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Ammo (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Just checking.

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    • Really? Where do you live?
      In Fairbanks AK I haven’t seen .22lr on the shelves for eight months now… And we had an ok supply when everyone else was just plain out…

      • I’m in central TX and haven’t seen 22lr in about six months. 9mm comes in more often, 380 is now quite scarce (it was around back before I needed it, now that I do, Murphy’s Law kicked in).

        Things were better for a little while, but it was short-lived. 40 & 45 have come in pretty good for about the last 10 months, though. Our LGS can’t get .22 to save their life, and WalMart gets maybe a box or two at a time, and I’m quite sure that never gets past the guy unloading the truck.

        • I live in the DFW area, and I only started looking for .22lr ammo at the tail end of the gun scare/ammo rationing, and it wasn’t too hard to build up 1100 rounds of it. My father also bought about the same amount in that time period. It wasn’t that hard to come by. Though admittedly, I haven’t been ammo hunting that much lately, and the times I have gone, I haven’t seen too much 22lr. 9mm target ammo on the other hand is a little more difficult to comeby, or at least for the price I’d like it. Most of the 9mm target ammo I find does not have significant enough of a difference in price between that and .40 cal. I figure, if I’m paying .40 prices, I might as well shoot .40.

    • I never see .22LR at Wallyworld, I see 9mm and .45ACP far more often.

      But I’ve taken to shooting Wolf .45ACP which is relatively cheap and available. My CZ doesn’t seem to mind at all.

  1. finally coming around, the local walmart has one of everything at least once a week and even changed the sign from 3 boxes of ammo per day to 3 boxes of .22 per day

  2. Ammo is all popular calibers is back in my area and has been for awhile now. Multiple pallets just like the picture above in 5.56, 9mm, etc. are available at prices only a bit more than pre Sandy Hook. The only exception is 22lr. There is none of that to be found here. Doesn’t matter how early you get in line, there just isn’t any for sale. The manager of one of my LGS told me recently that it has been almost 13 months since he’s had 22lr to sell.

    • Hmmm…I’m betting a lot of LGS’s are selling on GB so that their regular customers aren’t PO’d if they mark it up in the store to GB prices. Easier just to say they aren’t getting any.

  3. Maybe they can use some of this in China.

    “Stabbing Attack in Southwestern China Leaves 27 Dead:
    Men Wearing Uniforms Storm Railway Station; 109 Injured”

      • Powder, primers, .22, are still being rationed in my area, though one store did have a three box limit (3K) on primers as opposed to most allowing only 500 (1/2 box). .22’s are unavailable at most stores, one shop has a one box limit of WW333 and nothing else available.

  4. The good thing is can get some from the places I go to get ammo. Couldn’t say that last year.

  5. Everything but .22 in good supply. Just hit 3 stores after work yesterday.
    9mm- 26.97 per hundred
    .40- 36.97 per hundred
    .45- 49.97 per hundred
    .223- 38.97 per hundred
    No bulk .308. Just hunting stuff
    12 ga 00 buck- 18.97 per 25

    Primers are in good supply. Powder is still spotty.

    .22 is spotty as well. About every other week. The last 525 brick of Remington I went through two weekends ago was pure crap. No consistency to the loads. Pew, crack, bang, pew, pew, crack.
    But it was only 18.97, and I broke in my ruger 22/45 lite.

  6. I just bought 250 rounds of 9mm yesterday: 115gr FMJ (200) and a 50-round box of 127gr Ranger T-Series +P+. With the 100 rounds I previously purchased I should have enough to go for my quarterly shoot (a personal standard interval). As I’ve never fired +P+ out of my G19 Gen 4 before now it may prove to be a more ‘vigorously percussive’ session than I have previously experienced.

  7. about 4000 rounds of 9mm
    about 1500 rounds of 223
    about 1000 rounds of 12 ga.
    completely out of 308

    I need more 223 and 308.

  8. Here in my town, a firefighter had his house burn down. It contained 30000 rounds of ammo.

    The comments in the story were “why do you need 30,000 rounds of ammo?”

    My answer in the comments was “to get started on your ammo collection.”

    • Yet they will go buy other products in bulk and not think anything of it. Why buy 30k rounds? Because it comes out to 1000 rounds per gun and that can be gone in a few fun weekends.

