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By Lee Williams

Gabbie Giffords is taking aim at the Gunshine State.

In a press release issued this week, she announced the creation of Giffords Florida, which she described as “a new initiative dedicated to supporting candidates for local, state, and federal office in the Sunshine State who have the courage to fight gun violence.”

According to the release, this is Giffords “first and only state-specific political initiative,” as well as the “largest bilingual gun safety political program focused entirely on Florida.”

Giffords, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C., has more than $5 million in assets. Their law center, located in San Francisco, has more than $10 million.

Giffords bankrolled their new Florida office with $1 million, which they say they will spend on “endorsing candidates with strong records on gun safety, helping get out the vote for gun safety candidates, conducting research about Floridians’ views on gun violence prevention measures.”

Much of their efforts and money will be spent in Miami-Dade, promoting a slate of anti-gun candidates Giffords calls its “gun safety champions.”

Giffords endorsed Democrat Janelle Perez for Florida’s Senate District 38, which consists of part of Miami-Dade county.

According to her website, Perez, a political newcomer, holds extreme anti-gun views, including the licensing of gun owners.

“Much like driving a car requires a license, Janelle supports license requirements for owning a gun to keep our community safe,” her website states. It does not draw a distinction between owning a firearm, which is a constitutional right, and operating a motor vehicle, which is not.

Perez also supports a ban on “military-style assault rifles,” increased background checks “for every gun sold in the state of Florida,” and a ban on “modifications that increase the rate of fire.”

In a written statement, Perez does not appear to know the difference between constitutional carry, which Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican-dominated state legislature support, and open carry.

“Our Governor and radical Republicans in the state Legislature have committed to passing open carry next year – putting our children, our community, and our future at risk for preventable gun violence,” Perez said in statement. “When elected to the Florida Senate, I vow to fight for the kind of responsible, commonsense gun safety measures supported by the majority of Americans that protect us all.”

Giffords Florida steering committee consists of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, State Rep. Anna V. Eskamani, State Rep. Christine Hunschofsky and others. The committee is chaired by former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.


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    • It makes sense for any Democrat to go that route for the campaign donations. The only exception would be the weird case of a red area in love with a Democrat who pretends to be moderate, like Joe Manchin.

        • Around fifty percent of the country probably cares since he just royally screwed them over with his last vote. I’m all for the jackass retiring so that he can’t do anymore damage.

        • It was all for naught, anyway.

          *House Democrats plan to double-cross Joe Manchin on energy deal*

          “House Democrats are warning Sen. Joe Manchin III that they won’t honor the deal he made with party leaders to secure his vote on President Biden’s massive spending and tax law.

          “They plan to break the promises Mr. Biden and Congress’ Democratic leaders made to Mr. Manchin, a conservative West Virginia Democrat, to cut bureaucratic red tape to speed up the permitting process for energy projects of all forms. That promise secured the crucial support from Mr. Manchin needed to pass a $773 billion law for climate change, health care and tax hikes.”

        • MADDMAXX August 20, 2022 At 13:39
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          MADDMAXX August 20, 2022 At 13:38
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          I’m thinking he sealed his fate this time around. Could be wrong though.

          Think you’re right, he sold out they probably threatened to bounce his wife from her bullshit “soshul program” job on the Appalachian Regional Commission… It’s a $163,000.00 a year gig that manages BILLIONS in federal funding…. no WAY that could be corrupted. Meanwhile we are 740 “BILLION” more in debt, the IRS more than doubles in size, taxpayers burden increases AND thousands of coal miners will be out of work AGAIN, BUT Joe Mancin is a hero in DC….. not so much in W. VA. THANKS JOE… Enjoy your retirement, think he’s up for reelection this year. Funny thing, wife was a schoolteacher, Mancin has been a politician his whole career, he earns $174,000 a year, his wife just got HER big Fed job last year but they have a $250,000 boat. Hmmmmmm, good budgeting?, Fantastic bargain hunters? Who else has a history like that???…. Oh yeah, Braindead and Dr. Jill..

          REALLY!!!! Why the FUCK was THIS flagged for moderation jail???

      • He’s up for re-election in 2024. He’ll be 77 years old then. I doubt that he’ll run — he has a tidy little nest egg to fall back upon.

        How Joe Manchin Achieved a Net Worth of $12 Million

        “Joe Manchin is also listed as one of the 20 richest senators in the United States.

        “According to Gobankingrates, Joe Manchin, dubbed the world’s best American politician, has a net worth of $12 million. It is also estimated that his net worth has grown at a 29% rate over the past three years. The West Virginia senator has many assets, including two luxury yachts, five real estate properties, and a cash reserve of more than $3 million. He also owns an investment portfolio with Apple, General Motors, Microsoft, Pfizer, Amazon, and Tesla, valued at $2 million.

