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Brian Magallanes from Dallas sends a nicely photographed EDC entitled Monocromatic Minimalist Essentials.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.  (Have you submitted your EDC yet?)

Brian’s not a “Close Protection Specialist,” but he has some nice stuff – including some tools of his trade.  On his page over at Everyday Carry, he apparently has some affiliation with “Tactical Justice” holsters.

He’s a designer which explains all the Apple products.  The iPhone X, the MacBook Pro, and the $250 Powerbeats wireless earphones – or what passes for earphones in this day and age.

And then there’s the very prosumer (pro?) Sony A7 camera and that nice piece of glass on it.

And along with all his work gear and the very nice (& spendy) TUMI bag to haul it all around is his Kimber Micro9 CSE in what looks like a “Tactical Justice” inside-the-waistband holster.

No blade.  No flashlight, keys, wallet, belt, or reload.

No big deal.  What he’s got is very nicely presented.





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  1. We get harsh cause the dude don’t carry a flashlight? When was the last time you had to chase a perp into the sewers? I got a light in my truck, car, next to my bed and downstairs in the kitchen.

    I don’t need to carry a flashlight on my person.

    • Maybe you ate your carrots as a kid and aren’t skeered of the dark. I didn’t and I am. I use my light on a daily basis to look for things, find things, see things better, and the list goes on and on.

      • “Maybe you ate your carrots as a kid…”

        An amusing aside about this statement: It comes from British WWII propaganda and has survived, sort of as a testament to how well good propaganda lasts, to this day.

        When radar was invented in the mid 1930’s the entire world knew about it and the Germans even did some good work on it. By the start of the war the Germans could detect ships out to about 7km and aircraft out to about 4km. This is about where Germany stops their advancement during the war period because the German military, shortsightedly (pun intended) doesn’t see a use for the technology.

        What the world didn’t know were the advances in radar tech, mostly in the United States, that the Allies had to come up during and post 1939 that allowed accurate detection of aircraft out to 100 miles. This detection capability was improved upon in the following years and the attack on Pearl Harbor was actually detected when the Japanese aircraft were at a range of 136 miles from Pearl, 46 minutes from their target. Unfortunately the warning the experimental station sent out wasn’t taken seriously.

        We’ve been supplying this useful technology to the Brits and as the tech gets better over the next few years and we supply the upgrades to the Brits as well. They use it to great effect but using it creates a problem. They’re intercepting Luftwaffe aircraft at night at ranges that should be impossible and doing it with alarming regularity. A cover story must be created.

        A wide-ranging disinformation campaign, mostly disguised as a nutritional campaign, was designed to put out the story that British pilots had better eyesight, particularly night vision, than their German counterparts. This was attributed to the pilots ingestion of high amounts of carrots as children, which contain beta-Carotene and, at the time, were rumored to improve eyesight.

        The Germans didn’t fall for this bullshit forever, eventually figuring out the truth. However the story has stuck with us to current times. Today the “link” between beta-Carotene and eye health has been studied extensively and basically it’s considered to be a non-factor in improving/protecting eyesight and reducing the risk of cataracts later in life but at the time it was widely believed and therefore useful in buying the RAF more time to use their secret weapon and down German planes.

        • Yep, this story was prevalent in our house when I was a kid and balked at eating my carrots (and rutabagas, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, you name it except for peas, corn and potatoes – I wasn’t exactly “The Vegetable Kid”) – I got the story from the adults about how eating carrots improved vision, particularly at night. I was mostly carnivorous (still am), so this story didn’t carry much weight with me. Later, my tastes modified and I adapted to eating many previously despised vegetables – so long as they were accompanied by a good sauce and a bottle of Chateau La Ripple (vintage of last month).

        • S9. A lot of the hi tech innovations, like radar and the proximity fuse, were actually pioneered by the ‘boffins’ in England. The problem the english were up against was that their wartime economy was at capacity. They had no more factories or resources to devote to these new technologies.

          So they sent them to the ‘arsenal of democracy’. The systems were modified and then mass produced here. Britain was able to out produce Germany during the war. Britain had a fully mechanized army while the Germans still relied on horses for much of their transport needs. But there were limits to what the brits could do.

    • JWM, even in the day I never chased a suspect into a sewer. I just figured that’s where he belonged anyway. Been retired over five years. Carry a light every day. Find myself using it for much more mundane chores two or three times a week. (Trying to find the bolt I dropped under the hood that didn’t fall all the way through, etc.) Just like my knife. After all, lights are small and bright today. The days of Maglight w/2 AA are long behind us. If you can carry one; why not?

      • Got you beat on the retirement thing by a couple of years.
        And yeah, I wouldn’t chase a sewer rat back into the sewer. I did that a couple of times early in my career. Young and dumb and all that.

        • Tom, my philosophy was; We don’t get everyone everytime, but we get everyone eventually. Usually worked out. Well, midnight here. Goodnight to you and yours.

    • Guys,

      Most of today’s cellular smart phones have white LED lights that will provide a fair amount of illumination out to about 6 feet or so. For many people that is enough light for whatever they expect to encounter and see no need to carry an additional light.

