontation with (after I’ve done everything I can to ameliorate and pacify the situation) is probably going to be 1/3rd to 1/2 my age and have a height advantage. (I’m too old to run and too smart to take a beat down). I’m about as wide as I am tall (a textbook mesomorph) and I learned how to work comfortably in chamber a long time ago. Most younger guys just want to go to ground, then get up fast and stomp you. I prefer to keep them upright and do my magic up close and personal. If one can get in fast, first and tight, it’s actually all over in seconds and happens much too quickly for the average witness to assimilate. I’m lucky, my quick is still pretty good. Besides, I’ll get in less trouble for hitting them too much than I would for shooting them too much, which would, regretably, be my only other option.-30-

  12. I carry a 12” baton in my back pocket, and a 26” in the truck. Figured it was an effective less lethal if I needed something and couldn’t go to gun. For $25, seemed reasonable.

  13. It’s always good to have a continum of force to escalate or de-escalate as necessary. Shooting is always AN option, but seldom is it the BEST option, for more reasons than I care to list. -30-

  14. Here’s a link to a South African police item, the ASP collapsible baton. I don’t know how much an “R” is worth, but 1,789 seems to be a lot of them.

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