      • If I had a 1000 rounds for every gun I owned, I would need 27,000 rounds just for my .22’s. : )

    • So what happened to the ammo, did he have it stored safely in fire proof containers, or did it all go up?

    • 30,000?

      Wow, that dude has amazing self control.

      I couldn’t just sit on that much ammo even if I wanted, I’d start getting the shakes after too long.

      I’m an addict, I would end up binge shooting.

  9. I order bulk reman for range work, but yeah, local supply seems to be plentiful. Of course it has been for some time, but now it seems that prices at the local stores seems to be getting more and more reasonable.

    • I’ll blame last night’s bourbon for seeing bulk ramen and thinking that might be fun to shoot at…

  10. I just left my local Walmart and they no longer have a limit. They had everything except 22lr.

    • Mine still has a 3 box limit which sucks. I have to pick and choose while I am there.

  11. MA report: good supplies of 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO and .40 cal at prices fom 0% to 15% above pre-Newtown. Surplus 7.62X54R abundant at pre-Newtown prices. 9mm spotty, sometimes 50% or higher than pre-Newtown. I’m holding on to the 9mm range ammo and SD ammo that I’ve laid down as if it was fine wine or something.

    Sightings of .22LR less common than verified close encounters with Bigfoot. I’m not running out because I’m not shooting it.

    • “Iā€™m not running out because Iā€™m not shooting it.”


      Same reason I have never run out of 14,5x114mm.

      • Pfffft. I have plenty of 14.5Ɨ114 mm, but I’m running out of targets.

        Do ya have any surplus tanks?

        • Sadly no. You need a thick enough one so as to avoid shooting through it and into the next 2-3 counties.

  12. No 9mm to be found. I haven’t looked everywhere, but a few places the past month or so. Pretty much everything else is in stock.

  13. Denver area I’m finding most everything except .22LR is still scarce.

    If you reload, though, good luck finding powder.

    • The Wal-Mart in Highlands Ranch had a few flavors of 9mm and .223. That’s all I really see first, but there were quite a few other calibers present as well.

      They still have a 3 box limit, however.

      • It’s still a *little* bit tricky getting 9mm practice ammo here (Colorado Springs)–you can find it but you can’t find it everywhere. .40 is easier. However my range was selling a $#!+ ton of it a couple weeks back and I bought ten boxes which will hold me for a while.

        .22 is still difficult to impossible. I have however accumulated about 3500 rounds of it (in part by finding two old bricks buried under a bunch of other junk on my long-disused reloading bench–I hope to get back to that activity soon.)

  14. I have probably 1000 rounds of xm193, another ~1500 rounds of xm855, and then about 2500 pieces of brass I am working on loading. I have enough reloading components to reload about 3000 more rounds as needed. I feel like I am well stocked for a decent while at the rate I shoot should another big panic hit. Considering I go through about 250 rounds a month, this should be enough to hold me over for a solid year at that rate, and even longer if I shoot less.

  15. The AR craze has turned the corner and is now heading back full circle. Enjoy the supply glut for everything 223/556 related. Prices for the rifles and mags have already been forced lower. Wait a bit longer for the ammo.

    I sincerely hope the hoarders are enjoying their $2000+ Bushmasters.

    • Just picked up a Carbon 15 for $760. All calibers are up to normal around here except .22 of course. Hopefully by summer.

    • Really? When the day arrives they need their AR (or you need them on your flank) is the price you or they paid for the tool going to matter?

      • Paying $500-$1000 too much for an AR-15 is a lot more likely to be painful than not having an AR-15 when the Humongous and his horde are scouring the Wastelands. Because that’s make-believe. There will never be a situation when someone needs to be on your “flank.”

      • I plan on shooting the guy with the 2000 buck AR with my 100 buck Mosin. Then I’ll trade the AR for something usefull like toilet paper.

      • The guy who waited until the panic buying ensued to decide he needed a weapon is not the type of guy you want next to you.

        Especially if you actually need a guy next to you.

  16. still cant find anything but 12 and 20 guage regularly. occasionally seeing 40 and 9, ut it sells fast and high. 22 might as well not exist. i can get a can of hornady zombie 5.56 at the bargin price of 700 though. and that actually is an improvment depressingly enough

  17. I can get everything except non SD .357 magnum and .22lr. Its been nice finding lots of cheap steel cased .308 on the shelves so I can stock up. I have two brass chewer .308 rifles so I would rather shoot steel cased over brass in them. I feel guilty tearing brass up.

