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As we’ve noted here in the past, Georgia Democrat Stacy Abrams, who’s running a strong campaign against Republican Brian Kemp, is as staunchly anti-gun as it gets outside of California. She’s all-in for waiting periods, universal background checks, stand your ground repeal, and an assault weapons ban with confiscation.

That record prompted President Trump, who was in Macon for a rally yesterday, to point out the threat she poses to Georgians’ gun rights if elected.

At the event, Trump ripped into Abrams.

“If Stacey Abrams gets in, your 2nd Amendment is gone,” Trump said. “Stacey Abrams is one of the most extreme, far-left politicians in the entire country.”

Abrams has said she supports the 2nd Amendment but also favors stricter gun control.

But not all gun owners are afraid of a potential Governor Abrams. The candidate got some support over the weekend from some local Black Panthers who marched through Atlanta waving Abrams campaign signs and carrying scary black rifles.

As they wrote on their Facebook page,

And relax, before you make any assumptions we are not working for & we did not plan this event with either campaign, and we have members with different political views both here in Atlanta as well as nationwide and even right here in this post. We did this on our own accord in response to the voter registration issue we’re still dealing with here in Georgia in 2018 (53 thousand registered voters voices won’t be heard this election).

But the joke’s on the Panthers because Abrams would dearly love to outlaw the very guns they legally and openly carried during their peaceful march, a fact you’d think they’d be aware of.

It appears that no one can accuse the Panthers of being single-issue voters.

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      • BINGO. And just like a certain fellow who’s running here in Florida if they do get elected they will simply set in an office and get told no over and over. Only thing them getting elected will be good for is getting top dollar for any weapon you want to dump for a few weeks.

        • Not in Florida. Florida Republicans might as well be Communists. Same with a staggering number of Ohio Republicans.

        • Except Gillum will appoint 3 Florida Supreme Court justices. That will ensure anti-gun lawsuits will prevail.

        • Judges, judges and more judges. The left will use the courts to gut the law and trample the constitution if allowed. So yes Governors Matter.

    • Not at a state level…look at California…New York…Massachusetts…all of their infringements , restrictions and bans….

      • Those restrictions were voted in by State Legislatures. Perhaps you need to review the Georgia State Constitution. You will find it quite similar to the Federal Government.

      • Those states have very weak people, very weak gun owners. The 2A state groups in Georgia are very strong. Gun culture in New York, California, and Massachusetts was destroyed a very long time ago. It has been a LONG TERM strategy of the gun grabbers.

      • Even at a state level.
        Governors are not dictators. They sign bills from the legislature into law (or veto them), and enforce existing laws, much like the president. Even if she gets elected, a republican Georgia legislature is not going to put a gun control law on her desk to sign.
        Even here in Washington, with a democratic governor and majority in both houses, they can’t even get gun control out of committee for a floor vote. There’s no way a Georgia legislature would pass any.

        • I’m a georgia resident and I’m not worried about my gun rights. As has been stated above, Trump is exaggerating as he always does. Abrams can’t do anything alone and alone she will be on gun restrictions. All she can do is veto additional gun freedoms.

  1. As I said before. The self hating white people in Georgia will vote for her. And the self hating Liberal guns owners, will vote for this gun grabber as well. And any black gun owner who votes for this black gun grabber is a race traitor. Ya, that’s right I said it all. And I will say the same thing before Gavin Newsom is elected in California. But I will add gay gun owners to that.

  2. Seeing racism where there wasn’t any should be considered a mental illness.

    Racism was nearly dead in this country until 2008.

    But fingers don’t get pointed to the source of the true problem, no, the problem must be with some hillbilly out in nowhere who couldn’t care less about what you’re doing, no, he’s the problem. Not the people who run the cities and pull the strings, they want whats best.

    Whats the difference between a Black Panther movement and a White supremacist movement or an Asian elite movement, or a Latino movement?

    • Haven’t you heard? We’re supposedly a post-racist society because B.O. was elected. Nevermind the fact that the majority of people voted for him because of his tan, not his experience, of which he had none. That’s as racist as you can get.

  3. I just want to say how much I love the black panthers. Openly practicing their 2a rights and freedoms to vote as they see fit. You know you are a true 2a supporter if you applaud when your political opposites practice what your own political compatriots do all the time.

    And I definitely understand it if they put having their vote actually counted (rather than having to vote provisionally) above the scant possibility that Abrams and the republican legislature will work together to add more gun restrictions.

    • But if the Black Panthers were ever take political control, would they be willing to extend those same gun rights to non-black people? My guess is no they wouldn’t.

    • I assume you would be just as cool if the Klan showed up with rifles?

      Somehow I think you wouldn’t,and the NBBP is just the Klan with a Tan.

      They’re a virulently racist and violent organization. Remember when they put a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head? I do.

      Looking at them, all I can think is where’s George Zimmerman when we need him? Kel Tec gave him that cool 14 round shotgun as a thank you for all the publicity. He could flatten those domestic terrorists in no time. Can’t flim flam the Zimmer-man.

      • Lol, as much as I hate the klan I’d have to support their right to peacefully carry firearms so long as everything they were doing was legal. Same as I support their right to speak so long as they are not inciting immediate violence where that is illegal. Being Stupid isn’t illegal.

  4. Hugh Hewitt and Pat Buchanan are way off..this is way more dangerous than least those issues had viable solutions..there is no fixing this.

  5. Missing the point. How exactly is a governor going to change the American Constitution by fiat? That’s just a comment by someone who isn’t familiar with how America actually works, or a lie for effect.

    • Unfortunately, many politicians take the position that, if you believe their actions are illegal, hire a lawyer and take them to court. You will pay for this out of your own pocket, hoping to find a judge who will follow the law instead of his political agenda, while the politicians fight you with taxpayers’ money.

  6. Not the point weather she/it can change anything “without” the legislature. Point is she/it will become a “symbol” to others eager to steal our Rights. Give an inch and “they” will claim a mile. As for the NBP; only 4% of the 14%. Seem to be looking prosperous and well fed. Not a “cheap” gun there. Trumpism must be working for them.

  7. It appears that no one can accuse the Panthers of being single-issue voters.

    Their single issue isn’t the same as yours.

  8. How is an insane gap-toothed fat communist even in the running in Georgia, of all places? Srsly, WTF?
    If dems don’t suffer a complete nationwide blowout tomorrow, I doubt very much the coming civil war will be very civil at all. Dems thinks they have the market cornered on anger, just wait ’till they start actually trying to keep some of their promises of dismantling our Constitutional Republic. America is already a tinderbox.

  9. Liars. They marched there exactly to support Stacey Abrams. I wonder how many of them actually have a clue as to what she will take from them , it won’t be their beret’s. The red ones that is. Dumb & Dumber. Kill all the whites is one of the things that was said by TNBP.

  10. They demonize the KKK and ignore these types of dangerous radicals. Have no use for either. Equal treatment on stfu.

  11. I just wanna know how the F@#K did Stacy Abrams become a mainline political candidate in GEORGIA?! We’ve got to stop letting other people educate our children!!!!

  12. There are NO real democrats left today!

    The democrat “leaders”, (early COMMIECRATS), ripped off the political platform of the CPUSA, way back in the mid sixties, yes, the platform of the Communist Party, of the USA, and have been pushing the Saul Alinsky Communist agenda ever since!

    Now, the reason for all the anger today, is that they thought they had completely accomplished their goal when they elected the first truly Communist President in 2008 and again in 2012! Such was supposed to continue with electing the second Communist President, HRC in 2016, a disciple of Saul Alinsky herself!

    What happened?
    Trump and some suddenly awakened American voters!


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