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McDonald’s french fries consistently rank at or near the top of listings of the best fast food toasty tubers. They’re not as good as they were back when they fried them in lard, of course, but still well worth their salt. So to speak.

That makes them at least as big an attraction for many of the restaurant chain’s customers as Micky D’s burgers. And that may explain Lillian Tarver’s extreme disappointment yesterday when she discovered the fries she’d just bought were…cold.

Tarver was none too pleased when she turned her car around and marched back into a Georgia McDonald’s to complain.

The restaurant owner says the woman left with her order and then came back, saying the fries were cold. According to the owner, as the manager went to get new fries, the woman went into the kitchen and fired a shot into the floor.

The owner says he gave the woman a refund and she left.

Tarver apparently got physical with an employee before pulling the trigger.

An employee at the McDonald’s tells WTOC there was a full fledged brawl in the kitchen before the shot was ever fired. …

“Basically kept going back and forth with me, and she took her drink and threw it at me and the manager, and then proceeded to come behind the counter,” (McDonald’s employee Lynn) Watson recalled. …

Watson says Tarver left and went to her car. When she came back, she had a gun in her hands.

That’s when she walked behind the counter and sent a round into the floor.

Police tracked her down on the road after she left the store and arrested her. She’s been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, battery and reckless conduct.

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    • While I agree with gun rights for responsible people, there are many out there I wouldn’t trust with a water pistol.

      • Gotta love those CCW packers with an attitude. Ever wonder why there are constant complaints about the lack of required training. Would be nice if this was handled internally, but alas, those slammed up against one side of the pendulum swing seems to run things….into the ground.

        And speaking of Floridians, seems you are safe from wildlife in Yellowstone Park as long as you can outrun a 9 year old girl. Seriously Florida Adults? Leaving a kid behind as bait?

        • “Gotta love those CCW packers with an attitude.”

          As she went out to her car to retrieve her pistol,I wouldn’t class her as a CCW holder and if she is……..

        • Well she will not have a CCL or firearm after this.

          When she re-entered the restaurant with the firearm and discharged it after assauling the staff, she should have been dispatched by a good guy with a CCL and a cool head.

        • Stickman,

          Gotta love those CCW packers with an attitude.

          How do we know that she had a concealed carry license? Maybe she was a violent criminal gang member who did what violent criminal gang members do when someone “disrespects” them.

          Ever wonder why there are constant complaints about the lack of required training.

          Training level (or lack thereof) was not the problem in this case. The problem was a woman who was furious for no justifiable reason and decided to shoot the floor as an expression of her disfavor. We (society) solve that with incarceration, not training.

        • Get a life dude. What exactly do you mean by “Handled internally”? That makes no sense. Also, how do you know anything about her carry or the legality of it?

        • I’ll bet she didn’t have a license to carry or she wouldn’t have had to go back to her car.

          I bet she has a prior criminal history too.

        • Oh look at that, firearms possession charge. Meaning she was legally prohibited from even having a firearm due to her prior record.

          Absofreakinglutely shocking.

          • Yeah Boy….Time to make another Law…….No shooting french fries @ Micky “D’s” !!!

        • Who said she a CCW? I read this on several sites yesterday. I can think of multiple felonies I would have charged her with. Most of those kitchen floors are tile. Can anyone say ricochet? Warning shots into the tile ceiling, please.

        • Lack of required training? You really think training would have made a difference here?

          Training requires a sufficient amount of grey matter to absorb it.

      • Had there been several guns pointed back at her, very likely that this would not have happened.

    • Probably just moved there from Fl. Happens here on a daily basis, give someone a take out order and forget the napkins? You are going to get a round in the floor.. can’t believe she only fired one round after being sent out the door with COLD FRIES, that should have left the manager with one in the leg (I’m thinking that was the intent but she missed) and at least a fuckin blaze of glory shootout with the cops.. Good thing it wasn’t “Fl Man” this would have been turned into an international incident….

    • Absolutely right. This was one DUMB woman. She definitely deserves what she gets–no FF behind bars.

        • Actually, the record number of deaths about a shooting at a McDonald’s was perpetrated by white gun nut, James Huberty.

          And a description of his beliefs and actions sounds like many of the posters on this very forum, fascinating.