  18. I try to pick up a box or 2 of whatever when I’m at the store. I try to stock 500 rounds per caliber.

  19. The ammo shortage is pretty much done here. Wal-Mart is still out constantly but every other store in the area I’ve been to has plenty in stock (though there is still a 3-box limit on all ammo purchases in most stores, except for Wal-Mart–theirs is 2 boxes). I’ve got a few hundred rounds, enough for me, for now.

  20. Here in Kansas .22LR is hard to find but there are a few places they pop up. Found some this morning at Bass Pro, limit 2 boxes. Walmart sells out by 7am if you get in line at 6am Had best luck at LGS finding 500rd bricks.

    9mm is probably next, defensive loads easier to find than the WWB although those have been easing up. .40 and .45 pretty easy to find all versions.

  21. I am seeing spotty supplies around my neck of the woods. The single and small chain stores are still quite pathetic in terms of handgun ammunition and .223 / 5.56mm NATO. One larger chain store (Gander Mountain) had pallets of just about everything except .22 LR and .308 … but they were asking roughly 25% above the “normal” prices of 15 months ago.

    Revolver calibers (.38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Special, .44 Magnum) are universally in very short supply as well as 9mm.

    Of course .22LR and .22 WMR doesn’t exist anywhere. Surprisingly, I am not seeing hardly any .308 either.

    • Same here in Raleigh NC…. Gander Mountain had pallets of everything (minus 22LR) and pretty much 25% above what I’m willing to pay. Maybe that’s why they have pallets of it. That can’t stand for long…they aren’t making money if its just sitting there.

      BTW, all that ammo is vanilla ammo…very little specialty stuff.

  22. South of St. Louis I can get everything but .22, unless I swap for it. 9mm is a hunt, but not unusual.

  23. Between occasional finds at WalMart and online I’ve managed to cobble together a supply of about 2300 rounds of 22LR and 1700 rounds of 380, so I get to practice reasonably often, if I don’t get too enthusiastic.

  24. Well, kinda.

    I miss .22 LR at $.04 / round. I’m thinking we’ll never see those days again. Other than that, not too bad.

    • Federal 550 bricks of 22LR that I bought not too long ago at WalMart worked out to a fraction under 5 cents/round and boxes of 100 of Mini-Mags at 8 cents/round, so not too bad.

  25. my LGS was telling me a story of this ammo called .22lr and he said they had a few bricks a couple of weeks ago. i don’t know if i believe him though. i have only heard rumors of that ammo existing.

    • Same here. GT is pretty awesome, and they do all of my transfers. Its very convenient when you work and live right down the street.

  26. I bought 5000 .22lr at .04 each 2 years ago and I haven’t shot a round yet. They will be good barter material when obama finishes off.

      • Hey S., I can’t take advantage of people because of the stupid prices of .22’s these days so I have just kept the stuff safe and sound. A good friend told me not to long before I bought it that I should have it because it will be worth more as trades for stuff I need when schit has done hit the fan. Hopefully that won’t come to fruition and if it doesn’t I will take my grandkids plinking someday.

        • Hmmmm….If you haven’t shot a round in 2 years I would have dumped half of it when it topped $100/brick. Even Obama and a full Dem congress wouldn’t get a 22 ammo ban.

  27. Was just at the freedom store today. They have everything. Prices are still up there but down a bit from what they were. Don’t expect much in the way of price drops since it might get warmer by August and demand might go up. Just a guess.

    Anyway, personally, yeah, I’m good. I even have lots of .22

    On another note, I wonder if this Ukraine bidness is going to effect supply of all that cheap 7.62 coming from the factories there, or the other makers in Russia. Yes, I know they don’t use it in their armies but I was thinking embargoes, disrupted production and what not. Just to be safe I ordered a couple cases last night. Hate on haters! šŸ˜›

    • I think Red Army standard is made in Ukraine. Other brands should be ok except for maybe Tula if they cut off Russian ammo exports.

      I think I need to buy a crate of 7.62 just to make sure. Maybe some 7.62x54R if the demand goes crazy due to fear.