        “Joe Manchin lives with his family in an 11,000-square-foot luxurious house in Maryland, Washington DC. He also owns several vehicles like BMW X9, Aston Martin DBX, McLaren GT, and many others. Manchin owns a Range Rover Autobiography that is worth $200,000. Over the years, Joe Manchin has bought himself expensive timepieces as presents from his friends and family. Some luxury watches include; Omega, Hermes, Tiffany & Co, and Arnold & Son, all valued at $212,000.”

        • It’s funny to hear the left use words such as ‘honor.”

          Mancin just found out what Left Wing “honor” really means as House Dems vow to kill the W.VA. pipeline deal that Chuckie used to get him to go along with militarizing the IRS and pissing away billions on solar and wind energy.

      • Correct. Getting elected/re-elected is the first priority. If anyone still believes a politician/political party has the nation’s best interest at heart, please call 1-800-IMASHEEP.

      • The people running the show behind the puppet biden are truly evil. They seriously don’t care about people suffering inflation in their zeal to push their climate change agenda. Imagine being so stupid as to vote for those that would purposely allow you to suffer when they are supposedly elected to make things better for their constituents.

  1. Another well funded sneaky attempt to put a smiley face on what is Gun Control….And what is Gun Control? Gun Control in any, shape matter or form is an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

  2. The only real gun safety the government can implement is teaching the basics of safe firearms handling to children in middle school.

  3. Lol
    ‘Gun Safety Candidates’
    Oh please….

    They can open an office but gun safety is the last thing they are concerned about. Otherwise they can train all those IRS agents. But then they would just laugh and say it isn’t their job.

  4. “ passing open carry next year putting our children, our community, and our future at risk for preventable gun violence,”

    Well, that’s just an outright lie.

    • Booger, of course it’s a lie. The truth is not in them and lying comes too easy for them and supports their agenda.
      The giffords and others are fear mongers pure and simple and they would know common sense if it slapped them.

    • And the state already has a form of open carry anyway…Florida Statute § 790.25 (5), allows for the open carry of a rifle or shotgun inside a private vehicle, by a person who is at least 18 years of age. … that’s not resulted in a public safety apocalypse she claims.

      She apparently does not understand that cobstitional carry is not a free for all apocalypse of carnage… 25 states do it and its not led to the ‘rivers of blood in the streets’ such references from her imply.

  5. You must have a gun
    For gun safety practices
    Go buy a gun, now.

    Gun safety people
    Refusing to own a gun
    Never safe at all.

    People without guns
    Refusing their own safety
    Refusing yours, too.

    • LifeSavor, “People without guns
      Refusing their own safety
      Refusing yours, too”

      If people want to risk/refuse their safety, then that is their business.
      But people refusing the safety of others is just red assing.
      The life of others is not their business.

  6. Gabbie Giffords is taking aim at the Gunshine State.

    If they want to just piss away millions of dollars, they could write ME a check and I’ll show them how to do it AND still have something to show for it. Might work in Broward, Dade, Orange and borderline in Pinellas counties but the rest of the state will gladly help them spend their money then tell them to fuk off…

  7. Good luck and better hope Florida Citizens don’t run them out of town. I find it real interesting that Homeland Security posts information warning that the FBI and other agencies may come under attack by American Revolutionaries and Terrorists. What I don’t hear from the DOJ, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security or the White House is an admission that their policies and violations of the laws and failure to adhere to the Constitution as written are the cause that the American Public is up in arms literally. When you hire 87,000 IRS agents and advertise that they want people who are willing to be armed and use lethal force, and will equip them with military grade equipment, do they really expect people to believe that they are not being hired to be used against the American Public and not to protect us?
    They don’t even understand their own culture if they expect us to say that anything they do is fine with us because it is not. They already have in play all 9 points of making this Country into a socialist state. Not even many Democrats outside of the radical Left want to see that let alone independents and conservatives. Can they be so blind as to not see how the population feels about their failed policies and the increase in violence as a result of those policies? In any event they can blame others all they want and that is not going to help them except to exacerbate the problem. There is a saying about being careful what you wish for and if they are hoping to instigate a violent battle between them and the American Public they better be prepared to lose because they are sorely outnumbered and looking at what they are currently recruiting and all the local law enforcement they have alienated I don’t see much hope for them at all.

  8. FL people: Be aware that you have already been invaded by significant numbers of NY and NJ people. Work hard to culturally assimilate them. The threat of purpling the place, especially the urban metropolitan areas, should not be underestimated.

      • MADDMAXX August 20, 2022 At 15:11
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        MADDMAXX August 20, 2022 At 15:11
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        MADDMAXX August 20, 2022 At 15:10
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        In a hypothetical matchup between DeSantis and Crist, the University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab poll found that among registered voters who indicated that they will vote during the midterm election, 50% would vote for DeSantis versus 42% who would back Crist. Similarly, in a matchup featuring DeSantis and Fried, DeSantis scored 50% compared to Fried’s 43%.