          “Huberty, a self-proclaimed survivalist, saw signs of what he thought was growing trouble in the U.S., and believed that government regulations were the cause of business failures, including his own. He believed that international bankers were purposefully manipulating the Federal Reserve System and bankrupting the nation.[42] Convinced that Soviet aggression was everywhere, he believed that a breakdown of society was near, perhaps through economic collapse or nuclear war. He committed himself to prepare to survive this coming collapse and, while in Canton, provisioned his house with thousands of dollars of non-perishable food and six guns that he intended to use to defend his home during what he believed was the coming chaos. According to one family acquaintance named Jim Aslanes, Huberty’s home was bedecked with loaded firearms[43] to such a degree that wherever Huberty was sitting or standing, he “could just reach over and get a gun.” Furthermore, Huberty had regularly vocalized his belief that “the country wasn’t treating him right; that everything was being done against the working people.”

      • White people have been known to shoot up McDonald’s restaurant, sometimes with a much more deadly affect. No particular race has a monopoly on violence, it’s much more related to mental illness.

        “The San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre occurred on July 18, 1984, when 41-year-old James Huberty fatally shot 21 people and wounded 19 others in a mass shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant in the San Ysidro neighborhood of San Diego, California, before being killed by a police sniper.”

        But of course, the racists on this forum want to attribute these incidents directly to the race of the perpetrator, rather than the mental illness.

        • the occasional mass shooters tend to be white….but on a daily basis just the opposite tends to be true…the first gets heavy media coverage while the latter just seems to be an accepted part of life in the big city…

        • Laquita, It is interesting that you bring up Homo erotic positions in your post. When you are upset or emotional do you always think of Homo erotic positions, two men making oral love to one another?


          You could’ve attacked my spelling, or the content of my post, but instead your mind is filled with thoughts of two men having sex.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just find it interesting that you would be so open about your sexual thoughts.

          Are you posting from San Francisco?

    • where did the armed robbery come from oh well I had my dealings with 18 years old and then at 21 that one is a Ga. state patrol was sitting at the bottom of a long hill on a back rd. around midnight and and I went around 5 mph faster than speed limit and like a half mile long hill and the cop did not like it that I had Ala. plates Fl. drivers license and was a Ga. state vehicle inspector yes that how long ago it was but it all came down to the fact that I had follow him to the jail and scrape together money to pay the ticket before we could leave luckily my brother was with us and had some money don,e my very pregnant wife and brother would had to leave me there in jail so it all comes to this don,t get in trouble in Ga.

      • That had to be a long time ago. But, I don’t doubt it. My Mother’s youngest brother married a girl from Albany, GA. Gene in the lead, my Dad, Mom, sister and I followed. We were to meet her family. He was stopped for speeding. It was exactly as you described. We all followed the officer to the county jail where Dad paid his fine so he wouldn’t have to spend the night in jail. We, too had out of state plates. Gotta love the sixties in the south. Of course, we did the same in Florida. Especially if you were Yankees. Still do. Just kidding. Those days ended in the ’90s.

      • Yeah…we left a guy in Milledgeville once who was doing 70 in a 45 (1981 – 55mph on the interstate).

        We didnt have 100 bucks among us so we went home and wired the money (the company, not us).

        Slowed his ass down Jawjuh cause he dint like sitting in lockup all night with local hoodlums.

      • Mine was a local cop in Brunswick Ga. stopped doing 7mph over, taken straight to the judge and was told I there would be no charges no points if I had my speedometer “calibrated” at a certain local shop… Turns out the shop was owned by the judges son-in-law and the cop was his brother-in-law.. Cost me $180.00 in 1973, guess it was a three way split…

      • My brother had a similar story driving through a quaint little hamlet known as Stillmore, where Florida plates presented a wonderful opportunity for revenue enhancement.

      • “where did the armed robbery come from…”

        She was given her money back.
        Since this was done at gunpoint (and after a shot had already been fired), armed robbery is pretty much a guaranteed charge.

        • At first I thought this but a good defense attorney will argue that refunding the money is common policy with McDonald’s and that the money would’ve been refunded regardless. IMHO, it’s an add on for bail and plea bargain purposes.

    • Kudos for actually looking this up.
      I just assumed, by the abject ignorance and cavalier attitude towards the law, that she was a long time lawbreaker in illegal possession of said pistol. Thanks for proving that.

    • The article pointed out: “Garden City, a suburb of Savannah, is about 250 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta”
      As if Savannah is obscure. And what is significant about downtown?
      Should have said; Savannah is close to Florida.

    • She be “buildin’ da brand”. If you don’t like how others perceive you, change your brand. But, naw, she bein’ jus’ fine with her brand, just be buildin’ it higher.

