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Reader Giancarlo writes:

I have a fun voting tradition where I cast my ballot and then hit the local gun store to do my other patriotic duty; exercise my right to keep and bear arms.

The problem this year is I’m not sure what what look for. Any ideas? I only have access to indoor ranges and I found out the hard way muzzle brakes and shooting indoors don’t mix very well. My last pistol purchase was a Kimber .357 wheel gun – cool to look at, difficult to master with that trigger.

Everything else in the safe is .45 and I need to expand my horizons a bit. My top priority is fit and finish. I’m a big fan of nice machine work.

I’m not sure if I’m the only other who has a tradition like this…you might want to ask the TTAG readership if they have any 2A traditions.

Consider yourself asked. First, what gun should Giancarlo consider today after he casts his ballot? Second, do you have any election day traditions you uphold whenever you exercise the franchise?

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  1. There’s a difference between bare arms and bear arms. Just like there’s a difference between clip and magazine. Words mean things. 🙂

    • Chill it spelling Nazi’s, we all knew what was meant. As far as a gun, check out the CZ 75 SP01, sweet gun, Mrs. Waxman even loves it. I love my FN-FX45, sweet gun right there and you gotta love the 15 rounds but it’s for sure big, not something one would conceal carry and Mrs Waxman doesn’t love that one so much. Don’t let the negative Nancy’s get you down they were abused children.
      I am Waxman and I approve this message.

        • An observation: POS bad guys will most likely come in on you from behind…without warning…cause that’s how predators work (low risk, high probability of success attacks). SOB carry is the most difficult carry position to guard against weapons snatch. There are other valid reasons against carrying SOB, but retaining your weapon is the big one. Carry where you are most likely to access it AND guard it.

  2. “Everything else in the safe is .45”
    “My priority is fit and finish”

    Something tells me you carry a 1911 for SD…

    Take a look at the Sig P938 if you want a nice pocket 9mm on a platform fairly similar to the 1911. As far as fit and finish it’s great for a mass produced handgun, but let’s not compare it to a $3,000 1911

    Other than that I know CZ owners love them, the CZ 75 Shadow looks like a really sweet pistol.

    I cannot think of anything in the polymer striker fired world with a nice fit and finish. I enjoy my Glock 17 gen 4 and my FNS9 and I am a 1911 fan, but fit and finish for those it really depends how you look at it.

    • What’s wrong with carrying a 1911? I carry a Dan Wesson Eco 9mm. It’s light, compact, 100% reliable and I practice with 1911 and 2011 safeties and triggers regularly, so I’ve got the muscle memory for it.

      Also, why would you think a CZ 75 B is sexier than a Shadow? I have a B, a pre-B from “Czechoslovakia”, a Shadow (a true Shadow, not the SP-01 Shadow or Shadow 2), and a P-01. All are tuned to the max by CZ Custom, and all are quite sexy. But the Shadow takes the top spot, without question.

  3. Seems like you need some 9mm… And to celebrate freedom, something “scary.” With good fit and finish.

    Swiss B&t APC 9 or GHM9 pistols with a brace and a can. Maybe add a 45 version later to use some of that ammo stash. Perfect for indoor use, especially when suppressed.

    Too spendy? Check out a CZ scorpion or the Grand Power Stribog.

  4. I will buy a celebration of victory when we have a victory. Just got back from voting and I have never seen so many lefties, outside a Hillary rally.

    If you don’t vote, don’t bitch to me about the results.

  5. Since some things won’t go well with the elections here in California, I was thinking what are some constructive things that a person could do? Buy a gun! Then I came here and saw this post.

    Ciancarlco, buy a Ruger Mark IV or a Browning BuckMark. With the BuckMark, you can go cheap with a Camper which is fine but heavy, or spend more on a Lite Gray or similar which is much lighter, though no featherweight. Get an optics rail and red-dot if you haven’t tried it. Amazing accuracy.

  6. Expand on the 357 and buy a Coonan. Fit and finish are excellent, as is the trigger. I love mine. If you want a different caliber, the Bond Bullpup 9 is one of the most fun guns I own, as are their derringers. Bonus, both companies are fully US owned and operated, and use only US made parts.

  7. I prefer to keep and arm bears. KIDDING!!! I hate these auto-INcorrection devices! Just go to a gun store, finger **** every thing that feels like an extension of your hand, and buy one! I personally would be looking at rifles, but that’s just an opinion, since I didn’t see any inference that you had any.

  8. Consider yourself asked.

    I’m in WA, and we’ve got an initiative on the ballot that sets up additional hoops for people buying semiauto rifles, so I ordered a Kel-Tec RFB.

  9. Actually, yesterday I picked up my first Glock, a 19 gen 3 and today I voted. The Glock is far from “perfection” so I’m going to mod the hell out of it to function better for me.

  10. Git yerself a Henry Big Boy in .357 Magnum/.38 Special
    1) Lever guns are fun!
    2) You already shoot that cartridge
    3) It’s made in America, or not made at all!
    4) There’s just something about a lever gun.

    • That is a good idea. I’ve got one and there’s just something cool about shooting it. It’s one of my favorite guns to shoot. Also it’s pretty cool to ring a 6″ gong at 100y with a pistol round and iron sights.

  11. I voted while armed… star model bm it’s 1911-esque And waiting on a ruger pc9 to be delivered to LGS.
    Merica! (don’t care too much about spelling either…)

  12. Want something fun for an indoor range? Nothing beats a .22lr! No recoil, low noise, cheap ammo, and plenty of selection! Try the Beretta Neos! Get the long barrel version. Fairly cheap, accurate, modifiable, and super easy to take down for cleaning!

    9mm is very cheap as well, and there’s no shortage of .40s&w police trade-ins, but I’d still go for a .22lr for just having fun. Alternatively, you could try your hand at modifying your own guns! In that case, a Cobra might be a good idea. Either a derringer for just dicking around, or a .380 for a diy pocket pistol. Also, if you screw up, parts are cheap.

    Of course, if there’s an outdoor range available, go for a Heritage Rough Rider. Super cheap SA revolvers with interchangeable .22lr and .22mag cylinders. Not super accurate, but again, it’s more for fun. I’ll admit, it’s a blast pretending to be Clint Eastwood or any number of western stars. You can fan the pistol and spin the cylinder, pretty much all the things you are NOT supposed to do with a proper gun. Just be prepared to pay a bit more in maintenance and gunsmith work if you screw around with it too much.

  13. Since it sounds like you may be a 1911 fan, take a look at a Ruger 22/45, preferably with a long, heavy target barrel. These are more accurate than most shooters and a great way to hone your skills, especially indoors.


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