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Our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) kicked off their #GunVote campaign a few years ago. And they have a point. Go out and vote. In fact, go out and GunVote. Protect your rights.

Can you ID what was cut out of that steel sheet above?

For the record, the Q Honey Badger suppressor in the second photo is not bulged or warped as many folks questioned on TTAG’s Instagram account. It’s just some sort of weird optical illusion:

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  1. Any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment. Any vote that isn’t for a Republican to beat a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment. Voting libertarian is for the primaries, the first goal should be to vote out the democrat, the 2nd goal, during primaries, is to vote out squish republicans……

    • I’m in CA. Voted straight gop except for the senate choice. No gop. Just deleon and feinstein. deleon is younger and more likely to hurt us than feinstein. After her criminal attempt to damage Kavanaugh she has lost any credibilty. So I voted for the hag. Doing what I can to help the dems implode.

      • Your vote. No good answer. But GOD would it have been nice to see her sorry ass kicked the hell out!!

        • Her replacement is worse. She’s old and since it’s harder to get the blood of virgins, what with hillary needing so much, she’ll die in office or be ignored.

          Whatever I can do to help the dems continue their swing into irrelevance I’m happy to do.

      • I voted Nelson in Florida and I feel your pain, it’s terrible to have such poor choice for such important positions! Nelson is a lazy dem, Scott is a rino, a gun grabber, and a crook who would blend into D.C swamp like he was born and raised by them. No thanks. I am not going to blindly vote GOP sorry, I am not voting for a guy who has been in favor of paying our State Troopers and teachers less than $40k/year, and who has been in favor of the recent changes in defavor of the 2A. Scott and the rinos can shove it.

        • That is crazy, Nelson is on record as wanting to ban “Assault Rifles”, in other words, semi-auto rifles. Scott is definitely a better choice for gun rights than Nelson. Sometimes it comes down to the lesser of two evils.

    • ^ This.
      Remember, most third party candidates are moles placed on the ballot by Dems to siphon off Republican votes. Don’t fall for the trap!

    • Rick Scott (Florida) recently proved he is in favor of gun control, so there are exceptions to your statement . Also, gun rights are not a priority over economy, environment, or education for everyone.

    • Unless you live in ohio, then you get screwed either way.

      The republican contender for governor is also a gun controller

  2. My mail comes at 5pm or later everyday. I got my absentee ballot yesterday just in time to make it to the post office before the inside closed at 6. There were several other people in line who probably also get their mail late and had to go inside at the very last minute.

    • Does your state count postmark date? Mine doesn’t. Anything not mailed early last week needs to be taken to a drop off or polling location by 7pm to count.

    • The district I’m in is very, very red, and the district I moved from is very, very blue. What I do doesn’t make a difference, but it’s always good to exercise your rights.

  3. not fond of commies. straight r, bad taste still. there it is.
    and aside from chiampas, all the judges need to go.

  4. In NY vote : Robert Antonacci N.Y. Senate District 50 vote Marcus Molinaro for Governor , we need Coumo GONE. Gary Finch for N.Y. Assembly District 126 and lastly John Katko for Congress N.Y. 24th Congressional District. These good men will fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. As for any other vote wherever you are , any vote against our constitutional rights will be the beginning of the end of our right’s as we know them. Vote Republican , or stay home !!

  5. If it weren’t for guns I’d be free to not give a shit about politics. It’s too bad that it has become such a one-party issue.

    • Ah, but firearms and 2nd Ammendment issues tend to be the saving grace of the Republican Party. Without such a legion of fanatics (similar to the abortionists of the Democrats) there wouldn’t be a reliable constituency to infuriate into voting. (For those unaware, Esoteric Inanity is being sardonic)

      In all honesty, the 1st & 4th Amendments are just as vital to gun owners as the 2nd. Democrats used to at least give lip service to the 2nd while defending the 1st & 4th. Now that said party has lost its collective mind to progressives, neither are given any reverence.

    • I call it the gun carrot. The 2a is a nice diversion as “they” strip away the other amendment’s.

  6. Voted
    Regardless of party, vote against taxes or bonds. Taxes or bonds feed corruption and enable more expansive government to suffocate more of your civil rights.

  7. I can’t vote this year. My local clerk and the USPS both made clerical errors that resulted in my absentee ballot not being delivered. Unless I wanted to risk my life driving 15 hours in unsafe conditions, missing work and school, I couldn’t vote this year.

      • Total fail. Anyone that spouts the “oh voting doesn’t matter because THEY just choose anyway”, is flat out blind. Proof: Donald Trump in 2016. There is no way in hell any kind of illimunati would ever allow a man like Trump to be president.

        • Trump is with the swamp and you got fooled, good news…you were not the only one. The local small business owner did not become POTUS, a rich businessman who is part of the “system” got the job. How is that exceptional? There’s nothing amazing here other than someone as incompetent and crooked as Hillary was able to make it that far.

        • Ok retard don’t vote then. Don’t cry when the election doesn’t go your way either.

      • This is one of the few times, and consequently one of the most important times, of American history where our rights are actively under attack. Abstinence from voting right now is about the same as voting to have your rights removed, because once enough people think like you, those rights are GOING to be removed.

        You still have time today, head out after work or something man. C’mon.

      • There are dozens of candidates and measures in close elections around the country winning by single digit numbers of votes. Vote.

      • Worse than useless, it shows we’re willing to beg for maybe the lesser or two evils, thus emboldening them.

    • Self-serving bull. If you vote, don’t complain, you played along, thought you’d get a present and lost. I knew it was a rigged game, my position is merely further vindicated.

      • Retard. If voting truly is pointless then why don’t you go ahead and lead the charge then tough guy.

  8. Had to hold my nose to vote for Rick Scott but it was still better than voting for Nelson.

  9. Here in Georgia the lefties appear to be very motivated, more than I have seen in a very long time. If you live here in Georgia and you don’t want to lose your 2nd Amendment rights you’d better get to the polling place and cast your ballot. Here in Cobb County where I live used to be deep dark red, not so much anymore.

    • Ah, the land where citizens with AR15s and a history of using firearms to achieve and protect their basic civil rights are out campaigning for a woman running, in part, on full-on gun confiscation.

      • Yep, and walking around shouting Jack Bauer, didn’t realize he was running for anything here in GA. Maybe they were wanting the Georgia film commission to get him to replace Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead series? I think those fellows have been confused by exposure to way too much Democrat campaign trash.

        Why would anyone vote to return to the days of Jim Crow suppression of their own rights, I don’t get it!

  10. Registered independent (formerly libertarian) and voted straight “no socialist ticket.” (Republican). I still didn’t get many calls being independent, but I’m happy to burst their bubble and let them know I’m not the kind of left leaning independent they want me to be.

    While gun rights are important to me, my primary issue is the size, scope, and expenditure of government. Social entitlement programs built on the back of our successful capitalism are dividing the citizens and collapsing the economy of this country. Hence, I need guns.

    At best, the socialist Democrats are well intentioned and/or naive.

  11. Dunno if anyone is lurking in this forum, but RCP is projecting Republican Mike Braun winning over incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana with 81% of the vote counted.

  12. It looks like Washingtons Initiative 1639 is going to pass. 64% of the vote counted and 60.7% yes. That just sucks…Stupid people.

    • That was always going to happen, unfortunately. The central Puget Sound counties were always going to vote in massive numbers for it, and overwhelm the rest of the state.

      I voted against it, and against every Democrat I could, in a gesture of utter futility.

      … sigh …

  13. Maine got turned into Massachusetts overnight. Every single conservative candidate I could vote for lost.

    I am done voting. From now on I work for change outside the electoral process.

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