    • Not US! The only one she’s giving a bad name to is felons in illegal possession of said weapon. She was already breaking the law, just having it in the car.
      As gets said millions of times, lawbreakers do NOT respect the law. ANY law. Thus she makes law enforcement look bad, not the law abiding.
      This fool was already forbidden, via lawful due process, from possessing any firearm. Must have got in on the street, illegally, likely by her ‘significant other’, or bought it from some of the many crooked LEOs out there.

  1. She got a look at the kitchen and went ballistic. Having done service work for these fast food joints, I can tell you that the kitchens are an awful sight.

  2. hahahahaha….glad no one was hurt, but this is too funny….people have lost their minds.

  3. $20 bucks says she was from the rich and vibrant culture down there. Diversity is our strength I heard.

  4. Dang lady! I’m not a big fan of Mickey D’s except their Artisan gourmet bacon cheeseburger’s. So much for “shall not be infringed”😫

    • They’re not even made of potatoes! A friend saw the label on the box, it said “Fry material – may contain potato”.

  5. Well, she was waiting the drive up for her food to be cooked, not sent out cold. This is usually due to bad management, not the workers’ fault.

      • well,..they now serve all-day breakfast…guess they got the message from that Michael Douglas flick….

    • Later, after the end credits, LeeLoo went on to chase down the Zombie Apocalypse problem. She did change out of the “thermal bandages” though, gets cold chasing Zombies all over the map, the poor thing!

    • Hey – At least she didn’t draw like Ralph’s girlfriend, Ms. Dallas Archer, holstered her weapon…

  6. It has to be ask….because everything is about RACE.
    What was she, I’m guessing I already know the answer………

  7. Why is the staff writer “anonymous”? I’m anonymous because I’m not a professional writer…or paid. What’s up?

  8. Bet the charges get reduced/dropped down to no jail time especially if a single mom, or has a degree, or a very high profile/paying type job, or is articulate. 2 years probation and community service, be remorseful and promise to be good. 2A is gone forever for her though.

    Caveat.. If she has a decent attorney, not a PD and she gets on the right docket.

    If male was charged similar…going to jail.

    ` Just how things appear to be.

    • Have you seen her mug shots? She has none of those things. She didn’t chose the thug life, the thug life chose her…. or something like that.

      • I grew up with plenty of thugs who weren’t batsht crazy like Lithium Lillian here. She may be a single mom or have a degree. Doesn’t look wealthy but who knows. As far as records go article I read didn’t say but her 10-15 minute high speed chase has me thinking like you. Did I miss mugshots with tats or something?

        • she’s got a history and an illegal firearms charge. As for the picture… look, I grew up around black folk, especially when I was in VA. I was into some dumb shit. Pretty good at spotting stupid people now days lol. Or… she could just be your average californian /sarc

          Honestly, it’s the dreds and her expression. No remorse. Just a whole lotta thug life.

        • @B.D. couldn’t even tell those were dreads. I know artsy types with dreads though. I wouldn’t peg Lillian as a gangsta. With a name like Lillian I guess she has something to prove. Idk there’s a 40yr old white woman sitting in jail near me waiting for trial on murder she committed with 4 black guys and I think she was the ring leader. She doesn’t look like the type to me either. Maybe I’m too old to read these young savages.

  9. minority dem/lib with TDS…?
    was the gun legally obtained/owned?
    should be 5-10 with NO early release.

    • Y’all growing cotton in Wyoming now?

      All I’ve ever seen is beets, barley, wheat, corn, and cowses.

      And tourists…..plenty of tourists.

        • Ok…that’s funny…..

          there is a tree cotton in India and other tropical areas of the old world. Used to make Muslin.

          We only have cotton woods in the swamp.

  10. Idiot lady and I hope she goes to jail but I doubt it these days. I keep reading about how good McDonald french fries are but I think they suck. So many places around here have far superior fries.

    • Their fries are nasty and they’re the HIGHLIGHT of the menu!
      I honestly can’t comprehend why people eat at McDonald’s.

      • Because they are everywhere. Before I retired I was doing field work and often it was the only place I could find on a main road and be in and out in 15 minutes or less so I did not have to clock out for official lunch break. When I was hungry enough even McDonalds gut fill would do. There $1 ice cream cones were not too bad though. Never ever used one of their bathrooms unless I was very desperate.