      • except when needing a light in a spot you don’t want to drop your phone in, or if your hands are dirty at all, or simply just not wanting to use that light because it’s kind of a PITA to turn on/off plus drains your cell battery.

      • If in the rare event your EDC light does need to be used on conjunction with your carry handgun; what technique do you use with a smart phone?

    • I don’t think the main reason to carry a flashlight, even a tiny photon microlight, is for a tactical type use. For me, it’s simply to provide light, without having to waste my cellphone battery. I started carrying one after two separate events. One was a fire in a building knocked out power at night with no emergency lightning. The second was when I was running computer cables on a weekend in a factory and there was a power outage. The emergency lighting was not finished there and there were no windows. In both cases egress was interesting, and dangerous, one i tripped over something, fell in the cement and broke several fingers.

      One never knows what is going to occur, a small light is insurance i am willing to take.

    • cool. so don’t carry one.

      I carry one because the power goes out a lot during the winter and during high wind, which happens a lot in my area. Plus, it’s just nice having one. Really not that big of a deal. Especially considering you can find such small lights now days that take up very little space. A lot of people also carry them as a possible disorienting device. As someone who carries a gun every day, the last thing I would knock anyone for is wanting to be prepared for a low light situation. Seems petty. But you seem keen on reminding us you don’t need one…

      • I believe I said that I had many, all around me. I just don’t carry one on me 24/7. And my statement was a reflection on the post that seemed to, and has seemed to in the past, denigrate those that don’t carry a light.

        Now, about that ‘petty’ thing……

        • “No blade. No flashlight, keys, wallet, belt, or reload.

          No big deal.”

          NO. BIG. DEAL.

          Stop making it one because it’s your personal preference to not carry one in your pocket. And what about the “petty” thing? You mean, like, the part where you ask a rhetorical sarcastic question assuming everyone who carries a light needs it for a foot chase? What about it indeed.

        • Always carry a lantern. The one with a nice handle and can burn a few hours on a couple drops of oil.

        • If its no big deal why bring it up? the flashlight seems to be a running theme/fetish with these edc posts.

          I’ll let the readers decide who’s petty here.

  2. Everyone who wants to comment about the yuppie and his missing loadout, please do so below.

  3. Man, I *never* should have sold my FM2-n and that pile of Nikkor glass…

    *sobbing pitifully*

      • Sad to say, I’ve gone digital, a tiny Canon PowerShot A4000IS until I eventually get around to a full-frame sensor of some kind eventually…

  4. Yeah, that is not a pocket dump. If the photo shows more than can fit in a pocket and on a belt, it is different thing. This one is a pocket plus belt plus BACKPACK partial dump.

    I say partial because there’s no way there’s ain’t more camera stuff in that backpack. Another lens, spare batteries, memory cards, etc etc.

  5. Handgun, reload, knife, reload and commo is an everyday carry. All these I pads, lap tops, expensive wallets, etc is extraneous crap. This is a firearms and related items forum. Exception for interesting watches. Got a laptop wrapped in Kevlar in a chest pouch? Now you have my attention.

    • Computers are EDC for a lot of people I see while on the road.

      I carry mine in the truck because i have to.

      These folks carry it cause the want to. Watching videos while eating at Wendy’s .

      I have grown old.

      • Me too. Don’t think I have ever watched a movie on my computer. I learned the hard way on multiple occasions years ago about needing access to a computer for my job while on vacation. I have EDCed a computer, printer, scanner, dvd burner, and projector for years now (the portable versions). All fits in one small day bag that is always in the car. End up using all the peripherals a couple of times a year. Beats the hell out of finding and using one of those fed-ex (or other company) office sites or a hotel business center when those unplanned needs come up.

        • Maybe what we need to do is refine the definition of EDC. EDC, noun, acronym for every day carry. Those items carried on the person without the use of off body carry. i.e. butt packs, day packs, ruck sacks, personel vehicles, light armoured vehicles, heavy armor, air dropped supplies. In certain circumstances supplies delivered by the U.S. Navy resupply ships to ports of call in areas of U.S. theatre of battle, or operations. Apologies to the Navy for any errors in nomenclature. I was an airborne groundpounder. That’s how stupid some of this stuff has got. Somewhere between that between what I just said and a guy with a pen knife and a starter pistol would be good.

        • GF
          You can define it as you like and I might agree……

          But there are plenty of people carrying an ass-load of stuff in a backpack with them every waking hour.

          Used to assume people didnt want to leave it their car not I see them use all manner of shit in walmart.

          Boggles my mind….but that’s just me

        • GF

          Strych9 has a good post below about how this series is done. Most understand that but some don’t. It seems that many are particularly bothered by the fact that many items can’t fit in a “pocket” as described in TTAG’s title. That is just TTAG’s titling convention and is not reflective of dumbassery on the part of the posters.

          Define as you like. Does no off body carry mean it can’t be off body from leaving home until coming home. When someone says they edc a computer, few are likely to assume it is never off body. Maybe we just need less pedantry.

    • The EDC forum is not a gun forum and guns are actually kinda rare in the posts overall.