      • Here’s what I came up with poking around:

        Red Army Standard – Ukraine, also listed Romania
        Tula – Russia
        Wolf – Ukraine
        Wolf Military Classic – Russia
        Wolf WPA – Russia
        Brown Bear – Russia
        Silver Bear – Russia
        Golden Tiger – Russian
        Sellier-Bellot – Czech Republic
        Prvi-Partizan – Serbia
        Fiochhi – Hungary

        8 of 11 made in Ukraine or Russia as of the time of this post.

    • I have a supply of 54r, x39 and x18. I worry that barry is going to use Putins military moves to punish him by cutting off the supply of Russsian ammo being sold here.

      • Things aren’t looking so hot over there by the minute. Think I better order another couple more cases of 7.62×39 and a crate of 54R. Sgammo loves me. The UPS guy, not so much.

  28. I’m such a sucker. Just got a M&P 15-22 last week, knowing full well that I won’t be able to find ammo for it for probably at least another year, at least in a local store. S&W is at least doing an ammo promo, might actually get to shoot the thing in 6-8 weeks… Yippee!

    Anyone know if local gun ranges tend to have .22lr available to shoot? I’m too embarrassed to call and ask! Lol

  29. PA: my LGS has everything available by the bulk. 1 500 or 1000 rd case per caliber. Prices are definitely up, but at least its available WITH selection. They also seem to be hoarding .22lr for range use only, but they did have 1400rd buckets of Remy Golden bullets for ~$75. I hoarded .22lr 5 years ago when I bought my Model 41.

  30. Got to shoot a stunningly beautiful Sako with a mannlicher stock in .375 today.
    Now I have to buy it. It was love at first bang.
    The original ammo comes with it.
    Price tag still on the ammo $9.99.

    • But that was when 9.99 was real money. No doubt gas was under 50 cents a gallon when that box was made.

      • Yeah. Guy said he took it to Alaska. Never fired a shot. One box of ammo had 10 empty shells in it.
        I can’t pass this deal up.

        • You have my blessings as long as you don’t put on a muzzle brake. Seriously, congratulations on the find.

        • A sako with a manlicher stock? I wouldn’t pass on it either. And I have no need for a .375. Course, I do have a SIL that lives in Alaska. Could go visit her and get an out of state license.

  31. Am I the only one who buys ammo online? Through gunbot, I’ve found a lot of really good deals. I do check at the Walmarts whenever I have the misfortune of visiting one, but I almost never walk out with anything. I tend to buy a few boxes online every other week.

  32. In the last 2 weeks I have bought 4500 rounds of .22LR at a local sports shop. $34.99 for 500 rounds. I think the $20.00 for 500 rounds days are over. The LGS wants $99.99 for 500. Other ammo, I have more than enough for now.

  33. 9mm – plentiful for many months
    223/556 – plentiful for many months
    45 – plentiful for many months
    40s&w – always plentiful, pre and post panic
    22lr – haven’t seen a single round available for over a year

  34. Down here around Hattiesburg , Ms. , can’t find .22 lr , starting to get most of the rest of calibers back in , but by the end of a lot of weeks , the shelves are wiped out . Still hard to find primers and powder locally . As for firearms , ar-15’s are back in stock most what is lacking now are the Charter Arms revolvers are rare , but that might be due to the fact of so many ccw laws being passed in a lot of states , not much else running low . Maybe the ammo makers will get caught up soon though , would be nice to see 20 bucks a brick of .22 lr again .Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  35. I thought I was going overboard recently as I inventoried my ammo stockpile, then I took a class recently with a guy who keeps 30,000 rounds of every caliber he uses often, on hand, at all times.


    30,000 rounds.

  36. Just bought-
    2,000 10mm brass(starline, Winchester and top brass)online
    1,800 10mm bullets(xtp, nosler and precision delta)online
    600 .50ae brass(starline) and 600 bullets(400 grain win and 300 grain xtp)local
    3,000 lake city once shot brass local
    Endless lapua .223 brass online a bit expensive but great for long range reloading-online and local
    800 .223 vmax 52-60 grain, 1,000 sierra 69-77 grain-local

    Endless primer

    Tough items are .308 brass and good powders. I can’t find bluedot, x800, r15, A9 ect anywhere.

    Shelf ammo? lol Don’t care. But for 10mm folks underwood is back in near full stock in most grains.

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