  11. She has some serious anger issues. But she’s not alone.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the OFWGG (Ginger Guy) who spit at me the other day end up on the news like this some day. Apparently 10 over the speed limit just wasn’t enough. He HAD to go faster and he had to let me know about his needs by screaming “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!” and spitting all over me at the next intersection with a red light. Thankfully Cordura is spit resistant.

    • You let someone that pissed off get close enough to spit on you? Come at me like that and they would be notifying next of kin where to claim the fuckin body…

      • How exactly am I supposed to get away from him when I’m on a motorcycle stopped at a red light and he pulls up next to me, rolls down his widow and just starts spitting and screaming?

        Run the red light right into the cement mixer or one of the pickup trucks that’s crossing the intersection? That sounds like a worse option.

        • No you put down the kickstand and step off, if asshole continues step over and punch him in the fuckin head, If he rolls up his window it’s still a win.. He was a coward and a dumbass probably would have continued yelling and spitting till the lights went out… If you are lacking the will or whatever to defend yourself then yeah, run the light, if you can’t maneuver around a vehicle in an intersection on a motorcycle then perhaps you should rethink your choice of transportation… Just sayin’ .. Been riding since 1960 myself and never would allow someone to do something that stupid and disrespectful to me without some response.

        • 1) I’m not going to brawl with some asshole while I’m carrying a gun.

          2) I’m not going to brawl with someone literally in the middle of a crowded public roadway at rushhour if I can possibly avoid it.

          3) I’m not going to up the ante with some moron like this because if he has a gun I’m now initiating the actual violence/threat by getting off the bike and trying to turn this into a fisticuffs match.

          4) Maneuvering a motorcycle from a standing stop through rush hour Denver traffic that’s moving 55mph+… good luck with that.

          5) You need to check your own anger issues. Oh, noes, he “dissed me” and got some liquid on my jacket, time to resort to violence! Uh, no. “…the will to defend…” myself against a guy who can’t run fast enough to catch me if I’m walking backwards and can’t make his car slide sideways? A guy who, if he tries to exit the vehicle, is the ultimate fish-in-a-barrel shot, hell, I could just kick his door back at him because he can’t exit the car with anything approaching speed? Seriously?That’s flat out paint-chip-for-breakfast levels of retarded.

          Dude’s 75lbs overweight and driving a Kia Forte. I’m not going to risk any part of my life, money or freedom over his dumb ass. Fucking miracle the guy didn’t stroke out on the spot.

          6) If you actually think any of what you said is remotely intelligent then you need to rethink your entire life. “Just sayin'” brah cause right now your asshole is jealous of the amount of shit your brain can pump out.

          • Denver, pretty much explains a lot about your issues.. Where in Denver do you find 55 mph RUSH hour traffic? The rest of your senseless rant doesn’t rate a response….

        • The second you step off that bike and approach them, you become the problem. This idiot Maxx is going to end up in prison for assault because it’s his idea of “self defense”. Pathetic.

        • Maxx:

          You’ve flat the fuck out outlived your usefulness on this planet. Seriously, they taught you all those fancy motorcycle ridin’ skills back in da 60’s but they didn’t teach you basic fucking English? Shit brah, I know illegals with better English skills than you. How the fuck much acid did you do back then?

          Consider that you’ve just suggested that if you can’t cross four lanes of 55mph CROSS TRAFFIC then you have no business on a bike. You ride a Harley, huh? I mean you pretty much have to in order to reach this level of retardation.

          Please, grab a GoPro, slap in on your bike/helmet/whatever and show us all you pulling this off. Standing start, first in line to go, just hit that throttle and thread four lanes of that cross traffic. At least we’ll all get some entertainment out of you ending your life and then, in some small way, you’ll have returned a modicum of usefulness to that life by ending it and letting us watch.

          Where do you find 55mph rush hour traffic around Denver? All over the fucking place. Christ, what, do you live in a one stop light town that you’ve never left?

        • Strych, since ‘bodily fluids’ (potential lethal disease) does count as felony battery, you might have been able to justify nailing him with pepper spray ‘to stop the attack’.