      That website is more about the gear people carry all the time for various jobs and how they organize their stuff. TTAG just takes ones that show guns and throws them up for this daily that they do. TTAG’s list to work with gets a bit thin sometimes because a lot of people either don’t carry a gun or don’t show it if they do.

      Mostly the sight is about bags, tools, computer equipment, knives, organizers, travel accessories/luggage, flashlights and other close to daily stuff that people tote around with them, mostly for work. A few of their recent front page articles are the Leatherman Raptor, the Knack Pack: Expandable Laptop Backpack and the Black Ember Forge 3-Way Pack.

      EDC doesn’t focus on guns, they just allow posts that do, and TTAG reposts them here as conversation pieces/starters.

  6. Handgun, reload, knife, and commo is an everyday carry. All these I pads, lap tops, expensive wallets, etc is extraneous crap. This is a firearms and related items forum. Exception for interesting watches. Got a laptop wrapped in Kevlar in a chest pouch? Now you have my attention.

  7. I repeated myself on the reload. On second thought, two reloads are twice as good.

    • Nothing wrong with that. I carry two reloads and I don’t care what anyone thinks about that. Paranoia has been keeping animals alive for millions of years.

    • I carry two reloads for my revolver. Speed loader and not-so-speedy strip.

      Cause it goes my back pocket.

      With autos, I carry one reload …… or another gun.

  8. I like it. He could be the websites photographer/designer or something of that nature. Given he has a bag, he could easily carry those extra items such as a light, reload, and knife. Overall, I like it very much, even with a hatred for apple products. It’s focused and organised.

  9. Guys, if my replies seer a little disjointed tonight, I apologize. Earlier I had one eye on Tombstone. “I’m your huckleberry. That’s just my game.” Now on Yellowstone. Don’t watch much network television, but sometimes…

  10. (Have you submitted your EDC yet?)

    Yup. Did that several months ago. And it hasn’t changed.

  11. Given that getup I would substitute a Surefire flashlight for the gun. I don’t see any violence in Brian’s future and doubt he’d find himself exposed to low end renters.
    I’d like to see what he’s driving, and a picture of his girlfriend would help.

    • conrad, I don’t see violence in my immediate future either. After all, I’m sitting in my living room watching late night television as they roll on the hearings today. There’s a 1911, condition one, at hand, 230 gr HP. Watching the late shows and not laughing with them, but at them.

      • There’s a BMW key fob sitting on the MacBook, so right on target about car and ego. The Kimber pistol also seems very Apple/BMW ish since it’s expensive, high design and has reliability issues. Personally I carry an S&W, drive a Mazda and have Nikon SLRs. Moderate price, good performance and nobody tells nasty jokes about Mazda owners.

  12. For this EDC photo, the contrast in color, space balance, and choice of items form an ensemble cold but inviting…ya need a flashlight in there bro. Though not a realistic/complete EDC, nice gun and holster. I’m guessing the gun is carried at 4:00 under a no-tuck pattern dress shirt, sleeves rolled up.

  13. re: lights. a person should know if they really need to carry one when out and about. some do – as explained, for example, by some comments about incidents involving installing cable in confined spaces and having the power go out.

    but i think for most people who aren’t going into buildings under construction or other dark places the cell phone light suffices as a short-term emergency light. my life currently does not involve going out anywhere where there is a chance of gunplay in the deep dark, and that’s probably true for most people.

    it is smart to have flashlights near your bed.

    • You know, one of the more interesting comments by a Cop was his perceived need to have a light especially during daytime hours because there ‘were always places that could use a little more light’. And I think the importance of having such a dedicated light precludes the cell phone.

      • Well, cops need to carry more tools than ordinary citizens need. I don’t need to carry a flashlight every day, nor do I need to carry handcuffs, narcan, cut-resistant gloves, evidence bags, etc.

  14. Really, how much crap do you carry with you on the average day? I have carried tools for work and always carried a 12′ Stanley or Klein with a metal body. The 1″ wide 25′ tape was too much on my waist. I also carried a small folding knife that had scissors for fingernails. The blade was short, but I could cut plastic sheeting and rope, and it fit in my pocket without hanging up when I had to crawl inside a vessel or boiler.

    Carrying a knife in a sheath or a big thick buck with 1 blade seemed to me a waste of space.

    And, yes, when I am allowed to carry, I carry something small, that I can get to.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that only 5% of the people who use any grouping of tools actually, really, use them… and when they max out intended use, the Law of unintended use enters… and both the tool and the owner leave the scene no worse for the wear. A well designed tool is a thing of beauty in the eyes of its beholder because it is a functional thing.
      If you and I worked together we might waste half our time talking tools, lol, while others let their tools talk.

  15. He sure has a lot of really expensive stuff for someone who doesn’t carry a wallet…

  16. *monochromatic

    Come on. Lack of proofreading (or ignoring spell check) strikes yet again. The spelling is correct in the linked EDC post, just not on this website.

  17. Nice load-out, but yeah, next to my SOG blade my EagleTac is used all.the.time and takes no space.

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