        Fuck is this??? I’m 2 for 2 today… Way to make friends AND influence people TTAG… Might need to change my fucking screen name!! Gettin old dude..

    • They say that Florida is the only state that the farther north you go the more Southern you become. Makes sense. Most yankees move to South Florida. I think it’s seven latitudes between me and Miami. Not even one between me and Georgia or Alabama. I’m all for bi-secting the state. We’ll keep Ocala and points north. I hate to abandon the Crackers around Lake Okeechobee and parts of the central spine of the peninsula, but sometimes you have to amputate a limb to save the body.

      • You should reconsider locating your line a bit farther South to include Leesburg, Daytona Beach, Deltona, actually anything north of the Orange County line… Abandon us at your peril… Just sayin’…

  9. They see Fl. as an easier to flip state. Fl already has enough RINO’s that tie bills up in committee on the 2A. Remember Fl almost voted for the married Tallahassee major who OD’d in a Miami hotel room with a male prostit+=_).

    • Vinny, Tallahassee ain’t Florida. It’s just the capital. Did you see that asswipe is on his way to federal prison?

  10. Gabbie Giffords…

    Gabbie …. parents name her correctly… all she does is gab gab gab. The woman never shuts up.

  11. Either this is a LEGITIMATE political initiative or it is not. Leave to the voters to decide or go though the Courts if you think it illegal.

    Anyway $US ONE MILLION is absolute peanuts compared to what the USA GUN LOBBY could raise to support their choice of candidate so why not give it a go? . Complete with all the Bells and Whistles Marches.

    As I say let the voters decide – it’s called DEMOCRACY- and abide by the majority vote. After all if that vote went YOUR WAY that’s EXACTLY what you would expect -is it not??!

    • “As I say let the voters decide – it’s called DEMOCRACY- and abide by the majority vote.”

      The US is a constitutional republic. The citizens do not get to vote on the formation of political action committees, and many decry the amount of money that these groups collect and spend to affect elections.

      “So far in the 2022 cycle the [NRA] has spent less than $10,000, according to Sheila Krumholz, executive director of OpenSecrets, a nonprofit organization that tracks money in politics.”

    • Fuk you limey idiot, fuk YOU know about DEMOCRACY which is NOT the American form of government… Thought you knew EVERYTHING about the US… Moron

      • Oh, he is aware of all that. Albie is (most likely) a paid, troll disruptor. It is his job to spread mis – dis information on conservative sites.

        My guess is that the several entities known collectively as “albert” are from a non- English speaking country. Watch “his” grammar and syntax structure over a period of time. There are at least two commenters filling “his” role…possibly three.

  12. Gun safety, Defined as the safe handling and use of firearms.
    Gun control as defined by the disarmament industry is the total disarmament of non government personnel. All about control and no guns allowed.
    The whole package is a rebranding by the disarmament crowd to make them sound less totalitarian/statist/dictatorial/authoritarian.

  13. Well, my first thought, given their history of “successes”, was “Good! Let ’em p*** away MORE money! Maybe they can stroke Beto “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke a check for a couple million, and REALLY p*** away some money!!”

    My second thought was, “Gee, I’m all out of f***s to give.”

  14. Ah, Ole Gabby Griffter. Hubby Kelly pimped her out as the Village Idiot Of Gun Control.

    Obviously Perez ought to be required to obtain a license to run for office after passing an essay test on the Constitution entitled…”What Part Of ….SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED….Do You Not Understand.”

    • Eddie, it’s Newspeak. The left has re-branded “gun control” as “gun safety.”

      As in: “global warming” is now “climate change.”

  15. Gabby Giffords attended the Helldorado Parade in Tombstone AZ about two weeks prior to her being elected to the House in 2008. A local couple – both Democrats – asked her how she felt about guns. “I always carry mine” as she displayed what appeared to be a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. They voted for her.
    Related to me by that couple after she had been shot. The couple were neighbors of mine.

    • Interesting info on Wikipedia, documented by a PDF of the brief:

      “In 2008, before being shot, Giffords opposed Washington, D.C. prohibitions on possession of handguns in the home and having usable firearms there, signing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court to support its overturn.”

      • Giffords opposed Washington, D.C. prohibitions on possession of handguns in the home

        Funny what the effects of getting shot in the head, nearly dying and ending up being a functional (barely) vegetable will do to ones perspective.

      • That’s something I wasn’t aware of, I’ve never run a search on the lady. I might even soften my thoughts somewhat. Thank you.

  16. Probably about half of the country cares, since he just did them a huge disservice with his last vote. I think the jerk should quit so he can’t do any more damage. gmail

  17. George Soros money. They have to get rid of our guns before they can take over. Our Founding Fathers anticipated people like that. That’s why they wrote the Second Amendment.

  18. help stop gun violence in Florida?

    There is no GUN violence in FL only violent and mentally deficient people doing violent things… Some use guns, others use knives, MOST use blunt objects to cause terminal injuries to their victims…


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