          And if he chose to escalate the encounter, well…

        • WOW, it sure doesn’t take much to trip your trigger on an anonymous media yet you suffer an ASSAULT by a (your words) fat guy in a kia? I don’t know what Denver has done in the last decade or so but the last time I was there during the evening rush hour it was stop and go in every direction within five miles of the city as it is in every major metro area in the country and I have seen them all after logging over 3 1/2 million miles in my tractor trailer… I also must wonder what kind of laws exist in liberal progressive run Colorado because in every other state “spitting on someone is considered an assault and as such self defense is justified.. Yeah been proudly riding Harleys since my Uncle sat me on his 52 Panhead in 1960 and I’ll continue to do so til I can no longer throw a leg over one… Don’t know nor do I care what you ride that’s your business and why there are so many different makes and models.. The rest of your lengthy rant is just immature, ignorant guttural bullshit… As far as my usefulness on this planet? I most likely accomplished more last week than you have in your entire life.. I normally let your kind of crap run when it starts to bore me and you have reached that point so rant on you impetuous fool rant on.. You remind me a lot of Vlad (brothers? cousins? CLOSE friends?)

      • Just stop dude. You shoot someone for road rage spitting on u, and ur going to prison.

        U just made a fool of yourself and showed us all how irresponsible you are

        • anybody who rides a bike is vulnerable…you’re not going to win a confrontation with someone in a vehicle

    • No shortage of asshole drivers from what I’ve seen.

      Motorcycle riding quit being fun for me about 20 years ago.

      Moved to Florida. Sand is not your friend and too many rebounders driving around angry or oblivious.

  12. She must not have known the secret to getting hot McDs fries. Just order them without salt. They make a fresh order and then take yours out first, and then salt the rest. You just add your own salt to your salt free fries.
    I got caught doing this once. I was adding salt to my fries at the condiment stand, and the guy who waited on me came to replace the condiments. He noticed me adding salt to the salt free fries, and asked me if I wasn’t the guy who ordered them with no salt. I said yes, I just do that to get fresh, hot ones.
    Know what he said? “That’s a good idea!”

    • Or the fact they never clean the salt tray until the end of the day. It’s more like “would you like fries with your salt?”

      You can just say you can’t tolerate that much salt. Customer is always right.

      McDonald’s is cancer food anyways. Better off just not getting fast food to begin with.

    • I just order them fresh unless it’s peak lunch or dinner time then they already are fresh. Fresh is preferable to just hot. I’ve had hot fries that were the last of the warmer where is a salt bomb full of burnt crumbs and stale fries.
      Totally agree with B.D. on it being cancer food. Most fast food is full of phtalates and Teflon plus the farm based crap chemicals and pathogens in the GMO meat and veggie products. Ass cancer soufflé is the free product you’re getting with every meal from every fast food chain.

      • Just FYI all commercially produced foods are GMOs. The only difference between what is done in a lab and what is done in the field is the process and time scale.

        • Ever since Gregor Mendel, we have been genetically modifying our foods.
          All we have done lately is speed up the process.

        • No, that is not correct. Selective breeding is one thing, practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years.

          To actually enter the structure of the genes and remove and/or splice genes from other species is a new thing, and we have a little research showing the safety or sustainability of these modified crops.

          Many of these crops have been specifically edited to resist particular pesticides and or herbicides. And we have no concrete idea of the effect of these changes on creatures who in just these crops. We do know that many of the pesticides and herbicide’s are toxic to humans, just look up Roundup.

    • SURPRISE!…SURPRISE!….SURPRISE!…..(why do they always seem to have that same, surly, stupid look on their face?)….obviously self-restraint is not their strong suit….


  13. Fast food is always a disappointment, but especially in SC and GA. And now yet another reason not to stop.

  14. One thing I have learned through the years, people can get really cranky when they are hungry and over food.

  15. Ya gotta admire Lilian Tarver’s impulse control. I mean, it’s not like she shot anyone.

  16. Well I can see pistol whipping the Fries Guy for cold fries but to actually fire a shot, now that’s stepping over the line a little bit!

  17. They don’t take cold fries lightly in Georgia. Don’t want to get shot? Don’t serve cold fries.

  18. This is the type of Idiot that gives responsible gun owners heart burn.Hopefully she will loose her right to own a gun.This is one reason gun grabbers use this to punish us all.There is ABSOLUTELY no justification for discharging a fire arm over cold French fries or anything else when a manager was willing to make things right with her.She endangered a lot of people with her STUPIDITY.

    • .Hopefully she will lose her right to own a gun.
      One of the felony charges against her is firearm possession so apparently she was already prohibited from having a gun, that won’t matter to gun grabbers they’ll just start yelling about the need for stricter gun control laws.. let someone else worry about enforcing them….

  19. Guess this woman will NEVER be able to get her concealed carry permit—thankfully! Real lack of emotional control there.

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